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Now Available from RiffTrax Presents…

Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm will riff “Tron.”

It’s available now. Free sample…here:

36 Replies to “Now Available from RiffTrax Presents…”

  1. Scooter says:

    the release date they put on the product page is actually wrong. the real release is May 26th, though that is buried somewhere in the forum.


  2. Sampo says:

    Item fixed to reflect that it is not available now, but due out May 26.


  3. The Professor says:

    An overwhelming “meh” to both videos.


  4. Scooter says:

    Well…now they’re changed the product page to say it’s due out the 27th. So hopefully one of the mods there will read this and give the official word on it’s release after seeing all this confusion.


  5. Ukridge says:

    I’ve been 50/50 on the non-mst alumni rifftrax so far. As far as Matthew Elliot, I thought Dark Water had it’s moments but found House of Wax extremely underwelming. I haven’t seen Die Hard yet. I quite enjoyed the Cole Stratten/Janet Varney Dirty Dancing trax. I wasn’t too impressed with this Tron Sample. The ‘favorite character’ gag fell flat with me and their voices weren’t very distinctive.
    Then again, you shouldn’t always judge by the sample. I will still check this out.


  6. The Professor says:

    After giving it some thought, I feel I must say that my least favorite element of Rifftrax is, sadly, Kevin. His jokes in the ones that i’ve seen were the most juvenile (they even mention a “fart sound” quiz in the video) while his various bits of acting, writing and interviews of late make him seem incredibly cranky and impossible to please. It worked for a character like Tom Servo but it just comes off all wrong when his basically playing himself. Just one man’s opinion.

    On the other hand, I think Bill is the best part of Rifftrax and probably the only one to get a few laughs from me. Mike is somewhere in the middle. Sigh…I just wish these guys could make something i’d enjoy again.


  7. Clint says:

    Well, despite Rifftrax quality of late, I can see geeks tuning in to hear the Portal “Still Alive” guy making fun of Tron.


  8. Rowsdower42 says:

    Johnathan Coulton = instant purchase for me.


  9. H says:

    Kudos to Mike and the guys for scoring a trip to Branson. The chicken tenders really are to die for :smile: . As for the gentlemen riffing, they seem to do a decent job. I wouldn’t buy into a spinoff but I’ll consider getting the Rifftrax.


  10. fantagor says:

    The biggest drawback to this trio is their very homogeneous vocal quality. It helps to have at least one person with a basso profundo (like Mike). Then the ear only has to sort two other voices by dint of variation in whininess.



  11. Dennis says:

    I wish they would utilize Josh Way more. His riffing is of much superior quality.


  12. feelingsquishy says:

    Some of the guest riffers have been awesome but can’t say i’ve liked any of the ones that are entirely non-mst3k people.

    I don’t even know who these guys are which wouldn’t matter in the least if they were funny. too bad that sample was really not funny. i love tron, it’s a movie with alot of riffing potential but that sample didn’t convince me of anything other than to wait for the guys to come back from eating chicken tenders :P


  13. norgavue says:

    May have to get this. It’s pretty easy to down on tron though.


  14. I really enjoyed the sample (and I usually hate sample’s – they don’t tend to work for me out of context).

    I do agree I have a hard time telling their voices apart, but still, I am looking forward to this release!


  15. eegah says:

    Ummm…was that Pac-Man on the big board at 1:04, or am I insane?


  16. eegah says:

    FYI: I was referring to the sample (second video)


  17. Matt D. says:

    I’m with Ed Grug the Third on this one. I thought this sample was actually pretty good. But I also agree with the people who say that the voices aren’t distinctive enough.

    I don’t buy any of the Rifftrax Presents stuff, but this sample blew the others away.


  18. underwoc says:

    If Paul and Storm break out in any old Da Vinci’s Notebook tunes, this is a definite buy. Internet Porn and Enormous P***s are two of the greatest songs by an a capella group ever….


  19. jere7my says:

    I feel they missed an opportunity for a Dude, Where’s My Car? riff at the end of the trailer.


  20. Red Hobbes says:

    Never was into Tron, but I have to ask… wasn’t the point of Rifftrax that the riffs were funny? If so, then… what the heck happened?



  21. Rex Dart --- Prepare for ACTION says:

    Yes eegah, that was pac-man you saw. I saw Tron in the theater and noticed it and then spent 20 years wondering if I was crazy or if my 8 year old brain mad it up as it is cut out of the frame on the pan & scan version. Oh what a relief (well a mild one) to find out I was right!


  22. BenderRodriguez says:

    “Tron” is a little too easy to riff. Plus, is it possible for anyone to sit through the whole flick more than twice?


  23. lamontcranston says:

    Have to agree with all comments regarding the voices. One of the great things about Mike, Kevin, and Bill is they all sound so different from one another. These guys all sound the same.


  24. Wow. Did anyone actually *make* a joke during this sample? More than anything else this reminded me of those folks who “think” they are MST3K funny. But aren’t a couple of these guys actually FROM MST3K? (Ironic observation).

    I just bought all the new RT shorts (and Planet of Dinos) — about 20 all told (since my last purchase of shorts) and I sure hope I didn’t waste my money. If the level of riffing has now dropped to this it will be my last purchase (I’ll be looking at PoD this weekend to be sure).

    (One more observation: just WHO is putting together these sample clips? Do THEY have a sense of humor? Or do they also understand how bad it is and are basically just warning us off?)


  25. Captain Cab says:

    “Oh! That was my favorite character! I was mistaken before when I said it was the other guy.” :???:

    Uh, yeah. And I want to pay for “writing” of this level and give these guys a chance now because…?


  26. Captain Cab says:

    Oh and absolutely second what Dennis said. Josh Way blows these guys out of the water.

    “I feel I must say that my least favorite element of Rifftrax is, sadly, Kevin. His jokes in the ones that i’ve seen were the most juvenile (they even mention a “fart sound” quiz in the video) while his various bits of acting, writing and interviews of late make him seem incredibly cranky and impossible to please.”

    I’ll always love his work as the Tom-monster and personally think he does fine on RT but yeah, I’ve always gotten the impression both then and post MST3K that underneath the jokes, Kevin is a very easily angered man and uses riffing/film humor partly as an outlet for his temper.


  27. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    I have to take exception with the product description of this Tron Rifftrax saying “bad CGI”. Don’t people have any kind of respect for history at all anymore? I suppose the groundbreaking first use of sound in “The Jazz Singer” is bad as well just because it isn’t the equal today’s best movie sound? If Tron being a revolutionary and groundbreaking production of it’s time makes it worthy of being called “bad” then there is no word in existence that could possibly describe how terrible this Tron Rifftrax Presents sample is.

    Tron was the first movie to use anything even close to this level of CGI effects, and personally I think it holds up far better after 27 years than the laughable CGI Neo from the two Matrix sequels, the pathetic CGI wolves in The Day After Tomorrow, or the hilariously awful CGI monsters in I Am Legend do from the moment they were released. The CGI in movies like Tron or The Last Starfighter is still far more believable within the world created within those films than the talentless, lazy, terrible CGI in those recent movies. The people who made those early CGI films were pushing the boundries of what was even possible in movie effects. I’d say that with Tron they were pretty damn successful in creating something that is still pretty damn impressive, and that people had never seen before (or really since if you know anything about the making of the film and all the other unique and creative animation techniques they used to create the backlit glowing qualities of everything in the computer world). Every use of CGI to come since Tron owes a hell of a lot to it. I think it’s safe to say that none of the guys riffing it in this Rifftrax Presents release will ever be able to say that about anything they have done or are likely to ever do.


  28. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    Also I’d prefer Josh Way stay away from Rifftrax, at least as a performer. Everything I’ve ever seen of his was just plain not funny, and it was definitely mostly because of his boring performance. I personally am totally uninterested in 99% of the non MST related riffers out there the same way I’m totally uninterested in 99% of the sitcoms made today, or the same way I was totally uninterested in 99% of the Xfiles rip off shows the flooded TV in the mid to late 90’s. I like the guys from MST (the Rifftrax and CT crews) because they themselves are usually very funny, not just because it is movie riffing in general. I get enough quality movie riffing from those projects and watching my collection of old MST episodes to make me happy, and I don’t need much more than that. If these new coattail riders want me to be interested in something they are doing then they should try to come up with the next great original comedy idea. Twenty years ago the people making MST developed a totally new style of comedy and for that alone they deserve to still be on the leading edge of it. If someone else came that’s what I’d be interested in seeing today, not just a bunch of new and usually much less talented people hopping on a bandwagon.


  29. jere7my says:

    Mike Kelley @24: Nobody in the Tron sample was involved with MST3K — they are guest riffers Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm. The MST3K folks (Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy) will be on the Rifftrax DVDs you bought, not the guest riffers.


  30. GizmonicTemp says:

    I’ll second and third the M’eh feelings. Writing is one thing, performing is another and these guys write better than they perform. I surely thought that the Mike/Kevin/Bill tutoring would help them more. Based on the sample, I will not be purchasing this Rifftrax. I do want to watch the unriffed “Tron”, though.


  31. Ryan says:

    I watched this last night, and it was a bit underwhelming. The guys did good with the voice acting, but the writing was sub-par. Not horrible, but you could tell Mike and the guys didn’t really help them out much.

    No, this definitely does not represent the normal Rifftrax output, which has been consistantly stellar.


  32. Scooter says:

    oh boy, if this is the response to the RiffTrax, I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about the next release.

    Comments may want to be turned off for that post.


  33. Bat Masterson says:

    In reference to the post above mine, I just about **** a brick when I saw what Rifftrax is next, I can’t wait!


  34. Brian O. says:

    Didn’t Riff Raff Theater release this on iRiffs back around last December/January? :shock:


  35. El Dangeroso says:

    If I could tell their voices apart, or if they were actually funny, I’d consider a purchase.


  36. LizaLS says:

    Hello all;

    I grew up on MST3K and have watched some of the follow up projects, so I know why anyone other than actual cast members might be disappointing. I mean, we’ve all heard these voices narrating the best worst films for years and years (they may even seem to talk with some of you on an odd commentary track of your own life), so of course anything else will seem wrong and weird.

    That being said, those of us who are fans of Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm will probably not have an issue figuring out who is who. We’ve listened to podcasts and gone to live shows, sat through the commentary on Coulton’s recent DVD release etc. For those fans, this will probably serve as a bit of a gateway drug for other RiffTrax offerings.

    Look at this more as the triumph of a couple of non-MST 3K’ers getting the chance to realize a dream and for their fans to get to hang out with them in a new way. I don’t know for sure, but maybe Coulton and Co. got to pick the flick themselves and TRON may never have been done otherwise. I’m pretty sure none of them consider themselves up to par with Mssrs. Corbett, Nelson and Murphy.


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