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RIP Edward “Ward” Costello

We’re a couple of weeks behind in this news but…

REDLANDS, Calif. — Edward “Ward” Costello, who had recurring roles on TV series including “The Streets of San Francisco” and “General Hospital,” died here June 4 due to complications from a stroke. He was 89.
MSTies will remember him as Capt. MacIntosh in episode 608- CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD and Dr. Robert Hodges Hedges in episode 807- TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000.

Read his Variety obituary here.

13 Replies to “RIP Edward “Ward” Costello”

  1. Thrifty says:

    Why is this news?


  2. Chuck says:

    We pause, sadly, in memorium of his fine performance in that file film, Terror From The Year 5000.



  3. Oh yeah, the guy with the flat-top in TftY5000.

    Thrifty must be new around here…


  4. Jeff Q says:

    By the way, that was “Dr. Robert Hedges”, not “Hodges”. Because I’ve watched the episode an absurd number of times, I’ve burned into my feeble brain the riff confusing his name with the homonymic “Robert Hegyes”, who played Juan Epstein on “Welcome Back, Kotter”:

    [Establishing shot of museum office door: “DR. ROBERT HEDGES / CURATOR”.]
    Mike: … and former sweathog.

    (Sometimes I think ”MST3K” riffs are all that’s left in there. :???: )


  5. Mr. B(ob) says:

    That episode of Star Trek TNG where Edward “Ward” Costello plays an admiral infected with a nasty little alien creature, causing him to beat the snot out of Riker, Worf and a few others, is one of my favorites. There’s no other episode quite like it in the whole seven years of the show and Mr. Costello turned in a great performance as both the “nice” admiral and the “nasty, possessed” admiral.


  6. yipe striper says:

    TNG and MST3k… What a great man.

    So Long… I’ll remember you.


  7. Matt D. says:

    I’m with Mr. B(ob). I loved TNG, but there are still only a handful of episodes I can remember vividly, and the episode Costello was in is one of them. Great episode.

    RIP Edward.


  8. trickymutha says:

    Wow- that is fantastic, I am watching my DVD set of TNG right now (in between MST3K and The Wire)- I would like to know BTW- how many fans of MST are also fans of “The Wire?”


  9. This Guy says:

    Ward Costello was also in an earlier TNG episode, “Coming of Age,” which led into “Conspiracy.” His character, Adm. Quinn, suspected in that one that something weird was going on in Starfleet.


  10. Popcorn Sonata says:

    You will be missed Adm. Hedges.


  11.  FredBurroughs      says:

    I love his son’s music.


  12. Smog Monster says:

    You are also a couple of weeks behind John Carradine’s passing. Could you do this – a posting for him – on the main screen? He only was the mad scientist in The Unearthly, among other things.


  13. This Guy says:

    Um, John Carradine died over 20 years ago. It was his son, David, who died recently.


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