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Episode guide: 1006- Boggy Creek II: and The Legend Continues

Movie: (1985) A smug professor and his students camp out in the rural Arkansas swamp, in hopes of finding a Bigfoot-like creature.

First shown: May 9, 1999
Opening: Crow and Mike’s Cub Scout meeting is crashed by Servo the Brownie
Intro: Now Servo’s a Flemish glass blower; Pearl has a potato-powered evil plan
Host segment 1: M&tB’s flashbacks get fuzzier and fuzzier
Host segment 2: Pearl cooks up a monster legend, complete with haunting, evocative folk song
Host segment 3: Tom takes up whittling in a big way
End: Crow’s tends to his fires; Pearl’s legend biz gets kicked in the ankle
Stinger: “I saw the little creature.” “Nooo!!”
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• In some episodes, the riffers need a little extra something from the movie to take their riffing from good to great. This is one of those episodes. It starts out as only okay. They keep up with the action with some funny stuff, but it really didn’t have me rolling. But when mountain man Crenshaw arrives, they really have something to work with and they take full advantage of it. The movie itself is stupid but at least it’s watchable. The host segments are mostly good fun. So all in all this one comes out a winner.
• Bill’s thoughts are here.
• References are here.
• This episode was on Rhino’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 5.
• Mike gets the title of the movie wrong in his intro on the DVD version (as he did with his “The Touch of Satan” intro).
• It’s fun to hear Kevin and Bill harmonizing as the sing “On the Wings of a Dove.”
• Gypsy is acting weird again. Did Joel completely fix her?
• The whole IMF accreditation thing was created because the suits at the channel were pushing for a “story arc.” So I only give the Brains partial blame on this. But I have to say that with this episode (or maybe the previous one?) the IMF stuff really starts to feel very invention exchangey. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.
• Segment one is a clever idea, one of those segments that practically writes itself in response to something really stupid in the movie.
• Segment 2 is saved by Bill, whose delivery is pitch perfect.
• That’s Kevin’s wife Kathleen’s guitar in that segment. She gets a credit at the end.
• An “s-bomb” got missed by Sci-Fi censors, and Rhino left it in.
• Movie observations: What was that whole “let’s play this out” business when the girls returned to the camp? They walk in and you expect something to happen, but they just say hi and go on with the movie. Play WHAT out?? Also, during the yucky outhouse flashback, I need to point out: If you can hose somebody off, that means you have plumbing. If you have plumbing, why are you using an outhouse?
• I have to say that I don’t really feel the white-hot rage Bill feels toward Old Man Pearce. Yeah, his character is a bit of a jerk, but I just don’t find him that despicable. He’s certainly not the movie’s bad guy. In fact, one of the biggest structural flaws of this movie is that there are no real antagonists (except, perhaps, for the derisive locals).
• Segment 3 is also a lot of fun, a good example of a sketch where they take a simple idea and take it to the extreme.
• Riff that’s a bit of stretch: One of the girls is “Mark Knopfler” because she’s wearing a headband. Sheesh.
• We get another fire aboard the SOL. And not the last one this season.
• That’s Brad Keeley as a tourist kid, in a bit that really goes nowhere.
• Again, no cast and crew round up: nobody involved in this movie worked on any other MSTed movie.
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Kevin. For interns Erin F. Erskine and Josh Huschke, who started at the beginning of the season, this was their last show until they were called back for one more a few weeks later.
• Fave riff: “Why don’t you take the skin chair?” Honorable mention: “There’s a red scarf floating in the air!…oh, it’s her.”

167 Replies to “Episode guide: 1006- Boggy Creek II: and The Legend Continues”

  1. goalieboy82 says:



  2. Jason Manley says:

    Underrated in every way. Best episode of Season 10.

    Favorite riff… “Mike, his batch”. (Mike ducks)


  3. Depressing Aunt says:

    Whenever I watch this episode, I think about how awful it would be to travel with Doc and his little crew. Sweaty, tight summer clothing–on EVERYone, even my respected professor and mentor. ‘Skeeters. Sleeping in a humid, musty, co-ed camper. Nuthin’ besides baloney to eat. Getting all muddy, while Doc and Tim enjoy “playing it out” because they’re, well, really bored I guess. And a rash caused by sweaty, tight summer clothing. Oh yeah, almost forgot Doc’s stories.

    I rate this one pretty high (though not most favorite). It’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice we got a chance to hang with Mr. Crenshaw.


  4. JC says:

    Between Tim the Enchanter, Timmy from South Park, and Tim in this episode, us Tims just can’t catch a break, pop culture-wise.

    “Every night we had to tie Tim in the trees to keep him safe from the creature.”
    “Don’t make me sic Tim on you!”
    “I put Tim in front to absorb the first hail of bullets.”
    “Tim’s a pretty strong blip on my gaydar!”

    Anyway, other favorites:

    “A COMPUTER performed an ILLEGAL OPERATION?” (that makes me nostalgic now…)
    “Now for something more serious.” “A urine story.”
    “I bet she doesn’t want us around here.” “I don’t want you around here.”
    “Each key is individually miked for your convenience.”

    Many thanks to Mike (Mock) Nelson, Kevin (Kovin) Murphy and Bill (Boll) Corbett for another great ep.


  5. TNMstie says:

    By coincidence, the podcast “Skeptoid” released an episode this very week on the Boggy Creek Monster. If you’re interested in the history of the actual legend, you can find it at Charles B. Pierce and his movies are mentioned.


  6. Thomas K. Dye says:

    One thing that I don’t think has been mentioned… Doc tells a story of a guy who, while, fixing a flat tire, encountered the creature. He “never regained consciousness.” So, uh… how did you know this story then?


  7. Cornjob says:

    So after deciding to keep the creature a secret Charles B. Pierce makes a movie about it? I’m getting mixed signals. And the way Dr. Peirce seemed just a little too interested in filming Tim shirtless made me a little uncomfortable.

    I used to worry that my computer was going to be arrested when I was informed that it had performed an illegal operation.

    Was I the only person who expected the inside of Crenshaw’s place to look like Ed Gein’s. What exactly did he possess that he thought our protagonists wanted to steal? His wardrobe?


  8. Gary C says:

    I love this episode, but my favorite riff comes in the end during the credits, “Tim just kinda wondered off.”


  9. jjk says:

    One of the best episodes from this season and one of my favorites of the series. I liked the original Legend of Boggy Creek,although this movie is not the first sequel or very close to the original except for the boggy creek creature. What’s not to like with Tim, the two girls who should never been allowed out in the swamp and “old man Crenshaw” who looks like he’s about 35 years old. Some of the best riffing they did in the last years of the show.


  10. schippers says:

    #156 – EXACTLY what I’ve always wondered.


  11. schippers says:

    Question that bugs me: I don’t really understand the impetus that drives Doc and Co. on their little voyage. Who called Tim at the beginning of the movie, and what did this person say? Was it a swamp resident who wanted to report a Boggy Creek Legend sighting? If so, why was this report deemed trustworthy and compelling enough to elevate it about the status of “we’ll file this in the Blue Book”? Was it Old Man Crenshaw? Was it the creature himself? I mean, it MUST have been an important enough call to get Doc to drag himself away from a stadium full of insane hog callers. Oh, and also any classes he had to teach, and Boggy Creek articles he was writing, and the Boggy Creek chapter he was revising for inclusion in the fifth edition of the Handbook of Cryptozoology and Questionable Anthropology.


  12. “I saw the little creature.”

    This is another funny episode, although by comparison, it is maybe my least favorite out of the first six episodes of Season 10. The riffing is pretty good throughout and as noted by others it really picks up in the back-half of the movie (once Crenshaw shows up), but the Host Segments are only “okay-to-meh,” which diminish things slightly overall.

    My favorite bit is from the Opening Segment, with Crow dressed as a Boy Scout. Him shouting, “Bobcats! Do or die!” is really great. The Intro is “meh” but Servo’s costume is nice (good work, prop team). HS#1 goes a long way for a little joke, HS#2 features some nice guitar skills from Brain Guy (not much else), and HS#3 is an okay idea that doesn’t really pay off in any big way (it’s maybe more clever than funny).

    The Ending isn’t very good in my opinion, with Pearl’s cottage industry and souvenir shop revolving around the mysterious swamp-creature (Bobo). It’s not so much that it isn’t a funny skit (which it isn’t) but what bothers me the most is that it is a poorly blocked scene from a directing standpoint. Notice that when Pearl comes on to talk to the unfunny young boy wearing a Vikings jersey that she is standing with the back of her head to the camera. It makes a not very funny scene that much more difficult to watch, staring at the back of someone’s head like that. Sorry Kevin, this isn’t one of your better directorial moments or choices.

    However, the jersey that the unfunny young boy is wearing DOES seem to be a Gary Anderson jersey, which is kinda funny in a football way, because Gary Anderson was a kicker. Admittedly a really good kicker, but still. . . nobody wears kicker jerseys. :-P

    As for the movie itself, Boggy Creek II has some interesting moments mixed in amongst its mostly boring whole. As said, Crenshaw is quite the memorable character, as is shirtless Tim. Never tire of the jokes at his expense. Also, the monster costume used in the movie is actually more than decent. That close-up they do of its face doesn’t look goofy and almost looks believable (as far as movie monsters go). The worst portion of the movie has got to be when the girls get stuck in the mud while out in the Jeep. It’s just very pointless and goes nowhere, just further padding out an already heavily padded movie (what with the flashbacks and all…)

    Overall, Boggy Creek II is not a very good movie. The only other Charles B. Pierce movie I’ve seen is The Town that Dreaded Sundown, which is much better in my opinion. It has an interesting structure and the bag-head killer strikes quite a presence. However, Pierce has a small role in TTTDS as a comedic relief police officer, all of which is neither comedic nor a relief. By comparison, Pierce gives a much better performance in Boggy Creek II, where at least he never dresses up like a woman. :beauty:

    If you’re interested, you can check out my review (SHAMELESS PROMOTION!) of The Town that Dreaded Sundown over at my blog:


    Mike: “I got nipple rub.”

    Crow: “Jeez, do a push-up, kid.”

    Crow: “Mike, his batch!”

    Servo: “My flashback wasn’t color corrected when it came back from the lab, so it’s kind of dark.”

    Mike: “Dr. Batch, this fall.”

    Servo: “I was right tired from swinging my nightstick at suspected marijuana users all night.”

    Crow: “Where’s the money you son of a bitch?!”

    Crow: “Now this is the boat they should have taken over that mountain in Fitzcarraldo.”

    Mike: “The Tiny Muddy.” –A river in Southern Illinois is called the Big Muddy, and that makes two episodes in a row with references to So.Ill.


    Boggy Creek II:…and the Legend Continues. . .
    . . .I give it. . . 4 out of 5 little creatures.


  13. thequietman says:

    This episode, like “Werewolf” or “Soultaker” is one I don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing at. Several folks have already mentioned the “I married her!” riff, but to me the thing that puts it over the top is the wheezy guffaw Servo caps it with.

    As for the s-bomb, Mike gets away with an allusion to it during the deputy’s flashback:
    Deputy: I headed round back of the she-ed…
    Mike: Oh no, not another story about THAT!

    Some others I like but haven’t been mentioned yet:
    [Upon spotting surfboards at the beach]
    Mike: Hey, you can’t surf in Arkansas! Foul!

    [whittling guy says he’ll bring the boat around]
    Crow: Just gotta build it first!

    And one that I’ve started using whenever I encounter a plot thread that goes absolutely nowhere:
    Servo: And our little plot cul-de-sac whimpers out like a small, dying RAT!!


  14. Pulatso says:

    For what it’s worth, my grandmother lived in a shack in rural Florida not unlike the various shacks featured in Boggy Creek II. She had running water from two taps, but no indoor toilet. The water came up from a well and flowed to a shallow drain field in her back yard. So yeah, you could have a hose and still need an outhouse.


  15. MajorMac says:

    I teach high school mythology a couple of hours away from where Boggy Creek was filmed. Sad to say, but most students have never heard of MST3K so at the end of the year I show this one ostensibly for its “mythological” link.

    This one is a hit! Not only is it a “local” film for my kids but most of the riffs are humorously accessible and the host segments generally funny. I think Boggy Creek is a solid first episode viewing for those who have never watched MST3K.

    Sidenote: after viewing Boggy Creek, a few of my students took a summer pilgrimage to the Monster Mart Convenience Store and Grocery in Fouke, Arkansas. I’ve never been, but they tell me it’s quite a kick and while they don’t have plastic pith helmets they DO have a website – foukemonstermart dot net.


  16. Dan in WI says:

    People are still reporting sightings of this thing. I just ran across this website:


  17. Manny Sanguillen says:

    I love when the hillbilly in the store says the thing about putting on a monkey suit and Kevin Murphy riffs “Well its too late now Earl, He standin’ right there!” and then Charles Pierce says “I believe there is a creature” and then the camera shows that one hillbilly sitting at the table and Bill Corbett says “There it is!!”…..That bit gets me every time!


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