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Episode guide: 1005- Blood Waters of Dr. Z

Movie: (1972) A Florida scientist turns himself into a catfish monster and … seems to have some sort of plan after that. But local authorities are on his trail.

First shown: May 2, 1999
Opening: Crow enjoys a nice chaw
Intro: Crow labels his chaw cans; Pearl conducts a maternal love deprivation experiment
Host segment 1: Mike becomes wedged in the bulkhead of Crow’s evil voiceover
Host segment 2: Gone fishin’
Host segment 3: Brain Guy & Bobo demonstrate Crow & Tom’s naked acting theory
End: Crow & Tom show off their specialized food carrying cases; Pearl’s mer-monkey has an admirer
Stinger: “Sargassum! The weed of deceit!”
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (261 votes, average: 4.06 out of 5)


• I really think this one rises above the last few “good not great” outings and is one of the best of the season. Insane movie, great riffing, mostly good segments. I like it.
• Bill’s thoughts are here.
• This episode is included in Shout’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol. XVII
• Don Barton, the man to blame for this movie, talks about his film here. You can also read about a screening/celebration of the movie here. This movie even has its own Web site.
• The opening bit is very funny, but also may be the most disgusting host segment ever. Yuck.
• Pearl’s IMF experiment on the bots is reminiscent of the maternal love sketch in episode 602- INVASION U.S.A., and I’m not sure they did anything the other sketch didn’t do, but the look on Bill’s face as he looks into the “love basket” is priceless.
• The movie has a very familiar plot. We’ve seen plenty of these “mad scientist is ridiculed and dismissed by his peers and plots revenge against them using the very technology they claimed was ridiculous” movies. “Mad Monster” comes immediately to mind.
• I’m assuming the filmmakers got a lot of the score from various PD needle drops. Some of it sounds familiar. Anybody recognize any snippets?
• Another movie observation: Why does the scientist create the elaborate block-and-tackle hammock when THERE’S A LADDER?
• Segment 1 is one of those great “one or more of the bots seize on some insane element of the movie and take it to heart” bits. Great line: “Soon it will be YOU who becomes wedged in the bulkhead of my plan!”
• Riff I didn’t get: “Then I gotta go kill Farley Granger’s wife.” That’s certainly a “Strangers on a Train” reference, but why? Somebody explain.
• By the way, I DO know what Cabela’s is. I just heard “Chavella’s” and was baffled.
• The movie was apparently going for a sort of “In the Heat of the Night” vibe between the sheriff and scientist guy. But it just comes off as offensive.
• Segment 2, well, there’s not a lot going on, but it’s cute.
• M&tB still have their fishing hats on when they head back into the theater.
• Movie continuity mistake: As Leopold attempts to convert the girl into his mate, we first see her hands tied down as he gives her the injection (preventing her from stopping him, of course) but her hands are free seconds later when he dunks her (apparently so the actress could hold her nose).
• Callbacks: “rice a pipple” (Bride of the Monster), “Think I’ll head over to Party Beach and see how The Horror is doing.” (Horror of Party Beach) and “I had such a pretty miiiiind!” (Girl in Gold Boots).
• Slam on Sally Forth outta nowhere!
• Note to the Brains: Catfish Hunter did NOT change his name to Chapstick. He just appeared in a now-nearly-forgotten Chapstick commercial in which it was suggested that he might want to do so. He seems disinclined. So I say Servo’s Catfish Hunter joke stands as funny.
• Segment 3 is fun, but that’s more of Bill than I want to see (no offense, Bill).
• The last third of the movie is dominated by “riding on the running board guy.” His amphibious clown car is particularly funny. “Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper, Snork. They’re cops!”
• That’s Paul as “Barnicle” (that’s how it’s spelled in the credits) Bob. Paul was definitely the guest star guy in the later years.
• Cast and crew roundup: Nobody involved with this movie was involved with any other MSTed movie.
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Mike.
• Fave riff: “Thank goodness I have my provolone carrying cases.” Honorable mention: “Jack Ruby at home.”

143 comments to Episode guide: 1005- Blood Waters of Dr. Z

  • 1
    mike says:

    All i remember about this episode is a guy in a fish suit swimming around spraying chemicals into the water.


  • 2
    Fart Bargo says:

    This is one loopy film. The villain was certainly original although his hair was not done by Crow of Beverly Hills. I did like the opening song, same group that was in Moon Beast? I really like his Wheel of Fortune/Day planner and I am considering making one for my self. I just don‘t know what to make of Sheriff Cracker and Marine Biologist Rex who must have been channeling MLK. Then I realized that when Sheriff Cracker was referring to Rex as ‘Boy’, he was spinning the chamber on his handgun, brrrrrrr. Nothing like a little home spun racism to start things off.???

    Cat fish monster was pretty lame although his spray bottle did make him much more menacing. The INPIT agents, played by jump suited Barbie & Ken in their Research Mobile Home, were what? Heroes? I will give this flick credit for some really strange voice over work. Last, certainly not least, ‘Please enjoy the fish anus’ just about sums up this film quite nicely.


  • 3
    Colossus Prime says:

    A just shy of middle of the road episode for me, but that’s in comparison to other episodes since it’s still very funny. I think that general opinion (for me) has more to do with how watchable the movies themselves are, and this one is plenty dull and silly but not really in a funny way. Granted it makes for a lot of amazing riffs but it’s still dull and silly. Plus the host segments, while funny, aren’t remarkable.

    The opening/intro reminds me of a CC era segment like last week’s, which again gives me a nice warm feeling. The latter half of the intro is a great bit to further how screwed up Pearl is with additional great banter with Observer as she tries to remember what love is.

    The dialogue of Crow’s vague threats in the first segment are awesome, especially when he belts out, “Sargassum,” and then switches from talking normally and back to vaguely threatening. Nothing outstanding about the second. The third segment isn’t laugh out loud funny but properly disturbing especially with the non-chalant, run of the mill reaction by Bobo and Brain Guy. The progressively ridiculous scenarios to cause need for special carrying cases for food is quite enjoyable. And of course; Haarrr, I stand rejected.

    I love the fact that the doctor’s plan, according to the silly introduction voice over, is to conquer the universe. Not just Earth, his goal is to rule the entirety of the greater cosmos with mutated fish-men and man-fish. Maybe he has the lead on a group of intelligent, MIT level guppies to build rockets/shuttles/space ships for prolonged deep space travel.

    Favorite riffs
    [As Dr. Z is preparing for his transformation]
    Tom: I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.

    [As the sheriff and scientists split up]
    Tom: [as the sheriff] Heh, heh… they’ll never see me again.
    Crow: [as scientists] Heh, heh… he’ll never see us again.

    [As guy continues to trip in the swamp]
    Mike: I guess I could be stupider but it’d be hard.

    Also, all of the riffs that poke fun at racism. Always love those.
    Black Scientist: Just doing my job, Sherrif.
    Tom: Avoiding your drinking fountains.


  • 4
    robot rump! says:

    a pretty good movie with some average to strong riffing. i just can’t get excited about it because it reminds me of the old 70’s movie that looked like a couple of guys sitting in a basement on a saturday afternoon wrote, casted, directed and filmed it while coming down from some killer brownies. apologies to those who love it, i just feel like i need a shower and a Jolt Cola after watching it.


  • 5
    Apollonia James (yeah, right) says:

    This is one of the few episodes I own (and have had since before Shout! Factory released it) that I’ve never seen all the way through. I think the farthest I’ve ever gotten is the scene with the painter by the water’s edge… and I’m not entirely certain that I’m thinking of the right movie.

    I do remember, though, that Crow’s utterance of “I love you” in Segment 1 is hysterically funny.


  • 6
    trennerdios says:

    Really? I hadn’t seen this one until the Shout Factory release, and so I was quite excited for it. I found it particularly boring with very, very few memorable riffs. So few that I can’t remember a single one off the top of my head. I know, I know; one MSTie’s favorite is another one’s blah blah blah blah blah. IMO this one pales in comparison to the first 4 of the season, especially compared to Girl in Gold Boots and Merlin’s Shop.


  • 7
    Steve Laughery says:

    re: Public Domain Needle Drops in “Blood Waters of Dr. Z” –
    I am quite sure that I’ve heard snippets from the overly-dramatic music used during the “chase” scenes (with the scientist standing on the running board, swinging the mic around)on old cartoons like “Yogi Bear” or “Huckleberry Hound” during some of THEIR “chase” scenes.


  • 8
    Dan in WI says:

    I don’t want none unless she’s got buns hun.


  • 9
    Dan in WI says:

    And seriously, what is the deal with the guy who can only ride on the Jeep’s running boards. I thought the dog sticking its head out the window type riffs were spot on here.


  • 10
    Invasion of the Neptune Man says:

    I watched some of this earlier this year and I find this to be dreary movie even with Mike & the bots. This is definitely on my least memorable list. When I want to watch a MST movie about a self-important crackpot of a cracker scientist, I’ll take Boggy Creek anyday. At least it has a almost happy feel. That’s just my IMHO.


  • 11
    Joseph Nebus says:

    I think the point of the block-and-tackle is that the ZaAt mutagen stuff is inherently painful to apply, much like the movie, and if you aren’t tied down and immobile then like any sane person you’re going to run out the moment the stinging and the ouching and the ZaAtting get started.

    The MST3K version is edited in some big ways from the uncut movie and I don’t know who did it. The uncut version, as ZaAt, turns up on Turner Classic Movies’s TCM Underground every couple months, though. The big stuff missing is that Doctor ZaAt’s scheme for mutating fish goes a lot farther, which much more Windex-spraying of the waters and this actually resulting in fish walking on water and terrifying the locals in the way that only fish out of the water can do. There’s shreds of this left over in the movie, but not much; I think maybe one weird scene of the reporter guy following ZaAt’s rampage through the convenience store covers it.

    There’s also a really weird scene where Racist Sheriff hears there’s some ruckus going on in a house, and wanders in, and it turns out to be a little hootenany with a guitar-playing folk singer at its core. The Sheriff — in a touch which actually left me liking him — smiles at this and sits down a bit, listening for a while to the kids just having fun despite the mayhem and chaos. You don’t see a lot of sheriffs in these type movies doing stuff besides harassing the kids having pointless fun.

    And then it gets really weird, as the Sheriff somehow telepathically summons the hootenany to stand up and, as the performer continues playing the guitar and singing, leads them on a musical walk out the house and through town, all the way to the jail, where he puts the contented kids in for their own safety, a cause which the kids seem to agree is right and just.

    This is such a bizarre thread I have to suppose it was cut before MST3K got their hands on it, since even though it doesn’t have a lot to do with anything it’s a real mind-boggling moment. I suppose they might have cut it for time, but why cut the most inherently bizarre stuff and leave all the poorly-framed scenes of doughy white future victim guys in?


  • 12
    Creepygirl says:

    I give this one 3 stars. I have only seen it maybe 3 times since it aired so I watched the DVD when it came out. With only a few moments here and there I don’t remember much at all and I watched it like 6 weeks ago! I do still like it, just don’t love it.


  • 13
    jjb3k says:

    “Typical male, sitting in his chair, playin’ with his rod…”

    I’ve heard this one described as depressing, but to me, the riffing really helps to lift it up. On its own, though, I don’t doubt this movie would crush me. It has that hazy, uncomfortable air about it that so many 1970s movies on MST3K seem to possess, and combining that with endless scenes of our catfish-man lumbering around doing nothing, I can see how it’d hurt.

    One thing this movie does have going for it, though – the bikini babe who decides to “lay in the sun underwater”. Rrrowl… (If only Dr. Leopold hadn’t killed her. What is it with these movies that keep killing off all the hot girls?)

    The “Catfish Hunter” bit always makes me smile. Anytime Mike and the bots start talking amongst themselves, it’s usually great, as well as a clever way of covering up the fact that nothing is happening onscreen. “Tom, are you sulking?” “NO!


  • 14
    silentseason says:

    Love this episode. I live in North Central Florida and everytime I drive through Green Cove Springs I wonder where it might have been filmed at (there was a May-Hughes drug store still there last time I went). Favortite line was when Mike threatened Servo with destruction if he sang any more of “Amos Moses”, whereupon Crow thanked him.


  • 15
    Cubby says:

    • I can’t find it on the net now, but I distinctly recall reading somewhere that director Barton was furious when this episode came out and claimed in a public statement that Sci-Fi Channel had not gotten the proper rights to the movie. He was wrong.

    I remember that too, but I think I heard it from you lot. Wink


  • 16
    Tim S. Turner says:

    “I really need to simplify my masturbation ritual.”-One of my all-time favorite riffs. Makes me laugh every time.


  • 17
    Sitting Duck says:

    #5: Yes you are thinking of the right one.


  • 18
    Other Stephanie says:

    It’s not “Chavella’s,” but Cabela’s, a hunting/fishing/camping supply chain. I just watched this episode a week or two ago, and I recall getting that riff for the first time, as I hadn’t heard of Cabela’s til about three years ago. I don’t recall exactly what was going on in the scene, but there was some sort of gear involved that one might buy from such a store.


  • 19
    MiqelDotCom says:

    “Next week on Invisible Cracker Mom”
    Perfect mst3k film, ridiculous monster costume, so-so host segs, decent riffing but oddly still not one of my favorite episodes.
    Odd film, very low budget, almost Manos level but a bit more competent. Sorta boring too, but i like the wheel of destiny chart he uses for the master plan – somebody put a lot of time into that uniquely kooky piece of set design. Ok riffing, but nothing that really gets me rolling. Entertaining, but not highly rewatchable for me, so overall i’d give it 3.5 stars.
    The scene with the monster walking around with a red spray bottle & the scene where he attacks the pharmacy are funny enough even without the riffing.


  • 20
    M "Now... DIGEST!!!" Sipher says:

    I think my favorite line from this episode is NOT one from the SOL crew, but from Running Board Scientist Guy, and I know I’m going to get the exact wording wrong, but…

    “They look like the claw marks of a large animal, like an ape…”

    The claw marks of an ape.

    An APE.

    You have got to be $#!++ing me, Pyle.

    Any rate. I enjoy the host segments all around here. Yeah, the Love Deprivation bit is reminiscent of the wire mother bit long ago (mostly because of Crow’s ability to form instant attachments), but the highlight is indeed Pearl here. Her inability to remember what love is, followed by the contents of her convenient basket of “Love Stuff” is priceless. That’s the absurdist humor I know and love.

    #13 jjb3k: Oh yes indeed, I love it when they get off on an extended in-theater conversation. This one you get the feeling was something that had played out in the writing room a few times and ended up on the screen. Plus the idea that they’ve been doing this so long that they’ve developed “rules” for what riffs they can do, and debate the viability or a certain riff… wonderfully meta. Plus Tom sulks so well.


  • 21
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    “”Fish bites”, mother!”

    Supposedly the sheriff (Lou) and the black scientist (Rex) got along better in footage that was cut from this version.

    The thing about Dr. Leopold being an escaped Nazi seemed to come out of nowhere and go nowhere. Wasn’t just being a mad scientist enough? He seemed kind of Kramer-esque before turning into a fish.

    Personality-wise, Leopold might be sort of close to what a mad scientist would be like in real life. He’s a disheveled and ridiculed “lone nut” with no one to talk to but his fish, a laboratory that has a more makeshift feel than average, a goal so far-out that you get the feeling he’s GENUINELY insane (instead of just really enthusiastic and amoral like a lot “mad scientists”), and, as a little extra something, a planner wheel that gives him sort of a misleading harmless Gyro Gearloose vibe.


  • 22
    Timber says:

    Definitely a favorite of my wife and me. Crow’s aping of the voice over from the beginning is hilarious. And, I must confess, I cannot get that cheesy folk song in the intro out of my head. This is one we always put on and laugh at when we’ve had a rough day. And now, a fish anus….


  • 23
    Puma says:

    @21 – You think he’s insane? YOU’RE the one who is insane!



  • 24
    Thomas K. Dye says:

    This is where it started to go downhill for me. Outside of the intro narration and the goofy folk song, this episode is quite tedious, and I seem to notice Mike and the bots getting more and more argumentative. (They did in Future War as well… I always found Crow’s snapping at Tom over “Ray Adash” irritating and unfunny.)

    In my opinion, they had two more great episodes (“Track of the Moon Beast”, “Diabolik”) and one okay one (“Boggy Creek II”) but this one just showed that they were becoming tired and dispirited.


  • 25
    Joseph Nebus says:

    Re #21:touches no one’s life, then leaves

    Supposedly the sheriff (Lou) and the black scientist (Rex) got along better in footage that was cut from this version.

    They do get along better, with more evidence that the Sheriff actually appreciates that the Scientist is a pretty sharp guy doing a tough job of fish-mutation-doing-stuff-about, in the uncut version.

    I’d guess the director had some idea about showing some move toward racial harmony by introducing them with a scene that makes the Sheriff look racist and pigheaded and then proceed to show him being decent to folks, although it would’ve made the point better if he’d just been nicer throughout.

    (Of course, too far in that direction and you get Alan Hale Jr in The Giant Spider Invasion, whose Sheriff clearly never had a bad word to say about anyone who wasn’t making the line at Dunkin’ Donuts unnecessarily slow.)


  • 26
    Fart Bargo says:

    Sipher @20-I checked with my girlfriend who worked for Dr Goodall at her Primate Research reserve in Gombe Africa many years ago and she confirms that apes do use their claws in an attack. She points to the attack that occurred in recent years whereby a poor womnan’s face was torn off by a 200 pound chimp here in the states. My girlfriend herself was attacked by two male chimps but knew enough about their behavior, and luck, to escape relatively unharmed. I am sure that the writers in this movie probably blundered into this fact. Don’t mess with Bobo!


  • 27
    rcfagnan says:

    “Sargassum. The weed of deceit. That’s what I smoke.” The twenty minute intro monologue and the riffing that goes with it are easily the best part of this episode. Then the actual movie gets started…ugh. I do like this episode, but it’s so painfully seventies, a sensation that everything onscreen (and, by extention, you and your surroundings) is covered with a thick slimy oily film and all the world’s a hazy poorly colored picture. I think it was best said in “The Incredible Melting Man”: “I learned it was impossible to look good in the seventies.” Segment one is priceless. Crow’s delivery as Dr. Z is killingly funny (though it DOES sound just like Bill as Krankor…) Now excuse me while I go sashay through the sarcasm…


  • 28
    Mela says:

    Didn’t they just re-air this one on TCM under the “ZaAt” title? I think they did, at three in the morning. If what Joseph Nebus said is right, I’ll have to catch it again to see the sheriff’s telepathic powers in action.

    This movie is a poster child for the pre-Star Wars downer sci-fi ending. About the only cheesy 70s sci-fi movie I can think of that doesn’t have a “our heroes are dead/dying/something similarly bleak because we want to be taken seriously” ending is Logan’s Run. For no justifiable reason other than possibly running out of film or good ol’ fashioned pretentiousness, our film closes with the heroes dead except for hypnotized fish-girl and threats of a fishy apocalypse. Very, very 70s but not in the fun way. The fact that the director apparently threw a hissy fit over it being featured shows that it was entirely intentionally non-fun, too.

    As an episode, I enjoyed the segments (I like the narration one and the sailor-baiting mermonkey the most), but the riffing is lacking. There’s some sharp stuff in the beginning, during the transformation sequence, and some good stuff at the climax, but there’s long stretches where the jokes are sparse. Still, I like it when they go off on their own little conversations, too; oddly, they livened up this episode. It sounds weird, but they were almost too nice to this movie in a weird way. Still, it has some really good riffs in there, especially “I need to simplify my masturbation ritual”.


  • 29
    Brandon says:

    I watched this the other day. The movie is so ridiculously slow! I don’t think it gave them much to riff on. This is probably one of the weaker Season 10 shows.


  • 30

    “I checked with my girlfriend who worked for Dr Goodall at her Primate Research reserve in Gombe Africa many years ago and she confirms that apes do use their claws in an attack.”

    Nope, sorry. Apes (including humans) lack claws, just like nearly all other primates. We have nails, which are handy because they free up space on our fingers for the ridged pads that we use to get traction on whatever objects we’re grasping – tree branches, fruit, etc, stuff that’s harder to handle with claws sticking in the way.

    Would a chimp use its *nails* in an attack? I can’t see why not. They’re extremely vicious animals when they’re mad.


  • 31
    Finnias 'Critter' Jones says:

    “They think I’m insane. They’re the ones who are insane!”

    4 Stars. Much better than I remembered, and it has all the things I love in a vintage B-movie that I missed in The Final Sacrifice (featured in the same box set, Vol. 17): strange seventies vibes, some cute babes, and very weird science. The bland main characters lead to more random riffing references. Very strange score/sound FX. Hypnotic, like Phantom Planet is for me: Boring? sure, but a pleasant trip. A sleeper episode that I’ve woken up to. Host segments are OK, favorite being “Crow acts like Dr. Z while Mike shines his shoes.”

    (The following is more about the original movie so if you don’t care about ZaAt, feel free to skip it. Joseph Nebus in comment #11 above mentioned some of this aleady)

    I recently DVR’d “Zaat” showing on TCM and it’s quite a revelation. Filmed in 1971 (copyright 72), but not widely released until 75. The picture is crisp and colorful, though not widescreen. The 100 minute film had approximately 20-30 minutes cut by the Brains that while not adding much to the plot, does flesh out the atmosphere/mood quite a bit. While certainly not a masterpiece, I can now see that the filmmakers had a lot of ideas in mind, but did not possess the means (or discipline) to execute/synthesize them properly (as in Future War and many other failures we see on MST). So while I would never make the claim that “Zaat” is too good to be riffed on MST, I will say that it is a better film than what the Brains showed us.

    • Soundtrack is much more effective and revealed to made up from three distinct sources:
    1: Primitive analog synthesizer drones/loops (credited to Jack Tamul), akin to the groundbreaking electronic soundtrack of 1956’s Forbidden Planet by Bebe & Louis Barron.
    2. Contemporary acoustic folk-songs by Jamie DeFrates & Barry Hodgin. The theme song and a strange tune about Jesus and His disciples heard later on…
    3. Orchestral music cues taken from music libraries (“needle drops” as Sampo called them). More conventionally ominous and dramatic. (Mike: “Someone got a Wagner soundtrack.”)

    • Dr. Leopold is much more relatable in the extended intro with his various fish friends. He explains the science and his plan in a bit more detail. Still strange that the actor is never shown speaking, implying the voiceover is by someone else. Once he transforms, the man-in-suit is definitely a different actor.

    • In clear resolution and color, the monster suit is fascinating. Still cheap looking, but the tufts of red and green moss-like fur add bits of detail. Wonder where this costume is now?

    • After his fishing-net fiasco, marine biologist Rex phones HQ for assistance. Sets up arrival of… Inter-Nations Phenomena Investigations Team.

    • A big deal is made when INPIT arrives in their Winnebago. Strange parodic tone as we can never really take them seriously as scientists. Almost comes off like a franchise attempt or failed TV pilot (proto X-Files?). Also, one of the townsfolk calls the sheriff “yellow-bellied” and a “damn nig*erlover”, which is decidedly uncool.

    • From IMDb’s trivia section:
    Originally the film was suppose to have scenes of gigantic catfish destroying the countryside but footage of the walking catfish on miniature landscapes proved to be too hokey. However one shot still made it into the film as one catfish can be seen squirming next to a miniature fence during one sequence.

    A total non sequitur, but we do indeed see a flopping catfish knock over a fence in what looks like a model train set. If the film-makers had had access to today’s CGI-technology back in 1971, this would have been a very different film.

    • After his failure in transforming the bikini-clad camper, there is a macabre bit were Dr. Z dumps the dead blonde into a vat of acid to dispose of her body.

    • Sheriff gives a rousing speech to the rowdy townspeople – reminiscent of Giant Spider Invasion.

    • Wounded from his encounter w/ “Dr. Z”, a bed-ridden INPIT agent Walker gets a scene with Rex and Martha where their sexual tension is highlighted (again, like the X-Files). Rex has developed the photos he took of the creature. Leopold watches them all from the window. This is when he fixates on Martha as his future mate for his imagined “perfect” aquatic race.

    • The sheriff visits and describes Dr. Leopold’s purchase of an old laboratory to Walker and Rex, then Martha strolls in wearing denim cut-offs (HOT!) to feed them news from INPIT HQ about the heavy water/radioactivity connection.

    • The porch-swing assault on the young make-out couple ends with Dr. Z sucking blood from his male victim. This leads to the comments made later at the drugstore investigation:
    “A vampire rape…?”/”For the same reason he became a vampire last night, to satisfy some physical need or urge.”

    • What follows is one of the strangest scenes ever:
    The sheriff responds to a disturbance at the town’s “Community Hall”. A folk-song hootenanny that turns into a hippie march down Main Street towards the police station. Even the creature shows up to listen for awhile from outside the hall.

    From Wikipedia: The movie strangely diverts from the storyline (…) to show a lingering scene of the town sheriff Lou, watching a small group of youth playing religious folk music. After one of the youth (an acoustic guitarist) finishes leading the group in a song, the sheriff places them all in the town’s jail, presumably for their own protection.

    This is when I felt the director had more on his plate than he could handle. The movie really goes off the rails here when the sheriff smiles and nods approvingly at the hippie gathering. I wish the Brains hadn’t cut this, as it’s a truly weird scene.

    • The End: No major edits. As intriguing as his voiceover is in the beginning of the film, it’s sad that we don’t hear the mad doctor again during the finale. Maybe his fish-brain took over and he could no longer articulate his thoughts?

    Curious how this “downer” ending connects with so many other 70s/80s MST monster flicks with the damsel in distress choosing to become one with her monstrous other: Werewolf, It LIves By Night, and Touch of Satan (genders reversed).

    BTW, I watched the MST episode again after seeing the uncut original and the riffing fell a bit flat the second time around. More a 3 star show, but I’m fond of the movie so I’m sticking with a 4.

    “Nothing at all like the catfish…but it’s beautiful!”


  • 32
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    I went 4 stars for rewatchability.

    I NEVER saw this one on broadcast, and i think it is the only one since discovering MST3K sometime around season 2 that I ever missed . So I had some catching up to do. I ended up watching this 4 times in the last few weeks ( on DVD ).

    And in my book that adds up to pretty darn good.

    Question: Does the actor that plays the Doctor also do the Voice-over ? The voice-over actor sounds intensley familiar to me but I can’t quite place it. Of course he may just sound like someone better known….

    I kind of like the way the subject film ends… with the future Mrs. Limpet wandering off into the ocean. That was not terrible. Showed some kind of thought, fish brained though it may be.

    and I am a big fan of highly specialized protective food carriers. Here and IRL.


  • 33
    Roman Martel says:

    You know Finnias, I’m not sure if Best Brains cut anything. Looking at IMDB there are a lot of alternate names for this movie. When you see that, it usually means that several cuts of the movie exist with different names. I suspect that “Blood Waters” is actually the television cut of “ZAAT”. I can’t imagine the Brains cutting some of that odd material out, the riffing potential is too great.

    In fact this whole movie has a lot of riffing potential. The voice over, the suit, the little buggy. But as others have mentioned it’s also got the dour dreary 70’s tone that can sap the energy right out of the movie and riffing.

    And that’s what happens to me in this episode. The host segments are the bright spots for me in this one, and while some riffs do connect, most of the time I found myself not laughing much at all. I’ve given this a spin twice and both times I enjoy the opening sequence and some of the stuff at the end (especially with the buggy), but overall this episode is a real dud in my book.

    It doesn’t happen often but I give this episode only one walking catfish out of five. This is the low point for Season 10 in my mind and maybe one of the weakest episodes of the Sci-Fi years.

    Click on my name for a full review.


  • 34
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I love you! Soon, I’ll SWIM with you!

    Fantastic episode. Consistently good riffs on one of the best worst movies the Brains took on, for me anyway. I actually feel there’s a fantastic dark energy that many of the “color” films from the 60’s and 70’s have. It looks like they dunked the reels in coffee before running them. Some fave riff:

    I’ve got to get this back to Camp Snoopy and attach it to the ride!

    Invisible Cracker Mom and her Invisible Cracker Car!

    I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.

    A poor catfish blames his tools!

    It’s his ‘What shirt should I wear’ wheel.

    C’mon! Let’s have an Alabama Getaway!


  • 35
    kismetgirl88 says:

    This movie remind me of “blood hook’ the movie some best brain did before Mst3k. (I think it was just Kevin and Jim.) A lot fishing and girl in swim suits.


  • 36
    CG says:

    When I was in grad school, I knew a professor who reminded me of the mad scientist in this film. He’d stare at younger female grad students (including me) for long stretches of time, with a strange smile on his face. He’d often wait around for them after events – but he wouldn’t talk to them, he’d just stare at them. Whenever he was alone, in public, he often talked to himself.

    The point of this story is, I think the movie lost creepy points by having the guy change into a fish. It would have been MUCH scarier if he had remained a real person. The fish monster costume is scary for about 0.0005 seconds, and then it’s silly. But if they’d done a movie about an unhinged, fully human scientist that plots revenge on people who “wronged” him? And, like in my experience, the protagonist had been a person who actually exists in the world, as opposed to a mutant fish? Now THAT would be a scary film.

    On a completely different note, I think it’s cool that the stinger comes from the very first line of the movie. That would be like if they riffed Moby Dick and the stinger was “Call me Ishmael.”


  • 37
    Fart Bargo says:

    RT-I bow to your correction on ‘claws ve nails’ issue. I stand corrected.


  • 38
    Johnny Ryde says:

    Before the recent DVD release, I hadn’t watched this one since the initial broadcast (I may have watched a rerun once). I really really hated the movie the first time, because it was so unbelievably dull and dreary. Literally the only thing I remembered about it was the opening “Sargassam” monologue and shots of the monster walking up and down some basement steps. When the DVD came out, I was surprised by how much I liked it.

    As Sampo says, we’ve seen this basic plot before… But this has to be one of the most ludicrous movie they’ve done. Turning himself into a fish-man by lowering himself into his bath-tub… Why does he have to turn himself into a fish-man before committing his revenge? Couldn’t he have done everything while still a human?

    “Now performing high above the bathtub!”

    Is it just me, or does the fish-man look like an evil Trumpy?

    “It is I who will be right back… To rule the universe!”

    “Fish bites, mother!”


  • 39
    Johnny Ryde says:

    Oh, and they’re drinking Leinenkugel in Segment 2, correct? (I think they call them “Leinies” or something.) I only found out about this brand recently, and IMHO they aren’t bad for an inexpensive beer…


  • 40
    Iggy Pop's Brother Steve Pop says:

    Gee, I can’t remember any riffs from this one at all…

    Just kidding. Besides the one that gave me my handle, I enjoyed the “Chapstick Hunter” sequence. And “Make him stop, Rob,” with Bill’s perfect delivery, always cracks me up.

    And also one I’m surprised no one’s mentioned (unless I missed it): “Hmm, I wonder what’s on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight.” Kind of a slam on their soon-to-be-ex-employer as the network for maladjusted, basement-dwelling nerds. Which they sort of are, of course. I mean, were. Respelling it “SyFy” made all the difference, as we know.


  • 41
    smallerdemon says:

    I recently watched this one and was actually surprised at how good an episode it really is. The movie is bizarrely “progressive”in some weird ways, giving a black character essentially the upfront scientist role for a big chunk of the movie (even though we get the obligatory redneck sheriff calling him ‘boy’, even though the redneck sheriff totally defers to the guy’s knowledge) until the white guy scientist shows up. It’s so strange because the white guy scientist is basically a complete moron as is his female attachment. The movie may be one of the oldest of the type that gives us a smart, sympathetic, charismatic black protagonist only to kill him off (but at least they waited until the end and he pretty much tries to save the frakin’ day). I like that the movie totally ends on a downer, too. The cinematography on land really is awful, but the underwater work, static though it may be, is not that bad. But it’s basically the equivalent to what the Cine Snob calls “shot on ****teo” when it’s on land: washed out direct lighting on EVERYTHING indoors and underlit natural lighting on everything outdoors.

    The MST3K, though, is fantastic. Great riffing throughout.


  • 42
    Creepygirl says:

    Just a quick note on films produced in and around the early to mid 70s:

    I seem to remember back in a college film class we were told that around 1970 the film indusrty changed to a different and less costly color film stock. I believe it was part of Eastman Kodak. This is why the many B movies we’ve seen look all brown and orange and dull and drab. The colors no longer pop, they just smeer and look ugly and dark. The sound was also in analog mono and optically read off the print which tends to mute and muffle over time.

    But hey! What do I know? Wink


  • 43
    Ator In Flight says:

    I haven’t seen this episode since it first aired and after watching it a week ago I thought it was just OK. 3 stars. I just can’t really get past the movie,so damn BORING! It’s up there with Manos in terms of a movie standing on my head and crushing it.

    There are a few good riffs like the “ape claw” and “masturbation ritual”.


  • 44
    Dark Grandma of Death says:

    This is a movie that depresses me beyond belief. The combination of inappropriately lighthearted folk music in the opening credits with the greasy little scientist, and the horribly inept sheriff (he FORGOT about Dr. Z.’s attempt to turn humans into fish??!!), along with the typical ’70s downer ending, is just overwhelming.

    There are some fine riffs, however, including Crow’s “Fish bites, Mother!” line that we still quote from time to time; it’s especially useful during our local newscasts.

    But for me, the host segments are just outstanding. Usually I’m all about the movie, and enjoy the segments as an often amusing bonus. Here, however, they’re winners. Crow lurking above Mike in the bulkhead, while parodying Dr. Z’s narration, is one of the best host segments ever written. “Heh heh heh. Skulking biped!”

    Almost as good is the fishing segment. The fish going through decompression, being tossed back so it can “have a chance,” and the way Mike & the bots become more and more Minnesotan, is priceless.

    Colossus Prime, your analysis of the plot was very salient, and I especially appreciated this:

    “Maybe he has the lead on a group of intelligent, MIT level guppies to build rockets/shuttles/space ships for prolonged deep space travel.”

    Now THAT’S a movie premise I’d like to see!


  • 45
    Tork_110 says:

    I was shocked that they said masturbation on the show, especially the way it was set up. It’s a funny riff, but it’s a moment where I don’t want to watch the show with my family.

    Didn’t this air only a couple times? I remember because I missed my opportunity to record this one while Merlin was showed far more times that you would assume after its rights problems.


  • 46

    It shouldn’t surprise you that the relationship between the sheriff and the scientist comes off as offensive. In the uncut version of this film, the sheriff calls him the “N” word.

    My favorite line: (after the scientist descibes fish behavior in detail) “All things not to say on a first date.”


  • 47
    Gummo says:

    This is one goofy-ass movie.

    And yes, I’m under the impression there are at least 2 very very different cuts out there. At least one cut does away with the whole voiceover introduction segment. So I doubt the Brains chopped up & rearranged the film so much as just trimmed the particular version they got the rights for.

    Alas, I forgot to record ZAAT when it was on TCM, dammit.

    Is this the most ineffectual take-over-the-world mad scientist ever, or what? He seems to have spent most of his adult life making his big wheel of revenge rather than actually working on his plans. And I liked that even the filmmakers felt they had to add a line to the monster’s voiceover acknowledging that the final results looked “nothing like a catfish!” As if THAT was all that was tugging at our disbelief!

    “Tom: I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.” The single most out-and-out dirty riff in the 10 season history of MST. The first real acknowledgment to me that the run was ending and they were damn well going to make any jokes they pleased.

    I’ve watched the first half of this episode many times, but rarely make it thru to the end. 45 minutes of the Weed of Deceit seems to be all I can take.

    Nothing like a plaintive folk song to announce your fearsome monster movie! Perfectly emblematic for the muddled mess that is The Blood Waters of Dr. Z.


  • 48
    trickymutha says:

    Great riff- “I’m glad my name is Edward Boy” (or something like that)


  • 49
    Mr. Ball says:

    “‘Tom: I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.’ The single most out-and-out dirty riff in the 10 season history of MST”

    I dunno, there’s a couple mentions of shemales in Horrors of Spider Island that surprised me, personally.


  • 50
    NormalView82 says:

    Having just watched this ep for the first time a month ago, I found myself laughing not as a result of the riffing, but out of unbelievable frustration at the directorial choices.

    I can’t believe the first 15-20 minutes of this thing was composed solely of a middle aged guy walking around and voice over (which didn’t even come in until the last 10 minutes of the first segment).

    Halfway through the ep I realized that this is the only movie I can remember seeing where the monster just goes about his daily/nightly business as if he’s not a hideous fish-beast. THAT cracked me up.

    I’ll have to see it again to remember any of the riffing.


  • 51
    mikek says:

    I give this episode 5 stars. The riffing is good and so are the host segments.

    Is there a missing scene at the end of the movie? I ask because I want to why the hell that lady went into the ocean after Dr. Z? This movie has the most depressing ending out of all of the movies on MST3K. Manos? No, because at least that has the excuse of an over-powering, supernatural force at work. It Lives by Night? Nope, because at least the woman in the movie was the guy’s wife and they had sex after he was infected by the bat. Blood Waters of Dr. Z has no apparent excuse for how it ended.


  • 52
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #20: “The claw marks of an ape”

    No, no, the claw marks of a large animal LIKE an ape. Wink

    #41: “The movie may be one of the oldest of the type that gives us a smart, sympathetic, charismatic black protagonist only to kill him off”

    “Night of the Living Dead” precedes it, although it’s arguable as to whether or not Ben had those traits…particularly since Ben’s insistence on not hiding in the basement gets everyone killed except himself by the ghouls/zombies. He only survived the raid (although not the movie) because he ended up HIDING IN THE BASEMENT like Harry the angry guy wanted to do in the first place.

    “But that’s a whole other film…”


  • 53
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    An episode of “I Love Lucy” once used the vaudeville sketch “Slowly I Turned” with the name “Martha” (as mentioned in that very reference source) as the trigger phrase (“Martha! MARTHA! Sloooooooooowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch, face to face with the man who had ruined my life…” or something like that).

    Thus it surprised me when the guys didn’t break into “Slowly I Turned” dialogue at the end when the agent was calling “Martha! Martha!” I guess they were more familiar with other versions.


  • 54
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    2 things.

    If the arhives are correct, this ep only aired 3 times…. the debut, the following weekend and once in 2002 ( may help explains why I never got a chance to see it on air ). Where does this stand in the record book for least airings ?

    Catfish Hunter ( lip-balm spokesman and riff-complex subject ) died just about 4 months after the oriignal airing of this episode.


  • 55
    Spector says:

    Agree with Sampo on this one, it’s one of the best of Season Ten. Just a really bizarre flick which the Brains appeared to enjoy riffing. Loved most of the host segments in this one too, especially Crow enjoying his “smokeless tobacco” as well as getting stuck in one of the overhead vents and having to be pried down by Mike. The most memorable line in this one goes to Crow:

    Voiceover: “Sargassum. The weed of deceit”.
    Crow: “That’s what I smoke!”

    It’s certainly not amongst the best episodes in the show’s history.To be honest, nothing in Season Ten matches their last, great episode, “Girl in Gold Boots”, for as I’ve said before I just get the sense that in most of this season they just didn’t seem to have their collective hearts in it anymore. Still, “Blood Waters of Dr. Z” is still among the better episodes of this season, ranking amongst the “very good”. Four out of Five stars.


  • 56
    Johnny Ryde says:

    Just wanted to mention that I love the folk-song “Through the sarcassam”…

    Also, isn’t the line something like: “claw marks of an animal like a cat or an ape”? I can check this later, but I remember M&tB snickering at what a strange combination of animals the scientist used as an example…


  • 57
    Howard says:

    After the masturbation remark, there is still more in the same vein. “Ah, some of my best work!”


  • 58
    M "Now... DIGEST!!!" Sipher says:

    #56 Johnny Ryde: “Also, isn’t the line something like: “claw marks of an animal like a cat or an ape”? I can check this later, but I remember M&tB snickering at what a strange combination of animals the scientist used as an example…

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that first part, hence my mauling (ha ha) of the quote. It was the sheer absurdity of the idea that the kind of damage an ape would do to a person would look anything like a large cat’s claw marks, and this is a supposed expert making this call, is just… really?


  • 59
    clonus says:

    wasn’t there some sort of legal issue with this one? I think that’s why it only aired three times…perhaps the director wasn’t wrong about the rights being improperly acquired?


  • 60
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    “The B.O. suite for bassoon”

    When he’s dunking the bikin girl and she screams, someone starts mimicking an Ohio Players song (Love Rollercoaster?)

    When the folk singer rhymes sarcasm with sargassum, Mike gets a good guffaw in.


  • 61
    Ed says:

    Oh god, words can’t express how much I love this one. I saw it on one of its first airings and was delighted (if not more than a little perplexed). The only reason it’s not higher than 9 on my top ten is that there are eight episodes that work even better for me.


  • 62
    Yipe Striper says:

    i guess i need to watch this one again… got it in the last shout! collection…

    i don’t remember it being very good… but i’m willing to admit i may be ‘misremembering’…


  • 63

    “And you, balding comb-over fish!”

    For what it’s worth, I would put the first 25 minutes of this episode (up to the end of the first host segment) up against any other episode. To me it’s the single best stretch of comedy the show produced; nothing misses its mark, and there are tons of gut-busters. The rest of the movie can’t match up to that kind of performance, unfortunately, but it’s still good enough to make this one of my top 3 in season 10, and now that the DVD’s out it’s one I watch on a pretty regular basis.

    In terms of “completely ineffective monster costumes,” where would Dr. Leopold’s fishman costume rank? It’s certainly better than Ro-Man or the Creeping Terror, but it’s still pretty damn bad. And what’s with every character in this movie (save our intrepid black scientist, whose death in the movie made me legitimately angry) being an unlikable moron? Was that a 70’s thing, too, to make everyone lousy as a sort of “statement on the human condition?” I mean, there are plenty of movies where you don’t end up liking anyone (Hobgoblins comes to mind), but I can’t think of any that were more egregious in making one decent character and then killing him as a “take that” to the audience.

    Host segments are mostly pretty good. The opening is solid, though I must say I’m kind of surprised to see some of you comment on how it feels like a Comedy Central opening. Pearl’s love deprivation experiment works for two reasons: the completely bizarre contents of Pearl’s love box and Crow’s instantaneous freak out when it’s removed. Segment 1 is in my top 5 Crow moments and might be my favorite host segment of the season. The others seem kind of lacking after that, but there really wasn’t any way they could top that.


  • 64
    mstgator says:

    Yeah, I believe only “Gorgo” aired fewer times than this one…

    Dr. Leopold’s voiceover always makes me think of the Professor on “Futurama”.


  • 65
    big61al says: many middle of the road reviews….I love this episode! Alien the goofy movie and riffs make for a very fun watch.


  • 66

    The regular version has played on Turner Classic Movies a couple times in the past. Not sure why. LOL


  • 67
    WhereTheFishLives says:

    One of my favorite host segments ever: Crow imitating Dr. Z’s narrative from the ceiling.


  • 68
    mikek says:

    Does anyone else think that the INPIT agents suddenly give movie a ’70s porn feel? Everything was going fine the sheriff and the state’s DNR scientist, then these two people in flimsy red jumpsuits show up.


  • 69
    MPSh says:

    I love the fact that the running-board-riding jump-suit-wearing scientist guy looks just like Gil Gerard and talks just like Dr. Brackett from “Emergency”.

    And Crow’s Dr. Z-type voice over, shouted from the rafters:



  • 70
    losingmydignity says:

    Now it’s my turn to sashay through the sarcasm….

    Just watched this one the other night and I stand by my initial reaction when I watched this the first time some years ago..

    The first half (45 minutes or so) is HILARIOUS…right up there with some of their best work. In particular from the great riffing in the opening credits to ALL of the great stuff in the lab, the Brains’ riffing is impeccable. There are so many great riffs as we get to know Dr. Z, his funky lab, and his…funk.

    But it all peters out so quickly in the second half. You can really see the Brains trying their best, but unlike in Monster a Go Go (very similar in tone and feel to this movie) they just can’t sustain the momentum. I still have amenesia when it comes to the second half, though I tried really hard to pay attention this time and there are some great riffs.

    There is a boom mike shadow the Brains miss some time in the late-middle part of the movie. Watch for it on the white wall in a scene where, I believe (sorry, Amnesia) Rex exits and then the quasi-soft core porn couple (MikeK you are so right) have a little love scene. Watch it above (the bed?) It swings back into the shot as the girlie crosses the room. Such poor lighting too!

    “I’m being followed by a boom shadow, boom shadow. Leaping and a hoping boom shadow boom shadow. Boom shadow, boom shadow….”

    Sorry I’ve always wanted to sing that…and now I have my reason! Ha ha aha ahahahahahhahaha….etc

    Is there any other ep where they make fun of each other for so long…I’m talking about the catfish chapstick incident. And then when Mike starts in the riffing again Servo nails him. I love these self-reflexive moments. Points out again the “involuted” nature of the show.

    The host segs are…meh. I would rather have had more of the film. From what some of you described there were some really good bits cut out of this ep…in particular the folk scene with sheriff sounds like it would have riffed well.

    Was there ever a direct reference to In the Heat of the Night by the Brains? I didn’t catch one…

    This time around I remember the dune buggy scene…hilarious, and one of the few bright spots in the latter half of the ep.

    Do those shower caps come in pink and blue?

    B- (I raised my grade from a C, because I enjoyed it more this time, but it’s still one of the great “misses” of the show’s run).


  • 71
    incrediblehorriblemrlimpet says:

    *As they drive off away from the camera with INPIT Agent, Walker Stevens on the running board, I believe it is Mike who has him say, “Gentlemen? Whee”.
    *I think it was also Walker Stevens who drove his amphibious vehicle straight into the water, prompting Servo to have him say, “What’d I do that for?”
    *Servo’s Peter Gunn horn-section theme was also quite impressive.

    My already-established respect for Bill Corbett’s comedic timing and delivery deepened even more with the hilarious Crow-trapped-in-the-bulkhead segment.


  • 72
    losingmydignity says:

    The boom shadow is just above are injured hero’s head in the tucking him and saying good night to Rex scene (Rex’s “acting” is particularly hilarious here)at about 57:00 in the shout disc. Rex says goodnight to porn actor in the bed and hello to porn actress coming in and we see the boom shadow again as she crosses the room. Just to be exact about it.

    And at one minute, Sampo (or anyone else) does the Farley Granger reference appear? I would like to check that out.


  • 73
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Love everything about this episode. Only thing I didsn’t care for was the love deprivation skit, too long and predictable. Everything else, the 70’s era movie with it’s zapruder underwater boringness, the lame characters, the perfect riffing and execution, good funny host segments, The Balding combover fish, astronauts from a different film, and the catchy opening tune “planning revenge on my friends” (actually “World War Two Boy”)
    – It all works great for me. I can still watch it and laugh, and I’ve seen it a lot.
    Ten stars.


  • 74
    losingmydignity says:

    My brain hurts today…corrections:

    At what minute, Sampo….

    our injured hero’s…

    tucking him in….


  • 75
    dad1153 says:

    Gummo: “Tom: I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.” The single most out-and-out dirty riff in the 10 season history of MST. The first real acknowledgment to me that the run was ending and they were damn well going to make any jokes they pleased.

    * * * * * * * *

    Any comedy act with a (relatively) ‘clean’ reputation can crack an inappropriate remark to get a cheap laugh, especially a cowtown puppet show with Saturday Morning TV standards. What elevates Tom’s ‘masturbation’ remark into a classic riff is Crow’s reaction to Tom’s utterance. Even in black silhouette the mouth-open, slow-turning body language of Crow in the theater reacting to Tom’s remark (which also shows how good at handling the Crow puppet Bill had gotten by this point) completely sells the filth of the moment. It’s both shocking and hilarious, and that’s such a great and lovely feeling in “MST3K” when it’s done right.

    As for “Dr. Z,” I honestly don’t remember it. It’s forever stuck in my mind as ‘the one where Tom uses the ‘M’ word’ episode. Got the Shout! DVD, will watch it tonight for kicks.


  • 76
    Son of Bobo says:

    IMO this is the least of the SciFi era. Still very good, but nothing spectacular. I too, was confused by the Farley Granger reference, which I think had to do with “Strangers On A Train”, I figured someone (Paul, perhaps?) must have thought the charachter resembles Robet Walker, Jr., but I don’t see it.
    In a Cinematic Titanic vid, Trace uses a “he keeps a masturbation journal” comment. Wonder if Mary Jo came up with both comments?


  • 77
    Garth Arizona says:

    2 star episode. Probably the weakest season 10 episode for me. A lot of it has to do with how unwatchable the movie is–It’s just dreadful, and not in a funny way. I like the SciFi era, and I love 70’s movie riffs (Riding with Death, Touch of Satan, Angel’s Revenge, The Giant Spider Invasion, Etc.) but I can barely watch this one without blacking out.

    With that said, “I need to simplify my masturbation ritual” is a hilarious riff.


  • 78
    Garth Arizona says:

    More dislike for this episode LOL It pales in comparison to the next two episodes: Boggy Creek II and Track of the Moon Beast, and to earlier episodes The Girl in the Gold Boots and Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders, which I consider the 4 best of season 10.

    The voice-over narration at the beginning of the episode may have been the most unwatchable segment in any MSTied movie.


  • 79
    This Guy says:

    Good God, this movie has the most annoying noises since “The Projected Man.” Parts of the “score” sound like they accidentally recorded a hearing test and decided to throw it in, and the sound effects in Dr. Z’s lab seem to be calculated to drive the audience mad, like a bad 70’s monster movie version of The King in Yellow.

    I’m not sure exactly why, but this viewing has had a soporific effect on me. This, combined with my intense, seething hatred for the movie, has made it difficult to enjoy the riffs, although there are some real gems in there.


  • 80
    H says:

    One word- sargassum. This is a pretty good one. The movie and host segments hold up pretty well for me, although I have to agree with Sampo about segment 3.


  • 81
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    All this talk about masturbation. Does nobody remember the pocket pool invention exchange from The Beatniks ?


  • 82
    M "Flaf On The Moon" Sipher says:

    MST’s made plenty of masturbation jokes over the years. It’s just that they were typically (thinly) veiled puns or slightly obtuse, and pretty much never outright used the word “masturbation”.

    “I’m gonna go spank myself!” – Monkey in Women of the Prehistoric Planet
    “Buzz? Next time don’t make so much noise when you read.” – Mom, Mr. B. Natural
    “You’ve seen me do everything?!” – Buzz, Mr. B. Natural
    “We make the saints cry…” – The Del-Aires, Horror at Party Beach

    Now there’s a Weekend Discussion for you. Either “Dirtiest riffs” (interesting to see how many come from the Joel era… more than some would claim) or “Dirtiest riff it took you a minute to realize it was filthy.” “Noise when you read” certainly ranks way up there on either scale. Though Tom howling in pain as Big Stupid closes the sliding doors in the brothel while walking backwards, indicating he got… um… caught… certainly took a moment to realize exactly what he closed the door on.

    (Actually, Mr. B. Natural is full of really dirty riffs. “Ever notice the energy in a high school hallway?” “Oh yeeeeeaaaaah.” Tom’s shock-whispered “Joel!!” after that is great.)


  • 83
    Johnny Ryde says:

    @losingmydignity, #70:

    There is a boom mike shadow the Brains miss some time in the late-middle part of the movie. Watch for it on the white wall in a scene where, I believe (sorry, Amnesia) Rex exits and then the quasi-soft core porn couple (MikeK you are so right) have a little love scene. Watch it above (the bed?) It swings back into the shot as the girlie crosses the room. Such poor lighting too!

    I noticed that later in the show’s run they seemed to avoid pointing out boom mike shadows, even when they were really obvious… Maybe they just got tired of making the same joke?


  • 84
    Ransom says:

    It is Cabella’s that he “just placed an order two” I watched the episode last night. I wouldn’t have noticed the line if I hadn’t been waiting for it. Cabella is a outdoorsman store. They have a big catoloug too. I can’t spell today can I?


  • 85
    Smoothie of Great Power says:

    I really can’t say much about this one since it’s one of those that just wasn’t too memorable for me, with one exception: Segment One. That’s all I need.


  • 86
    Jenny Hershel says:

    No, you spelled ‘today’ right, you just got catalog wrong.


  • 87
    thedumpster says:

    I agree, the first 25 min or so were the best. The rest…not so much. Overall, this was one of the worst episodes that they ever did. I am really surprised that those (some, not all) that love this episode feel that the four previous ones were just “meh.” I thought just the opposite.

    To each their own…


  • 88
    Tigermilk says:

    This is the rare MST episode (maybe the only one, besides a few season one entries) that I cannot get all the way through. The movie is so dreary, almost grotesque that even the presence of Mike and the Bots can get me through. After the ridiculous “theme-song” and the riffs mocking it, the episode gets unwatchable, very quickly.


  • 89
    Tigermilk says:

    er, should have been “can’T get me through.”


  • 90
    spap oop says:

    ZaAt actually played on TCM not four weeks ago in HD no less. my dvr hardrive was full so i didnt record it. maybe next halloween movie season TCM will show it again. TCM just started up in HD and not very many movies have been converted to true HD and i dont think this version was. maybe next time.
    the uncut version can also be found on youtube.
    this was also my kids favorite ep. when were little when it first aired. of course they(and many viewers) didnt have a clue what the catfish capstick joke was about but they thought it was the funniest thing ever and refered to Z as the “catfish capstick one”.


  • 91
    spap oop says:

    shoulda previewed my post. when they were little. and catfish chapstick. i stand corrected.


  • 92
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    I think whenever someone says they didn’t think the riffing was very good, they should be required by law to state truthfully their age.

    Also, very surprised Sampo didn’t know what Cabellas is. It’s a quite famous outdoors mail-order catalog that I’ve seen for years, and I’m not even an outdoorsman. I admit though that I’ve worked in shipping & receiviong nearly all my life and have seen a lot of mail.

    Say what you will, I rate this episode in the top 5 of season ten, and top 10 of the sci-fi years. But again, boring & tedious has no effect on riffing quality. I certainly don’t watch this show for the movies.
    As I’ve said in the past, I have seen some of these movies over 10 times before I even began to try to pay attention to what is actually going on. I’m in it for the kicks, baby. (riffs).


  • 93
    fathermushroom says:

    Re: music cues, I recognized several in the early laboratory sequence, that I’ve heard on the old “Courageous Cat” cartoon when I was a kid in the 1960s.


  • 94
    This Guy says:

    IMDb lists two people credited for “original music” on this movie, which is damned weird. I wonder if they perpetrated the “I just got my synthesizer and haven’t figured out how to use it yet” cues, while all the other horribly-mismatched stuff is repurposed from other works. Whoever did the synth crap is guilty of a serious crime against my ears, and I’d like them to be brought to justice.


  • 95
    Green Switch says:

    #36 – CG: “On a completely different note, I think it’s cool that the stinger comes from the very first line of the movie. That would be like if they riffed Moby Dick and the stinger was “Call me Ishmael.””

    My thoughts exactly.

    Fun episode. Maybe not the best of the tenth season, but still hilarious for the theme song and any riffs dealing with that stupid costume.

    #11 – Joseph Nebus: “There’s also a really weird scene where Racist Sheriff hears there’s some ruckus going on in a house, and wanders in, and it turns out to be a little hootenany with a guitar-playing folk singer at its core. The Sheriff — in a touch which actually left me liking him — smiles at this and sits down a bit, listening for a while to the kids just having fun despite the mayhem and chaos. You don’t see a lot of sheriffs in these type movies doing stuff besides harassing the kids having pointless fun.

    And then it gets really weird, as the Sheriff somehow telepathically summons the hootenany to stand up and, as the performer continues playing the guitar and singing, leads them on a musical walk out the house and through town, all the way to the jail, where he puts the contented kids in for their own safety, a cause which the kids seem to agree is right and just. ”

    I saw that scene on Turner and was dumbstruck by how silly that was.


  • 96
    Warren says:

    I’ve seen this all the way through (on youtube) just once but seem to remember enjoying it. I barely saw a few frames while half-asleep when it first aired on a Saturday morning. I still need to get the dvd set.


  • 97
    norgavue says:

    All I can say is this movie has one of those odd ball soundtracks. Planning revenge on my friends!


  • 98
    Cornjob says:

    That song put the boogie in my feet.


  • 99
    crowschmo says:

    #70: I saw the boom shadow, too. Yes, they do reference In the Heat of the Night. When sheriff and scientist are riding off in the car, Crow mentions it, not by name, but by the premise of the show, talking like the sheriff saying they’re going to be like them – I don’t remember the exact wording, it’s kind of a drawn out joke.

    I never saw this episode when it first aired. I just have the DVD now because I got Shout’s Vol. XVII set. I bought it when it first came out, but I held off on watching it until this discussion, I wanted it to be fresh. How’s that for will-power?

    Well, I was disappointed. Here I had an ep I’d never seen and – eh. Nothing to write home about. I thought it was boring, though, like every ep of MST, there’s always SOME bright spots.

    “This guy peaked in the womb.” – Mike

    “Well, if you’re going to live in a basement, you might as well have all the bells and whistles.” – Mike

    “The faces of the fish he’s wronged flash before his eyes.” – Crow

    “He’s a cop-a-feel-acanth.” – Mike

    “That was locked, but he now has the POWERFUL FOREARMS of a CATFISH!” – Crow

    “Tonight! – On Invisible Cracker Mom!” – Crow

    Wasn’t too thrilled with the host segments. I, too, laughed at the stupid comparison of the claw marks like a “cat – or an ape.” WTF? So similar.

    I was getting very disappointed with this last season. There’s quite a few episodes that I just didn’t bother watching.


  • 100
    Jimmy says:

    It’s amazing that, in this day & age, people can’t handle the word “masturbation” being used, and would correlate it with something being “out-and-out” dirty.
    Some riffs I didn’t see mentioned:
    “He’s learned to modulate his flatulence!”
    “This is the Gerald Ford of monsters!”, after the monster’s 8th tripping/stumbling incident or so.
    “It’s kind of weird when your monster has to use a handrail.”
    It’s a little slow towards the middle, but overall I find the riffing to be consistently good. The film itself is so stunningly stupid and ridiculous that there’s plenty to laugh at aside from the riffs: Walker Stevens and his hair that seems to take on a life of its own as the film progresses, the overblown “Peter Gunn” rip-off theme that Servo nails, the idiotic scene where Stevens speeds off in the Banana Splits Clown Car at a brisk clip on land only to drive straight into the swamp and slow down to about 1/10 MPH(“Don’t worry, Martha! I’ll catch up and save you in about three days!”)
    I find it rather amusing when guys like Don Barton take garbage like the film he made so seriously. It’s laugh-out-loud funny to hear his air of pretension in that video clip, when you realize that his only film credits in any capacity begin and end with ‘Dr. Z’, much like just about anybody else involved with the film. Nothing like hitching your wagon to a train heading straight into the swamp and sinking into oblivion.


  • 101
    Pixiesnix says:

    According to this website, the song “World War Two Boy” was done by a Jamie DeFrates.

    You can’t actually download the song. Rather, it plays about a minute of the beginning. The only other place I could find it was, which corroborates the DeFrates authorship.


  • 102
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    >>>The first real acknowledgment to me that the run was ending and they were damn well going to make any jokes they pleased.

    I think it’s arguable that Season Eight’s “Sorry you couldn’t perform, Vorelli” bit from “Devil Doll” was noticeably extremer.


  • 103
    Sitting Duck says:

    Andrew Borntreger of BadMovies.Org did a review of Blood Waters of Doctor z.


  • 104
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I watched this again late last night, and realized I’d forgot to mention one of my favorite riffs:

    “I hope you like your catfish hot and spicy. CHAWMP!” (Also one of my fave bits from Devil Fish)


  • 105
    crowtdan says:

    I’m betting you won’t print this but here goes. I actually went into my vault and found this episode on a VHS tape with Future Wars. I don’t think I watched it all the way through when it was first aired. I found the movie to be grossly disturbing. I felt I had to shower after watching. Usually the riffing will carry me through this type of episode but when Nelson first “joke” is “You see, this is why I hate cats!” at the title sequence which has a very vague picture of an animal with claws, I knew this was going to be a stinkaroo. This joke of his is not funny. He’s used it before and you can feel the thud. Nelson hate things all you want but remember you are just a guy who makes a living busting on movies. Your other writing stinks. TV Guide canned you. Your books are harder to find than Alaskan Democrat. I have never seen RiffTrax. But I have all the CT tapes.


  • 106
    DJurgServo says:

    So, I have a question about the first line in the movie, which also happens to be the stinger: “Sargassum! The weed of deceit!” Does that makes any sense on any level in this movie?? Or anywhere in the real world? Or is it just some random statment said right out of the gate to establish that the good Doctor is batpoop insane?? Did I miss anything else? I looked at a couple sources on-line and none of them said anything about the deceitful nature of sargassum. Thanks!
    And to Crowtdan (#105), you can come to my place to find 3 of Mike Nelson’s books, plus the Episode Guide. I really like them all, esp Mind Over Matters. Funny stuff! But to each his own, I guess.


  • 107
    Cornjob says:

    I need another bowl of Zoloft.


  • 108
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    “Suddenly, her Volkswagon comes crashing through the wall, her dog at the wheel…”

    How lame is this movie? After puttering around for over an hour, the heroes finally solve the mystery when the sheriff finally remembers, “Hey, maybe that crazy Nazi mad scientist guy is involved in this…”

    And Doctor Z… My goodness, he looks like Exidor from MORK AND MINDY with Donald Trump’s hairpiece…

    Funny, funny episode.


  • 109
    KSK says:

    @ Cornjob:

    “I need another bowl of Zoloft.”

    Line of the ep for me. Still kills me when I hear it.


  • 110
    Mighty Jack says:

    I wonder if Jamie DeFrates would mind it if I sent him an email telling him how much I liked that opening song? (or have other dopey MSTies like me bugged him with similar messages?) As a fellow songwriter I liked the guitar work on the number.

    The episode is a middle area one for me. I gave it 3 stars. Skits are cute, riffing is generally solid. I loved the bit with the dune buggy slowly taking off as dramatic ‘action’ music blares – that cracks me up.

    It’s not a screamingly hilarious ep but a pretty good one riff-wise, the dreary movie does kind of drag on me at times.


  • 111
    Spalanzani says:

    @105: You should realize that just because a certain character says a riff, it doesn’t mean their actor wrote it. Kevin didn’t write all of Tom’s lines, Trace/Bill didn’t write all of Crow’s lines, and the same applies for Mike. So saying “This Mike line is so lame, Mike’s a really terrible writer” doesn’t make much sense.


  • 112
    Pixiesnix says:

    @Mighty Jack: I’d like to be able to download the song. The combination of good melody with preposterous lyrics must be in my collection!


  • 113
    Fart Bargo says:

    @105 Your rant sounds like the work of a jilted lover who’s decided to stalk and ruin. Please get some help.


  • 114

    With all the comments about the guy who rides on the running board, no one has mentioned my favorite riff from the movie, “Quit playing Rat Patrol!” It can only be that no one else here remembers Rat Patrol.


  • 115
    J says:

    Some really foxy blonde ladies in this movie (that’s Florida for you), and even the bots became fixated on seeing said foxy ladies (further) divested of clothing. Most of the rest of the movie did not stay in my memory as well as that part.

    However, watching it again, it was definitely a classic MST3K candidate, with touches not only bad but bizarre: the over-the-top lengthy narration, the guy driving his little toy ATV/boat thing, jumpsuits, Invisible Cracker Mom, “the powerful forearms of a catfish,” and that ending. A worthwhile episode.


  • 116
    Dan in WI says:

    I like the chewing tobacco opening. It’s what an opening should be. Random and disgusting.
    I’ve got to simplify my masturbation ritual: I don’t think this is a case of them saying whatever they want because the end is near. Isn’t this actually a callback? I seem to recall this as a Josh riff from season one.
    Tom sure can sing a good Peter Gunn theme.
    Past that there is not much to say here. It really was a weaker episode for me.
    I think Mike summed it best: “I’m going to let Pearl talk while I vomit.”
    Favorite Riffs:
    A snake swims through. Tom sings “I don’t want none unless it’s got buns hun.”

    Tom as the racist Sheriff “Nothing down here but girly magazines and beer bottles. Oh wait, this is my basement.”


  • 117
    BlackRobbin says:

    This one holds a special place for me. Its the episode that got my five year old nephew hooked on MST3K. Much to the chagrin of his parents. He started making little comments during everything on tv after that.


  • 118
    schippers says:

    I picked up this movie on Blu-Ray a while back and boy oh boy does it DRAAAAAG in the beginning. Best Brains made some judicious cuts, let me tell you.


  • 119
    Shrike says:

    Anyone know if this one passes the Bechdel Test?

    Anyhoo, gonna go simplify my masturbation ritual.


  • 120
    Bruce (Of no Account) Boxliker says:

    What a coincidence! I was just now planning revenge on my friends…

    Gotta go with the good, not great rating for this one. It just feels…. damp.

    I think the block & tackle setup was, as mentioned before, because of the pain of having your very DNA rewritten, but also to keep you under until you actually start breathing water. It would be very hard to intentionally counter the survival reflex of holding your breath underwater.
    I also don’t think Doc Z put enough thought into the whole ‘conquer the universe’ plan. He may be amphibious, but he’d no doubt need to be underwater from time to time. That would mean having a large water tank on your rockets that take your fishy minions out into space, which would make the rocket heavier than it really should be.
    There I go again… trying to apply logic & science to a fish monster movie…

    Now off to create my very own rice of pipple!


  • 121
    Ang says:

    A few months ago Long John Silvers had a new item they were advertising called fish bites (little fish nuggets). Every time the commercial would come on and they would say ‘fish bites’ I’d have to say “fish bites Mother!”. It’s so fun to play along at home!


  • 122
    MWH1980 says:

    I’m more of the idea that the hammock was mainly the filmmaker’s own little tribute to the likes of Frankenstein’s creation being hoisted up to be struck by lightning…only this movie’s mad scientist sinks to new lows( Yes, I went there. I’d go there again if I had to!).

    I think that Florida sun does something to people’s brains. How else to explain them making this, and Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny?

    I do love Crow’s parody of the voice-over, notably when Mike tries to dislodge him (“AH, my old friend the squeegee…I LOVE you.”)

    When you think of it, could you almost call this the Floridian version of England’s ‘Projected Man?’ Given that at one point, both this guy and Paul broke into a store to steal stuff?


  • 123
    jjk says:

    One of my favorite episodes from this season. I know I’m in the minority on this one but I actually like this movie. I’ve seen the original uncut version and it has some gory scenes that were of course cut by MST3K. It reminds me of The Horror of Party Beach that was also better in the uncut version. It’s one of those it’s so bad it’s good movies that MST3K does so well.


  • 124
    JohnnyRyde says:

    This one is a lot of fun and since the DVD I’ve added it to my regular rotation…

    TCM showed this a few years ago on their underground cult film series (I forget the name of it). I only made it through the first ten or so minutes. But it was the first time that I realized that the lyric, “Planning revenge on your friends” is actually in the song. I laughed like a fool. I assumed it was something the Best Brains made up to be over-the-top cheesy.

    Definitely one of the odder films they did.


  • 125

    Mark me down as another fan of Blood Waters of Dr. Z, this is yet another strong episode from (what I consider) a strong season.

    I’ve never seen Zaat, the uncut version of this movie. Not sure that I need to. . . .

    Yeah, this isn’t a very good movie, I’ll agree. It’s slow in spots, and the characters are more or less kind of stupid, plus the whole concept seems about half-baked, but it still has a guy in a monster suit stumbling around, plus a good look at rural 70s Florida, which make it fairly watchable for me. Plus, the riffing is fairly strong (except for a couple dry patches in the middle) and the Host Segments have some winners. Yeah, I’d have to say this is a great episode. Now. . . .ATTACK!

    The Opening with Crow chewing tobacco and spitting in all those cans is great stuff. Simple, silly, apropos of nothing, plus I love Crow’s little bump of chaw near his lip (wait, Crow doesn’t have lips. His mouth opening, then) which is a great little detail. “Hey Crow, what’s going on?” “Flavor, Mike!” After Crow spits in Mike’s shoe, when Mike walks off you can hear a slight squishing sound. EWW!
    – – Product note: the Pepsi One cans that Crow is spitting in: Pepsi One was relatively brand new back then, having just debuted the previous summer in June of 1998. – –

    The Intro with Pearl’s experimental love giving/withholding doesn’t really offer much, but Crow does spout this great non-sequiter: “Sweet, hot pad love!”

    Host Segment #1 is very funny. “Saddle soap, cleaning compound of deceit.” You wanna get some odd looks from people? Next time you’re at a gas station, grab the squeegee and quote this line: “Ah yes, my friend the squeegee. I love you.” Big Smile Also, I have to mention that this is yet another skit that ends with Crow falling from a high place (he seems to do that a lot I’ve noticed).

    HS#2 is maybe the weakest of the bunch (even MST can’t make fishing interesting) but HS#3 is pretty funny (“Mike what is your deal?”), with Bobo and Brain Guy’s fairly flat reading of a scene from Glengary Glen Ross while nude (Brain Guy’s pasty white chest!). For some unknown reason when they cut down to Castle Forrester they are both intently listening to an old timey radio play country-western songs. What the heck? Question Laugh


    movie: “Sargassum. Weed of deceit.”
    Crow: “That’s what I smoke.”

    Mike: “This guy peaked in the womb.”

    Servo: “I need to simplify my masterbation ritual.”

    Crow: “No, I’d rather see Sammo Hung in a speedo!”

    Mike: “It’s kind of weird when your monster needs to use a handrail.”

    Servo: “There I conquered Florida, now on to Southern Illinois.” – – I found this to be particularly funny, as I spent the first 29 years of my life living in So. Ill. – –

    Mike: “. . . . .and go.”

    Crow: “A poor catfish blames his tools.”

    Crow: “Tonight on Invisible Cracker Mom.”

    Crow: “No matter how much the movie insists there’s tension, I must respectively disagree with it.”

    Crow: “Fish guy’s got good weed.”

    Blood Water of Dr. Z,

    I have to give it 4 out of 5 sargassums.


  • 126
    goalieboy82 says:

    Blood waters, huh? Guess Dr. Z had a little kidney problem.


  • 127
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    The more I think about it (“So don’t think about it.”), the odder the out-of-nowhere “Dr. Z is an ex-Nazi” bit seems. So, uh, what local business (where the victim guys had been his co-workers) employed ex-Nazis? I mean, somebody in the area must have known SOMETHING about it, or Martha couldn’t have acquired the pointless German-accented recording so quickly. Right? Or not?

    At least the fact that we never heard Dr. Z speak aloud (only his interior monologue) makes it moot that HE didn’t have a German accent.

    Per Wikipedia, the recording (not like I memorized it) also mentioned that Z had graduated from MIT (!) in 1934, which only confuses the issue further. Maybe he was a Bundist.


    Sampo: Another movie observation: Why does the scientist create the elaborate block-and-tackle hammock when THERE’S A LADDER?

    THAT’S the strangest thing you perceive about how this guy thinks? Wink

    Again, no idea if any of these commentators are still around, but…

    #36: But if they’d done a movie about an unhinged, fully human scientist that plots revenge on people who “wronged” him

    Then they’d have made a serial killer movie (or a slasher film, the terms are sometimes interchangeable). There weren’t many of those as of 1972, but there were a few.

    That noted, I made a similar observation about Leopold as the kind of guy that a “real” mad scientist might be like. I’m out of nowhere reminded of the Unabomber.

    It’s *relatively* unusual for a mad scientist to want to take revenge against his enemies AND to conquer the world, though. You’ve gotta give the movie that much, anyway.

    #47: Is this the most ineffectual take-over-the-world mad scientist ever, or what?

    You’re evidently unfamiliar with “Dracula Vs. Frankenstein” (which hit the theaters a mere year earlier). And that’s only the first example that occurred to me. Wink


    I’m sure if Dr. Z had ever actually accomplished anything with his fish-man project before, Lou would have remembered him more quickly. Law enforcement officers encounter all kinds of nuts, and a guy who thinks he can turn a man into a fish isn’t going to rank very high on the “credible threat” chart.

    And now I’m for no particular reason wondering about what kind of stuff had to be dealt with by the police department in whatever town Scooby-Doo and the gang lived in. Hm, “Coolsville, Ohio” (not to be confused with Coolville (no S), Ohio), thank you, Wikipedia. Wow, Ohio, “Land of the Serial Killers” [Quinn Fallon], what are the odds, huh?


  • 128
    Depressing Aunt says:

    Ah, yes, my friend the squeegee! I LOVE YOU!

    I’m so grateful statements like this exist…


  • 129
    Sitting Duck says:

    For those dying to find out, Blood Waters of Dr. Z passes the Bechdel Test, but it was a squeaker. Ma Pringle informs her daughter Sue that she’s leaving and is acknowledged.

    You really have to wonder about Harry Harlow. Any guy who would employ devices with names like rape rack or pit of despair has some problems.

    Add my voice to the chorus that finds Crow’s rafter monologue to be hilarious.

    I.N.P.I.T. has one of the most unfortunate acronyms, second only to the A.R.M.P.I.T. from the dubbed version of Sergeant Frog. At least they have the excuse that they’re suppose to be ridiculous.

    Favorite riffs

    That song put the boogie in my feet.

    I’d rather see Sammo Hung wearing a Speedo.

    Oh come on! Long tubes, fluids, men in their underwear. What’s next?

    Weird when your monster has to use a handrail.

    Frankly, I think the world can handle this invasion.

    I’ve got to be honest. Am I that much closer to ruling the universe?

    I sense danger. I’d better undress.

    Once I get Herbie out of the way, she’ll be mine.

    The faces of the fish he’s wronged flash before his eyes.

    I’m a failure as a fish. I’m gonna try being a fungus.

    Lay off the heavy music. I’m just making a grocery list.

    On the bright side, shower caps are on sale.

    You seem kind of mad at me for not remembering the weird fish doctor before.

    No matter how much the movie insists that there’s tension, I must respectfully disagree with it.

    Sure, you thought the clown car would solve everything, didn’t you.

    I guess I could be stupider, but it’d be hard.

    Nothing down here but girlie magazines and empty beer bottles. Oh wait, this is my basement.

    And finally, he gets eaten by a manatee.


  • 130
    MikeK says:

    Blood Waters of Dr. Z, the movie that’s almost a porno. Seriously, if that girl with the VW Beetle went skinny dipping and the I.N.P.I.T. agents had a couple of sex scenes, this movie would be a weird, ’70s porno.


  • 131
    Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    The riffs are pretty racy in this one

    “I need to simplify my masturbation ritual.”

    “Typical male. Sitting in a chair, playing with his rod.”


  • 132
    pondoscp says:

    I used to absolutely loathe this episode. I decided to give it another whirl, and I laughed louder and harder than I did at any other Season 10 experiment. Just goes to show, keep watching ’em, and you’ll eventually have your breakthrough moment. Now I have no opinion on what the worst episode of MST3K is.


  • 133
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    *I* have to wonder about Harry Harlow because I have no idea who he is.

    (checks Wikipedia)

    Oh, okay, I get it now.

    When you’re done wondering about Harry Harlow, you might want to try wondering about William Moulton Marston. Or you might not.


  • 134
    snowdog says:

    This is another one of those where the dull movie starts to drag down the riffing for me. But there are some fun moments and a couple of great host segments. I was living near Jacksonville, FL when this filmed in the 70’s, but knew nothing of its existence until MST3K. Go figure.

    The chewing tobacco segments rate among the most unsettling in MST3K history, imo. I grew up around that stuff, but avoided it like the plague. And that thing that’s supposed to be a bulge in Crow’s cheek looks like he already has a tumor. Yuck.


  • 135
    MSTie says:

    I own this one but have never watched it for some reason. So tell me, what level of intoxication do you all recommend for viewing??


  • 136
    Depressing Aunt says:

    #135 By the end, the action of the film *does* get dull. You might feel drowsy, depending on your tolerance level. (You might feel drowsy without having had a single drink, actually.) Pace yourself accordingly. However, that opening narration is pure gold. Yes, Dr. Z, somehow you and your mutants will conquer the entire universe. Uh huh. Watch out for the black holes. P.S.: So long, and thanks for all the fish! Smile

    Pearl’s Love Stuff is wonderful. Hot pad love? I can relate. I have hot pads passed down from my grandma. But staple remover love, and alternator love? That’s pretty creative. Sometimes Pearl reminds me of one of my aunts.


  • 137
    Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    #123 “Horror of Party Beach that was also better in the uncut version.”

    There is an “uncut” version of Horror of Party Beach” ???? They actually made that film LONGER ???
    LOL. THIS I have to search out.


  • 138
    Cornjob says:

    Boy is this movie a weird grab bag of mental illnesses and odd fetishes. It starts out with mad scientist voice over declaring love for a disgusting fish. Then a classic folk song about getting revenge on your friends, while a barely ambulatory lump of flesh and hair wanders around a leaky pool. I wanted to ask the movie, “are you sure you want to be about this guy?” And then things proceed to get strange.

    One thing I’m really unsure about is whether the nazi fish guy won or not or what. He managed to stagger into the ocean with his canister of ZaAt (not to be confused with Zaaaahh!! from A Touch of Satan), so does this mean the sea life would mutate and rise up all over the world while exposed humans turned into fish people rallying around our protagonist(?) as leader? And the fainting blond didn’t marinate in the ZaaT long enough to go scaly, but she did follow adolf catfish into the ocean in a trance. So was she now going to be his bride? Did she soak long enough to get gills, or was she just going to drown herself rather be associated with the film? Do I need to join The Esoteric Order of Dagon and make friends with some Deep Ones to prepare for life under our new amphibious overlords?

    Well, let’s sit down with a big bowl of our antidepressant of choice and enjoy the film.

    Oh, and I want Steve Pop to be in my werewolf movie.


  • 139
    spap oop says:

    This mst3k started a tradition at our house. watching mst3k instead of the commercials during the superbowl. a certain satellite providers dvr makes this possible.
    anyway, my kids (kids at the time) thought the catfish chapstick joke was hilarious despite knowing nothing about those chapstick commercials.
    o,my team was in the big game for the first time in their memorable lifetime this year and I made them sit and watch it as a family. MST3K the Movie was the movie.
    After that second half kick off return for a touchdown, I told them “go do what you want” and watching the movie was the best thing we–I watched all day.


  • 140
    goalieboy82 says:

    “Cast and crew roundup: Nobody involved with this movie was involved with any other MSTed movie”
    Thank God!


  • 141
    thequietman says:

    For the first time, I have to admit this was an episode that didn’t exactly stick with me like the others surrounding it. The only parts that lasted were bikini girl’s fate (probably because that was one of the few borderline competently done sequences). Since then, the rest of the film has grown on me, particularly that bonkers opening monologue and Crow’s brilliant imitation later. Plus, there’s Mike’s cute business as he tries to figure out how he’s going to finish polishing his boots after Crow makes him lose his brush down the puppeteer pit.

    Once I figured out this movie’s original title and learned more about it, I found it rather intriguing. I must admit this film’s original trailer has one of the most over-the-top voiceovers I’ve ever heard. It’s almost like they’re trying to do a send-up of how creature features were sold:

    “His goal? To pollute THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!”
    “An entire town goes BERSERK! In a rampage of DEATH AND VIOLENCE!!”
    And my favorite: “How could it happen? No one knows… BUT IT DID!”

    Perhaps the producers thought volume would compensate for the palpable lack of berserk town rampaging and universe conquering.


  • 142
    Manos Bride says:

    I have a lot of experience with this movie. Way too much, actually.

    I saw it in the theater when it first came out back in 1971, along with some friends of mine. At the time, I found it confusing and weird. My opinion hasn’t changed. But it was a big deal here in Jacksonville, and to a certain extent it still is today. Every few years or so we have a revival of it shown somewhere. At the last one I bought a blu-ray copy of the original unriffed version, ZAAT.

    It was made just down the road from where I grew up, and the mother of a friend of mine was an actress in the film. Her name was Carol Thompson, and she played the lady reporter in the “mod pantsuit”. I was very young at the time, but from what I remember she was a nursing student who did a little bit of acting on the side. She was very nice, as I recall. Her family moved away shortly afterward, so I’ve long since lost track of her and her daughter, unfortunately.

    The credits mention Switzerland as one of the locations. Of course, that’s Switzerland, Florida, a small town near Jacksonville. They also mention Marineland of Florida, which was the big marine life park before Sea World came along. It still exists today, but it’s changed over to offer dolphin encounters (swimming, feeding, etc.) There’s also a town of Marineland, with a population of 12.

    One of the associate producers was Dick Stratton. He was the sportscaster on one of the local news programs back in the 70s. I’m not sure how he got a mention in the credits, but I’m guessing he put up some of the money for the film. I doubt if he had any movie-making experience.

    It was a lot of fun seeing MST3K take on our little hometown movie. Naturally, the film richly deserved the riffing.


  • 143
    MSTie says:

    OK, I remedied my never having seen this one, watched it last night. Hoo wee, pretty boring. I felt that the writers were often at a loss because there were so many repetitive, empty stretches. “Invisible Cracker Mom” would have probably been more interesting!