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Weekend Discussion Thread: Oscar-Quality Remakes

AlbuquerqueTurkey suggests:

“Who would take “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” and its sequel, “Revenge of the Creature,” and reimagine them into a new movie which would win the Oscar for best picture? (Answer: Guillermo del Toro, apparently.)
What MST movie would you reimagine/reboot into an Oscar-caliber movie, and how would you do it?”

Have at it!

55 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Oscar-Quality Remakes”

  1. jay says:


    This one kind of casts itself.


  2. A remake of Daddy-O would sweep the AVN awards…


  3. GareChicago says:

    The Original EricJ: Yeah, how would Tim Burton gay the story up …

    “Gay” the story up…

    Dear Lord. Just delete your account already.


  4. GareChicago: “Gay” the story up…

    Dear Lord. Just delete your account already.

    “Y’know, star-wipe is a great way to gay up your opening credits…”
    – Frank Conniff, “The Alien Factor”, Cinematic Titanic

    (Just because he doesn’t say “Fruity”, like Mike does throughout most of Phantom Planet…)


  5. GareChicago says:

    Trying to justify your backwards thinking with the defense of “Well *they* do it too!” just further shows how truly sad you are.

    Delete your account.


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