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6 Replies to “Now Available from RiffTrax…”

  1. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    another winner from Greydon Clark


  2. mst3kme says:


    But check out that cast!

    Jan-Michael Vincent
    Cybill Shepherd
    Martin Landau
    Raymond Burr
    Neville Brand
    Vincent Schiavelli

    Terry the Sensitive Knight:
    another winner from Greydon Clark


  3. mst3kme says:

    From IMDb, some fun film facts:

    Cybill Shepherd claimed in her autobiography that the cast were “a rather sad group of actors, all trying to resurrect our diminished careers. [Raymond Burr] read his lines off a TelePrompter.”

    One explosion in the film turned out to be much bigger than planned. The resultant fire from said explosion burned out the electrical wires in the town where the movie was shot on location, thus causing a power outage which lasted for two hours. Greydon Clark subsequently had to pay for two hours worth of lost power.

    Jan-Michael Vincent had problems with his alcoholism during the making of this film. For example, when Vincent failed to show up for work one day, director Greydon Clark had to convince Cybill Shepherd and Martin Landau to work on that day even though they weren’t originally scheduled to do so.

    Jan-Michael Vincent did his own stunts for the scene in which he’s attacked by a dog. Moreover, Vincent also did the bulk of his own motorcycle riding.

    Zachary Vincent, who plays Wayne as a young boy, was the nephew of Jan-Michael Vincent.

    Greydon Clark named the Martin Landau character after two towns from the Midwest that he grew up in.

    Shot in three weeks.

    Then, there’s this TV Guide review:


  4. Terry the Sensitive Knight:
    another winner from Greydon Clark

    I was about to ask, “Okay, not counting Angel’s Revenge (which they’ve probably dug up for a Live show), what remaining Greydon Clark movies have MK&B NOT wrung the last sorry drop of Final Justice Mike-fan cult love from for RT?”, but a quick check of IMDb still shows a respectable nine or ten, easy.

    So, maybe instead, we should ask, “Betting pool open: WHICH Greydon Clark movie are they going to flog next?”
    Satan’s Cheerleaders is running a healthy 3:1, Joysticks and Black Shampoo, both traveling the Amazon PD circuit, have the inside track at 5:2, Without Warning is the longshot at 7:1, and prohibitive even-money on The Forbidden Dance IS Lamabda!
    (That’s the save-the-rainforest one that Golan made after leaving Globus, not the inspirational-teacher one.)


  5. Sitting Duck says:

    Director and producer Greydon Clark (who appears in front of the camera as Alan) also directed, wrote, and produced Angels’ Revenge and Final Justice, appearing in front of the camera as the movie director and Sherrif Bob respectively. Writer, editor, and associate producer Curtis Burch was associate editor for Angels’ Revenge. Martin Landau (Niles Buchanan) was Commander John Koenig in Cosmic Princess. Neville Brand (Walt) was Miller in Angels’ Revenge. Darby Hinton (Darren) was Sticks in Angels’ Revenge. Susan Kiger (Joyce) was Michelle Wilson in Angels’ Revenge. Ken Minyard (Federal Agent #1) was Joe in Angels’ Revenge (gah!). Roger Hampton (Homer) was the Water & Power Man in Mac and Me, but surprisingly had nothing to do with Angels’ Revenge. Hilary Farr (Lee Ann) was Mrs. Adams in City on Fire. Candy Castillo (Federal Agent #2) was Hitman #1 in (all together now) Angels’ Revenge. Dee Cooper (Horseman) was a Compound Thug in Angels’ Revenge (I swear, it’s like that time The Producers swept the Tonys). Mickey Epps (Horseman) was an American Rights Guardsman in Angels’ Revenge (make it stop!). Cinematographer Daniel Pearl was the photographer of the prologue sequence in The Day Time Ended. Special effects makeup man Ken Horn did makeup effects for Hanger 18. Special effects makeup man Tom Schwartz was a makeup artist for The Giant Spider Invasion. Special visual effects unit member Jacqulin Cole was April Thomas in Angels’ Revenge (just when you though it was safe to come out). Stunt man Rock A. Walker also did stunts in City Limits.


  6. Sitting Duck: Candy Castillo (Federal Agent #2) was Hitman #1 in (all together now) Angels’ Revenge.

    (Okay, now you’ve got me picturing the Angels vogue-dancing in one of those Facebook ads…)


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