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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Running Gags

Alert regular Jay writes:

Although it seems like one of those ideas that somebody MUST have already come up with I haven’t come across it in the records so here goes: Running Gags. They have always been an MST staple. What is your favorite? Season 11 had its share, as well. There must be plenty of favorites out there.

I know one: “sampo!”

Have at it!

71 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Running Gags”

  1. Jeff Barrow says:

    Four Words: “Watch out for snakes!”.


  2. pirengle says:

    “Golden Corral’s new slogan!” from Rifftrax.


  3. Speedy B. says:

    Thought of another one used in many episodes: Whenever a character’s lips are close enough to Servo, he’ll kiss them. Gets me every time.


  4. Joe Boltonn says:

    I only remember it once, but Mike did a call back to “I Accuse My Parents”, where a guy says to a girl he just met…”Well, it Is my birthday!” LOL


  5. jay says:


    Ah, the many deaths of Frank. Talk about an easy going guy. He came back from the dead more often than Lt. Lamont!


  6. littleaimishboy says:

    “She seems nice.”


  7. fatbarkeep says:

    One of my favorite recurring Joelism’s happens when any character says anything even vaguely sexual: “Oh, wow!”
    I love that.


  8. Mibbitmaker says:

    Another Joelism (though other have done it in his absence: “(whatever well-liked celebrity an actor looks like), NO!”


  9. jay says:

    DURN SMOOCHERS! (on my property) –

    From the repetitive Attack Of The The Eye Creatures came the oft repeated epithet heard occasionally on college campuses where overpowering libidos sometimes overcame scholastic decorum. Ah, those were the days.


  10. Sitting Duck:
    He died as he lived,[fill in the blank].

    “… all lit up.” That one even carried over to season 11.


  11. Trumpys Dad says:

    When some ample cleavage appears -“You know guys, I really miss earth!”


  12. Stiiv says:



  13. docskippy says:

    A subtle one:

    “Wonder what [HE/SHE] wanted?”


  14. Warren says:

    This is by no means complete, but here it is. Jim Henson’s ______ Babies. The many deaths and tortures of TV’s Frank. The abuse of Mike’s credit cards. And let’s not forget….KITTY!!!!


  15. jay says:

    OILY GUYS – I could not find a Ward E list of oily guys, but if somebody makes one it would be LONG.


  16. mando3b says:

    “Again wit da fingah!”


  17. eegah says:

    “What’s Happening?” from Rifftrax. I reflexively sing the song whenever I hear the phrase now. Too bad Bill quit doing it.


  18. jay says:

    “If you’re like me, and I know I am …”. A Joelism I used for years to identify other MSTies.


  19. eegah says:

    The Geiger counter as a microphone gag.


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