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Weekend Discussion Thread: Good Movies by Bad Directors

Alert regular Perry suggests…

What would your favorite (presumably good) movie look like if it had been directed by your favorite (not so good) director?

The Godfather by Hal Warren. Michael comes back from college, and spends a lot of time hanging around the house listening to Vito and Sonny argue about Connie’s bum of a husband, who they then go shoot.

Ben Hur by Roger Corman. The chariot race takes place on a much smaller track.

Star Wars, by B.I.G. Flying postcards of spaceships.

Your pick?

57 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Good Movies by Bad Directors”

  1. jay says:

    Citizen Kane directed by Cheech Marin –

    I know what “Rosebud” would be.


  2. Jason says:

    Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves:
    Alien directed by Roger Corman would be… um, actually wasGalaxy of Terror.

    I’ve seen that movie. Trust me, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE is much closer to ALIEN in terms of plot: a U.S. rocketship travels to Mars where they pick up an unwanted passenger (played by Ray “Crash” Corrigan of Undersea Kingdom fame!) which they have to deal with on the way back to Earth. Alas, there is no Ripley analogue (this being the 1950’s) — there are two women on the crew, one works in medicine, the other gives emotional support to the hero.


  3. DiscoJer says:

    In defense of B.I.G., Star Wars basically used a lot of postcards for special effects. Only they were called Matte Paintings.


  4. Larry P says:

    E.T., as directed by Juan Piquer Simon. Oh wait…

    (Disclaimer: E.T. is nowhere near my *favorite* good movie, but I couldn’t resist.)


  5. Cornjob says:

    Atlantic Rim by Guillermo Del Toro. Or was that too easy?


  6. littleaimishboy says:

    Gee I dunno . . .

    but taking it the other way I’d pay to watch Cecil B DeMille’s PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE
    or Alfred Hitchcock’s
    or John Ford’s . . .


  7. littleaimishboy says:

    Not to mention James Cameron’s THE CREEPING TERROR . . .


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