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Reminder — MST3K: The Movie now available

This is a friendly little reminder that Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is now available from your friendly neighborhood video dealer. Or you can order it online. If you choose to do the latter, we’d appreciate it if you used this link.  

41 Replies to “Reminder — MST3K: The Movie now available”

  1. radioman970 says:

    I should get mine within a few days. Hooray!!

    *prints better DVD case cover and gets it ready for the big day*


  2. beth563 says:

    radioman970 beat me to it! I was gonna say the samet thing, mine’s winging its way here. Don’t know if I’m gonna open it or keep it intact for posterity. As I’ve got two other copies of it, and it has no extras, perhaps I will do that. Anybody else keeping it wrapped?


  3. Smitty says:

    So basically it’s a vanilla re-release.

    But I never liked the movie, but that was more to do with Gramercy than Mike and Co.

    But still it was pale shadow of the TV show.

    Pass from me.

    If they manage to get the rights to cut it the way the Brains made it and put out a special edition with audio commentaries.
    That will pique my interest.



  4. Ryan says:

    I should have mine soon, too. I’ts too bad it’s just a re-release, but if this doesn’t sell well, we’ll never see a special edition.


  5. Electric Bozo says:

    Picked mine up today at the local Best Buy. Nice to have it on DVD without paying absurd prices for the original issue. It may be barebones, but it’s “very clean.” Here’s hoping it sells in droves so Universal will be interested in a special edition upgrade.


  6. Amazon shipped mine out the other day! As much as I’d love to keep a wrapped copy, I never got the original run, so this will be the first time I’ve been able to watch it in years. The movie was my introduction to the show, so even though I recognize that due to pandering to unfamiliar audiences with generic jokery and cutting down runtime, it’s still one of my favorite episodes. I’m pumped!


  7. Matty-O says:

    Mine should be hitting my mailbox any day now too. I was able to snag the original DVD years ago before it was taken off the shelves, but I bought the new one anyways to support the cause.

    And as Ryan pointed out, the best way to get a Special Edition later is to buy this one now.


  8. gruaud_larose says:

    Watched it last night. :mrgreen:


  9. happy says:

    i got mine yesterday via Amazon. The cover is darker than the one shown on here..
    Im STILL waiting for an announcement from ShoutFactory about their releases..


  10. John Watson says:

    Any self-respecting MSTie would not need this because they should already have a copy when it was released originally on DVD a decade ago! This one is the same as the one I already own. Nothing extra, not “blu-ray”. So what is the point?

    So we’re just making more plastic thus increasing the size of our “human footprint”?



  11. Brandon says:

    Well, I never got the original DVD for two reasons:
    1. I did not have a DVD player at the time.

    2. I didn’t even know MST3K existed back then. When I did become a fan of MST3K, the only thing available was the VHS version, which I still have a copy of.


  12. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    “Any self-respecting MSTie…”

    Wow, pretty weak comment. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. I guess to be a self-respecting MSTie I’d need to get in my transport and escape to a simpler time in the past, a time when the DVD came out the first time…


  13. BSBrian says:

    …and any way i can increase the size of my “footprint”, and piss off the carbon credit-sharing “greenies” is an added bonus!


  14. The Mouka says:

    Had this on LD for years– think I’m gonna wait for the Deep Discount 20% sale next month, tho. I actually got to go to one of the test screenings in Santa Monica for this!


  15. Gief says:

    My local best buy had 3 of these in stock, ALL THREE OF THEM were scratched all over the top of the disc’s and the discs were securely locked into place.. Check your discs before you walk away from the store.


  16. Jeyl says:

    John Watson says: “This one is the same as the one I already own. Nothing extra, not “blu-ray”. So what is the point?”

    First Release: 4×3 Widescreen. Black bars are a part of the video transfer.

    New Release: 16×9 Enhanced Widescreen. Black bars are NOT a part of the transfer, so more data is pumped into the picture itself and not the black bars. So with this new release, you get a better looking picture and you don’t have to zoom into into it to skip the black bars if your playing it on a Widescreen television.


  17. Seth L says:

    Pre-ordered (yes through the link) and got it monday.

    I forgot how, not-good it was. :shock:

    Really nice to have it though, nice clean picture.

    Most bare-bones release I’ve ever seen from a major label, oh and how did it ever get a PG-13?


  18. Wild Rebel says:

    Is it true this doesn’t even have a Scene Selection option? Someone posted as much on the Rifftrax board. :sad:


  19. R.A. Roth says:

    My Amazon-shipped disk has a couple of minor scratches on the top. In any instance, it’s the underside that matters.



  20. Seth L says:

    Only menu options are Play and Languages, IIRC.


  21. Sam says:

    Just picked up my copy, and it only cost me $13 after my employee discount :mrgreen:


  22. Dennis says:

    I think it got the PG-13 rating for the line…

    “What kind of ****hole planet is this”

    and maybe for Tom’s comments on being (sucked).



  23. Mason J says:

    Was at Wal*Mart just glancing over the dvds. My friend say it and pointed out to me, almost soiled my pants when I saw it was out on DVD finally. I’m fine that it’s just a bare bones release I’m happy I’ve finally got it on DVD.

    Made My Day,
    I’m like anyone else I’d like to have a special edition but hey I’m happy with just finally getting this.


  24. radioman970 says:

    Yep, “JEYL” explained everything nicely. It’s worth a double dip for the better transfer. I can’t wait to compare.


  25. radioman970 says:

    Oh, and by buying this release it lets those who make the decisions that we want to see more of this kind of thing on DVD/BluRay. ;)


  26. The Mouka says:

    Hey, it’s available n most Borders stores for $15.99 — or $11.30 with this 30% off coupon (through 5/11):


  27. The Mouka says:

    That’s supposed to be “IN most Borders stores.” Jeez.


  28. swh1939 says:

    Was gonna just scan it last night … but I watched the whole thing. Beautiful print and transfer. Then I had to watch the deleted scenes that had been posted on YouTube. Wish they were on the DVD.


  29. Sam says:

    The main thing that bothers me about this particular DVD is that there’s no chapter menu. Sure, there are definitely chapters, but no way to quickly access them. It’s almost like I’m watching a David Lynch DVD.


  30. The Mouka says:

    My apologies.

    Yes, the website had the thing listed for $15.99. But that’s apparently the as-usual release-week 20% off price. With the 30% off coupon, it’s just $13.99, which is annoying. I got it because I was there, but the principle of the matter irks me.


  31. Steve Vil says:

    I got mine at Borders where it was on sale for 20% off. I think it’s a good sign to see it up front and on sale with all the other new releases.

    After I bought it I was pretty surprised to see it at Wal-Mart for $14.95! That was exciting too.

    Got a kick out of this previous entry:
    “put out a special edition with audio commentaries.
    That will pique my interest.”

    Um…. the whole THING is a commentary!
    The idea of the MST cast MSTing MST blows my mind. I need a nap now.


  32. Steve Vil says:

    Oh, one other thing.

    All the complaints about the cover being lame? I think it’s pretty cool with the printing over the silver and the festoonery and the thing with the face and the head.


  33. -RCFagnan says:

    Sheesh. Originally, when I pre-ordered it, Amazon listed the “theatrical trailer” as a feature. I get it, and no trailer. I’m a little disappointed about that. It wasn’t even released as a trailer!


  34. Bob says:

    More MST3K on DVD on the way soon. I just got a posted response from Brian Ward at Shout Factory on their forum regarding new releases of MST3K. Check out the thread at:


  35. Kendra says:

    I give it 2 months (tops) before this is in the bargain bin at Wal-mart for $5.

    Maybe. Just maybe, I’ll pick it up then. (A re-release with no trailer, no extras, no nothing but the same print on the original release… Hmm… yeah, that’s worth about $5 bucks… maybe.)


  36. radioman970 says:

    AT least the print is anamorphic this time. That’s worth the price alone in my book. You’ll be watching you old copy, Kendra, and thinking about that little thing. :)

    But you’re right…this should be a Director’s Cut with loads of extras including a trailer. :(


  37. Reed says:

    I believe the original release was only a DVD-5, whereas this is probably a DVD-9, which would mean at least another gig of picture quality to go around. (This is pure conjecture, though. I’m not sure how big the new DVD is and I haven’t used my DVD-ROM drive to check either disc.)

    I did watch the new disc, however, and it looks very good compared to the crappy, non-anamorphic transfer of the 1998 disc.


  38. Steve Vil says:

    The picture is amazing, actually. It’s actually SO good that in the beginning when the SOL floats past the earth you can see where they cgi’d the cables out!


  39. pablum says:

    It is indeed a DVD9 disc. The movie itself just barely goes over the DVD5 mark and leave a large portion of the second layer with empty space that could have been used for extras. I’d like to say, maybe next time, but given the treatment Universal given this film, I suspect this is as good as its ever going to get.


  40. radioman970 says:

    The cover looks okay in the dark. When I opened the package and saw the DVD I almost felt it was acceptable. The picture on the back would be nice if it was a DVD for the film only. But there should really be a shot of Mike & Bot on there. WTF?

    Still, glad to hear the print is nice. Can’t wait to see the cgi’d out wires. Neat!


  41. Sean74 says:

    To John Watson: what if one of us sell-respecting MSTies thought the movie was inferior to the actual product and refused to pay three-digit prices for it? (Which was the case for several years once the item was OOP). And keep your Greenpeace dogma to yourself next time! It’s as annoying as you are.


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