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Next from Cinematic Titanic…

“The Alien Factor” live. Coming Feb. 23. Here’s a sneak peak:

112 Replies to “Next from Cinematic Titanic…”

  1. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    After all, my real name is Dick Limpet. I’m just ashamed to share it with the–oh, dammit!


  2. Mike Palmiter says:

    Why not use a real name? Ashamed of something??


  3. Manny Sanguillen says:

    I like the live stuff better. I have always preferred live albums from music bands vs. studio work because anybody and their gramma can make good music in a studio with all the tracks and the ease of putting it together. It takes real musicians, however, to be able to play good live music.
    The same goes for this type of entertainment as well.


  4. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Also, I have never been of the school of thought that host segments are really necessary, though I enjoy a good one here and there.

    I think the host segments from The Film Crew in Killers from Space (the beginning, and the end segments, and the lunch break one in between) are so funny that it puts the episode up on a whole nother level.
    That ‘Robashay’ technique thing, Kevin electrocuting himself, and Bob Honch getting his legs lengthened with Tony Danza (“Hey thanks guys!”) is all hilarious stuff. Plus the riffing and the movie were funny, so it makes the closest thing to a mst3k episode that you are gonna get these days.

    So I wouldnt mind Cinematic Titanic throwing in some good beginning & End segments and maybe a lunch break type thing to go with the episodes, as long as they are well thought out and truly funny like the ‘Killers from Space’ stuff was. I dont like when they are unfunny and just there to kill time though.


  5. Crowjunkie says:

    I use this name. I think anyone on the forums I use it at would know what it means.
    I like the live and the studio formats. They each have their pluses and minuses. Each is it’s own unique experience. I have seen Cinetit live, so I have that perspective. I have all the studio releases also.
    As long as they release either, I plan on purchasing them. But that’s me. ;-)


  6. Andre says:

    BTW, I actually use my real name on this site. I just wanted to post under my online persona in the previous post. :cool:


  7. Cubby says:

    Why not use a real name? Ashamed of something??

    Mike, I know you weren’t talking to me, but since I use a screen name, it applies to me.

    No, I don’t feel ashamed. A screen-name, particularly this one, is habit. I’ve used the screen name “Cubby” in one form or another since 1995, when I found The MST3K forum on AOL. Very few of us were able to use our real names as screen names (a couple of lucky exceptions, or didn’t want 8 random numbers following our name), and so I used an old college nickname in conjunction with my initials. My real name isn’t a secret; it’s just a simple google search (with possible conclusion-drawing skills) away. It’s just that my real name doesn’t matter here.

    You might note that this SatNews post was created by “Sampo.” I hope you don’t assume that’s his real name.


  8. Th1rt3eN says:

    I miss The Film crew, for me thats where it’s at in post mst3k times, riff tracks should write host segments for the old school b-movie dvds.

    Cinematic Titanic should write some for ever movie, it would help them sell me their Live DVDs

    “all Ive got for lunch is this geriactric shake”
    “uh, Kevin thats a laxitive”
    “we are in soo much trouble”


  9. Gary Bowden says:

    Why does Cinematic Titanic have to follow in The Film Crew’s footsteps,regarding the host segments?? Shouldn’t they do something that sets them apart instead? Like what,I have no idea.The only movie The Film Crew that was consistently funny(including the host segments,too)was KILLERS FROM SPACE.Also,I don’t know if Rifftrax can do a whole movie like CT or not.Maybe they could.They do really good on the shorts,by the way.What if CT did a short before the movie,like MST3K used to do?? Would be interesting.


  10. Steve K says:

    It became available on EZ-Takes about 20 minutes ago, and it’s already downloading.
    I know what I’m watching tonight!


  11. Th1rt3eN says:

    hey gary, they did, remember frank’s hollywood celberty cavilcade and pearls board meeting. Host segments filmed in shadowrama, different.
    Kiss it good bye with live dvds.

    I doubt they will even do shorts, if they were going to we would have seen one by now.

    I dont agree with you about the film crew, I find all 4 of their episodes to be very funny althowe wild women of wongo drags a bit at the begining (but thats mostly the movies fault).

    whats missing from both camps? Host segments, they take advantage of silly plot points, situations, and obserditys in the film.

    so why no break in the film? A host segment would be just as easy to do in a live show it might also give it that live stand up feel their always going on about.

    what happend to guest riffers on rifftraxs?
    Ive always wanted see cassandra peterson(elvira) work with mike, kevin, and bill sence they had guest riffers. I mean why not they all do watch bad movies for the perpose of comedy, and Frank Conniff allready worked with her as writer for the NBC halloween spechial “Attack of the killer B-movies”.

    So yeah, a little off topic but I needed to mention that.

    “in that time only one woman’s face was used to sell starlin cosmetics, your face.” “and your scarring em’ off!”


  12. The Toblerone Effect says:

    Having finally watched the “East Meets Watts” live dvd, I have to say that CT’s comedy level simply blows the studio versions out of the water. For me, it’s clearly evident that the performers get an extra charge from the audience’s reactions. I alos didn’t find the reactions of the audience distracting at all; I was more focused on the movie, what the next riff would be and who’d deliver it.

    I’ll be watching Alien Factor soon and will probably enjoy it as much, after seeing this preview. And I hope they release Dangers of Tiki Island live too, based on all the positive info I’ve heard about it!


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