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Pernell Roberts, RIP

MALIBU, Calif. — Pernell Roberts, who starred as Adam Cartwright on “Bonanza” and as the titular character of “Trapper John, M.D.,” died here January 24 of cancer. He was 81.
MSTies will remember him from his role as Jim Conrad in episode 614- SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL.

Read the AP obituary here.

29 Replies to “Pernell Roberts, RIP”

  1. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    R.I.P. P.E.R., I always kind of liked you.


  2. Nicolletta says:

    R.I.P. Pernell. This weekend I’ll have to watch “San Francisco International” in your honor.


  3. Htom Sirveaux says:

    His life. His way. RIP Pernell.


  4. KSK says:

    There’s a Level 5 Smug Alert in heaven today…


  5. MattG says:

    Are we sure he’s dead? Maybe it’s just a drill.


  6. Samuel says:

    He has gone a long road and did come to an end. Now he will be happy in heaven.


  7. darthservo says:

    All the Cartwrights are now in that big Ponderosa in the sky. RIP


  8. Sharktopus says:

    Do you still get mild food poisoning at the big Ponderosa in the Sky?


  9. thecorman says:

    His foray into folk music was particularly vomitus(I’ve actually heard his folk album), and he always seemed a tad pretentious to me, but I admire anyone who sticks by his convictions even if it means leaving the “Bonanza” fortune behind. Rest in peace Mr. Roberts.


  10. Bob(NotThatBob) says:

    To celebrate him the next boxed set from Shout should include “San Francisco International.”


  11. Tim S. Turner says:

    What a bummer. I always liked him.


  12. Droppo says:

    #3 beat me to it.

    I absolutely adore San Francisco International. That has to be one of my favorite all time episodes. And Pernell is a huge reason why. In fact, the riffing during any interaction between Pernell and “Davey” is as good as it gets.

    Pernell: “Yeah, the way, they hit that runway and go vrooooom.”
    Servo as Davey: “You know a lot about planes!”

    Pernell, you will be missed.


  13. arch hall 3 says:

    One of the good dead ones ! :???:


  14. arch hall 3 says:

    Trapper John, we will miss you ! Coincidence that He was a tombstone maker early in his life?


  15. arch hall 3 says:

    I will be smug for a week out of respect ! :cry:


  16. casterberus says:

    Pernell: “My job. My way.”

    Servo: “Mylanta.”

    Ahhh, I ~love~ “San Francisco International” …

    RIP, PR.


  17. StumpBeefKnob says:

    first Hoss, then Pa, then little Joe, now Adam–my childhood heroes biting the dust!


  18. Andy says:

    I have many fond memories watching Bonanza reruns daily in the early 90’s as a young boy, with my twin brother and grandfather during hot summer days in California’s central valley. By that time, Hoss had already died, and Pa, and Little Joe died around that time. I wondered when this day would come. The last of the greats. It’s like the end of a chapter. How sad, and nostalgic. Deeply sympathic to his wife, Eleanor, she was a lucky woman to be with him in his final hours on earth. Now he is in a peaceful place, forever.



  19. big61al says:

    Always liked his acting…not a great actor but still well liked ….. RIP


  20. Hans M. says:

    This is a sad day for fans of good actoring. His work will always be respected and he will remain as what he was and what he had given everyone who watched him doing his thing.


  21. trickymutha says:

    Bob(NotThatBob)- you’re right- here is my next set for Shout:

    Master Ninja I
    Master Ninja II
    San Francisco International
    Robot Holucast (token season one ep.- a hidden gem, I think.)


  22. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    wandering through IMDB I find that

    Lorne Green was born in 1915

    Pernell Roberts were born in 1928.

    Making the actor playing the father only 13 years older than the actor playing his eldest son. No biggy, happens all the time in Hollywood.

    But what shocked me was that Dan Blocker was ALSO born in 1928. I wouldn’t have pegged Dan and Pernell being only 6 months or so apart in age.

    ACTING !!


  23. Magicvoice says:

    I watched SF International last night in Pernell’s honor. I wonder if God will have to move out of heaven now since Pernell will be the best looking guy up there?


  24. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Amen, #20! Some of the bester goodest actoring of the highest quality. His way, of course…


  25. pia says:

    so unbeliveable that he is gone.
    he was a nice guy!
    rest in peace amen!!!


  26. Nutcase says:

    Wow, I actually liked his performence in that episode and there were times I thought that if the show were better done just a bit more it would have made a good one-hour drama.


  27. Andrew says:

    And contrary to Gypsy’s belief in HERCULES VS. THE MOON MEN, Pernell was not who Wayne Rogers grew up to be.


  28. hanna says:

    you’ve done a nice job!
    pity that you’re gone!
    wish ya all the best.
    rest in peace! RIP! <3


  29. Carina says:

    omg! rad! i’ve don’t hear anything about them.
    That’s so sad. :/ he was a good man!
    my deepest condolences!


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