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RiffTrax Presents a New Short from Bridget and Mary Jo

Get it here.

5 Replies to “RiffTrax Presents a New Short from Bridget and Mary Jo”

  1. jay

    In this part of the country we have “professional” garage sale shoppers. They usually come in pairs and start their rounds before the sun comes up. Back in the day it was “You take a quarter for this?”. Now it’s “You take a dollar?”. The following Saturday you can visit the flea market and find your stuff for sale at a considerable markup. Free enterprise, I guess.


  2. mst3kme

    This short seems to be a fun one.

    The question is how many people today remember who Phyllis Diller was?

    Meanwhile, yay for Bridget and Mary Jo!


  3. radioman970

    Phyllis was way less funny after the face lift. It was like Marty Feldman fixing his eyes or John Candy dropping to 175 lbs.


  4. Blonde Russian Spy

    I’ve actually seen this riffed before, at least partially:


  5. Kenotic

    Good grief this is painfully unfunny without MJ and Bridget. I remember crap like this in the 80s in my small-town library, everyone famous in the 60s and 70s did a sort of self-help or how-to VHS tape. I swear it was part of some community service.

    That said, $100 for a crappy TV that looks like it’d blow a fuse once you turn it on? How am I supposed to watch Small Wonder on that thing?!?


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