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Jackie Burroughs, RIP

TORONTO–Canadian actress Jackie Burroughs, perhaps best remembered as the eccentric “Hetty” King in the Emmy award winning TV series “Road to Avonlea,” died at her home here Wednesday, Sept. 22. She had been battling gastric cancer. MSTies may remember her brief role as Fingal’s mom, Emmaline Ozmondo Fingal, in the movie featured in episode 822- OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK, to whom Fingal asks the infamous question, “Mom, ‘m I nuts?” She was 71.
There’s a nice story on her here.

13 Replies to “Jackie Burroughs, RIP”

  1. Shenny says:



  2. Thomas K. Dye says:

    She also played Crispin Glover’s mother in the remake of “Willard.” Yeah, not a PARAMOUNT role, but I remember thinking, “Oh, if anyone could do something like that, it’s THAT lady.”

    The world is sixes and sevens.


  3. MikeK says:

    And so the Overdrawn at the Memory Bank curse takes another. :sad:


  4. WILLIAM BALL says:

    Shame really. My condolences to friends and family.


  5. UberNeuman says:

    Did she want her spoon back?


  6. RIP. She was also in the sex comedy GOING THE DISTANCE. Not the recent Drew Barrymore one, the 2004 Canadian film.


  7. Saint Stryfe says:

    Raul we all know sadly. I can’t find if the guy who played the Novacorp Chairman in the film is still alive. Hasn’t worked since the 80’s, says IMDB, name is Donald C. Moore. Linda Griffith, Applonia, had a role recently as 2008 in a short film. Had a role in one of my favorite TV shows too, “Due South”. Wanda Canon, who played Apallonia’s galpal who loved Flavorods or whatever, had a role on Heartland this year. The “Noooohhhhooooooo…” teacher, Bunty Webb, died in 2005, but worked right up till 97, and was in the film “Tommy Boy”. The “Is it Sexy?” kid is Hadley Kay – also known for falling over Niagara Falls in Superman II. Looks like he’s mainly doing Voice Over work now-a-days. Looot of Canadians in this PBS funded film project…


  8. BIG61AL says:

    Another star assumes it’s place in the constellation MST3K. :sad:


  9. BeefStumpKnob says:

    ..and another falls to the plague of modern man. Too young.


  10. SimonArk says:

    I once had a really lovely 20 minute conversation with Jackie Burroughs, in a Toronto video store, friend of mine and I were going through looking for something, and she just sort of joined our conversation. Talked about movies, us recognizing her and never acknowledging that we did even though most people in Canada would have at least found her face familiar. She was apparently a sucker for Jimmy Stewart. She seemed from the one time I met her to have been a lovely woman and I’m genuinely quite sad she’s passed away.

    She played the crone (sort of) at the start of the second season of Slings and Arrows’ whole Macbeth riff. She clearly had a sense of humor about herself:)


  11. I’m deeply saddened to hear about her passing. In case anyone’s interested, she also played Christopher Walken’s fundamentalist mother in The Dead Zone and had a supporting role in Don McKellar’s end-of-the-world drama Last Night.


  12. princeofspace says:

    I actually saw her first as the lovable “Mother Mucca” in ‘More Tales Of The City’ based on the books by Armistead Maupin. She was looking pretty frail by then, but her character was full of fire!


  13. SAVE FERRIS says:

    DADGUMMIT, “SimonArk”; now you’ve made me even sadder. :sad:

    Thanks for sharing, though…….that’s a great little story !


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