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A New Short from RiffTrax…

Get it here.

4 Replies to “A New Short from RiffTrax…”

  1. jay

    Jets were faster. Jets were quieter (on the inside). Jets did not go to smaller towns. Jets did go to Vietnam Nam.


  2. DarkGrandmaofDeath

    This one brought that song to mind: “Walkin’ on the jetway / Watchin’ them stow our dog away.” Or maybe I’m misremembering the lyrics. Either way, John Denver will now be keeping me company for the afternoon. Thanks, Airplane Trip by Jet!


  3. Spazzchop

    I quite enjoy the aviation-themed shorts. Flying Stewardesses and, I suppose, Fashion Horizons come to mind. The inclusion of Bridget in the riffing of this one adds a bit of extra spice to the mix.


  4. Terry the Sensitive Knight

    Spazzchop: I quite enjoy the aviation-themed shorts. Flying Stewardesses

    oh yeah Flying Stewardesses is great
    the way passengers are treated like royalty
    the way passengers get 4-course meals (“If you count the napkin as a course”)
    the way the narrator goes off on an bizarre tangent about the eligibility of the stewardesses and how they totally don’t marry pilots because the pilots are already taken (oooookay then…)

    “Remember, don’t get fat or ugly or we will FIRE YOUR ASS!”


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