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Next from Cinematic Titanic…

“The Alien Factor” live. Coming Feb. 23. Here’s a sneak peak:

112 comments to Next from Cinematic Titanic…

  • 1
    jason says:

    this looks really funny. I am glad they doing live dvd versions. the movie has a giant spider invasion look to it.


  • 2
    Sam says:

    Never fails to make me burst into laughter.


  • 3
    mikek says:

    Excellent. More late ’70s sci-fi cheese! Grin Grin


  • 4
    Wilford B. Wolf says:

    This one looks like another winner. The way they do the live versions works really well. I’m still waiting for “Danger On Tiki Island”, since that was the movie I saw when they were in Portland (and I bought the T-shirt, too!). Maybe they are waiting to film it for the New York show…?

    By the way, the CT mailer noted that they added another show, with a 4/15 show in Northampton, MA. So, get ready Boston.


  • 5
    Howard Johnson says:

    So does this mean only live releases from now on? I don’t mind, believe me, but I’m curious.


  • 6
    Lurks-a-lot says:

    I don’t know- and I’m sure I’m in a minority- but I’m very disappointed in these live releases. I’d much prefer it if they went back to the studio…


  • 7
    CaptainZap says:

    They’ve lost any future revenue from me if this format continues. I didn’t buy the last one, and I won’t buy this one. I agree with 6. I may be in the minority, but I’m very dissapointed with the new format. It feels cheap. Yeah, the riffing has improved over the studio DVD’s from last year, but the live presentation leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Don’t care for the audience either. Sad


  • 8
    Patrick says:

    I’ll take the new movies any way I can get them. I’m just happy to get new material. Thanks much, CT!


  • 9
    Bat Masterson says:

    I love the live ones. They make me laugh way more and there is actually interaction and chemistry between the riffers.


  • 10
    Lurks-a-lot says:

    Having gone to a live show (2, actually), I can definitively state that the worst part of both evenings was the audience. It was a bizarre mix of REALLY hardcore MST3K fans and utterly casual fans who didn’t get a lot of the call backs or things that weren’t overtly funny. It’s a real shame, as Dynamite Brothers/East Meet Watts is by far the best thing the CT crew has done thus far… but I refuse to buy the live version of this or any other release.

    I know it’s totally apples and oranges- but if I want the live version of the “competition’s” theatrical release, I can buy it… or I can buy the other version. Just saying.


  • 11
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Maybe I was too hasty in buying that ticket for the CT Live show in NYC. But I am still hopeful that the actual experience of being in the theater will make it seem funnier.


  • 12
    Gary Bowden says:

    Alright!! Saw this in Dallas last June,which was the debut of it and it was excellent!! If it’s a live version or studio version,it doesn’t matter to me.Just as long as they keep making em!!


  • 13
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:



  • 14
    WeatherServo9 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that them facing the camera seems wrong somehow? I don’t know, it’s not a deal breaker or anything.


  • 15
    mikek says:

    I’m one of those people who thinks host segments are an essential part of MST3K. I also thought the studio CT DVDs were kind of dull. These CT Live DVDs satisfy what I want from Cinematic Titanic. I like being able to see the crew perform their riffing.


  • 16
    ck says:

    I’d prefer no audience. Seems a rather forced format.


  • 17
    Captain Cab says:

    Yesssss! I was hoping they’d do this one for the next DVD, perfect! Cheesy 70s sci fi is one of my top 2 fave genres for riffing. Instant purchase. Cool


  • 18
    My butter shipment! says:

    I agree with WeatherServo9 and ck. I mean, isn’t it part of the original premise–going back all those many years ago with the very first KTMA episode–that the riffer(s) IS(ARE) the audience? Part of the enjoyment is watching THEM WATCHING the movie. I dunno, JMHO. Then again, I guess after all these years they were ready to try something different.


  • 19
    King Penguin says:

    I’m glad it appears they’re finally making their discs in widescreen, I think the way they are doing it looks good but youtube is one thing, my TV is another. I attended a CT live show last year in Seattle (East Meets Watts although it was called Dynamite Brothers at the time) and think live shows are a great idea. As a previous commenter said, they really need some good host segments though. I will definitely give Alien Factor a chance though.


  • 20
    Chuck says:

    I saw them do this in Chicago. Trust me, people. You’re going to fall in love with this movie. It’s just hysterical.


  • 21
    H says:

    I don’t know. Quality does decrease for live releases but it’s a decent simulation for anybody who hasn’t been to a live show. I’m probably going to get it but I’d definitely lobby for studio DVDs to return, at least partially.


  • 22
    Mulvi says:

    I already have this disc. I know someone. It’s really really funny. Alien Factor is quite atrocious!


  • 23
    John Seavey says:

    I prefer the studio releases, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me, so I’ll be getting this one. (Although I will say that I prefer an actual trailer to just “the first five minutes”–the best riffs are rarely in the credits, so they’re not exactly putting their best foot forward.)

    That said, the “Special Guest Star: Johnny Walker” bit is priceless. Smile


  • 24
    Jeff McMahon says:

    Being at a live show was a lot of fun. A video of a live show…I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t like the ‘laugh-track’ quality that the audience provides.


  • 25
    John Paradox says:

    Well, it looks like the copy of The Alien Factor I got in a set of fifty bad movies is going to get pulled and watched real soon.


  • 26
    Bigzilla says:

    Say what you will, this is just the thing I needed to hear after a long day. I love new stuff to look forward to!! Razz


  • 27
    MSTJon says:

    I’m a convert. After expression hesitation at the last one, I’m loving the live DVDs. I still prefer a studio version, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the live discs. I’m sure I’ll get this one like all the others.

    That said, I agree that there’s probably a better five minutes to show than what we saw. And with a live audience, it makes the not-so-great jokes feel like complete failures. Feels awkward to share my silence with a whole auditorium.


  • 28
    Ang says:

    It’s me! It’s me! It’s Ernest D.! That had me in hysterics LOL . I love the Andy Griffith Show Alien . Can’t wait to get this one.


  • 29
    Finnias Jones says:

    Holy crap, this comes out the day before my birthday. Awesome.

    CT Live DVDs provide the best of both worlds – you get the quality comedy writing plus the energy of the live performance. I like seeing the riffer’s faces and the clear audio beats the occasional muddiness of the live shows. You don’t miss a riff this way.

    I’m shocked that some above posters don’t want to continue supporting these releases out of some misdirected nostalgia for the old show. Be thankful CT and RT exist at all.


  • 30
    Dr. Peanut says:

    I’m shocked that you people are so resistant to the live show releases. The studio versions are funny but lack energy. Plus, if they’re going to continue doing live performances, they might as well film and sell them. I’m just thankful there is a Cinematic Titanic and I will support them.


  • 31
    Shark says:

    I didn’t buy the previous live one and I’ll not buy this one. Until they go back to studio DVDs they have lost me as a customer.


  • 32
    Finnias Jones says:

    Well, more for me then. (huh?)

    If you didn’t buy the last Live DVD, then how do you know you don’t like it? Weird logic there. Are the people against this new format ones who’ve never seen CT live? Next thing you know, people are going to say they miss the commercial breaks and the damn SciFi logo at the bottom of the screen.

    Get over it – the sketches, characters and puppet show are gone. It’s 2010. Even Joel said he doesn’t miss the robots. Y’see, he always knew there were real people underneath those things. Now he and his friends/partners can perform using their own voices and faces in front of appreciative, enthusiastic audiences. They are living the dream, having found a second life as comedians with this new format. After all of their individual frustrated attempts to “go Hollywood” post-MST, I am happy for them and proud to support their current project. Plus, THEY ARE STILL FUNNY. (end rant)


  • 33
    Mac says:

    #32 wrote, “Next thing you know, people are going to say they miss the commercial breaks”. Is that about a thread started recently on the greatest discussion board on the internet? I think the person who started that thread is a brilliant, smart and sweet guy. Okay, it was me! Wink

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to buy the last 2 releases. I’ve seen the clips on youtube and I think they’re funny. I kind of like the laughter of the crowd, since, I watch by myself. As the riffing is the most important part, I don’t see a problem as long as you can hear the riffs. So, I can’t wait to get these soon, and, to quote #32 again, “THEY ARE STILL FUNNY”.


  • 34
    SIRHAMHAT says:

    There is a strange logic to those that think that 5 people in the “theater” is drab, boring, and lacks energy, in regards to the studio version. Most of us came to know these 5 people from a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000, and if I recall correctly, there were 3 performers during the movie segments, no audience and no “laugh track” in the theater. I find the crowds to be obnoxious with their laughter and I hate “clap-laughers”… Drives me crazy. I’ve seen them live and it was fun–though the crowd annoyed me at times then too… but just like music, I prefer the studio to the live versions.

    The writing for East Meets Watts and Alien Factor have been absolutely superb… and I wish I’d gotten to enjoy that writing without the silly audience. I have the DVD of East Meets Watts, so I’m not going on just the 5 minute clips. I wish to God they would have stuck with the studio versions for DVD releases, or had done the LIVE DVD as a one or two time thing. Everyone that says “I’ll take whatever I can get” act as though CT was on the verge of going out of business and the LIVE DVDs were the only way to keep this Ma and Pa operation going, and that’s just not true. They’ve decided that they prefer to perform live and just record it because they think that’s where they “shine.” I love these guys, but the LIVE DVDs are just not doing it for me. These are just my opinions, but I’m glad to see that I’m not totally alone on this.


  • 35
    Mac says:

    SIRHAMHAT, you make a good point. I didn’t think of it in terms of music and the problems inherit by live performances. I do like live recordings, so for me the audience noise and the mistakes that go with performing live, wouldn’t bother me. Recordings in a studio will always be more polished and mistake free and, admittedly, better to listen too, or, in this case, view for a lot of people. So maybe we should title these CT releases, “CT comes alive 1 & 2?” Grin


  • 36
    WhereTheFishLives says:

    Looks promising. LOL “That was quick even for you…”


  • 37
    Austin says:

    Initially, I had some reservations about the prospect of live DVDs, but, I have to say, “East Meets Watts” is great! I can’t wait to get “The Alien Factor.” If you haven’t gotten around to watching either of these releases just yet, you shouldn’t be so judgmental. Plus, I thought it had been made pretty clear that studio versions of these movies would be released eventually. Am I crazy?

    Ah, fandom, you magnificent son-of-a-bitch!


  • 38
    Super Agent Icky Elf says:

    Awesome news!! I get to see CT live in Royal Oak on Friday and get to order a new DVD on Tuesday– WA-HOO!! By-the-way, thanks CT for changing your release day to Tuesday, instead of Thursday; now when I order I can hold-out hope that it arrives by Saturday!

    As to the “Live” DVD issue; my opinion is “East Meets Watts” was an absolute joy, I didn’t think the audience diminished the experience at all, plus I and my wife very muched enjoyed being able to see the CT cast.

    I’m not a “just happy with whatever I get”-type, I truly felt the “Live” DVD was great, but I certainly understand if others are less-than enthused. Life would be pretty boring if everyone had the same opinions.


  • 39

    “East Meets Watts” kind of did my wife and I in on CT. It was okay, but not really any funnier than when we just comment on a bad movie ourselves. While I’m a fan of these folks work on MST3K this (along with all the other CT stuff I’ve bought) has convinced me that Mike (as head writer) was the magic element that made MST3K work.

    I don’t know what he added — maybe just midwestern sensibility — but with few exceptions (mostly caused by the movie) there have been very little laughs for our family with the CT stuff (and we’ve bought it all). Now, we’ve never attended a live show (not anywhere within 1000 miles of us or we might have gone) so perhaps there’s an energy there which helps, but I’m crossing CT off my list now.

    But I’m glad they make so many others happy — this is just one (well, two counting my wife) persons opinion.

    (The real sad thing is that CT does the movies I wish RT would do).


  • 40
    Dan in WI says:

    #39 I’ve always believed watching this stuff with others increases the funny. Laughter is contagious. I’ve done both RiffTrax live events and have tickets for Milwaukee’s Cinematic. But even if I have two or three friends in the room with me I find myself laughing out loud more frequently then when I watch something by myself.

    As for the complaint that the studio Cinematic Titanics are missing some piece of spark I have to agree. Yes I know MST never was also a studio production. But for some reason it was much better. So I’m not saying studio Cinematic Titanics are not as sharp because they are in the studio. I just find they are missing something on their studio releases. Maybe its the fact that they five performers still haven’t done enough work together to create that “firing on all cylinders” chemistry. After all I think most would agree the first season of MST was lacking and that should really didn’t begin to peak until season three. At this point Cinematic Titanic has a while to go to get that many shows under their belt. So while that is my leading theory at the moment I still can’t quite definitively say what is missing for me.


  • 41
    Dip says:

    Thank you, thank you for having the courage to make your above statements. I thought I was the only one. I am very happy for everybody that loves CT; I realize how subjective humor is. I know just from reading MST reviews that what makes laugh often just leaves others cold. I’ve watched one and a half of the studio dvds, and they were OK, but the samples of these live dvds don’t even make me smile. I also showed them to a couple of family members to get their unbiased opinion.


  • 42
    Dip says:

    I meant #39’s above statements Neutral


  • 43
    ck says:

    The problem I have withthis live audience format is partly
    the way it reminds you of tv sitcoms canned laughter telling you
    when it’s “funny” and that you should laugh. Yes, it’s live CT
    reaction but still someone is subtly trying to influence you.

    Also, related to an above comment about you watching Mike/Joel
    and the bots in their bizarro world and Tolkien’s theory of
    subcreation, seeing/hearing the Five (does that remind you of The Seven Wink )
    reading notes and the audience reacting) is a bit like Tolkien’s
    “What really happens is that the story-maker [for Cinematic Titanic re
    The Five] proves a successful ‘sub’creator.’ He makes a Secondary World
    which your mind can enter. Inside it what he relates [makes riffs on]
    is ‘true.’…..The moment disbelief arises, the spell is broken; the
    magic, or rather art, has failed. You are then out in the Primary World
    again, lokking at the little abortive Secondary World from outside.”

    Of course, about CT productions I LIKE THEM VERY MUCH!
    so don’t take the above critique
    too seriously and just repeat to yourself
    it’s just a show, I should really just relax.


  • 44
    Tim S. Turner says:

    Lurks-a-Lot, I’m with you. These are fun, but what happened to the studio releases? Joel said that there was a “backstory” building in the studio DVDs, plus they had fun with the silhouttes during the “movie stops”. These live DVDs seems like a shortcut to me. I love any new material, but they really need to get back to what made the series in the beginning.


  • 45
    monoceros4 says:

    I mean, isn’t it part of the original premise–going back all those many years ago with the very first KTMA episode–that the riffer(s) IS(ARE) the audience?

    No, the original lesson of MST3K is that the show kind of sucked until they began writing better scripts and rehearsing them more. Not everyone can tell a good joke and even fewer people are good at telling them. I want to hear professionals at work, not a bunch of incompetent amateurs.


  • 46
    Graboidz says:

    I was really excited about CT doing “Alien Factor”, growing up here in the Baltimore area, this flick was on the old UHF “Creature Feature” at least twice a year (no surprise since the guy playing Mayor Burt in “Alien Factor” also played the Creature Feature host Count Gore DeVol).

    I LOVE this movie and couldn’t wait to see how the CT crew tackled it…..until I read it was “live” release. Because of my love of “Alien Factor” I’ll probably pick this up…but I’ll join the chorus of “bring back the studio DVD releases”. I simply don’t care for the live format. I enjoy the live shows when I’m there in person, but not for a video format.
    It’s why I hate live albums too, the audience takes away from my enjoyment of the product. Unless I’m there in person, I don’t want to hear the “audience participation”, I don’t want to hear some goober yucking it up while I’m trying to watch DVD.


  • 47
    Steve VIl says:

    Well here’s a thought…

    How’s about the people in places where CT DOESN’T tour getting to see what their live show is all about? I live in East Bumblewatts so the dvd’s are the ONLY shot I’m ever going to get at seing a CT live show. Really, don’t you complainers have anything better to do?


  • 48
    eegah says:

    I was also skeptical about the live DVDs, but the “East Meets Watts” one was great. There are certainly pluses and minuses to each format, but I’ll take ’em however they make ’em.


  • 49
    Dropo221 says:

    I wonder why the trailer is so long this time? I’m not complaining, but usually it’s only about two minutes. Can’t wait to see Alien Factor!


  • 50
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    I saw the performance of “Alien Factor” in Philadelphia and it was comic gold. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.
    As for the “studio vs. live” debate, I realize that the studio versions seem a bit more polished and that audience laughter can de distracting. On the other hand, the live format allows for some really funny ad-libs, which can really improve the scripted jokes.
    Personally, as long as it’s funny, I’ll take either format.


  • 51
    sirhamhat says:

    The only mention that CT will return to the studio releases (at least to my knowledge) is from the Wikipedia entry:

    When asked if this meant the demise of the studio produced DVDs, J. Elvis Weinstein said “No, studio releases will return at some point in the future.”

    …but I take this with a grain of salt. First of all, “at some point” couldn’t be more vague, and for someone hoping to see them go back to the studio releases, that’s doesn’t translate to “in the immediate future.” Plus, it absolutely has to be cheaper to produce the LIVE versions of these DVDs, and as stated in hundreds of interviews and articles featuring Joel & others, they’ve stated how much they love performing live and how that is where they are best and what they love most about this project… so why would they go back to the pricier-to-produce studio DVDs? Maybe they will… Maybe they won’t… but, God, I hope they do.

    And as I’ve already stated, I do own the “East Meets Watts” DVD. I think from a writing and performing standpoint, it is the best CT installment to date, but the LIVE aspect takes away from the experience for me. As mentioned by me and others, its the obnoxiousness of the “canned laughter” effect from the overly excited LIVE audience. I know these audiences because I’ve seen them do “Danger on Tiki Island” LIVE. For a LIVE event, that’s fine, but if you don’t find something particularly funny, you don’t want to hear some dork cackling with laughter and slapping his hands together on a DVD. In this particular clip, the audience actually seems louder than on “East Meets Watts.” If they could cut that track back, I might not really give a crap about the audience thing, but it is too much in the forefront of the mix. And, given the audio issues that are already inherent in talking over a movie, this is completely unwanted. I’ve attended a live CT event, enjoyed it, but I want my studio DVDs in the not too distant future! These are just my opinions, which I don’t expect everyone to agree with, and if you don’t agree, then screw you… I mean, that’s fine. Drive to the next window, please.


  • 52
    Cubby says:

    Steve VIl, what about it?

    You don’t get to see: The warm-up, provided by Dave “Gruber” Allen. The opening bits, provided by various members of Cinematic Titanic: Mary Jo, Joel, Frank doing “Convoluted Man,” etc. You don’t get to see RAD modeling the latest in CT fashions. These live DVDs leave out the first half-hour of the show. Also, they face the screen when they perform on stage.

    What you do get is an all-too-accurate reproduction of the theater’s acoustics, and a smattering of audience reaction (it’s much louder in the middle of the audience). These DVDs, love ’em or leave ’em, are a lot different than being there.


  • 53
    Gummo says:

    Wow, people are weird.

    1. It can’t be “canned” laughter if it’s a live audience.
    2. The studio CT performances were very stiff. Despite their history together in various combinations, these 5 performers had never worked onscreen together before and it showed.
    3. Some performers do their best work in a live context, with an audience to provide feedback and energy. Based on the “East Meets Watts” DVD, which is easily the best CT release to date, that certainly goes for this group.
    4. I like seeing the performers. In East Meets Watts this resulted in at least one hysterical sight gag (a good old fashioned perfectly timed spit take). I also like the more natural interaction between the performers.
    5. I have not yet seen CT live (I will when they hit New York) but I saw the last Rifftrax show (which was a simulcast and therefore at one remove from a real live show) and I haven’t laughed so hard since I saw Eddie Izzard live. If you have any chance at all to see either group, I’d urge you to do it.
    6. Considering the logistics involved in properly filming, recording, editing and mixing a live show into a presentable form for DVD, calling it a “cheap” alternative is rather odd to me.

    Well, that’s my six cents.


  • 54
    Gummo says:

    Oops, forgot this:

    Does anyone else find the CT studio DVDs rather claustrophobic to watch? Having all the live action in silhouette gets really tiresome after a while. In MST, we had frequent breaks; but in the CT studio DVDs, even the bits were in silhouette.


  • 55
    sirhamhat says:

    In total agreement with Cubby. Why should everyone suffer because you can’t make it to a LIVE event? Besides, one DVD–East Meets Watts–and you’ve got the basic idea. But nothing can “recreate” the LIVE experience–the good or the bad. The good, which is getting to see a live performance from 5 individuals you truly admire… The bad being the dorky fans who are trying to “out-laugh” the MSTie next to them (plus occasionally throwing in the “laugh-clap of approval” I hate so bloody much). So, the best aspects of the LIVE event aren’t even present on the DVDs, but the worst aspect is presented in full stereo. The audience brings nothing but another audio obstacle to the DVD experience. These are not just a bunch of complaints… These are just personal opinions, and if you don’t want to read them, then don’t click on the “Comments” link, because everyone’s not going to agree.


  • 56
    majorjoe23 says:

    Can I throw out a complain that East vs. Watts wasn’t numbered on its spine? It’s probably the former Criterion collector in me, but I liked that.


  • 57
    Joe says:

    You know what? I’m just happy they’re putting out new DVDs… and I couldn’t be more thrilled to own a copy of Alien Factor!! And since I saw that one live in Philly last year, I’m actually happy it’s gonna be a live version. I really don’t care what format they put stuff out in, as long as they keep putting new stuff out.


  • 58
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    [ I don’t have a dog in this fight so let me just say that I am impressed with the variety and depth of opinions on this issue. ]


  • 59
    mikek says:

    As someone who was a little cautious about the CT Live DVD idea, I must say that it works. So you can see riffers, so what? Does having them in vague shadows make CT better? If you can’t stand to see the performers, does that mean you also hate the host segments on MST3K? There is nothing wrong CT going this route for their DVD releases.


  • 60
    sirhamhat says:

    I’ve read all of the comments posted here, and I don’t think many people have an issue with the visuals on the LIVE releases… Its the audio that is annoying most people… more specifically the laughter of the crowd. I certainly don’t have a problem with the visuals. As the owner of an HDTV, the utilization of the widescreen is about the only thing I liked about the LIVE format.


  • 61
    M "" Sipher says:

    “Why should everyone suffer because you can’t make it to a LIVE event?”

    Aside from the dubious-at-best claim that “everyone” would “suffer” because of a live-recording DVD (really?), why should everyone who can’t make it to a live event “suffer” because you don’t like hearing an audience? A brief glance shows a fair few who prefer the live format. Seems to me in this instance “everyone” means “me the author”. And please, the notion that declaring that something is a personal opinion (even when presented as fact) makes them unassailable (only so long as it’s yours) is laughable at best.

    Any rate. This 5-minute preview to me really solidified the problem I’ve had with CT’s presentation. It FEELS like a bunch of people just reading one-liners from a script on-cue. Just because that’s what’s going on, it doesn’t mean that’s what it has to come across as. The ACTING is missing. Early and late-series MST had it, Rifftrax has it… the “conversational”, off-the-cuff feel. People reacting to each other’s lines, even if it’s jsut chuckling. Question-and-answer bits. People referring to each other by name. The acknowledgment that other people are there. Basically, making it seem like just some funny people sitting down and having fun. The live format can help with this somewhat, but really, I’m not seeing MST alumni working at their real potential here.


  • 62
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    @61 / 2nd Paragraph.

    Agree pretty much completely. I would add that they diminsh the overall quality of the riffing by having just too damn many of them. It’s a race to get everybody’s riffs in, almost regardless of quality ( I bought the first 3 studio DVDs, haven’t seen them live yet, but have a tic for the NY show ).


  • 63
    mikek says:

    The audio isn’t bad either. Laughing is there, but it’s a lot quieter than some people might assume. Besides, it’s the CT crew that has microphones, not the audience.


  • 64
    ck says:

    Have to agree with # 62,
    The greatest flaw in CT is having so many riffers.
    Three seem to work well in MST3000 and The Film Crew.
    I’d rather they had various combinations of three of
    the five in CT. It would allow for more interaction,
    give some time off, and increase interest in seeing
    what combinations were in a given movie (and create
    endless blog debates Shock ).


  • 65
    M "Everybody Stay On Camera!" Sipher says:

    #62 – Yeah, five performers is a bit much. It hampers the ability to give each one their own “voice” and mannerisms to have to keep bouncing around, makes it harder to make them into characters, not just warm bodies delivering lines.

    Again, I hate to directly compare to RT, but since we no longer have the puppets to be immediately-distinct characters, giving each human performer their own sense of delivery and tone is even more important. And I think the RT trio (and the occasional guest star, ESPECIALLY Neil Patrick Harris, man, bring him back for another one!) manage to really nail it. I’d love to see CT get to that tone, as their focus on the dank stinky mildewy basement corner of moviemaking is indeed wonderful and needs to keep going.


  • 66
    Laura says:

    The live DVDs are the only way I can even see CT live. They’re not coming anywhere near me in the forseeable future. So I will definitely be buying this one (I bought East Meets Watts and LOVED it!). I just wish they would come to South Jersey.


  • 67
    Dip says:

    Using the “just another warm body” thought, does anybody else think that Joel has lost a bit of his identity with CT? I mean isn’t he really just another riffer, or is it different when you actually see them live?


  • 68
    Gary Bowden says:

    I say if it ain’t broke,then don’t fix it.CT has done pretty well so far with 5 riffers and don’t need to par them down to just 3.And what 3 would we use anyway,right?? How about something like a tag team? Would that suffice?? As far as the host segments for CT,I could really do without them because either they are so-so or forgettable,much like the host segments for The Film Crew.By the way,the only time The Film Crew really nailed it is with KILLERS FROM SPACE and that’s it.And does anyone want to bring up the 3 riffer versions of the movies Mike originally done by himself? Most of those jokes were repeated from Mike’s versions.And the live version of Plan 9 was alright,but nothing special.I don’t mind the imperfections or the so-so riffs or the forgettable host segments,what matters is that these people are connecting with their audience again,in one way or another.And if they provide me with even the tiniest bit of laughter,then that’s all that matters.


  • 69
    Finnias Jones says:

    #33 – Mac:
    No, I hadn’t seen that thread yet; pure coincidence. But your glowing recommendation of the Discussion Board got me to finally register. And actually, I agree with what you wrote there: “It’s not the commercials I miss, it’s just the break they afforded.”


  • 70
    SIRHAMHAT says:

    First of all, bite me.

    Second of all, in answer to your question, “Really?” The answer is “yes.”


  • 71
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    @68. I thought that the 4 Filmcrew DVDs were pretty good, with exception of their terrible TERRIBLE host segments.

    Yes, if the Titans are happy with their product and making a living off of it, who am I to gripe? I am sure that they are not losing any sleep over MY personal dissappointment.

    Tag teaming the riffers on CT is an interesting idea. But if I had to go with 3 riffers only, I’m afraid I would have to cut Frank and Josh ( sorry guys, they asked ).

    I don’t watch Rifftrax ( don’t really understand going to the trouble to rent / buy movies I wouldn’t want to watch anyway ).

    I loved rifftrax live Plan9, good riffing was only part of it, it was also being in a big room packed with MSTies. MSTies are high quality people.

    Good post. But for me, I want more than the tiniest bit of laughter for my sheckels. And I am afraid that’s all I get from CT.


  • 72
    crowschmo says:

    They all live in different places, right? Maybe they don’t have TIME to do the studio versions at the moment, and they figure, since they are all together doing the live versions, they may as well record a few, and have something to release rather than having everyone wait until they can do the studio ones again. I’d like it if they kept doing both. Studio versions to keep up that storyline, whatever it was going to be, and then a smattering of live ones when they can’t get to the studio all at once.

    I don’t mind the audience laughter. It’s like watching a stand up doing a show on Comedy Central with an audience or something. It would be really freaky if the audience was to remain silent for the performance. Shock

    Shhh!!! They’re telling jokes! Don’t LAUGH!!!

    Crickets chirp…a gust of wind…somewhere a dog howls…


  • 73
    Lurks-a-lot says:

    I’d like to point out that my dislike of the live dvd (and the preview of the forthcoming one) was not due to some kind misplaced nostalgia for MST3K/the robots/whatever- it was mostly the audience. When I saw CT live, as I stated before, my problem was more the audience than anything else (Sirhamhat’s comment about people trying to outlaugh each other was spot on- and, at least in my experience, you’d have hardcore fans who’d freak out over every little thing, guffawing over nothing, and casual fans who would be strangely silent if it wasn’t a joke about physical injuries or boobs or something). I’ve liked CT’s output (for the most part), and I would like to see the studio version of the series continue. My hope is that they would offer both versions, if at all possible.

    As far as the CT presentation- I think 5 riffers seems a bit crowded, but I like everyone too much to want to see anybody go. The first couple of CTs WERE rather clausterphobic and it seemed that everyone was tripping on each other. I think they kind of figured it out by the time they got to the fourth or fifth installment.


  • 74
    Cubby says:

    Maybe they don’t have TIME to do the studio versions at the moment,

    Mercy sakes. They filmed both of the Live DVDs in L.A. during a week of dates in L.A., which where* they all congregate to film their studio DVDs.

    Oh, why introduce facts into your silly hypothetical? Maybe THEIR DOG ATE the studio they were going to film!

    *wherever in the Southland their studio is. Does it matter in this thread?


  • 75

    I don’t mind if they release live DVDs, as long as we get proper studio releases, too. Joel says that they used the live performances to hone the material before going into the studio. Great. Hone. Then do it properly for me to enjoy.

    One of the things I like about CT (and that I liked about TFC vs. Rifftrax) is the overstory. I’m one of those who loved MST3K for the characters as well as the riffing. Without the characters, without the story (as simple as it is), it’s just some people making fun of a movie. Yes, it can be funny. But it’s not as interesting or engaging.


  • 76
    awfulgoodmovies says:

    I really enjoyed the first live DVD and look forward to this one..but…I wouldn’t mind having another studio DVD.

    AND…I really like to know what CT is doing with the money they have earned…Do they have plans to buy their own building(like BBI)? Or does all the money simply get doled out to the cast? Are they investing in the future of CT? I don’t expect CT to get a IPO and be listed on the New York stock exchange…..but it’d be interesting to find out if they have ‘bigger’ plans.


  • 77
    Gummo says:

    I’m not a medium, I’m a petite @ 71 —

    I really enjoy the Film Crew DVDs, esp. Wild Women of Wongo (which gets at least as frequent a workout at our house as the classic MSTs), but yes, most of the sketches were horrid — in fact, Wongo had the only one I really liked, Kevin’s “map of the world.”

    But yes, my preference for Rifftrax in recent years has been precisely because Kevin, Bill & Mike, besides still being ridiculously funny, bring a warmth and cameraderie to the proceedings that have been missing from most of the CTs. You get the feeling they actually enjoy getting together and doing this, while I’m afraid too often with the CTs, there’s been a definite chilliness to the proceedings. That’s what I felt the live DVD overcame, at least to some degree.


  • 78
    Andrew says:

    As someone who was a little cautious about the CT Live DVD idea, I must say that it works. So you can see riffers, so what?

    For the live DVDs I wouldn’t mind a video option where you could just see the film without the CT members. As it is now the video screen’s a bit too narrow.


  • 79
    M "I Feel Kinda Like Mac Davis On The Muppet Show" Sipher says:

    Oh, but I have been wounded to the quick… wait, no, I haven’t. I’ve just seen someone be selfish and petulant over entertainment. Hardly new.

    #67 – Regarding Joel’s loss of “identity”… I think you’re going to get that anyway with the move away from MST’s setup. The show’s fiction was focused on a single human host and separated him from the others… almost all of their physical and on-camera interaction was with puppets, and the other humans (and semi-humans) were typically on a completely different set. Now that we’ve got groups of, well, people riffing, the former hosts are going to stand out a lot less. Honestly, I was glad to see that Film Crew and CT were less Mike/Joel focused and spread the roles around a bit more.

    But, well, five performers barely interacting with each other isn’t helping Joel establish a riffer “identity”.


  • 80
    M "So Kevin, How Do You Say 'Pretentious Ass' In Farsi?" Sipher says:

    #40 – “After all I think most would agree the first season of MST was lacking and that should really didn’t begin to peak until season three.”

    Amusingly, season 1 has that “conversational” tone I like a lot more than season 3 did. Having Joel explain facets of human culture and moviemaking -and sometimes just making stuff up- really does it for me.

    “Is that you, Joel?”
    “No, that’s the other Joel. There’s two of us.”


  • 81
    Dip says:

    I’m neither selfish or petulant, I merely asked a question, and stated an opinion. But, it doesn’t really matter, I officially quit all MST forums, (not that anybody would care). I just can’t take the arguments anymore.


  • 82
    M Sipher says:

    #81, not you. You were certainly not either.


  • 83
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I love how topics like this start out with very positive and non-confrontational comments, then soon devolve into so much hypersensitive, self-indulgent bellyaching.


  • 84

    Eh, I didn’t order the chop-socky one but this looks pretty good.


  • 85
    Matty-O says:

    Now that they’ve proven the new Live format with their last release, I’m really looking forward to this one. East Meets Watts was hands down the best CT DVD yet, and that was partly due to the spontaneuity and extra liberties they could take. Time to bust open the ol’ piggy-bank (I don’t know why I keep gluing it back together).


  • 86
    MiqelDotCom says:

    #61 “Any rate. This 5-minute preview to me really solidified the problem I’ve had with CT’s presentation. It FEELS like a bunch of people just reading one-liners from a script on-cue. Just because that’s what’s going on, it doesn’t mean that’s what it has to come across as. The ACTING is missing. Early and late-series MST had it, Rifftrax has it… the “conversational”, off-the-cuff feel.”

    Totally agree! plus 5 might be too many riffers, it does seem to mess up the flow. I thought the lines were very funny on this new clip, but the delivery still often sounds wooden and lacks a certain hard-to-define something.


  • 87
    Mac says:

    #32 & 69 – Finnias Jones,

    Thank you. Glad to have you join us there and hope to ‘see’ you on the board soon.


  • 88
    Mike Palmiter says:

    Looks like the comments are about evenly divided regarding studio/live shows. My vote goes for studio with only three riffers. The nine-year-old in me misses the bots, and the 65 year-old in me misses them with Mike/Joel watching the miserable movie in the seat row ahead.
    Based on the five minute intro segment I’d say the riffs are still good, but the presentation and audiance laughter is too distracting.
    So it’s thumbs down from Indiana.
    One other kick about these comments… why all the lame names used by nearly every one??


  • 89
    sirhamhat says:

    @81 & 82
    “People” like M “I’m going to die alone and afraid” Sipher is one of the best reasons to stay away from discussions and forums. Although I do find it amusing that he’s adopted the bombastic tone of the lovable, but deranged J.C. (from Sidehackers).

    @77, 61, and whoever else mentioned Film Crew, Rifftrax versus the lack of interaction in the CT riffers. I will definitely say that despite my love of the studio DVDs, that the interaction between the Titans in the studio versions leaves something to be desired. I think they got better later, and the LIVE versions certainly seem to help that.

    With Mike, Kevin, and Bill… they seem like they are having a good time and enjoy each others’ company. I think the writing is better on CT, but the Rifftrax and Film Crew really seem more like they are 3 friends hanging out and cracking wise on a bad movie. The CT crew seem like 5 people living in different places, who write on their own, bring their new written material in and then riff on the movie… oh wait… That’s exactly what they are. And it seems a bit cold at times, but the writing is solid. If they can just inject some spontaneity (or write it in), it will be perfect.


  • 90
    Joey Stink Eye Smiles says:

    I’m going to enjoy this film with some grilled hamburger sandwiches and some french-fried potatoes.


  • 91
    M "" Sipher says:

    #89: Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, I suppose.

    #86: “I thought the lines were very funny on this new clip, but the delivery still often sounds wooden and lacks a certain hard-to-define something.”

    Very much so. The writing wasn’t bad at all, but definitely had a flat delivery. Which is odd because we’ve heard every last one of these people riffing on MST, and every last one did it better then. Maybe because they were playing characters. Frank and Mary Jo in particular; their brief times in the theater were wonderful (is “not evil” Frank really all that much different from “evil” Frank anyway?), but here, it’s leaving me cold.

    The “learning machine” freakout is probably the best example, quickly followed by “it’s gonna blow!”. The other performers were just… sitting there. Where was the panicking, the screams? The trying to talk Josh down, the ducking at the explosion warning?


  • 92
    big61al says:

    Wow! What a wide variety of opinions and obsavations. I am just happy I get to see another DVD from CT. The fact they are doing one of my favorite crap films ever which I was the first to suggest this title on the CT website for them to riff on is just driving me crazy to get my greasy fingers on this latest effort.
    I understand if you don’t like one set of performers over the other for what ever reason that’s your right but maybe you should focus more on why they {MST,RT, FC, CT} are doing what they do. That being ripping the $#!7 out the crappiest movies ever committed to film. Does it really matter if they use puppets, costumes, blue color uniforms or silhouettes? I personally will enjoy watching those movies and laughing my ass off in any of the formats.


  • 93
    Finnias Jones says:

    I guess the thing I find odd re. “not liking hearing the audience” is that we Misties ARE the audience. During CT & RT shows, I have laughed out loud at things the people around me did not, and vice versa. I find it hard to accept that YOU appreciate all the jokes on a deeper level than I do. We each react in varying degrees to different things.

    I don’t complain while listening to a George Carlin CD or watching a Louis C.K. concert special that there are audience members dictating to me what is funny or not. Maybe stand-up comedy is too different an animal to properly compare, but what CT are doing live is some kind of hybrid.

    I dunno, this is still a new format so I’d suggest that people hang in there and see what happens. If sales of the live DVDs drop, maybe they’ll listen. All the MST vets seem pretty intent on pleasing their fans.

    And to suggest an analogy: just because you loved the Beatles doesn’t mean you loved Wings, even if they played Beatle tunes during their concerts. Including watered-down versions of past glories could seem like more of an affront. Honestly, I can’t blame you if you don’t dig CT. None of their releases have the same replay value as classic MST.

    And to #88: Way to call the kettle black. Your name’s pretty lame too Smile


  • 94

    Hey — maybe that IS his name (mine is). Don’t jump to conclusions.


  • 95
    Jettison Bobby says:

    I thought it was really funny.

    Please, fellow Misties, don’t surrender to the dark side.


  • 96
    Th1rt3eN says:

    Im glad that im not the only one who hates the live format, East meets watts was so bad, Im still on the fence about alien factor. I watched the preview and seems like they might fixed audio problem (ya know the problem where you cant hear the riffs over audience)
    but the last one left such a bad after taste.

    damn it! why cant you give us a choice “Mr. Idea Man” the collection will be incomplete without alien factor, but if I watch it only once do I need to own it?

    ok I need a support group or customer service line, call it M.F.T.R.T.T.S.F. “Mysties For The Return To The Studieo Format”
    (ok maybe not).

    “what about you, Mr. Idea Man?” “well I think…” “Stop!, every time you think this company losses a fortune”


  • 97
    GersonK says:

    Is my five year old analog tv set so small & the audio put out in combo with my low end but still brand name DVD so poor that I’m not even noticing all these riffs being drowned out by the audience? There are maybe three spots where there’s an unclear word or two, but that was pretty par for the course that the movie soundtrack or mumbled delivery would drown out a line or two in actual episodes of mst. Or are there spots where higher end equipment will show mouths moving and really faint riffing under the laughter?


  • 98
    The Mouka says:

    Yeah, I find the presence of the Riffers on the side WAY distracting– nearly as much as the audience laughter. I own all the studio releases, but am bailing on these live ones.


  • 99
    Mike Palmiter says:

    Hey, Finnias 93… I’m the real deal. Look me up on Google, especially the “Train Exchange” pics.


  • 100
    Finnias Jones says:

    #94 “Hey — maybe that IS his name”
    Yeah, I figured that. But 95% of internet forum users throughout the world create fictional user names*. Most are “lame” and mean nothing to anyone besides the user themselves.

    Why would anyone use their “real-life” names? (Honest question)

    #96 “…I need a support group…”
    Well, the CT website has a forum, and I bet there are people there who feel the same as you. Start a thread (maybe there already is one): protesting there has a better chance of reaching the Titans themselves. Boycott Alien Factor!

    #99 Very impressive, Mike. My late uncle was a train enthusiast so I have some appreciation for the craft and beauty of scale model building. Though the Mystie in me wants to see Gamera/Godzilla/Gorgo to start wrecking it all.

    * I made up that statistic, but you know what I mean.


  • 101
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    After all, my real name is Dick Limpet. I’m just ashamed to share it with the–oh, dammit!


  • 102
    Mike Palmiter says:

    Why not use a real name? Ashamed of something??


  • 103
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    I like the live stuff better. I have always preferred live albums from music bands vs. studio work because anybody and their gramma can make good music in a studio with all the tracks and the ease of putting it together. It takes real musicians, however, to be able to play good live music.
    The same goes for this type of entertainment as well.


  • 104
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Also, I have never been of the school of thought that host segments are really necessary, though I enjoy a good one here and there.

    I think the host segments from The Film Crew in Killers from Space (the beginning, and the end segments, and the lunch break one in between) are so funny that it puts the episode up on a whole nother level.
    That ‘Robashay’ technique thing, Kevin electrocuting himself, and Bob Honch getting his legs lengthened with Tony Danza (“Hey thanks guys!”) is all hilarious stuff. Plus the riffing and the movie were funny, so it makes the closest thing to a mst3k episode that you are gonna get these days.

    So I wouldnt mind Cinematic Titanic throwing in some good beginning & End segments and maybe a lunch break type thing to go with the episodes, as long as they are well thought out and truly funny like the ‘Killers from Space’ stuff was. I dont like when they are unfunny and just there to kill time though.


  • 105
    Crowjunkie says:

    I use this name. I think anyone on the forums I use it at would know what it means.
    I like the live and the studio formats. They each have their pluses and minuses. Each is it’s own unique experience. I have seen Cinetit live, so I have that perspective. I have all the studio releases also.
    As long as they release either, I plan on purchasing them. But that’s me. Wink


  • 106
    Andre says:

    BTW, I actually use my real name on this site. I just wanted to post under my online persona in the previous post. Cool


  • 107
    Cubby says:

    Why not use a real name? Ashamed of something??

    Mike, I know you weren’t talking to me, but since I use a screen name, it applies to me.

    No, I don’t feel ashamed. A screen-name, particularly this one, is habit. I’ve used the screen name “Cubby” in one form or another since 1995, when I found The MST3K forum on AOL. Very few of us were able to use our real names as screen names (a couple of lucky exceptions, or didn’t want 8 random numbers following our name), and so I used an old college nickname in conjunction with my initials. My real name isn’t a secret; it’s just a simple google search (with possible conclusion-drawing skills) away. It’s just that my real name doesn’t matter here.

    You might note that this SatNews post was created by “Sampo.” I hope you don’t assume that’s his real name.


  • 108
    Th1rt3eN says:

    I miss The Film crew, for me thats where it’s at in post mst3k times, riff tracks should write host segments for the old school b-movie dvds.

    Cinematic Titanic should write some for ever movie, it would help them sell me their Live DVDs

    “all Ive got for lunch is this geriactric shake”
    “uh, Kevin thats a laxitive”
    “we are in soo much trouble”


  • 109
    Gary Bowden says:

    Why does Cinematic Titanic have to follow in The Film Crew’s footsteps,regarding the host segments?? Shouldn’t they do something that sets them apart instead? Like what,I have no idea.The only movie The Film Crew that was consistently funny(including the host segments,too)was KILLERS FROM SPACE.Also,I don’t know if Rifftrax can do a whole movie like CT or not.Maybe they could.They do really good on the shorts,by the way.What if CT did a short before the movie,like MST3K used to do?? Would be interesting.


  • 110
    Steve K says:

    It became available on EZ-Takes about 20 minutes ago, and it’s already downloading.
    I know what I’m watching tonight!


  • 111
    Th1rt3eN says:

    hey gary, they did, remember frank’s hollywood celberty cavilcade and pearls board meeting. Host segments filmed in shadowrama, different.
    Kiss it good bye with live dvds.

    I doubt they will even do shorts, if they were going to we would have seen one by now.

    I dont agree with you about the film crew, I find all 4 of their episodes to be very funny althowe wild women of wongo drags a bit at the begining (but thats mostly the movies fault).

    whats missing from both camps? Host segments, they take advantage of silly plot points, situations, and obserditys in the film.

    so why no break in the film? A host segment would be just as easy to do in a live show it might also give it that live stand up feel their always going on about.

    what happend to guest riffers on rifftraxs?
    Ive always wanted see cassandra peterson(elvira) work with mike, kevin, and bill sence they had guest riffers. I mean why not they all do watch bad movies for the perpose of comedy, and Frank Conniff allready worked with her as writer for the NBC halloween spechial “Attack of the killer B-movies”.

    So yeah, a little off topic but I needed to mention that.

    “in that time only one woman’s face was used to sell starlin cosmetics, your face.” “and your scarring em’ off!”


  • 112
    The Toblerone Effect says:

    Having finally watched the “East Meets Watts” live dvd, I have to say that CT’s comedy level simply blows the studio versions out of the water. For me, it’s clearly evident that the performers get an extra charge from the audience’s reactions. I alos didn’t find the reactions of the audience distracting at all; I was more focused on the movie, what the next riff would be and who’d deliver it.

    I’ll be watching Alien Factor soon and will probably enjoy it as much, after seeing this preview. And I hope they release Dangers of Tiki Island live too, based on all the positive info I’ve heard about it!