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Live Cinematic Titanic DVD Coming; New Tour Dates Announced

Cinematic Titanic just sent out a big update and here’s the skinny.

Their first DVD featuring a live performance–featuring the movie “East Meets Watts”–will be available starting Wednesday, Dec. 16.

They’ve also posted a five-minute preview:

Tour news:

Feb. 2–Apparently they will be doing a show at SketchFest in San Francisco. Official announcements to come.

Feb 19–Two shows at the Royal Oak Music Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. (Tickets go on sale Friday.)

Feb. 20–As previously announced two shows at Milwaukee’s at the Turner Hall Ballroom. Tickets are pre-selling now (password: MST3K) and officially go on sale Friday.

April 16–At the McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ.

April 17–Cinematic Titanic hits Broadway at the Nokia Theater Times Square.

79 Replies to “Live Cinematic Titanic DVD Coming; New Tour Dates Announced”

  1. Tim S. Turner says:

    I saw them at the Castro Theater in SF earlier in the year. Can’t wait to see them again!!


  2. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    To each his own, I guess. It’s hard to get my head around the idea of being against all live performance. No stand up? No music concerts? No theater? Noh theatre? No long, boring political speeches? (Well, I’m not really a fan of those, either, I suppose…)


  3. The Toblerone Effect says:

    I was on the fence about whether or not to get this; I’m not a fan of “live” performances on CD, DVD, or any other context unless it’s a historically great band like Led Zeppelin (imo). But the crew at CT have this set up just right, and since I was unable to attend a live show (and probably will not in the future due to where their touring) this is a feasible substitute.

    And, I gotta ask the nay-sayers here, WHAT crowd noise? Minus out the crowd’s reaction to Josh’s Journey video remark at the end of the clip, they weren’t any hinderance in hearing the riffs. I’ve watched this clip twice, specifically to see if I missed any jokes due to the crowd, and I simply didn’t. Talk about looking for things to complain about! :roll:


  4. Gary Bowden says:

    I wonder if any of those Monty Python fans back in the 80’s(or whenever it was released) were whining about watching them on the Hollywood Bowl dvd and complain about the crowd noise??? Sometimes it’s hard to accept change,isn’t it?? As long as CT keep putting out these dvd’s,I’ll be there.Who knows,this one might be the last “live” one they do anyway!


  5. GersonK says:

    @Gary – the people on this thread who are allergic to any audience reaction on this thread were probably never able to enjoy the bulk of Python’s work, since the show was recorded with a live audience, and their reaction was even included over the filmed bits.


  6. mikek says:

    Holy cow, James Hong is in this movie. :grin: Screw my credit card bill, I’m buying this next week.


  7. Manny Sanguillen says:

    As long as you can hear the movie and the riffs I don’t see what the problem is.

    Who cares what the riffers are looking at?


  8. Josh says:

    If I have my facts straight, I can see a few ways this may end up being more cost effective for CT:
    1) As I understand it, recordings license material in a live performance don’t carry as high a licensing fee.
    2) If Jim Mallon owns part of the Shadowrama patent (pretty sure he does), they won’t have to pay him any residuals.

    On top of that, the CT guys seem to feel their live performances beat their pre-recorded stuff hands down, so it could be as simple as trying to make a better product. I’ll bite.


  9. Josh says:

    Oh, and the obvious one:
    3) No paying for a studio space to re-record the material for DVD.


  10. Matty-O says:

    I’m kind of leery of this DVD. Having a “live studio audience” is one step removed from having a laugh-track, and I absolutely hate those. Sure, I’ll still buy East Meets Watts on Dec. 16 (I intend to support the CT guys to the very end!) but the next CT release better be a traditional studio cut. Though a taped live show may be more inexpensive to produce, I have concerns about its quality and the laugh-track-like effect.


  11. darthservo says:

    First: The Rifftrax Live Christmas show.
    Then: CT Live release for the same day.
    Now: Rifftrax counters with the RT Live Plan 9!
    Although the CT live dvd looks only so-so to me, they will probably win the few pennies I have left before Christmas. I already have the Mike version and Three Riffer versions of P9.
    Plus I went to the first show and then the encore at the theaters. Did George Lucas give them some tips as how to repackage and sell the same thing over and over again?
    I love rifftrax and i love CT but they are not putting out the product I’m looking for.


  12. Doug says:

    Still no Florida dates?! Come on guys! The old people leave by Memorial Day and the weather is still pretty decent around then.


  13. John Seavey says:

    It looks good to me–I don’t know if I’d want them all done in the live format, but as a little bit of a change-up, it’s nice.


  14. Th1rt3eN says:

    Are they gonna have a non live version? the audience ruins it, and I like the shadowrama format better.

    I really hope this is a one time deal with the live dvd. It dosnt, damn, if your gonna change it, I would rather you write and film host segments instead of filming it live.

    If your not there it’s not really live, I get how they like it better, but I want a choice.
    clean or live (I would buy both) I just dont want to always have a version with crappy sound.


  15. Super Agent Icky Elf says:


    Thank you CT for coming to MI!!

    Thank you CT for a new DVD!!

    So happy!


  16. Th1rt3eN says:

    hey Gary Bowden, I dont think it’s whining if you dont like a perticuler format, I can see where pablum is comming from. Things that are recorded live tend to kinda be a let down, Dont get me wrong Live shows are great but recorded live shows not so much.

    I will give you a very good reason not to like live, it’s rough and it seems to be yet one more step away from the premis.

    it’s supposed to be 5 people locked away underground forced to watch bad movies.

    now weve somehow is turning into stand up comedy, I like stand up but it’s not what I want from CT.

    Now I would love to see a live show (no one ever comes to Maine) but a taped live show, whats the point?
    see at a live show your well there in person and the sound quality is great.
    It’s an experience, something you keep in your memories.
    Not on DVD.

    Now Im not saying it sucks, I just think it would be nice if there was a choice, East meets wats looks great but it would really suck if they just started to do every episode live.(it could happen, definetly would be cheaper for them to produce)

    so what im saying is, its good not to be the only one botherd by this, and would it kill them to spend a little time filming instead of touring? At this rate I will never see a host segment from them.

    “so they just filmed an open mic night and made it half the movie?”


  17. Gary Bowden says:

    I only meant it’s whining if no one has seen the finished product,but still complains about it.Why comment on something if you haven’t seen it? I understand about the whole “live” dvd,but I seriously doubt any fan of Monty Python complained about the live dvd when it came out.Not everyone can either afford to go to the shows or attend because they’re so far away from them,so what’s wrong with a live dvd and experience it that way? Nothing..Maybe the reason why they tour is connect with the fans and it’s more expensive to spend time in the studio.I could do without the host segments from CT,but understand why they have them.Some have been hit and miss,of course,but so have those from MST3K and from the Film Crew..Besides,like I said in an earlier comment,that this could be the only live dvd they’ll do.And if they continue to do more,then we fans need to let them know,if we want to buy anymore dvd’s from them.If we’re not satisfied with it,then let them know.I’m sure they’ll listen to their fans.Judging from the clip,the sound quality sounds good.You don’t hear someone laughing over the jokes or hear someone talking to someone else about the joke that was just told.Let’s see how this is and go from there..One more point,I never knew that CT was about 5 people being locked underground.Must’ve slipped my mind,but frankly,it doesn’t matter to me.I just know you have 5 of the funniest people in the world making fun of a bad movie and that we’re a part of it.Ok,thank you for your time and that is all for now..


  18. Matt D. says:

    Hmm, Princeton you say? I did the Philly date, but that was/would be closer than Princeton…decisions decisions. Good thing I have four months to make this decision.

    I wouldn’t buy a DVD recorded live either. But to each their own.


  19. GersonK says:

    “so they just filmed an open mic night and made it half the movie?”

    Only relevant here if you don’t know what mst3k is or what an open mic is.


  20. The mistake on the “These binoculars work on guys” line in the trailer was in one of the shows I went to, either Portland or Seattle. (Unless the mistake was written in and done in other places.)


  21. Super Agent Icky Elf says:

    FYI to anyone looking to buy tix for the MI show:

    Tix were supposed to go on sales at noon, but it now at 5:00pm, and the nice lady that answered the phone at the box office said that the best seats are reserved for the “double feature”, so she recommended to go that way.

    Yay, CT in MI!!


  22. Jerkzilla says:

    Gary, when you bring up the Monty Python live At the Hollywood Bowl as a comparison to this DVD as a reason why people shouldn’t be bothered that the audience laughs over half the lines, you’re talking apples and oranges. Monty Python were doing routines that the audiences (both live and at home) knew every single line of, so if a line or two was missed because of audience laughter, the audience knew what that line was anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. In the case of East Meets Watts, you’re talking about being able to hear both the movie and the riffers for this very first time while the audience is laughing over them. Most people haven’t memorized this yet, like they have Python Sketches, so they will miss some lines if they can’t hear anything over the laughter. And from that clip, I couldn’t.


  23. Gary Bowden says:

    How could you not hear the lines? The laughter wasn’t drowning anyone out,were they? This isn’t like this is a bootleg tape and the sound quality is s*****.If you’re still having trouble hearing the lines,then either turn up the volume or don’t buy the dvd.Not being a smartass,but it’s rather simple when you think about it.There is a choice to buy it or don’t..Ok,can we move on to something else please?? Thanks! Have a good weekend!


  24. Nick Tea says:

    Great news on the added dates!!! :razz: :razz: :razz:


  25. Cubby says:

    This isn’t like this is a bootleg tape and the sound quality is s*****.

    Well, just because it wasn’t recorded by some random audience member doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound like it was. It does.


  26. Teenage Cavegirl says:

    I must have super hearing because I heard every last line crystal clear. :lol: Can’t please everyone, although it seems around here that folks are extra persnickety, which is sad, especially considering the product is coming directly from the artists and not Conhugeco Studios. I think they do a damn fine job and will buy that product as long as they keep it up.


  27. Cubby says:

    which is sad, especially considering the product is coming directly from the artists and not Conhugeco Studios.

    Ahh, the soft bigotry of low expectations.


  28. oddstocks says:

    I’ve noticed the speakers I listen to the clip on make a difference in how it sounds.


  29. JeffCO says:

    Any news on when the tix will go on sale for the NYC show on 4/17? It’s been listed as TBA since the notice went up, and I suspect this will definitely be a snoozing=losing event. I’ve been checking daily but so far nada. Thanks!


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