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Mary Jo’s New Lifestyle Vlog

Hey, did you know Mary Jo Pehl has started a lifestyle vlog? Well, she HAS. It’s called “Ruth Larson Lives Life! A Lifestyle Vlog for Lifestyling!” See it here.

9 Replies to “Mary Jo’s New Lifestyle Vlog”

  1. Patti says:

    I will be staying tuned for Ruth Larson’s vuh-log!


  2. jay says:

    If Ruth gets her Food Ambassador position back at Cub Foods I vote for her to be in charge of bacon bits.


  3. I’ve been enjoying it. I had no idea that Cub Foods was still around.


  4. Muskrat Suzie says:

    These were fun; I hope she’ll make some more. I really want to see if her dreams of designing shower curtain liners comes true.


  5. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Woo, a vuh-log! Will there be Tater Tot recipes??


  6. jay says:

    Congratulations, Mary Jo. You boiled down to its very essence Thoreau’s “life of quiet desperation”. Shower curtain linings and bacon bits. What is the song still inside Ruth Larson?


  7. Hmmm, These Are Good Hot dogs! says:

    I love the whole angle of the “product demonstrator”. I laughed extremely hard at first one where she has the break down outside the store.


  8. Hmmm, These Are Good Hot dogs! says:

    I will be staying tuned for Ruth Larson’s vuh-log!

    I will never stop saying it that way now. Though it sounds like a European experimental synth-pop band.


  9. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    New episode today! What’s even funnier is that there are so many serious vuh-logs out there that sound just like Ruth. Today’s takeaway: ja-LOP-a-no flavor — ya, yoobetcha!


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