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Turkey Day Surprise from Shout

Happy Turkey Day! This oughta wake you up from your Tryptofan-induced coma:

Two bit of news from our pals at Shout! Factory:

1. Early next year Shout will re-release two standalone episodes under the “Shout! Factory Select” label: episode 812- THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES and 517- THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Both are expected to have additional bonus material not seen on the previous releases, though that’s not confirmed. They should be available beginning in February, so preorders will likely go up around mid January.

Oh, and…there’s this… [brace yourself, but it won’t do any good]

2. Shout officials tell us they have completely cleared ALL FIVE GAMERA MOVIES for MST3K release, and plan to put out a five-disc deluxe box set. That’s episodes 302- GAMERA, 304- GAMERA VS. BARUGON, 308- GAMERA VS. GAOS, 312- GAMERA VS. GUIRON and 316- GAMERA VS. ZIGRA. No word on when yet. We’ll let you know when we know.



184 Replies to “Turkey Day Surprise from Shout”

  1. Ben says:

    I would like to amend the previous statement I made and insert “Prince Phillip” in the place of “John Waters”. Thank you.


  2. Ray The Whimsical Lampshade says:

    Shout Factory is awesome, I loved the Gamera movies on MST, and now I love that they are getting released. I love you Shout Factory!


  3. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Is that Sandy Frank or one of the TIME OF THE APES characters?


  4. dsman71 says:

    I have that Image DVD of Beginning of the End which is uncut widescreen and received the royal treatment – and Im sure the SF version of BOTE will be an upgrade over the Rhino version & didnt need the uncut version on the MST disc so Im getting that one for sure
    Im wondering if SF will also re-release titles on Volumes that are OOP – or do some upgrades if possible to titles such as the Dead Talk Back,Atomic Brain, lord knows what else..


  5. CMS says:

    Kenny lives! I hope we get a Gamera action figure to go along with Crow, Tom and Gypsy.


  6. demoncat says:

    Yay never thought of all the Sandy frank films denied Mst300 that shout factory would some how pull off a miracle and get on dvd Gamera would happen at all. talk about christmas miracle. hope it leads to the rest of the films sandy frank has long denied or maybe melts sue hart estate evil hart for their stuff. Gamera comes . christmas magic has been unleashed.


  7. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Viva Shout Factory !!

    They are the right people and they are getting it.


  8. Chris says:

    Where exactly did people get the idea that Sandy Frank despises MST? I swear I read an interview with him a few years ago where he said he had nothing against MST, but he also had absolutely no say in allowing the rights for the movies to be released on DVD. Kind of disappointing at how many people continue to bash him or at the very least, think he had anything to do with not allowing those episodes to be released, when in reality the rights to those movies all reverted back to its Japanese creators years ago.


  9. Chris says:

    Aha, I just went to Sandy Frank’s wikipedia page, and it does indeed note that SF had nothing against MST (although it was Kevin Murphy who said this, not Frank). With that in mind, it’d be pretty awesome if he was interviewed for the upcoming box set… well, except this was the last line of his wikipedia entry:

    “On August 24, 2010, Frank was involved in an altercation with his wife, Brenda Frank. Both were arraigned separately and obtained orders of protection against the other.”



  10. Jose Chung says:

    Not a single shred of evidence suggests he hated MST3K. Its all just hear say. No one on the planet seems to have Qoute stating that he hates MST. This is just like the Peter Graves thing. Which is why I don’t believe MST hearsay.


  11. Alex says:

    I still heard Kevin Murphy said Sandy just wanted too much money to re-licnese the films.


  12. Sal Paradise says:

    Wow. Was offline for the holiday and saw the best news ever when I got home. Amazing. I have all of Gamera anyways but it will be awesome to have cleaned up, official versions.

    Gamera is really neat, from what I hear.


  13. Shout! Factory can have my firstborn child!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll never have one.)

    As for the few people whining that the Gamera eps all happen to be with Joel:
    Shout! folks, please ignore them and listen to the pleas from actual fans of the entire series – we want all of the MST3K eps released commercially, whenever you can get them, regardless of who the host is.


  14. Luke says:

    Gee, this would be huge news but for the fact that those Gamera episodes are five of the worst in the entire run of MST3K. Give me Fugitive Alien II, at least. That’s one of the best- indeed, probably top three.

    The Gamera, though…. puh-leaze…


  15. Kali says:

    How in the world did Shout! manage to get this past Sandy Frank? They really must be miracle workers. Hail to Shout! And take that, Rhino!

    Now if we can get a then-and-now version of “Time of the Apes.” We all know we’ll never get a real release of the KTMAs, but this would make an interesting collection.


  16. MSTJon says:

    I’d forgotten all about that. What are the odds of Shout! convincing Jim to release the KTMA versions as well? Would that be a separate rights issue?


  17. Dan says:

    Huzzah!! Wonderful news. Here’s hoping the other Sandy Frank episodes find their way to DVD. I’m continually impressed at how well Shout! Factory has handled this license.


  18. VeryDisturbing says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    But what if you already have vols. 8 -and/or- 9? Or are saving like crazy to get them from, like, Amazon? I wonder if Shout! is gonna rerelease all of them eventually (preferably SOON). To try to have a complete set and have no doubles (from the Rhino to Shout! switchover) is a problem.


  19. ptomreeves says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I DIDN’T EXPECT IT! I love you Shout Factory!


  20. shonuff1701 says:

    Huzzah!!! Now for Fugitive Alien flicks and Time of the Apes!! Season three is back in full effect!! I love you Shout Factory….If I wasn’t engaged I would take you behind the bleachers and get you pregnant!!


  21. Torgo's Mom says:

    Woah. The hell??





  22. swh1939 says:

    On the topic of previously-released-to-DVD episodes that I’d like to see get a re-release:

    Pod People.

    The reasons:

    1) MST3K Hour Host Segments.
    2) The MST3K Hour version of the film has about 30 seconds more footage of the movie (and riffs) than the standard version.


  23. schippers says:

    Hello! Thank you! Hello? Thank you. Thank you! Hello? Thank you! Hello.


  24. magicvoice says:

    Just got back from Japan to read this awesome news! Guess my prayer at the temple of Gamera paid off!


  25. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Poor Sandy Frank. First he loses all the flesh off his skull, now this. :)

    Seriously, the Shout! guy explained they didn’t so much convince the Japanese rights-holders as figure out a way to get around them, so I wouldn’t get my hopes too far up for FUGITIVE ALIEN, TIME OF THE APES, etc. (Anything’s possible, though.) I’d also make a point to grab that Gamera set as soon as you possibly can manage it.

    Also, they probably will end up having to do some ‘All-Mike’ collections sooner or later, simply because there are, by my count, forty-seven unreleased ‘Mike’ episodes to thirty-four ‘Joel’ episodes. (Exact numbers may be off.) There are, of course, some ‘Mike’ episodes where the rights problems are equally tricky and I’d imagine if they manage to find a way to get those solved, they wouldn’t hesitate to bump any ‘Joel’ episodes with less copyright problems.


  26. Ben says:

    As this is great news when any new episodes are released, how about getting greedy and going for more themed boxes? The 2 Bride, 2 Devil thing on set XIX was cute and the Gamera set is obviously themed, but what about a Robert Lippert set with Rocketship X-M, Jungle Goddess, King Dinosaur, and Radar Secret Service? Or a TV movie set with Stranded In Space, Code Name Diamond Head, San Francisco International, and Riding With Death?

    Shout has been getting cozy with Universal by SF releasing later seasons of Univeral shows such as Dragnet, Adam-12, and Simon and Simon so I should think that doors are somewhat open a crack on some of those. Which of course opens up to the early Season 8 shows, Universal again. Wouldn’t you want to get some coin for a turkey TV pilot or show that you have rotting away in the vault?


  27. Pulatso says:

    Question: If the rights for these were acquired from a company that is handling the US right for the Japanese owners, does that mean Shout Factory can use the Sandy Frank dub? I always thought that was the main hold up, that without Frank’s consent, the dub the Brains used couldn’t be distributed. I’m picturing a nightmare scenario where a new overdub of the soundtrack is needed. Am I just confused? (I hope!)


  28. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    If I understand correctly, it will be the ‘Sandy Frank dubs.’ Mister Frank no longer owns the rights to them.


  29. magicvoice says:

    I wonder if Frank’s divorce settlement has anything to do with his no longer holding the rights.


  30. radioman970 says:

    Nearly the greatest news in MST3K history. The Movie was #1.

    I dearly hope they get my favorite episode cleared… Time of the Apes. I’d love a set with the unmystied film included!! Pelase please pelase pelase please please please…

    I typed all those “pleases” so I should get this…


  31. Speedy says:



  32. RaptorX8 says:

    *pass out*
    *wake up*


  33. Speedy says:

    Stinger: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”


  34. AgentMom says:

    The gameras are my favorites! I can’t believe they are finally releasing them!



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