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MST3K.COM Adds “Genesis” Clips

The Web site has quietly added a new button to its console: “Genesis.” The initial group has nine clips, eight of which are from KTMA. There’s also a slide show of still images and, over on the other side of the screen, Jim offers his own memories of those early days. Enjoy!

41 Replies to “MST3K.COM Adds “Genesis” Clips”

  1. Dirk Squarejaw says:

    The clips from the first three episodes are especially appreciated, since no known fan copies of those exist. Also, Jim Mallon’s KTMA “memoirs” were a fun read, and I’ll be looking forward to future installments of those. And last, but not least, “The Wall” segment with Kevin Murphy was a really nice treat. Nice job, Jim!


  2. Katana says:

    Found this last night, had a wonderful time being my behind-the-scenes geek. The segment of “The Wall” was amazing. Kevin, you rock my socks off. The Memoirs were also a great read, and i can’t wait for more.


  3. The Professor says:

    Well, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first three episodes of KTMA still exist…and they look beautiful. Anyone want to do a breaking and entering tonight? :wink:


  4. eegah says:


    Now I know a few more things that drugs are like.


  5. omega2010 says:

    Hey, that last clip where the Joel and the Bots draw hand turkeys seems to imply Gypsy has feet somewhere on her body…


  6. Wilford B. Wolf says:

    While some of the bits are on the scrapbook tape (and included on XV), it was really neat to see both some more K01-K03 host segments and even little samples of riffs. It looks like Servo was still Beeper in K01, and what is with that “dumb” voice in K02? That was good thing to see both quickly abandoned.

    The real surprise was an early version of the Nun-Clucks gag in K03 that would get expanded upon in Master Ninja I host segments. That should be noted somewhere.


  7. Speedy says:

    WOW. It looks like they reused/reshot some of the segments from the pilot. The sick flowers was on “The Green Slime” pilot (host segments only) that I downloaded off Digital Archive Project. Did anyone else think that Crow’s voice sounded like Josh for the first episode? After watching “The Wall”, I think they need to have a DVD made for the Mstie Mall of Kevin as “Bob Bagadonuts” and the Melon Drop sketches for the hardcore fans. That was great, especially the woman sprinting and jumping over the wall and the city council name calling. To quote one of the callers from episode 4 of MST: Great Stuff, Gimme more More MORE MOOORRREE, I WANT MORE!!!!


  8. mst3ktemple says:

    Thanks so much, Jim!

    This is all great stuff. Of course the new KTMA clips are fantastic, but also the memoirs and The Wall clip. For obsessive completionist fans like me this is a dream come true.


  9. pablum says:

    Good clips.

    I would pay for a DVD compilation of all the KTMA host segments taken from these master tapes Mallon has locked up.


  10. Eduardo says:

    Nice little surprises in there, just a shame that it’s really nothing more then a little tease and that we won’t get the full episodes.


  11. Kouban says:

    I think the early Servo voice sounded a bit like a stoned Randy Newman.


  12. mst3ktemple says:

    It’s great that Jim included a small theater clip from each episode.

    We knew Joel and Crow were in the theater for Invaders from the Deep, but it’s interesting to hear that Josh voiced Crow in the first episode and that they mention Beeper is still around.

    It’s good to know Servo was around and riffing in the second episode even if he sounds like a cross between Bulwinkle and Randy Newman.

    Third episode has “Gypsum” and Servo sounds more like the Kermit voice he had for a few episodes.

    Great stuff.


  13. hamlet fan says:

    Great addition to, Thanks Jim.



  14. beth563 says:

    “quietly added”?

    I’m on the e-mail list, and they sent an e-mail two days ago announcing it. I don’t call that “quietly.”


  15. H says:

    This is awesome. Servo sounds sort of like a beatnik in the first couple episodes. So great to see the early sketches and Bob Bagadonuts report. Good job Jim.


  16. Leslie B. says:

    I was oh so excited to see this footage! Of course it’s always a pleasure to see the KTMA stuff, and it makes me want the full episodes. And there were pictures I hadn’t seen before (gah, they all look sooo young). But what was really special was Jim’s memoirs and The Wall video. I thought that was absolutely hilarious and I really need more footage of Kevin like that. Hats off to Jim for putting it up on the website.


  17. Josh says:

    “I’m on the e-mail list, and they sent an e-mail two days ago announcing it. I don’t call that “quietly.””

    I’ll bet you liked these clips back when they were indie.


  18. Josh says:

    Wow…funny. But as someone who lives less than 50 miles from the U.S./Mexico border, I couldn’t help shamefully putting my head in my hands during the people-smuggling segment. Instead of a wall, we have a fence, and a bunch of retirees brandishing firearms sitting along it. :roll:


  19. Ken says:

    Maybe this means we may see a KTMA episode make it to DVD one of these times.


  20. Brandon says:

    LOL! I love how the early “Movie Sign” sounds like police siren.


  21. beth563 says:

    “I’m on the e-mail list, and they sent an e-mail two days ago announcing it. I don’t call that “quietly.””

    I’ll bet you liked these clips back when they were indie.

    What the hell you talkin’ about, Josh?


  22. darthservo says:

    The Wall looks like it was a forerunner to segments of the DAILY SHOW. Kevin was such a visionary!


  23. Dirk Squarejaw says:

    That early Servo voice struck me kind of a stoned Floyd the Barber. So how many voices did Servo have before Josh settled into using his own? I haven’t watched any of the KTMAs in a long time, but I seem to recall several.


  24. Dirk Squarejaw says:

    That early Servo voice struck me as kind of a stoned Floyd the Barber. So how many voices did Servo have before Josh settled into using his own? I haven’t watched any of the KTMAs in a long time, but I seem to recall several.


  25. Dirk Squarejaw says:

    Sorry for the double post. Had trouble getting it to go through at all…

    But hey, I’ll start my own reply about the “how many Servo voices” question. I recall the “pure” Beeper from the pilot footage (no words, just sounds). There was also the early Beeper/Servo who used a really high-pitched voice. And now there’s this voice from the newly-released footage, where he’s got the laid-back hipster voice. Did I miss any?


  26. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    Thanks so much, Jim! It’s fantastic and tantalizing to see these elusive early clips and read the history. BRAVO!!!



  27. Yep, watched this stuff the other day and loved the Wall. Funny and slightly informative actually. The clips were cool but I think the pictures in the slide show were just as cool to see if not cooler in my opinion. Goes nicely with the memoirs and I hope to see more sometime.

    Also, the movie segments are WAY too short. :( I think you could get away with MUCH longer clips of the movie segments, Jim, without getting into trouble. Considering Joel had no problems showing the Green Slime (being so short), I would think you could at LEAST give us a good 30 seconds or so. :twisted: Although a few minutes would be preferable. :cool:


  28. Ryan McSwain says:

    Looks like these clips were worth the wait!

    How is he able to post the short theater clips? They’re always fun, but I think they’re from some of the whiniest copyright holders. Is that not an issue?


  29. Uncle Bill says:

    @Ryan #28… I’m not sure, and quite possibly very wrong, but I wonder if it’s because of the short length of the clips. For some reason I think you can use copyrighted material freely as long as it’s only for a certain number of seconds. I know that people on TV shows can sing copyrighted songs for a certain amount of time before they have to pay the songwriter royalties, and people can use small video and audio clips, as well as short excerpts from written or printed material freely for review purposes. And I’m sure shows like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report would never be able to actually get permission from Fox News to use/rightfully mock the clips they show from FN shows. So I wonder if there is some kind of rule in copyright law that allows people to use short clips of things without permission such as these videos, and the short samples of big budget movies that Rifftrax uses on their site.


  30. Lou Stoolz says:

    The wall segment was great! Yes, easily a Daily Show precursor.

    The border guard’s ass was kinda scary though.

    Oh, and when Kevin gets out of the trunk, if it weren’t for the elephant nose I’d swear he was Tom Selleck. :cool:


  31. Brandon says:

    Just looked at the photo gallery. Who are the two blonde-haired women in some of the photos? I assume Faye Burkholder is one of them.


  32. Opus says:

    The clip of Crow trying to make jokes about Thanksgiving (“Turkey Crisp Cereal!”) is so cute.


  33. Josh says:

    “What the hell you talkin’ about, Josh?”

    Well, the indie comment was just in case your real motive was to point out how you knew first, instead of just a pedant who didn’t like how it was worded.


  34. mst3ktemple says:

    #31 I believe the two ladies are Alex Carr and Jann Johnson


  35. ern2150 says:

    This is teh awesome as the kids say.
    Thanks Brian Dunkle for “circulating the tapes” all those years ago, thanks rec.arts.mst3k for cataloging the host segments, and thanks for being the one-stop shop for that info these days.
    Any idea as to what order the host segments are in (other than Star Force’s lead-in to the movie)? They all end in Movie Sign…


  36. To Uncle Bill, post # 29:

    What you’re thinking of is called fair use. I’m not legal expert myself, but as I understand it, fair use allows one to use others’ copyrighted material without permission for purposes of parody.
    Weird Al, for example, is free to release any parody song he wants, but he always asks permission first so as to keep things friendly between himself and those in the music industry. An example would be “Chicken Pot Pie,” a parody of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die,” which Sir Paul denied him permission to release because of his vegetarianism/veganism (can’t recall which). Out of respect he never released it, but he has played it live.
    Besides parody, fair use also protects things used in reviews without permission. Sure enough, The Daily Show uses Fox News and MSNBC clips under the protection of fair use.

    It’s sort of a fuzzy thing though. There are criteria that define appropriation of a work as fair use (parody and review are just two of those) but because it’s really only a defensive measure in court, I think you can still get sued and probably pay a good deal of court costs even if your use of a work is ruled fair use and you win.


  37. mst3ktemple says:

    I’ve updated my page regarding the early KTMA episodes. I’ve taken a stab at placing all the clips in the correct order:


  38. On the one hand, this is one of the most significant developments in recent MST3K history. (Confirming the existence and allowing the viewing of the KTMA material.)

    On the other hand, it probably indicates a lack of intent to clear the rights to any KTMA episodes in full.

    Still, new material available to view is new material available to view and I, for one, am thrilled. If he posts enough videos, one could even reconstruct K01 – K03 (minus most of the theater segments, of course), which would be a fun project.


  39. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    Hopefully, this means Jim is transferring all of the KTMA episodes to the digital realm for long term preservation. This is a good sign!



  40. crowschmo says:

    “The Wall” was really funny.

    I noticed in one of the KTMA clips that Crow playfully refers to Joel as “Hoel Jodgson”. :mrgreen:


  41. Bot Snak says:

    @37 Tom, as usual, YOU ROCK MY WORLD!


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