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The Episodes for the 20th Anniversary Collection Are…

211- First Spaceship on Venus
706- Laserblast
904- Werewolf
1004- Future War

Incidentally, this counts as the weekend discussion thread.

279 Replies to “The Episodes for the 20th Anniversary Collection Are…”

  1. happy says:

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    Like I really care what you think..not.
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    Your turn…since you apparentley want to go back and forth on brought this upon yourself, not me. Take meds, they work..


  2. Gary Bowden says:

    :mrgreen: Sounds very good,but hopefully next time and thereafter,there will be more Joel episodes! I’m very pleased with these though.Now,how about Fire Maidens of Outer Space,It Conquered the World,Racket Girls,Outlaw,Daddy-O!;just to name a few???? Can’t wait for this collection and excited about the extras,too!!!


  3. Janet Planet says:

    :lol: children :lol:


  4. robwillsey says:

    robwillsey, don’t forget The Final Sacrifice. very canadian.

    um, i didn’t forget it, that’s what started the topic. anyhow, i think theme sets would be a bad idea. if i were a casual fan or new viewer and i had 4 gameras in a row or 4 Bert I’s i may not want to subject myself to more of the same. I think the ep length is already enough of a hurdle to getting new viewers. and since many of the hardcore fans already have every ep and many have balked at the price, they will need new viewers for sure.


  5. Janet Planet says:

    I think hardcore fans who already have every ep will always want to buy every set, regardless of the titles included. Being “hardcore” usually means buying everything ever released, regardless of price, duplicity, packaging, etc.

    …speaking from experience… :oops:


  6. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    Yeah, I agree with you Janet. Most of the Rhino DVDS are eps I’ve had for years, but the fact that they are on DVD alone makes them appealing.

    I’m also with anyone who disagrees with the whole “themed” box set idea thats been tossed around here. While putting different eps from different eras of the show seems haphazard at first, it actually gives you an idea of how the show changed over time. A great example of this was Rhino’s original release of Volume 10, which had two Joels, one Mike CC era and one Mike Sci-Fi era. Playing those in show order would give the average viewer a good idea of how the show changed over time.


  7. The Bolem says:

    …and Wild Bill’s head would be perfect for a homemade Dr. F figure, but I can’t find a Joe torso with the right lab coat.

    Hey, I’m fine with getting sets that are just whatever 4 happened to be most available at the time (with a little PD Gila Monster saved for a rainy day, which I’m guessing was the case with Rhino), and volumes 9, 10, and 12 were probably the strongest so far by virtue of having 2 Joels, a Mike CC, and a SciFi (even if 2 of those 3 sets were recalled…), and if Laserblast was the only “key” ep Shout Factory could get for this set, then I know any attempt to get multiple specific eps for a set ain’t gonna’ happen because it’s impossible.

    But if they did just happen to get the rights for 3 or 4 experiments with a theme, should they go out of their way to avoid releasing them together? I mean, were sales of volume 7 hurt because it had 2 Hercules movies, and 3 that originally aired right next to each other if you add Killer Shrews? As a fan who missed out on the whole Comedy Central run, I thought it was neat to be able to watch a good chunk of Season 4 in order like that.

    And thanks to the above flames, I think I finally got a taste of the spirit of the Joel vs. Mike feuds of the mid-90s.

    So as I was saying, it’s a shame Stan Winston’s movie monster fig line was just whatever he made up based on the titles of ’50s scifi/horror, and not accurate depictions of Glen Manning and the She-Creature. At least the Universal Monster line gave us a Gill Man and Mole Person. And Trypticon bears an uncanny resemblance to Gypsy…


  8. Dr. Batch says:

    Kind of off the subject, but can anyone tell me why volume 9 was pulled. I know #10 was recalled because of the Godzilla movie, but I’ve never heard the reason for #9. Just curious. Anybody?


  9. norgavue says:

    Maybe not everything I would have hoped for but since werewolf and laserblast are in it I will definantly get this.

    Better than the new bigger cheese itz?


  10. Janet Planet says:

    I believe Vol 9 was pulled for “Incredibly Strange Creatures…”


  11. The Bolem says:

    I’d heard repeatedly that they lost the rights to “Women of the Prehistoric Planet”, but TISCWSLABMUZ is the only one in volume 9 that I know to be currently available un-MSTed, as part of Ray Dennis Steckler 4-pack.

    Does anyone actually know these things, or is all our 3rd-hand info just based on other people’s guesswork?

    …And they could do 3 different figures for Cambot, the KTMA version being, ironically, the most interesting…


  12. BenderRodriguez says:

    Very awesome indeed.


  13. Graboidz says:

    Will this hit 300 posts???? :shock:

    (of course if you back out all of the comments posted by Happy this thread is sitting at around only 70 posts….not female…so no PMS here)

    The Bolem is right, set 9 was pulled because of “Women of the Prehistoric Planet”. I’m surprised with the re-release of Volume 10, Rhino didn’t try to do something similar with Volume 9.


  14. happy says:

    Very funny Grabnutz # 263
    If you can read Im not the only one who posted multiple you dont have PMS, maybe you just cant read


  15. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk says:

    I love the irony of a poster named “happy” being anything but.


  16. happy says:

    oh im quiet happy “jesus”
    go crucify yourself
    I love how msties like to poke fingers at other members..i didn’t realize what a bunch of snotty nosed retards other mst3k fans were.Im ashamed that I happen to be a fan of the show with you losers who decided to get on my case. Some fans your are…


  17. Graboidz says:

    Hmmm….”Grabnutz”…not bad. I may just have to adopt that one. Still I think Snow White will be very unpleased with your behavior, you should have taken a different Dwarf name. (You aren’t Eric the Midget by any chance?)

    Back on topic. I think Shout Factory has done a fantastic job with this collection. The tin case, the disk cover art, the Crow figure, plus the announced extras sound great! I’m not real picky about the particular episodes, so I love getting an upgrade on all of them. The real test for Shout Factory for me will be how quickly they get these box sets out. I want more than just 2 releases a year….I’m greedy like that.


  18. Happy,
    What’s pathetic is having no grasp of the English language or how to use it in a grammatically legible way and then expecting people to take you or your comments seriously. Is that “snotty” of me? Perhaps, but this is one show where the fans have always struck me as an intellectual notch above the rest, and expressing oneself in an intelligent manner is but a small, yet telling, indication of that.

    To “Jesus Thinks You’re a Jerk” – I love Zappa! I’ll be humming that all day :-)


  19. happy says:

    Webster # 268 Your little snotty, stuffy comment above was nothing short of amusing. Reading lines like “Grammatically legible” bwahaa haa ok you get the stuffy uptight nerd award.Now take that award and kindly shove it up your candy ass..
    Grabnutz # 267 the only thing midget is whats is your little pew wee brain, another nerd. Ill be humming the bridge of the river kwai today…
    And you call yourselves MST3K fans…what a catastrophe for people like you to call themselves that. Only the MLB forums have more attacks on members. I thought Misties were above getting on other members cases, but I guess not..
    Who’s next ?


  20. Thank you Happy. I knew I could count on you to prove my point and you succeeded admirably. :lol:


  21. happy says:

    And thank you Webster. I could count on another lame & pointless reply. You also succeeded admirably.Now go back to whatever hole in the ground you crawled out from :lol:


  22. I can’t believe you ended that with a preposition! Try this instead:

    “Now go back to whatever hole in the ground from which you crawled out.”

    Isn’t that better?

    Back to MST3K, #261 – I thought RDS tried to regain rights to his movie, which is why Vol. 9 was pulled. Did that attempt fail?


  23. happy says:

    Some of us are not as anal as you webster..
    Why dont you discuss the episodes instead of making derogatory remarks toward me, unless you have nothing else to contribute.
    Now go back to the hole from which you crawled out matter how its put go back to your hole in the ground mr anal


  24. The Bolem says:

    I bought a 4-DVD pack with the Incredibly Strange Movie, + 3 other Steckler classics at Best Buy just last Christmas. One would assume he’d still have the rights to it and get a cut, but they were all his oldest stuff, and therefore possibly PD. That, tragically, means no “The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid-Row Slasher”, in which the second title character, played by his wife, has a photo of herself in her TISCWSLABMUZ outfit hanging on her wall(*sniff*).

    As I wondered before, is there anyplace where we can actually find this stuff out?

    …make that 4 Cambot figures: I forgot that Season 1 Cambot was KTMA protoform Gypsy with a pod in her mouth. And for that matter, will a future set come with Crow’s legs?…


  25. happy says:

    Volume 9 went OOP due to either ICS or Women of the Prehistoric matter Rhino was able to release this and a Godzilla title during their tenure, even if they got in hot water :)


  26. Steve K says:

    And for that matter, will a future set come with Crow’s legs?

    It’s Crow LongTorso, the bot that comes in pieces!


  27. Creepygirl says:

    Just a final thought.

    I too had dreams that SHOUT! would give us a collection of only key episodes and I do believe they got our hopes up. A month has passed since this announcement of episodes and I agree to simply think of it as Vol. 13. Eversince Rhino Vol. 1 came out I was there at Best Buy on release day, not even aware of which episodes were on it. I just wanted DVD copies of my fave show. This new collection is just as good, if not better, than some of the Rhino’s and I’m looking forward it and the other volumes from SHOUT!


  28. JMDiaz says:

    I really hope that Del Tenney proves to be a good sport and allows them to release the episode where they hammered HORROR OF PARTY BEACH. That to me was one of the FUNNIEST I’ve seen.


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