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Robert Quarry, RIP

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Robert Quarry, a prolific actor best known for his horror-movie roles as “Count Yorga” and “the Deathmaster,” died Feb. 20 of a long-standing heart condition at the Motion Picture & Television Fund Hospital here. He was 83. MSTies will remember him Borg in episode 815- AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.
Read his full obituary here.

7 Replies to “Robert Quarry, RIP”

  1. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    He’s COUNT YORGA. He’s only resting…RIP Mr. Quarry, for now.


  2. big61al says:

    Another star goes dark in the constellation MST3K. I have a growing fondness for the contributions for all the actors, big and small, that lit up the silver screen. What a great kindness presented here to be remembered.


  3. Skibz says:

    I may not have seen “Count Yorga” (and I feel a bit guilty about it), but I’ve seen more Fred Olen Ray films than any one man should, so this news rather saddens me, nonetheless.


  4. Random9 says:

    Quarry was one of my favorite actors and his YORGA films were highlights of my childhood growing up. He brought a seriousness to his roles the equivalent of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It’s a shame he didn’t get the chance to do more horror movies in the 1970’s. Those few genre films he did, he did with a lot of class and reverence.


  5. Magicvoice says:

    I pull out the Count Yorga/Return of Count Yorga DVD about once a year and watch them. He seems to have had a full life. I saw him speak once at a convention. He had a robust sense of humor and seemed to be having a grand old time. R.I.P. Mr. Quarry. May you rest with all your hot vampire babes.


  6. FatherOfTears says:

    He also did another vampire movie called “Deathmaster”. He played a Charles Manson-ish vampire complete with a beard and long hair wig!


  7. FatherOfTears says:

    D’oh! It was mentioned! Mybad! :oops: He also did the second “Doctor Phibes” movie.


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