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Update: Vol. XVIII Titles

In celebration of the arrival of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XVII, Shout Factory has informed us what episodes will be featured in the next set, “Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XVIII.” They are:
• episode 208- LOST CONTINENT (“Rock climbing, Joel.”),
• episode 417- CRASH OF THE MOONS with short, “General Hospital”–Segment 3 (“Boopie!”),
• episode 621- THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS with shorts: “Money Talks!” & “Progress Island, U.S.A.” (“Flag on the moon…”) and
• episode 813- JACK FROST (“I’m dowling!”).
We’ll give you info on extras, etc., as soon as we get it.

Update: The tentative street date is July 13. And the Amazon pre-order page is up. Please use THIS LINK to reach it. Thank you

130 Replies to “Update: Vol. XVIII Titles”

  1. I almost never comment specifically about these because I have broadcast quality of all 2-10 seasons… except for “Crash of the Moons”, so this becomes a very special set indeed for me (for some reason my otherwise excellent DVD collection has this one screwed up).

    But I do buy the sets to support Rhino and because I’m a MST3K whore. I really like ALL the episodes in this one, and that’s the first set in a long time I can say that (I care nothing at all for season one, which should have been “lost” for the same reason Joel and Company didn’t want it seen).


  2. Ryan McSwain says:

    Commenting this far down in the list is probably silly, but I wanted to say that the upcoming set looks awesome and I can’t wait for the current set to arrive.

    And hey, Shout, please don’t be afraid of Season 1. Those episodes are classics! And keep up those high quality extras. :mrgreen:


  3. Mike H says:

    Of the new sets, Vol 15 is still one I do not have, since the only disc I relaly wanted was ‘Zombie Nightmare.’

    The last set (vol 17) surprised me, as I slowly grew to love the hokeyness of ‘Dr Z’ while just rolling my eyes at the overacting in The Beatniks.

    Vol 18 is going to be yes and no, given the only episode I really want is Jack Frost (I wish they could have given us another badly dubbed foreign film, such as the one about the faux-Sinbad).


  4. Brainchild says:

    YES! Jack Frost is one of my favorites – I’ll be glad to have that for my very own, as well as Beast of Yucca Flats (but then I’m one of those crazy sorts who enjoys the Coleman Francis episodes. It doesn’t hurt that the shorts attached are so great). Not to mention one of the best episodes of Season 2.


  5. Akcoll99 says:

    “And then KISS came to town!!”

    This is exciting news, especially the Jack Frost and Beast Of Yucca Flats episodes, a pair of favorites.


  6. Joey Stink Eye Smiles says:

    Best set since set #7, IMO.

    All good episodes.


  7. StarDustMaiden says:

    First Final Sacrifice is on its way, now Jack Frost this summer! How much can a girl take?
    I, too, am easy to please :mrgreen:
    Now how about Puma Man?
    The Painted Hills? (grew up watching Lassie)
    Devil Doll? (my first ep)
    SHOUT! I love you.


  8. Chris says:

    Woo Hoo! I’m excited! I’ve never seen any of these episodes! Now we have both of the Rocky Jones episodes on dvd.


  9. Cornjob says:

    Lost Continent was the first episode I ever watched. The damage was instantly done, and no amount of therapy has helped.

    I can’t watch anyone climbing a rock without giggling, if only on the inside.


  10. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Already ordered it using the link here on Satellite News. I’ll be rock climbing and piloting the Orbit Jet in my dreams till this set arrives.


  11. big61al says:

    Wow! What a great set!
    episode 208- LOST CONTINENT…great episode
    episode 417- CRASH OF THE MOONS not great but not bad either
    episode 621- THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS yes yes yes yes! My copy was a bad transfer dvd that freezed too many times to enjoy this properly….plus TOR TOR TOR!
    episode 813- JACK FROST i used to not enjoy the russo-finnish films but now i love em!

    4 more super duper upgrades to my collection..Great job SHOUT!


  12. David Conway says:

    Finally they have decided to put out The Beast of Yucca Flats, one of my favorite episodes. The two shorts on this one are amazing, too. Yay on this announcement! :grin:


  13. Happenstance says:

    “Progress Island USA” is a friggin’ masterpiece and “Beast of Yucca Flats” is…an experience, so on that basis alone I’m estatic. Having found and watched the delightful subbed non-MST version of “Jack Frost,” I am SLIGHTLY less enraptured by the MST version, but it’s still one of my favorites. I must confess that it’ll be the first time I’ve seen either “Crash of the Moons” or “Lost Continent,” so this volume will be maximum value for me!

    Shout, if you’re reading this, thank you. Let me join the chorus: “Puma Man!” (I’d also get my pants VERY tight over “Riding With Death,” “Invasion of the Neptune Men,” and/or “Agent from Heuristic Analog Rental Meat.”)


  14. rion-o says:

    VERY glad to hear there will be no Season 1 in this set!!

    Plus Lippert = awesome.


  15. rion-o says:

    P.S. i will be ecstatic if this turns out to be a prelude to the other Lippert “masterpieces” ROCKETSHIP X-M and JUNGLE GODDESS!!


  16. Geode says:

    First of all, YIPPEEEE!!!! Jack Frost is finally arriving!!

    Second, to Mike H (#103)–by all means, pick up Vol. 15. Racket Girls is one of the all-time underrated gems, with hilarious riffing throughout. I think you will enjoy it.

    Third, this is a terrific set for the already-mentioned Jack Frost, as well as some solid eipisodes and, especially, for 3 shorts (LOVE the shorts!!).

    Finally, many thanks to Shout Factory for their sensitive and fan-oriented efforts to please as many people as possible with their releases. There will always be people who can quibble with one or two of the episodes in a set, but the overall body of work by Shout has been simply terrific.


  17. BathTub says:

    Ah Shout!Factory, you had me at Jack Frost! Woo.


  18. Stacey says:

    I’m jumping for joy. Never thought I would ever, ever see Jack Frost and The Beast of Yucca Flats release. Shout Factory beats Rhino hands down. Maybe we’ll get Sinbad and The Day the Earth Froze in the near future.


  19. dsman71 says:

    I wonder if Rhino would have eventually released them…and if they did I can only imagine a set with Jack Frost and three PD domain titles that are low on the Rhino Poll. Shout puts out some really solid sets..incorporating popular titles together.
    Im sure one of their sets will have some lesser titles like Colossus & the Headhunters or Project Moonbase..but the trade off will be something close to the top of the want list..


  20. Mark D. says:

    WHAT ?????? No, “Angels of Terror”, no “Friday’s Child”, NO “POWDER BURN”!!!!!! ????????

    Damn those GOOD FOR NOTHING, little WEASELS over at Shout! Factory !!!!! If I ever get my hands on ANY of those SMELLY corporate JACKALS over there I’ll, I’ll, ………………….oh geez…………………WOW!!!!!……………..This is REALLY embarrassing!!!!!!…………..I could have SWORN that I had logged onto Joe Don Baker’s “Eischied” fansite !!!!!!!

    Oh man…………..I’m REALLY sorry, everyone…………….Ummmmm…………I’ll just…….uh………be leaving then……….


  21. creepygirl says:

    Once again another strong set from our pals at SHOUT! Factory. I have no complaints. I love when they announce the titles for the next set early. Now we just have to wait. :sad:

    The early announcement also gives me a heads up on what episodes NOT to watch between now and the release date. If your like me, I watch all four within a day or so of release and perfer not to have seen any of the titles recently.


  22. Manny Sanguuillen says:

    father Mackenzie…Darning his socks in the night when there’s nobody there…


  23. Renee says:

    Great episodes in this set! Money Talks and Progress Island, U.S.A. are two of my favorite shorts so I’m thrilled Beast of Yucca Flats is included!


  24. MPSh says:

    WOW!!!!!!! I can’t wait for this one to come out!!!


  25. Y-I-Otta says:

    I smell a Coleman Francis mistie party coming soon… better get some Prozac for that…


  26. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    I’d imagine the reason they keep throwing in Season One episodes is they need two Joel and two Mike episodes and the only way to make them turn out even is to include Season One. And, of course, the whole Sandy Frank thing means a lot of the later Joel episodes aren’t available at the moment.

    Delighted at the upcoming assortment. JACK FROST is one of my favorites, but all of them are delightful. Usually with these sets there’s only one or two that I’m really excited about and the others are just… okay. But here, all of them have me tingling.


  27. dsman71 says:

    that is correct # 126 about the 2 Joels..what they cant get from the 3rd Season means they have to go to Season 1. Besides some of the Season 1 titles were public domain and easy to acquire – there are / were fans who dont mind them. Im glad to have Season 1 on DVD quality. Plus it keeps the 2 Mike & Joel ratio going. Now that it seems SF has the Wade Williams titles we can maybe expect more Season 2 ..Id say anything except for Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster is obtainable in Season 2 now..Season 3 is the worst season to license titles on the Joel side as are Shows 801-809 on the Mike side
    Lots of great possibilities and a strong future for the box sets Id say.


  28. Cool Pup says:

    Not bad, but I can’t say I’m extremely enthusiastic over the selections aside from JACK FROST! One of my very favorite episodes.

    Now I just really hope we can get Puma Man and Escape 2000 at some point…


  29. Kevin says:

    Love it! I am excited about all of these.

    Lost Continent is one of my all time favorites and I really love the Rocky Jones ones. Now if I can get the Fugitive Aliens on DVD!!


  30. The Boatnick83 says:

    Shout!Factory great job on another great volume of episodes that we’ve wanted….here’s a few ideas fors upcomming titles and I don’t think I’m alone, “Master Ninja I” “Master Ninja II””Riding With Death””Devil Fish”…I’m not worried Shout! Rocks and I I’m sure ill see one or two of these epps soon.


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