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Sonny Chiba, RIP

Kimitsu City, Japan — Actor and martial artist Sonny Chiba died at a hospital here Aug. 19, due to pneumonia caused by COVID-19. He was 82.

A pivotal figure in the 1970s explosion of martial arts cinema, he is perhaps best known as the “fists for hire” trouble shooter Takuma (Terry) Tsurugi in the popular “Street Fighter” series of action films.

MSTies know him for his portrayal of Ironsharp a.k.a. Space Chief in the movie in episode 819- INVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN.

Anime News Network has the story, although we’re sure there will be many tributes in the future.

Thanks to “Albuquerque Turkey” for the heads up.

5 Replies to “Sonny Chiba, RIP”

  1. Terry the Sensitive Knight

    Another legend taken down by Covid. At least he lived to a decent age.
    RIP Space Chief. May you be gunning down Suppository Men in Heaven.


  2. jjk50

    Sonny Chiba, RIP. Oddly I was going to watch Invasion of the Neptune Men tonight because I watched Prince of Space last night and this was more or less the sequel to that movie.


  3. jay

    He could dodge the weapons of the Neptune men, but he could not dodge Covid. If I you haven’t already please get your shots now, good people. RIP


  4. Torgover

    RIP, Chief Chef. He was great in Kill Bill.


  5. AlbuquerqueTurkey

    He appeared in another movie pre-Street Fighter days, called Terror Beneath the Sea. It’s another Japanese monster movie, but in color, with international espionage and a hot American girl sidekick. It’s better the Neptune Men (which isn’t saying much), and he got more of a chance to act in it – he gets to be Underwater Chief instead of Barely Out of the Stupid Atmosphere Chief. It’s a fun, dopey movie, perfect riffing fodder.


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