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Episode Guide: 1102- Cry Wilderness

Movie: (1987) A young boy, alerted by Bigfoot that his forest ranger father is in peril, travels to the woods to save him.

Opening: Gypsy is working on some overhead wiring and is dropping objects on J&tB. Crow tries to catch one and fails.
Invention exchange: Jonah uses a theramin for Thanksgiving music; the Mads have rotating Carvel Ice Cream characters.
Segment 1: The bots are laughing raccoons and Jonah is a laughing dad
Segment 2: Jonah explains how the movie got made
Segment 3: Brain Guy, Bobo and Pearl visit Kinga and Max
Closing: Crow & Tom, wearing a Red Hawk disguise, try to trick Max into giving them the keys to Jonah’s ship.
Stinger: Big game hunter guy chows down.
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• Jonah explains that he is required to act out the show open each time. I have to say I don’t really get it, but then I don’t really get the whole “liquid video” thing.
• This episode features the first appearance of Rebecca Hanson as Synthia, the clone of Pearl. She was a big hit during the 2017 live tour.
• Interesting riff: “This looks like a state park.” In the ACEG, Mary Jo denigrated this very type of riff. Did Joel and the writing team know that?
• There is a long quiet space of no riffing during Red Hawk’s monolog
• Increasingly obscure riff: “I also have dental practice in Minnesota.”
• Callbacks: “Rowsdower?” (Final Sacrifice), a mention of an interociter (This Island Earth).
• This film shares a writer and several cast members with the 1977 Brigham Young biopic “Brigham.”
• The film was Jay Schlossberg-Cohen’s only full feature. According to his website, he once served as director of the Maryland Film Commission and now works as a fine artist.
• Puppeteer Grant Baciocco shared a story about a connection to Cry Wilderness on the MST3K Discussion Board:
“When we were filming this, I instantly realized that the cinematographer listed in the credits lived upstairs from me in my first apartment. By chance, I saw him walking down the street a couple months ago and told him they’d be riffing this film and he flipped out. He said, “I didn’t think anybody remembered that film.” He said it was the first project he worked on in Hollywood and the whole crew thought that the director was going to be the next Spielberg … until they started filming.
Grant also revealed he was Kevin’s virtual hands in the grooming of Patton.
• Fave riff: “Wikipedia, the print edition, at last.” Honorable mention: “Let’s head out to supercuts, son. I’m buyin.’”

208 Replies to “Episode Guide: 1102- Cry Wilderness”

  1. Sitting Duck says:

    touches no one’s life, then leaves:
    So…why was Joel a FACE in a jumpsuit but Jonah is a MUG in a jumpsuit? What’s THAT about?

    Maybe because Jonah is unshaven.


  2. Sitting Duck says:

    As an alternate stinger, I would have gone with Mr. Douglas saying, “Bigfoot. Bah!”


  3. yelling_into_the_void says:



  4. Re: The Sci-Fi Era Mads’ cameo. Really, if you want to torture yourself (And who here doesn’t?), keep in mind time-travel paradoxes mean there are at least TWO Pearl Forresters running around. There’s the one who eventually puts herself in cryogenic suspension after killing Clayton and the one who traveled back to the present era with Brain Guy and Bobo. Of course you can save yourself a lot of aggravation by assuming Present-Day Pearl’s already gone into cryogenic suspension, but…

    Oh, and while the awful Bobo mask is indeed distracting –It’s especially weird when he’s being interviewed in the ‘Making of’ feature that comes with the DVD set– there might be an explanation for Pearl’s new look. Is it possible they’re trying to make it easier for the actor who plays Synthia to pass for Pearl’s clone?

    As for the movie, it does have that WILDERNESS FAMILY ‘we-know-nothing-about-living-in-the-country-but-we’re-making-a-movie-about-how-much-fun-it-is’ vibe coupled with the faux-Spielberg era ‘belief is better than rational thought’ guff. It takes real skill to use Bigfoot in a movie and then make him totally irrelevant to the entire story.


  5. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    This movie is SO 1970s

    #70: I’m impressed. I thought this was a 70’s movie.

    See, I knew it wasn’t just me.

    “Cry Wilderness”. It’s still better than “On Deadly Ground”.

    EXCELLENT point. Paul’s role in the story is much worse when it’s filled by Steven Seagal.

    dakotaboy: What really threw me off was when they had a mountainous background, and dubbed in the bird call of a loon. I don’t know much about bird calls, but being from Minnesota, I know that loons don’t live in the mountains.

    Not even web-footed red-crested lake loons?
    (if you don’t get the reference, that’s okay, there’s more stuff after this)

    This is supposed to be a plot twist, but it’s insane; it’s a plot twist that’s just there for the sake of being a plot twist.

    Well, what else can you ASK of a plot twist?

    So what he’s really proved is that he has, like. No self-awareness.

    I think it’s more like he’s not truly aware of anyone else. We’re all just voices in his head on his computer.

    Did anyone else think Bobo looked weird as hell?

    Just now or all along? ;-)

    Lisa H.: lol. I do know what a bank deposit slip is, I’ve just never used one other than by walking into a bank and filling it out with that pen on a ball chain. I’ve seen drive-thru ATMs but never used one. Makes (some) sense now.

    Then you’ve probably never had occasion to wonder about this:


  6. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Dr. Peanut:
    Concerning Pearl, Bobo, and Observer’s cameo, I like to think that, at some point after Season 10, they all started to get together on the weekends to head out into the universe in the Windowmaker for wacky misadventures.No reason Pearl can’t still be the dictator of Qatar and Bobo cna’t still live in a zoo.

    Yeah, he just keeps getting Dirk Benedict to break him out. I mean, what else does the poor guy have to do these days?

    Then again, maybe he escapes along with his neighbors, Wally Gator and the Hair Bear Bunch…

    Molly Ringworm:
    Well now, to be fair,

    Does that seem like something they want to do?

    Molly Ringworm:
    he did do what he was told when Bigfoot told him to find his father, even if it was one of the dumbest things a 10 year-old kid could do. So I guess the moral of the story is, don’t trust your elders, but do trust Bigfoot.

    “Never trust anyone under 30…feet.”

    So I guess the Observers who lost their brains in season 9 are some if Kinga’s henchmen.

    That’s certainly possible but I didn’t notice any evidence to that effect. Then again, I don’t even know what the ghost-faced singer’s name is. If he has a face, he should have a name. IMHO.

    Mike “ex-genius” Kelley:
    I have come to accept that my generation doesn’t matter one whit anymore.And that’s how it should be — youth must be served).



  7. Episode 2 of the New Crew. This is another solid episode, helped out by the very weird movie, this is the kind of low budget stinker I can get behind. Silly bigfoot costume, a precocious little kid, a bounty of non-native animals (notice how they’re all tied up, too), big game hunters, weird Native American mysticism, laughing, laughing, and oh yeah, lots of laughing. The goofy tone of this whole movie makes the ending that much more shocking when the bad guy gets his eyes clawed out. Wild America, indeed. BANG!

    This episode establishes that Jonah has to “act out the show open every time”, which is a clever idea if maybe unnecessary. I don’t know Carvel Cakes, so that bit in the Invention Exchange goes on way too long for me, although I did get a kick out of “laundry sack.” As they go into the theater Servo says “I’m a laundry bag boy” which is funny too.

    There are a lot of Kinga Chrome bubbles (or whatever) that happen onscreen during the Carvel Cakes bit, and they reappear many times throughout the season. . . . those are used to hide edits, right? That’s my thought.

    Host Segment #1 is short, goofy fun with the laughing raccoons.
    HS#2 tries to explain the movie through the use of a laser cut model. The model is more impressive than the bit.
    HS#3 is a nice surprise with the Widowmaker pulling up with Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy, it is nice to see them all, although the ape makeup on Kevin looks weird. This does however start the trend of all the visitors to Deep 13 not actually visiting Deep 13, they all just stay in their respective vehicles and talk via video screens (or whatever). These cameo moments from celebrities mostly come off a bit flat and I feel it has a lot to do with the nature of the way they’re filmed, not actually interacting with Kinga and Max.


    Crow: “Not like this, I didn’t want it like this..”

    Jonah: “I wish they’d let us leave during Bonnaroo.”

    Jonah: “All I see is our sticky purple kush garden.”

    Jonah: “Let’s head over the the nice Arby’s.”

    Jonah: “Rowsdower?”
    Crow: “That’s Zap Rowsdower to you.”

    Crow: “And by ‘cabin’ I mean ‘freezer’ ”

    Crow: “Does a bear crap in woods? Well keep watching.”

    kid picks up raccoon,
    Crow: “My face! Oh god my face!”

    Servo: “I was just dreaming my son wasn’t crazy.”

    movie: “Hey Paul.”
    Crow: “Ever see a man get disemboweled before?”

    Crow: “Grizzly Man 2: The Power of Love.”


    Crow: “Sad. Some poor hipster will never read the liner notes of Tame Impala record again.”

    movie: “Lets keep this a secret between you and me.”
    Crow: “Ok, it is never good when an adult says that to a kid.”

    Jonah: “I don’t wanna keep secrets anymore!”

    Servo: “Smoke bomb hat!”

    movie: “Your’e nothing but a dumb Indian!”
    ALL: “WHOA!!”

    Crow: “I just figured it out, they’re on Solaris.”

    Servo: “Nice puppet work on that throw pillow, Ryan.”

    Jonah: “If there’s a sequel we’ll make sure to buy you some gloves!”

    Servo: “Paul’s grown up a lot this summer.”

    I like Max singing at the end “you get a bowl haircut, swallow your pride at private school.”

    This is a good episode,
    I give it 4 out of 5 BANGs!!!!!


  8. Speedy B. says:

    I know it’s low brow but I laughed at the part in the beginning when one of the kids jumps back into bed and they dub in a fart noise.

    Other funny moments:
    -“I detest stairs.”
    -“Bigfoot believers use THOSE stairs.”
    -“How is it that the bobcat is out of focus, but everything around him isn’t?”
    -“You can’t spell “dad” without ADD.”
    -(when a skunk appears) “Hello. I am not a sexual predator but simply a reflection of my era.”
    -(when a raccoon appears) “What was I gonna do? Oh, yeah, urinate.”
    -“I’ve tracked and killed all over the world.” “And I have a dental practice in Minnesota, too.”
    -“Have you met my girlfriend?” “She appears when I make racist comments.”
    -“They shouldn’t put tags in mesh shirts. Also, they shouldn’t make mesh shirts.”


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