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A Look at “MST3K Mode” for XBox 360 via Netflix

I’ve been hearing about this “party” functionality that Netflix, via the XBox 360, will add shortly — a feature that is almost universally being referred to as “MST3K mode.”

Here’s a look at it in action.

7 Replies to “A Look at “MST3K Mode” for XBox 360 via Netflix”

  1. Ator In Flight says:

    Any other misties here have an X-Box? This could be fun to get together and watch and or mock some movies. My Gamer Tag is mistie man.


  2. Jamie says:

    that reminds me of this Playstation game that came out with the very first PS1 gaming console in 1995. It was called “Off World Intercepter Extreame” from Crystal Dynamics. The “story” mode compaired to the arcade mode, featured this intentionally bad video production that was riffed by two guys sitting on armchairs next to a floor lamp in sillouetts like the show. Basically copying the show. But I thought it was funny and still watch it once in a blue moon. LOL anybody remember that?


  3. jacide53 says:

    Haha yeah you’re right, it would be great to watch some bad movies and riff them. That is a great gamertag mistie man. Wish I’d thought of something like that. I’m platinumsharpie on xbox. Did you get into the beta for this? I didn’t but am ready for it in August.


  4. Ineedanickname says:

    I have an Xbox, but Netflix isn’t available in Canada.


  5. The Bolem says:

    A friend in high school told me about a game, for Sega Saturn I think, where the main character would receive comm messages from his enemies and respond to them, resulting in a strangely sarcastic interplay that he said it was actually MST3K-esque. In particular, one boss would just stop before the end of whatever he was saying, culminating in a battle in which he declares, “If you shoot me…one more time…”, and the player’s character responds, “What?! What?! If I shoot you one more time, what!?! You never finish a sentence!”

    Anyone remember what game that might have been? It would’ve been the same time as “Off World Intercepter Extreme”, but that description sounds a bit different.


  6. Ryan McSwain says:

    There’s an entire B-Movie category available for streaming, with such worthy movies as Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, Piranha, Ghoulies II, Zombie Death House, Rapid Grannies, Microwave Massacre, Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires, and many many more! Their collection of bad sci-fi is a little smaller but still formidable.


  7. Jamie says:

    …another game I remember: “Shockwave” for the 3DO system. Yet another FMV game with bad acting that we made fun of rather than play the game LOL


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