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Neil Connery, RIP

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND — Neil Connery, brother of famed film actor Sean Connery, who followed his brother into a minor film career, died May 10. He was 83. His death comes just seven months after Sean’s death.

His best-known role is the one MSTies will be most familiar with, as Dr. Neil Connery in the movie “Operation Kid Brother,” seen in episode 508- OPERATION DOUBLE 007.

The Scottish Sun has the story.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

4 Replies to “Neil Connery, RIP”

  1. bartcow says:

    One of my favorite episodes (I have a soft spot for all the spy episodes), and a killer soundtrack that I picked up on CD a few years back. Sure, it was a cheapo cash-in, but that they got some of the actual Bond actors and seemed to know what kind of movie they were making is a hoot.


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    RIP Neil. No one loved me like you did. No one sat on their glasses like you did. You will be missed.


  3. radioman970 says:

    Kid brother was still 1000 times more suave than I could ever hope to be.


  4. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    Imagine having been Neil Connery’s drinking buddy, throwing back shots in Scottish bars and listening to that almost-Sean voice; that would have been incredible. He was lots of fun to watch in Operation Double 007, just enough like brother Sean but with enough personality of his own to be distinctive; I hope his life was every bit as happy and fulfilling as he deserved.


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