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Episode guide: 1001- Soultaker

Movie: (1990) After they are killed in a car wreck, the spirits of some teens try to elude the “soultaker” sent to collect them.

First shown: April 11, 1999
Opening: The bots are confused about why their “wet T-shirt contest” is so dull; commercial sign malfunctions
Intro: The malfunctions on the SOL get worse; nobody in Castle Forrester cares
Host segment 1: With Gypsy malfunctioning, Mike tries to take command, with the expected results
Host segment 2: Everything goes wrong on the SOL; in Castle Forrester a soultaker has appeared–and it’s TV’S FRANK!
Host segment 3: The mysterious visitor who saved the ship appears on the bridge–and it’s JOEL! He fills in the bots on what he’s been up to, and he and Mike share a tender moment
End: Joel’s completes repairs on the SOL, says hi to Frank, and departs with some uplifting words to M&tB; in Castle Forrester, Bobo and Frank hit it off
Stinger: Mom ogles her daughter (ew!).
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (323 votes, average: 4.71 out of 5)


• Season 10 begins with a big episode, and it was especially big for Erhardt and me because, well, we were there. More on that in a minute. Personal stuff aside, I have to say this ep is a pretty good one. Legendary host segments, of course, but also a watchable but supremely dumb (and somewhat creepy — and not in a good way) movie and very strong riffing.
• The stretch between the end of season 9 and the beginning of season 10 was 197 days, the fourth-longest amount of time MSTies had to wait between seasons (not counting the time between season 10 and season 11).
• Paul offers his thoughts here.
• References are here. One small mistake is “Frank Booth cam!” which they mishear as “Frank Booth camp.”
• This episode was included in Shout’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol XIV.
• This season got a new set of theme song lyrics that incorporate the whole Castle Forrester premise.
• Okay, so here’s the story. BBI invited us to attend the taping and, despite that fact that I couldn’t afford it and couldn’t really take time away from work, I dropped everything and got on a plane. Brian was able to get there ahead of me and witnessed the Castle Forrester scenes being taped. I got there after the taping was over for that day. The next day we both got to watch (and then contribute to) the SOL scenes being taped (the theater scenes had also already been done).
• It was my first face-to-face meeting with Joel (we’d exchanged emails, but had never actually met) and he did not disappoint. Brian and I sat down with him in a conference room for a little while and began to pepper him with some really obscure MSTie-level questions about the show, stuff I knew only Joel could answer. I was a little worried he would find this stuff tedious, but he seemed delighted to delve into it. He then went off to read lines with Paul and, as he notes in his ACEG entry, immediately began rewriting his dialog. I never saw a script, so I don’t know what changed, but he later said he was just making the dialog more comfortable for him to say.
• They were getting ready to shoot the first scene, but there was some sort of delay. Apparently somebody hadn’t shown up. Brian and I were milling about on the set when Jeff Stonehouse turned around and looked at us and asked: “Hey would you want to help us out, here?” It was thus that we became “guest interns,” as you can see if you check out the credits at the end of the show. I was given the job of pulling open and pushing closed the right side door at the back of the set (through which Joel entered). Brian was given the job of controlling a studio light and, later, the left side door. I wrote my name on the back of the door (many others already had) and that little scrawl appears in “The Last Dance — Raw.”
• There seems to be more stuff sitting around in Castle Forrester. To send Mike the movie, Observer puts the movie can into what appears to be the same projector used by Dr. F in “MST3K: The Movie.” He never needed to do this before. And in segment two, Bobo dashes away from Frank, only to bonk his head on the same object Dr. F gets bonked with in “MST3K: The Movie.”
• As the first movie sign goes off, Mike heads straight through the doors and is run over by Cambot. My memory from being on the set is that this was not planned — it seemed to be ad-lib, though I suspect it was a little acknowledgment of Joel being there, since Joel did this in several episodes.
• Callbacks: The appearance of Joe Estevez prompts several callbacks to “Werewolf,” including the use of the word “yannaglachi.” Also: “Aren’t you due on the set of ‘Werewolf’?”
• At one point Mike takes Servo to task for reading in the theater. What was Servo reading?
• Here’s a rare opportunity: A chance to argue about which take they used. They did five or six or more takes of each sketch, and the performers made a point of varying their performances and doing their lines a little differently each time, hoping to get something special. Later on, of course, somebody had to choose which of the takes to use. While I agree with the choices for all the other host segments in this episode, I have to say that I would not have used the take of segment 1 they chose. I think they—specifically Mike—did it funnier in a different take. Just my opinion.
• Joel does a terrific job in his segments and seems completely at home, though he and Mike sort of have to crowd in on that little platform. I’ve stood there, and it’s really not a space for two sets of feet.
• Joel gives props to the band Man or Astroman, which have been playing the MST3K theme song as part of their set for a long time.
• A lot of fans (including me) wished this episode could have featured Joel in the theater. And it was talked about. But ultimately Joel wanted to be part of the writing process if he was going to do that, and he just didn’t have the time to devote to that. It’s too bad.
• When Joel said: “I…don’t really want to…” I was standing about 15 feet away in back of the set and his delivery was so perfect I wanted to bust out laughing. Instead I had to walk quickly away to the far end of the room and chortle into my hands as quietly as possible. It’s lucky I didn’t trip over something in the dark!
• Classic line: “Don’t compare yourself, man. It ain’t healthy.”
• Another St. Blaise mention.
• Movie comment: The laws of physics in this movie are really confusing. Even the riffers begin to notice toward the end. The ghost characters seem to be able to manipulate some things but not others. As Servo says, “A 7-iron knocks him cold but a gun does nothing.” Later they’re capable of pressing an elevator button. They also appear to be subject to some sort of gravity, but not enough to get hurt in a fall. It’s confusing.
• Remember gorditas? I was in a Taco Bell not long ago (don’t ask) and they still have them!
• At one point, a little dog appears and Servo says: “Humphrey!”
• Classic theater moment about midway through the show as Crow gets something in his eye just as the nudity appears about to break out. During that bit, Gypsy makes a comment to Crow, which we can hear in the theater. That’s something that’s never happened before.
• Yet another great “talking over the closing credits bit in which the bots take Mike to task for assuming that a rosy future lies ahead for our heroes.
• Cast and crew roundup: Special effects guy Jerry Kitz also worked on “Space Mutiny.” In front of the camera, Joe Estevez was also in “Werewolf” and Robert Z’Dar will be back in “Future War.”
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Kevin. After taking the last two eps of season 9 off, Mary Jo is back on the writing staff for the entire 10th season. Interns Erin F. Erskine and Josh Huschke begin their run of episodes.
• Fave riff: “I’ve just got to write mom out of this story.” Honorable mention: “The movie’s story arc.”

207 Replies to “Episode guide: 1001- Soultaker”

  1. Oh, one other thing: The movie made NOTHING of the backstory of Estevez and Schilling that was shown in the still photographs. I thought that was going to play a bigger part in the movie, and it didn’t, and I saw it as a squandered opportunity. There should have been a moment when she “remembered” him or something, and that came to a conclusion, instead of the generic “pay the penalty for presumption” climax.


  2. Johnny Ryde says:

    @Thomas K. Dye, #101

    Good point, and something I’ve always wondered about… Can anyone who has seen the non-MST3k version comment? Is there supposed to be some spiritual connection or reincarnation going on? Or is the connection simply that the lead character just happens to physically resemble some dead chick?


  3. Big McLargeHuge says:

    #100–Oh my God, are you serious? A Chippendale’s dancer? So did he have to wear a thong on this chin, too? :shock:


  4. Big McLargeHuge says:

    I’m not sure if it’s this ep or Future War, but I love it when Z’Dar’s name appears on the screen and Servo says, “Oh, z’no!”


  5. The Toblerone Effect says:

    I liked this ep so much I made it the first one to have on my ipod once it was available. I already had it on both vhs and dvd, but to have it at my disposal with a push of a button (and portable!) was key.

    So it’s no suprise that I gave this 5 stars. Even if Joel & Frank never appeared on the episode in memorable cameos, this would still be a classic episode on the strength of the riffing. There are so many great one-liners, and a wonderfully bad movie that gives M&tB plenty to work with. (In a side note, I did like the fact that Joe Estevez had a sense of humor about his treatment on MST). Joel & Frank showing up was the cherry on top of a very sweet treat of an episode.

    Fav line: After the kids crash, you hear Crow say: “Dummy! Didn’t you see that ‘Warning: Joe Estevez Crossing’ sign?”


  6. Htom Sirveaux says:

    I actually remember being heavily into MST-on-the-Internet at the time, getting the news hot off the press, as it were, and I remember as soon as they announced that this would be Ep. 1001, I said, “I know that as soon as the title comes up, someone, probably Tom, will say it in the style of Soul Train.”


  7. Fart Bargo says:

    JJK @100-Your contribution is a fine example of TMI. A pox on you, not.


  8. thedumpster says:

    Brad (a.k.a. “Father Dude”) has to be THE coolest character ever in a MST3k movie.

    “One other plot question: At one point Zack declares that he did not know anything about the coke in the car. How does Zack even know to mention this? He never saw the coke while he was riding in the car.”

    I think just before M&TB leave the theater for the first time, Zack finds out about the coke. I haven’t seen the film un-riffed, but I assume that at this point in the film Zack found out about it.


  9. WouldntYouLikeToKnow says:

    It was Phase IV from the KTMA season where Cambot runs over Joel as he’s making his way down to the theater.


  10. Mighty Jack says:

    I didn’t have time to read all 109 responses right now, so I apologize if this has been answered… Cambot following someone through the doorway sequence happened twice in the Joel era. K11 Humanoid Woman, and again for the Corpse Vanishes in season 1.

    I haven’t popped in very often, so I’ll have to go back and read more of these, but I wanted to give you a big thumbs up Sampo. This project was a Herculean effort and has been great reading. I really dug the insider insights you offered here.

    As for the episode: The movie doesn’t do it for me, but the solid riffing more than makes up for that. I love the skits (like how Mike gets so dirty so quickly). And Joel and Frank are both delightful. I agree, Joel’s deadpan delivery on the “I… don’t really want to” line is classic hilarity.


  11. Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    Favorite moment:

    Mike: “Close Hexfield.” [Hexfield iris closes halfway, then shorts out and gets stuck.] “There. I’ve broken the Hexfield. Carry on, I’ll be in my ready-room.”

    Mike’s delivery and hurried departure from the bridge absolutely slay me every time. Pretty much any time they riffed on Star Trek in the host segments is a winner, whether it’s the Bots acting out “This Side of Paradise” with the classic “I’m not going back, Jim” misquote, or Mike suddenly becoming Capt. Janeway (although the kicker there is when Capt. Janeway suddenly becomes Tina Turner.)


  12. Zee says:

    Oh, I forgot a memory related to this episode: My Name is Zack, so back in the day I took a soundbite from this episode and set my computer so everytime it shut down you would hear Crow say “Um, Zack? Goodbyes are more effective when someone *leaves*”. Man, that was, like, four computers ago.


  13. Chief?McCloud! says:

    \m/ \m/ “Man, please don’t ever stop being the ’80s or my life is over.”

    “Tough morning choosing between the ‘acid wash’ or ‘blasted denim’.”

    “I was gonna go to Chess King tonight, so, this just bites.”

    The ’80’s riffs totally split my sides. Sadly, I used to shop at Chess King…on purpose.


  14. losingmydignity says:

    Not much to add here except this is an enjoyable ep with some strong riffing. I like dark riffs so the whole mother leering scene is a highlight.
    The movie makes absolutely no sense at all to me. Like when I watch Mighty Jack, I don’t even try to follow the plot, etc at all.

    The Man or Astroman thing is great. Such a fun band to watch live. Just listened to their live cover of MST theme last night, or should I say cover of the Matlock theme, ha ha.


  15. mikek says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Joel’s farewell to Mike and the ‘Bots was a little out of character? Couldn’t there have been some other way for Joel to not have to take the others back down to Earth?


  16. Slartibartfast, maker of Fjords says:

    On the question of the oxygen deprivation and Joel not going into the theater: The ship was malfunctioning, including, presumably, the oxygen control button. Joel could probably sense this, but Mike and the Bots just go into the theater, having done that so often, in a Pavlovian reflex.


  17. losingmydignity says:

    Considering some of the deep hurting Dr F. and Frank subjected Joel to, it’s pretty amazing he took a chance to visit at all. I’ve always felt he wanted to get of there quick for that reason.


  18. fathermushroom says:

    Nobody’s mentioned the fact that, when Zack and Natalie arrive at the bus stop, one of the three nuns is a MAN. A MAN. Even says so in the credits!

    He looks just like the preacher in “Carnival of Souls,” doesn’t he? But it’s not the same guy, I checked.


  19. trickymutha says:



  20. This Guy says:

    Final previously-forgotten thought (probably): It occurs to me that the guy who played Tommy is basically Willie Aames Lite, and that’s a pretty damn sad thing to be.


  21. J.Ho says:

    In case anyone is interested, if you look at the list of reviews of Soultaker on IMDB the first one listed is (purportedly) written by the director, and he goes into his thoughts on the whole MST3k rendition of ‘his’ movie.

    “Since SOULTAKER had done very well in its initial release, with very positive reviews in “Daily Variety” and several other major trade publications, you might imagine how perplexed I was initially when I found out they completely hacked up this movie to shreds and then lambasted it on MST3K.

    Poor Vivian Schilling was the subject of most of the show’s most vicious and acerbic barbs and having worked with her I can tell you that running her down with a series of cheap shots really was unfair. Cheap shots will get cheap laughs. But I doubt anyone reading this would want someone to do it to them.”

    He tries to claim that the only reason it has a low score on IMDB (1.8/10) is because of MSTies unnaturally voting it lower, and has other excuses why it was the way it was, et cetera, talking about his Saturn Award and such, then goes on to say he did a good job because it made money, after all, and that’s what his job was to do: turn out a movie that made money for its investors. Well, wasn’t MST3k using the movie also a way for the owners of the rights to recoup their costs? Besides, this is a unique episode as it features the cameos of Joel and TV’s Frank, which, in my mind, makes it stand out and therefore is more likely to be watched again and again for years to come – giving the movie life far beyond its original release.


  22. Ator In Flight says:


    Yeah I realized I goofed after I posted. The line is”Enjoy the balloon.” I was hoping no one noticed. :oops:


  23. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Re: Joel PLUS Frank. Yeah, I always wondered about that, too. Was it an attempt at a fakeout? (“A cast member’s coming back… Oh look, it’s Frank, that’s good… Wait, JOEL’S BACK TOO???”) Was it a surprise Easter egg for the fans who’d already found out about Joel’s guest-spot? (“I knew Joel was back, but FRANK TOO???”) Of course, it’s also always just sorta possible Frank acted as a buffer between Joel and some of the rest of the cast behind the scenes.

    Joel’s reasons for leaving Mike and the bots stranded seemed a little forced to me too, but I suspect it was just that they couldn’t think of anything better at the time. After all, he’d gotten the spaceship specifically for the rescue mission so certainly he’d have thought to have extra room for the bots. Maybe he didn’t know Mike would be there too and didn’t want to put them in the position of choosing which would be stranded without the others.

    Not too fond of the actual movie, I’m afraid. The riffs are great, but I’m not that crazy about most of the 80’s films.


  24. MrsPhyllisTorgo says:

    Love the class stuff.

    “But she’s upper middle class and we’re slightly lower middle class!”

    And one I use a lot:

    Natalie’s Mom: We understand, Mr. Taylor.
    Crow: I’m not saying we care, but we understand.


  25. oh yeah, since people were wondering…

    IIRC – There’s a scene cut from the MST version after the car crash (before they figured out they were dead and Brad gets “killed”) where Brad is freaking out about the coke being missing. Or more scenes of it anyways. Also, there were extra scenes of Brad doing coke when he waited behind in the car at the Summer Fest. Hence the “Make me!” and ensuing car crash.


  26. Johnny Ryde says:

    @Bobo “BuckDat” Briggs, #125

    Yeah, there kind of looked like a bad edit during the Brad-doing-Coke scene… I wonder if Sci-Fi didn’t want to show actual drug use…


  27. J.Ho says:

    #31: SmoothieOfGreatPower:
    “Yeah, I should have specified that, IIRC, she’s using a single-barrel shotgun. Regardless, there’s no actual trigger that she pulls to fire it.”

    It is actually a double-barreled shotgun, and she does pull the second trigger, y’know, just to clear that up.

    As far as Brad doing coke, you can see him doing it when z’dar and Joe are standing directly in front of his car and Joe’s getting his ‘shopping list’.

    “Bourgeois pigs, have three-holed outlets”


  28. Brandon says:

    “Good luck having the baby, Honey. I got tickets to the game.”


  29. The Boatnick Guy83 says:

    Some favorite riffs/quotes. Sorry if they are not word for word exact, as I’m going from memorey… 1.”Man if it ever stops being 80’s my life is over” 2.”Found half a mushroom-swiss burger under the floor mat just waiting for me” 3.”ya’na’glanchy ya’na’glanchy” 4.”Mr. Estevez your’re wanted on the set of Werewolf” 5.”enough with showing the clock already, you’ve spent that nickel” 6.”you’re bonned man” 7. Natalie-“an angel??” Mike as Joe(laughing)-“I’m almost sure”.


  30. SAVE FERRIS says:


    “And more than anything, I can’t get enough of Kevin Danzig’s “Happy Today”. That’s one that I have tried to find somewhere, on CD or any place, but no luck.”


    OMG, “Dark Grandma” (#5)………OMG !!!!!!!

    I realize I’m posting this very late, and there’s probably a pretty good chance you’ll never even see it, but whether you know it or not, you’ve got a kindred spirit here regarding the (in my opinion) GREAT “Happy Today” !!!!

    I too have tried to hunt the song down, but without any luck (I’m assuming you found “K.D.’s” website,………..but you know, it never occurred to me (until just now) that I could maybe try to e-mail the guy and simply ask him if the song is available anywhere (that is, if there’s any kind of link on his site).

    I’ll give it a try, and if I should have any luck, I’ll try to figure out a way to let you know…..



  31. I am not sure why alexa sent me here but I should probably I have been pretty entertained by the comments you have sourced together. How many years did it take to begin to get so many people showing up to your blog? I am rather new to this blog thing.


  32. Abbie Hunt says:

    i never doubt that mind power can also increase the healing ability of the body.*;-


  33. JNG says:

    I am a little bummed that the director posted that defensive commentary on IMDB.

    He writes as if we don’t know that expensive films could also be given a comedic treatment, when in fact fans of MST3K love to do this to any and all movies–even their favorites. It is a way of participating in the movie.

    It seems to me that he got the best of both worlds–the film was finished (when there was concern it would not be), turned a profit, got some good attention from genre fans, and then went on to lead a second life after its MST3K appearance.

    Beyond this, I think it was pretty well directed in many respects, and an impressive piece of work for a 23-year-old director. He said they were taking cheap shots at star/screenwriter Vivian Schilling, but mostly they seemed to think she was pretty and/or make Tonya Harding references–hardly hurtful stuff.

    So he really has nothing to be upset about.


  34. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Cabin by the Lake / slasher archetypes:

    The Promiscuous One: Candace (the only girl other than Natalie; didn’t even get a last name, poor dear)
    The Athlete: Brad Deville (doesn’t quite fit under any other category)
    The Scholar: Zack Taylor (he’s studying and trying to better himself, anyway)
    The Fool: Tommy Marcetto
    The Virgin: Natalie McMillan (if nothing else, because she survives)

    Strictly speaking, the parallel won’t come up again for the rest of the show, because AFAIK none of the rest of Season Ten’s episodes have a central protagonist cast of three guys and two girls. Gold Boots has two guys and two girls. Blood Waters has three guys and one girl. Boggy Creek has two guys and two girls. Spider Island has one guy (and then two guys) and a BUNCH of girls. And so on. Shrug.

    It works for a few earlier episodes, though.


  35. Dan in WI says:

    This final version of the opening theme song is about 13 episodes late.

    That wet T-shirt contest really was quite competitive. Now we know which one will work better as a rag I guess.

    The delivery of Pearl and Brain Guy when the don’t care about the troubles on the SOL was great. Was it predictable? You bet. But they still sold it.

    I really enjoy the malfunctioning “edgy” Gypsy. Her attitude is fun.

    I’ve nothing to add to the love for the Mike takes command host segment. It’s been covered really well last time around. So just count my vote in the it’s a classic category.

    Let me just say ditto on Crow needing Visine during the nudity tease scene.

    While there isn’t a big stand out moment in the TV’s Frank’s return host segment for me I still love it. I missed him so much and just enjoyed seeing him back.

    Joel manages a Hot Fish Shop. I’ve been having some job problems lately. I wonder if that overnight cook position is still open.

    I’m going to go against the grain on this next one. I’m okay with Joel leaving behind Mike and the Bots for the reason of “I don’t want to [take them along]” The line was delivered just right and made a nice little non sequitur.

    So in conclusion: Don’t compare yourself. It isn’t healthy.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Nurses run into the room after Estevez takes his first soul. Crow “George Clooney’s taking his shirt off.”

    Crow “Well, it’s noon. Summerfest is over.”

    Reporter “Just an official comment Mayor.”
    Mayor “You want an official comment?”
    Mike “I proclaim it lick me day.”

    Natalie fails to fire the shotgun. Crow “Damn the battery is dead.”

    Mrs. Mayor “Please excuse my husband. He has a tendency to say things he doesn’t really mean.”
    Crow as Mayor “I like fudge.”
    Tom as Mrs. Mayor “You don’t mean that.”


  36. Sitting Duck says:

    Soultaker passed the Bechdel Test, but it almost didn’t. The first female-to-female was when Natalie’s gal pal encourages her to talk to Zack. Plus the conversations between Natalie and her “mom” don’t count as it was really the soultaker. It squeaks by when Natalie and her actual mom exchange goodbyes at the end.

    When Bobo first moved his thimble, he went in the wrong direction.

    The Soultaking bureaucracy must be really inefficient, what with his manager having to point out all the victims of a simple car crash for him beforehand.

    Not sure how Tom could call them an Amish band, seeing as how they were all clean-shaven.

    Possible callback to This Island Earth: “Her soul has a refreshing mint flavor.”

    Doesn’t Mike know that you should never say, “What could possibly go wrong?”

    So why did they decide to wait until midnight to pull life support? And what proper Southern home would keep a working shotgun up in the attic rather than someplace handy?

    I have a hard time believing that there’s a convent in Alabama.

    @ #7: It’s probably just due to him being one of the more forgettable presidents. They could have just as easily picked Millard Fillmore or Chester Arthur.

    thedumpster #108: Brad (a.k.a. “Father Dude”) has to be THE coolest character ever in a MST3k movie.

    Well that’s not a tough hurtle to clear.

    @ #121: If that’s really the director, he really needs to lighten up. The riffs were arguably harder on Joe Estevez, who was able to take it in stride. Also, David Worth was willing to acknowledge that Warrior of the Lost world wasn’t that good. Anyway, I get the feeling that the source of the script was her seventh grade English project.

    Favorite riffs

    Well, good luck having the baby, honey. I’ve got tickets to the game.

    This is your brain on death. Any questions?

    See, if he’d put the Club on his soul, this would not have happened.

    Kids today, putting their cars in reverse, backing carefully out of driveways.

    Well, it’s noon. Summerfest is over.

    But she’s upper middle class and we’re slightly lower middle class.

    Hi. I’m a tree. Just want to put in a good word or two for nature since the camera is on me. Thanks for your time.

    This is what happens when death is run by low level bureaucrats.

    Man, my monthly soul count is really tanking. I’m never gonna win that set of steak knives.

    “Think we lost one.”
    But I’m not gonna check.

    Keep out? Foiled again.

    Do you have a phone so I can call Martin to take over my role?

    I’ve just got to write mom out of this story.

    “Brad, it’s okay.”
    You’re lower class and stupid. I understand.

    “I was just putting something away in the attic.”
    Your father.

    Now they’re just gratuitously postponing the nudity.

    Is that my tummy, or is that a raging hellbeast?

    I was gonna give him a piggyback ride, but I slipped.

    I’d rather follow the story of the nuns getting home.

    I broke this bus driver’s jaw with a Bible once.

    Hold on. My soul isn’t wearing a sports bra.

    “You still haven’t figured it out, have you, man?”
    We have. Can we go?

    I had this big master class from God, but I was hammered the whole time.

    There is a seventh floor. It’s Heaven’s boiler room.
    Yes, behind the fluffy surface of Heaven hums a complex infrastructure.


    I parked in the emergency zone. Screw that stroke victim.

    And there’s nothing in between. It’s either grain alcohol in back alleys or a happy world with rodents in feety pajamas.


  37. MSTie says:

    @118 — I noticed the man as a nun too, the first time I watched this. Guess I wasn’t caught up enough in the riveting plot and fantastic acting.

    Soultaker, Werewolf, and Hobgoblins would make a nice triple feature for an “I Hate the 80s/90s” evening.


  38. DeeJay says:

    I think the changes to the lyrics of the opening theme were way overdue. Even in Season 8, the “endless chase” went on for less than two episodes. It really confused me back then.


  39. snowdog says:

    This is one of those movies I think could enjoy on it’s own, but the riffing makes it awesome. Sure, there are some ugly physics problems here and there, and some of the acting is questionable, and the pacing… (a LOT happens in that last few minutes before midnight) (well, maybe HAPPENS isn’t the right word.) (Ok, let’s just say that a LOT of film goes through the camera!). But on the whole, I didn’t find myself losing the plot which makes for an enjoyable episode.

    One new thing I noticed in this viewing: I suspect that first set of sepia flashbacks of a younger Joe Estevez is actually his nephew Emilio.

    OOOOOhh….Roland Voice Module…. OOoooohhh!`
    I hope they didn’t hurt their “tight pants points, hardly reknown”.
    Hey! I just FED the cockroaches!
    I’ll race you to film obscurity!
    Don’t tongue the Reaper!
    Aw, his 32K cache memory brought up a little video!


  40. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Really a great episode overall, seeing Joel and TV’s Frank again is a sheer delight. Having Mike and Joel together just gives me the warm fuzzies, same with Frank and Pearl.

    I actually kinda like the movie, much like “Parts: The Clonus Horror” it has a cool premise even if it is poorly executed. Joe Estevez is genuinely creepy “You can’t kill what’s already dead”


  41. BIG61AL says:

    Frank and Joel return….SWEET. I wish Trace and Josh could done a segment in this seasom, like dream sequence or something. A keystone episode…..SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOULTAKER!


  42. Jason says:

    I love the fact that the reason it is implausible for Mike to order the arming of a photon torpedo is NOT because the SOL was never equipped for one.

    I agree with everyone who said that this last verse of the theme song should have premiered with 901.

    A little conceit I’m fond of in Season 10 is the way Pearl announces today’s movie bearing a film canister with the logo stickered on it. It’s a neat idea, even though I think they neglect it one or two episodes and they had at least one occurence of it in Season 9 (Hobgoblins, for the Ark of the Convenant-esque gag) and even though, as Sampo points out, Pearl’s never needed the weird projector before.


  43. pondoscp says:

    A classic episode, one of the best of season ten. Twelve more weeks to go…

    What then?


  44. trickymutha says:

    I clearly remember watching this on Sunday night April 11, 1999 in my basement. Though I had to work the next day, no way was I going to miss the season premiere of MST (although I could have gotten my butt out of bed that morning, or, taped it at 11 AM). I had no idea Joel and Frank were going to be on. This one will always live as one of the best. Really a great slice of the ’80’s as well. Now, repeat after me- “Hi, I’m a tree…”


  45. jaybird3rd says:

    I really like Soultaker. Despite the great riffing by the MST crew, I don’t think it’s a bad movie. It was produced on a shoestring budget, to be sure, but it’s an ambitious premise that seems to have been competently executed, it got good notices when it was released, and the results are interesting enough to make me want to see the original, non-MSTed film. Joe Estevez is especially effective in his role, and from what I’ve seen of her work here and elsewhere, Vivian Schilling strikes me as a very talented lady. Reading over the earlier comments really makes me want to check out Man or Astroman, too: I’ve never heard their music, but they seem as eccentric and as creative as MST itself.

    Perhaps it’s already been done (if so, forgive the redundancy), but Soultaker has me thinking of a potential weekend discussion question: of all the movies that you saw for the first time on MST3K, which ones were interesting or enjoyable enough on their own to make you want to see them in their original, non-MSTed form? Soultaker would be one of those movies for me, and other readers have also mentioned “Parts: The Clonus Horror”. I would also add a few of the KTMA films: “Phase IV”, “Humanoid Woman”, and “Hangar 18”. Those would be my top five, and I’d be curious to hear other readers’ choices.


  46. itsspideyman says:


    As someone who’s lived there, Mobile is very Catholic, like much of the Gulf Coast. D’Iberville explored the Gulf Coast from Florida to New Orleans around 1699 and was the first capital of French Louisiana, founded in 1702. Spring Hill College was the first Catholic college in the southeastern United States and is the third oldest Jesuit college in the country. And yes, there are two convents there, St. Joseph’s convent and St. Dominic’s, along with others that no longer exist.

    Most of the south is Baptist once you move away from the coast.


  47. jaybird3rd says:


    Twelve more weeks to go …

    What then?

    I’m hoping that we cycle back to the KTMA shows. I’ve been watching them (almost) every week since Thanksgiving on their respective anniversary dates, so I’m looking forward to talking about them.


  48. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Mildly odd how Brad became a Soultaker in less time than it took THE Soultaker to carry out one lousy assignment. Obviously there is more efficiency in Heaven than there is on Earth…

    So, Soultaker vs. Wilbur from “Once Upon a Honeymoon,” who’d win? Eh, Whitey from “Out of This World” would mop up the floor with both of ’em. And where does Coily fit into God’s plan for us?


  49. Angie Schultz says:

    OK, and there’s nothing in between? It’s either grain alcohol in back alleys, or a happy world of rodents in feety pajamas?

    It’s surprising (and depressing) how often I find myself thinking of this bit.


  50. Brandon says:

    I’m pretty sure I mentioned this already, I can’t remember, but I remember when I watched this with my dad back when it first came out on DVD, my dad was REALLY repelled by the movie, even more so than most of the films shown on MST3K, calling it the creepiest and most unsettling film they did on MST3K.

    I dunno….. I find this film pretty easy to swallow compared to, say, “Incredibly Strange Creatures…”

    The Brains *REALLY* don’t know what can of worms they opened up with the whole Joel-doesn’t-want-to-bring-M&TB-back-to-Earth. I’m sure we’ve brought this up before, but I like the theory that Joel really just wanted to keep the robots on the SOL, and not expose them to Earth where they likely would get whisked away by the government.

    And, while poop jokes are usually hit-or-miss for me, I’ll admit, “I pooped in my water supply”, gets a good laugh out of me. Probably because i used to own some zebra finches years ago. They really liked using the drinking water for a toilet….


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