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Kevin and Trace in Chicago

Kevin Murphy and Trace Beaulieu will be joining radio station WDCB in a special live broadcast celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its “Those Were The Days” program on Saturday, May 2, 2020. If you’re in Chicago and would like to attend, you can get tickets here.

4 Replies to “Kevin and Trace in Chicago”

  1. SaveFerris says:

    I listen to “Those Were The Days” online every Saturday, and have for well over 20 years, and was SHOCKED when they just happened to mention that Trace and Kevin would be appearing at this “big deal” 50th anniversary celebration for the show.

    Trace has (I’m guessing) some connection to this show, since he has “appeared” on it before, with the current host Steve Darnall, but I’m still trying to figure out how, or why they happened to land Kevin Murphy, unless it’s simply because of his connection to Trace.

    Living not that far from this event (the Milwaukee area), and having been a fan of this Old Time Radio (OTR) show for so many years, AND a fan of the show we ALL love for even longer, I’m VERY tempted to attend this gathering, but not sure if I’ll be able to do so on that particular day….


  2. Gare_chicago says:

    I think Kevin mentioned once during a live show that he’s from Chicago… but he might have been joking, I couldn’t tell.



  3. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Any chance of a reminder of this closer to the broadcast? I can get there, but I’d certainly like to hear it.


  4. Numanoid says:

    Kevin is from Oak Park/River Forest, which are suburbs adjacent to Chicago, then moved to an unnamed “far flung western suburb” (per his interview on Bill Corbett’s podcast). WDCB is the College of DuPage radio station, which someone growing up in the western burbs of Chicago might be familiar with. Mike is also (coincidentally) originally from the far west suburbs — Geneva, to be exact.


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