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A Technical Solution at Cinematic Titanic

We don’t normally link to blogs that often, but I thought this was interesting: Cinematic Titanic and the iPad.

9 Replies to “A Technical Solution at Cinematic Titanic”

  1. Jamey says:

    Ipad makes sense to read from. I wonder if they are the 1st to use the ipad for reading infront of a live audience. I wish they would come to NH.


  2. edge10 says:

    Yeah, what about System 7?


  3. tonyd says:

    Wow, my little post ends up on the MST3K site! I plan to look a bit closer at what they are doing with those iPads and write another post or two in the future.

    @edge10: “It’s coming! It’s coming! OK!”


  4. David Mello says:

    I mentioned CT adopting the iPad briefly in my blog review of their San Francisco appearance. I made less of a big deal about it because even TV stations are using iPads as their scripts, or more like portable teleprompters. I’d get one, too, expect I have a laptop…but maybe some day.
    I wonder when Mike and the Rifftraxers will also go the iPad route.


  5. Follower says:

    @David Mello – Mike said on Dennis Miller’s radio show that RiffTrax’ iPad giveaway was aimed at the “douchebag sitting in Starbucks” demographic. So, maybe not for a while…


  6. Mike in Portland says:

    #5 – Regarding Mike’s comment – see, this is what happens when people can’t get past their own stereotypes. There’s nothing wrong with using an iPad for a task it’s suited for. Their loss.


  7. tonyd says:

    @ David Mello: For me, it’s very convenient that Cinematic Titanic is using iPads collaboratively to create and perform. This mimics other “use cases” that our lab is interested in. The fact that they see it as “not a big deal” makes it even more interesting. Document centric collaboration, enhanced reading/annotation and multimedia are some of topics that we’ve been studying for more than fifteen years.


  8. Richard the Lion Footed says:

    Why can’t the iPad sync with each other or a film timing cue?

    Do they have to watch a time counter during the film to keep their comments in line?


  9. tonyd says:

    @ Richard: They aren’t using any custom applications, just a standard PDF reader. There is no technical reason that a more synchronized application wouldn’t work.


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