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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Goodbye Bonnie

Variety reports Bonnie Hammer has handed over the reins of The Sci-Fi Channel.

25 Replies to “Goodbye Bonnie”

  1. Aaron says:



  2. Brandon says:

    So, Mr. Hoew, if you are reading this, one way to get on viewers’ good side would be to bring back MST3K in reruns.


  3. Tork says:



  4. Aaron says:

    I wonder if they could run reruns even if they wanted to? I don’t know what the situation is with the rights to the old movies but I seem to remember episodes dropping out of rotation due to losing those rights even before the show finished its run.

    Whatever they do have rights to, though, they ought to put that on a late weeknight timeslot or something.


  5. Kenneth Morgan says:

    If I remember correctly, Mike once said she was overheard saying, upon taking over the reins, “I’ll gonna kill that @#$%^&@ puppet show.” Or am I mistaken?


  6. Brandon says:

    Maybe she was talking about “Farscape”? :roll:


  7. scifiguy says:

    How does that affect us at all. It doesn’t.


  8. sage says:

    they need to bring the show back!! who cares about reruns most shows are on utube, and dvds are always coming out. No we need to get the show back on the air!!


  9. Tyrant says:

    If they bring it back, that basically spells the end of Rifftrax or Cinematic Titanic, unless they used a third person as host. Mike and Joel are two extremly talented men, but I doubt either would have time to run two projects (one large, and one massively large) at the same time. Plus there are contract issues.

    Let us not forget that the spirit of MST3K lives on in various incarnations. The best we could (and should) hope for are reruns. MST3K is but a very large and beloved chapter in a much larger legacy, not the legacy itself.


  10. Will says:

    I can’t believe there are people here who are actually writing that they should bring the show back.
    It’s over. It’s been gone for almost a decade. Get over it.


  11. spot_on says:

    I’m afraid that true SF & MST3K lovers can’t go home again. The network that featured Harlan Ellison commentaries a decade ago on the great “Sci-Fi Buzz” program sold its corporate soul and reverted to “WCW” crap. Thank goodness Mr. Nelson found an outlet in print for his unique wit in the span of time leading up to Rifftrax & the Film Crew.


  12. happy says:

    its come back in different ways..
    The only good thing about the show not coming back means no more worrying about new DVDs to buy or things to add to the 10 seasons that I already have..imagine adding more discs or VHS tapes if the show came back, there goes the shelf space again..
    I do love the show, but if it came back it would get expensive to record or eventually buy DVD releases..
    Then again it might be worth it


  13. Brandon says:

    I have no wish for mST3K to come back with new episodes, because it’d proboably just be a shell of its former self, and wouldn’t work. I just think reruns would be nice.


  14. asciiwarrior says:

    Television, quite frankly, isn’t the right medium for movie riffing. Although a sentimental part of me would like to see a few new MST3K eps released direct to DVD.

    As other have pointed out, one of the biggest problems that both Comedy Central and Sci Fi had with MST3K was maintaining the movie rights for the episode. If they lost the rights, they couldn’t air the eps; the fans then lost access the episodes, unless they had already recorded them, or knew someone else who had.

    Rifftrax doesn’t have that problem, because all you buy from them is the riffs, not the movie. CT and Film Crew provide both as a package, but even if the producing companies lose the rights the movie and have to stop selling an episode, that doesn’t mean that the fans can’t get it. Just look up MST3K: the Movie on eBay or Amazon to see what I mean. Or The MST3K Collection Vol 10.


  15. Travis says:

    Oh great, so Sci Fi Channel can continue its decent in to complete worthless garbage programming (wrestling shows? Yep, that’s as science fiction as Star Trek!! For sure!! :roll: ). They rarely even show real scifi movies anymore, just their terrible (and not in a good way) Direct-to-TV/Video movies. It’s amazing how fast the channel went downhill, which started when they cancelled MST3k.

    Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up, MST3k will never get back on the air. No station will want to give up a 2-hour timeslot for a show in addition they have to secure movie rights for. Which of course is a crying shame, because there is a market for MST3k outside of MSTies.


  16. Austin says:

    I think the point, like someone has already pointed out, is that Hammer allegedly said she wanted to get rid of MST3k when she took over. So I think the post is sort of a “Good riddance!” kind of thing in a certain sense. I’m not sure that the channel can be salvaged just because someone new is taking over. I remember the glory days when Twilight Zone and Night Gallery ran back-to-back…

    I agree it would be cool if the channel could rerun MST3k on weekends at 11 or midnight or something, but I can safely guess that that probably won’t happen for various legal reasons. Me, I’m happy with the projects the guys are working on right now and don’t really want the show to come back (other than in midnight-chiller-theatre rerun form).


  17. frankstv says:

    MST3K is gone forever and it can never be done again. You can’t bring the past back. It’s time to move on folks. We will always have the DVD’s coming out on Rhino ( thank the lucky stars!!! ). Joel and Mike ( also Kevin, Bill, Josh, Trace, Frank etc ) are creative comic geniuses!!!! They would rather move on with new and original ideas. They wouldn’t do MST3K again. We now have Rifftrax, CT, and Film Crew and who knows probably something new in the future. Of course due to rights issues : MST3K WILL NEVER BE ON TV AGAIN! To put it back on TV would cheapen it. I love buying the Rhino DVD’s. Keep it up Rhino.


  18. Sean74 says:

    I agree with those who think it’s best to keep MST3K in the past. Hey, it’s my favorite show of all time, and probably will be as long as there’s television, but it can’t be done again. The best thing to do to is honor it’s legacy: always challenge the mediocrity (or often less) that comes out of Hollywood and New York, and be smart enough to decifer what’s good from what’s crap. I wasn’t aware of how much Bonnie Hammer hated MST3K, only that once she took over, she was part of the corporate world that didn’t “get” the show’s humor and wanted some lousy show like “Painkiller Jane” in its place.


  19. sanjia (american idol) says:

    Ok I have to get this off my chest, why do soooo many people keep saying we have all these projects like “the film crew” TFC is awesome number 1, but it will most likely just always be the four episodes, since TFC was filmes years ago, and took so long to release due to legal issues.
    Mike and the gang have all stated several times that RIfftrax is taking most of the time they have. and Rifftrax is better in many ways especially now that they are releasing videos straight to download. SO as good as the FIlm crew is, its not an ongoing prject its a cool 4
    movies riffed prior to Rifftrax, and thats what it will most likelt always be,

    SO we have RIfftrax, and Cinematic titanic as the projects currently


  20. dinosaur says:

    Buy 10.2 my face on box.


  21. Charles says:

    The article says she built Sci-Fi Channel into a powerhouse top 6 network. Really? Most cable providers still don’t carry it. If there’s more viewers it’s probably just because more people have cable now. Will be similar spin when the idiots at Cartoon Network who turned that channel in a low-rent Disney Channel, dropping Looney Tunes and Tex Avery in favor of live action garbage.


  22. FordPrefect says:

    Well Sanjia, I’d like to think that Film Crew can continue in some form and the Rifftrax guys do too. Here’s what Bill Corbett said when someone asked him about it in a recent chat:

    “It’s complicated for various and sundry reasons, including the fact that we shot the first four in 2005, then thought they were dead for a while. And yes, we wept.
    In the meantime Mike teamed up with Legend to create Rifftrax, and brought his baggage (me and Kevin) along.

    We are still talking to Shout!!!! Factory!!!!!!!! about doing some more, though it’s not certain what form it would take.
    For instance — we already, um, disposed of the set, so there’s that.
    The Shout!!!!!!!!!! people have been great, and we’re still in touch, and talking biz. But we’d have a lot to figure out to make it happen again. I.E., how would it work with Rifftrax, or not? Big question at present.

    We had a great time doing the Film Crew DVDs. For a while it was like a reunion, what with Jeff Stonehouse, Beez McKeever, and Brad Keeley working with us. We had a blast, even though we were making it up as we went.
    But the very-delayed released really hurt the momentum. We had to move onto other stuff. Actually, Shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!! Factory were the heroes for picking it up and releasing it at all, after it had been run through the mill by Rhino and Best Brains.

    So… never say never, but it has its challenges. I think we all miss the old movies, and doing the skits, but there may be a way to do that yet. We’ll see. Even if we did bring back Film Crew, we’d probably want to learn from the first flight of releases, and do a few things differently — i.e., shorter skits in general, more fun DVD extras.
    Such an exegesis. You’d think I was talking about the Middle East crisis. Gee whiz.

    Thanks for being interested, though. it’s always flattering, and always appreciated.

    P.S. “Bob Honcho”’s original name was “Bob Rhino.” Which was a tad funnier, I think.
    But we actually had to replace all the “Rhinos” once they decided not to release it. I don’t know if anyone could tell, but it’s a sound patch whenever we’re saying “Honcho.”

    Hmm. That might be too trivial even to qualify as trivia.”


  23. Fred Burrows says:

    I don’t quite understand how Sci-Fi can be deemed a “powerhouse” either; the channel is downright awful. The original movies are as laughable as they come and, quite ironically, would’ve been perfect MST3K fodder had the show still been on the air. How many dreadful original series did the network see fail miserably? ‘Ghost Hunters’ is a hit? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sleep-inducing show; a bunch of clowns running around and saying, “Did you hear that?”? I think it would be more exciting watching those two guys unclog toilets. I think what’s stopping up the pipes would be scarier than any of their phony BS. I don’t know anybody who has cared about Sci-Fi in years, so I really don’t think it matters who runs the show. It will be just another corporate puppet with no vision, more than happy to ditch a great show like MST3K and using the episode money to make 10 horrible giant bug or disaster movies. Quantity over quality!

    Sadly, it’s probably true that MST3K’s time has passed and any attempts to revive it would be like seeing a band past it’s prime still trying to cling to their glory days that are 20 years in the past. Thing is, I would still watch every episode and think we all would :)


  24. Alphahawk1999 says:

    I say good-bye and good-riddance to Bonnie. She essentially made the channel a place where good t.v series go to die (ex. Sliders). I’m not surprised at all that her creativity is very limited (wrestling shows? :???: ). And a great %age of the movies (conceived, written and performed by 5th graders) (oh, wait, I didn’t mean to insult 5th graders) such as “Mansquito” are defintely ones that MST3K would riff mercilessly into. So, good-bye. Keep going. Yes. Farther. No, we won’t miss you! :wink:


  25. Sean74 says:

    To Fred Burrows: while I agree with you that Sci-Fi Channel has fallen from its early graces, don’t pinpoint “Ghost Hunters” as an example of it. The two guys who formed TAPS go out of their way to DISPROVE hauntings, which you’d realize if you actually watched the show regularly. It’s arguably the only good thing left on the channel. If you want to criticize Sci-Fi, then ask why they play wrestling programs or that laughable “Crossing Over” show which is obviously staged. Not to mention the grade Z movies it plays all too frequently.


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