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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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New Book by Frank

Frank has written a new book: “Cats V. Conniff: A chronicle of the historic lawsuit brought against Frank Conniff by his cats, Millie & Barney.”

17 Replies to “New Book by Frank”

  1. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    Oh this looks fun. ????
    I must have it.
    We love you, Frank!


  2. Kali says:

    You can’t argue with a cat, Frank. You will never win. :-)


  3. Captain Howdy says:

    I keep picturing Kevin in his cat suit being somehow involved in this.


  4. Kansas says:

    I wonder if their lawyer is Purry Mason (I stole that from Svengoolie).


  5. radioman970 says:

    They know he laughed at the cat from Merlin’s Shoppe of Wonders..!


  6. crowschmo says:



  7. goalieboy82 says:




  8. Jay says:

    It might be hiss-terical. It might be a cat-astrophe, but knowing Frank it is probably purr-fect.

    (Yes, I am a fan of Pearls Before Swine)


  9. Torgo"s Pizza-NJ says:

    My wife would like this just for the cover. Please don’t let this be just a series of partisan rants (“i.e. “25 MST Films, etc.”).


  10. Frank Conniff says:

    #9 – If you think “25 MST3K Films…” was a series of partisan rants, I’m afraid you’re going to think the same about this book.


  11. new cornjob says:

    sighs… why do those who say “keep your political opinions to yourself” think that they are -not- expressing a political opinion??

    aside from that… i was wondering if kitties would use twitter, or just try to eat it? ;0 rock on, frank!


  12. Gobi says:

    You can beat ’em Frank, they’re a couple of pussies.


  13. crowschmo says:

    Cat on the cover pawing the microphone: Meow? Is this on? Meow?


  14. [the Original] Stan McSerr, Destroyer of Worlds says:

    I am afraid to buy this book and bring it home. My cats may get ideas.


  15. Torgo's Pizza-NJ says:

    Frank Conniff:
    #9 – If you think “25 MST3K Films…” was a series of partisan rants, I’m afraid you’re going to think the same about this book.

    Hi Frank! I still love the “Movie Sign With The Mads” podcast.


  16. Torque the Dorque says:

    Maybe my cat will get it for me for Christmas? Hey Frank you should consider doing some cross marketing with Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys or at least hawk it on their PodCash. Best of luck.


  17. new cornjob says:

    hey frank! just catching up on “moviesign with the mads (and carolina)” a bit today… i’m having to skip the recent flicks i haven’t had time & funds to do yet. buuut, had to listen to your “spinal tap” show! just wanted to post this youtube, if you, trace and cari (and all the rest of you seeing this) have never checked it out…

    Lenny and The Squigtones – American Bandstand, 1979!
    note about 3:35 onward; you see a verrry early cameo by “nigel” – aka christopher guest!

    also note in the band introductions, the kb player is Murph from the blues bros band! you can listen to their album (! yes, they recorded a live album!) on youtube, and find more notes about it at

    just another internet hole to fall down into today, if you haven’t already! sorry that’s off-this-topic, but i thought this was fun enough a thing to share with everyone else here…

    and btw, if you don’t have a link to “moviesign with the mads” already, here it is… you’ll have some cathing up to do!


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