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Gene Barry, RIP

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Gene Barry, who played the well-dressed man of action in the television series “Bat Masterson,” “Burke’s Law” and “The Name of the Game,” died Wednesday at a rest home here. He was 90.
Barry was never in a MSTed movie. So why are we mentioning his passing? Because the character he played in 1953’s “The War of the Worlds” was named Dr. Clayton Forrester.
Read his AP obituary here.

20 Replies to “Gene Barry, RIP”

  1. ck says:

    I’m sure all the personnel from the series would join in a found chant of:

    “Forrester, Forrester, Dr. Clayton Forrester!”

    For a guy who starred in a movie far better then the remake.


  2. ck says:

    OOps. make that “fond.”


  3. TIm S. Turner says:

    I’ll always remember Barry as the very first murderer in the first “Columbo” movie, “Prescription: Murder”. He was the perfect Columbo villain: suave, arrogant, cultured. He’ll be missed. :sad:


  4. Nutcase says:

    Have no fear! The doc shall be reborn as a starbaby only to be smothered by his evil mother!


  5. david says:

    One thing that drew me to mst3k was the the name Dr. Clayton Forrester. I of course knew where the name came from. My first mst3k laugh.


  6. Jake Ignatowicz says:

    A great actor. He WAS Bat Masterson. My condolences to his family, friends, and fans. :(


  7. edge10 says:

    Sad to hear. I love the Pal version of War of the Worlds and Gene and Ann Robinson’s portrayals.

    Prayers up for his family.


  8. Dr. Batch says:

    His character’s name was Dr. Clayton Forrester. Now that’s a coincidence!


  9. Hopkins says:

    I hope he passed quietly in his sleep. He’s a celluloid immortal.


  10. BSBrian says:

    I remember watching Burkes Law and TNOTG with my mom when I was a kid, thinking “wow–I could be rich, cool and fight crime like this guy when I grow up”—-so much for that! RIP, Mr. Burke!


  11. ForkLiftKiller says:

    Thank you, Tim! (#3)

    I saw the picture and couldn’t place where I knew him from! That’s one of my all time favorite Columbo episodes.


  12. monoceros4 says:

    Let me put in a word for a rather obscure sci-fi film of Gene Barry’s, The 27th Day. Not without its flaws but very striking in places.


  13. commprof says:

    #4: “Have no fear! The doc shall be reborn as a starbaby only to be smothered by his evil mother!”

    Ah, but no one ever *really* dies in MST3K (think Frank, and even the evil doc bit it himself a couple of times before Pearl became a regular), so he’s probably still out there plotting revenge, maybe even as a soultaker himself.

    For the rest of us, well, TV’s Frank may die 1000 deaths (and, as I argue, Dr. F), but we all die but one. RIP Mr. Barry.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know. “It’s just a show, I should really just relax.” That doesn’t change my parasocial relationship, however.)


  14. rcfagnan says:

    “Those with too ready a trigger/Forgot to figger/ on his lightning cane!” Farewell sir! You shall be in our hearts always!


  15. arch hall 3 says:

    A real high class guy and actor , he will be greatly missed ! :cry:


  16. trickymutha says:

    As a child way back when, War of the Worlds, along with the 7th Voyage of Sinbad and The Time Machine, was a favorite. Especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon on TV50 out of Detroit.

    When I first saw CC episodes of MST I was pleased how they paid homage to this great film, and Gene Barry by naming the chief mad after such a key character.

    RIP Gene Barry- the world is becoming a lonely place.


  17. Captain Cab says:

    Great actor, loved him in the original WotW (Pal version is still the best) and it was top notch on Spielberg’s part to have both he and Ann Robinson appear at the end of the (not as good but still very well done IMHO) remake. Farewell to the original Dr. F.


  18. happy says:

    As long as I have War of the Worlds Gene Barry with be with me forever as will Dr. Clayton Forrestor


  19. Invasion of the Neptune Man says:

    War of the Worlds has been airing a lot lately daytime on AMC and I’ve seen most of it. Still a truly superior movie nearly 60 years later. I remember watching Name of the Game in the early 70s. Thank you and Rest in Peace Dr Forrester and condolences to the Barry family.


  20. Smog Monster says:

    Wow – the guy who is behind the name of Dr. Clayton Forrester died. Very sad, indeed.


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