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Turkey Day Surprise from Shout

Happy Turkey Day! This oughta wake you up from your Tryptofan-induced coma:

Two bit of news from our pals at Shout! Factory:

1. Early next year Shout will re-release two standalone episodes under the “Shout! Factory Select” label: episode 812- THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES and 517- THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Both are expected to have additional bonus material not seen on the previous releases, though that’s not confirmed. They should be available beginning in February, so preorders will likely go up around mid January.

Oh, and…there’s this… [brace yourself, but it won’t do any good]

2. Shout officials tell us they have completely cleared ALL FIVE GAMERA MOVIES for MST3K release, and plan to put out a five-disc deluxe box set. That’s episodes 302- GAMERA, 304- GAMERA VS. BARUGON, 308- GAMERA VS. GAOS, 312- GAMERA VS. GUIRON and 316- GAMERA VS. ZIGRA. No word on when yet. We’ll let you know when we know.



184 comments to Turkey Day Surprise from Shout

  • 1
    Speedy says:



  • 2
    Joe Klemm says:

    Gamera is really neat. Gamera is filled with meat. Gamera’s coming to DVD. Smile


  • 3
    Sean G says:

    SO SURPRISED! Cannot wait! Thanks to everyone at Shout Factory and their MASSIVE NEGOTIATING POWERS!


  • 4
    Alex says:

    The Mst3k versions of Gamera are getting…… RELEASED??????? NO WAY Shock

    Good thing for sure, no Sandy Frank to stop these releases. XD

    Maybe, if we’re lucky, we might get to see the KTMA versions as a bonus. *crosses fingers*

    And that’s interesting that Shout! is re-releasing those two episodes. That’s good. The previous two kinda sucked, and it’s good to see we’ll get the complete version of Beginning of the End (with the commercial sign logos).


  • 5
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    All five Gamera movies? HOLY FLAMING COW!!!

    (Now we’ve just got to get CT or RT to riff on the two original Gamera movies they missed.)


  • 6
    Droppo says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I wasn’t already married, I would propose right now to Shout Factory!

    First, Master Ninja I AND Master Ninja II (my favorite episodes of any TV series ever)!

    Now, Gamera?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    This is the best time to be a MSTie ever. I am so thrilled with Shout Factory so far…ah, heck with it.

    Shout Factory, will you be my wedded wife?



  • 7
    Wesley Shadrix says:

    wait for it wait for it…


    I was so hoping that they would do this, since they released all the Gamera movies to DVD. Maybe they’ll include the KTMA versions as bonus features. I’m so excited.

    And now I won’t have to track down the DVDs for Biggining of the End, although the set that had Incredibly Strange Creatures needs rerelease too.


  • 8
    majorjoe23 says:



  • 9
    majorjoe23 says:

    Oh yeah, I should have added: This. Changes. Everything.

    At this point it feels like anything could be up for grabs.


  • 10
    DavelinaJolie says:

    You know when little kids clap with excitement, like seals? I just did that.

    I can’t believe this. Great news!


  • 11
    Zim says:

    we still need a release for Vol. 20


  • 12
    ck says:

    This announcement should have come out at Christmas because, as
    Kenny knows:

    Gamera is friend of children.


  • 13
    Clouseau says:

    Oh man, this is fantastic. I wonder if they’d just drop them in one set (or 1 and 1/4th of a set) or parcel them over a few.


  • 14
    BIG G BURGER says:

    HOLLY CRAP !!!


  • 15
    Traffic_Accidents says:

    I’m feeling really good!


  • 16
    Zim says:

    number 13 it says they will put them out in one set


  • 17

    I LOVE Shout Factory!


  • 18
    Loran Alan Davis says:

    So, is this a stand-alone set, or is it Volume 21?


  • 19
    smallerdemon says:

    WOOOO! Frickin’ unbelievable!

    Man, the extras on STRANGE MIXED UP would have to be mind boggling to get me to spend money on it. I love THE BEGINNING OF THE END so if there are any worthwhile extras on that I will definitely buy it.


  • 20
    Justin T says:

    HOLY COW!!!

    All FIVE Gamera Episodes have been cleared!?!?! And Will be in one
    box set!? Has Hell Frozen Over!?

    and single releases for Beginning of the End and Incredibly Strange Creatures Ect.!

    This is amazing, Shout! Factory RULES!

    The fans are beyond blessed at what Shout has done for MST3K, getting out episodes we thought would never see the light of day
    on DVD.

    It is indeed a Happy Turkey Day for MSTies everywhere!


  • 21
    MPSh says:



  • 22
    thedumpster says:

    I’m glad the re-releases are physical disks and not digital downloads like they did for Volume 11 and Swamp Diamonds.

    So when is the release DATE for Volume XX?


  • 23
    Jimmy says:

    Our long national nightmare is over. Gamera on DVD.


  • 24
    warthog says:

    May I humbly suggest a Gamera action figure? Pretty please?


  • 25
    pablum says:

    As long as the announcement isn’t a joke, this is likely the best MST3K DVD related news I’ve ever read.

    The Gamera eps are my all time favorites. Especially 302: Gamera.


  • 26
    Gary Bowden says:

    Do my eyes deceive me? Can this be true? All of those Gamera episodes in one box set? I don’t believe it..I..I..I..I..I think I’m going to faint..I wonder if the Gamera box set will have extras? Take that Sandy Frank!!


  • 27
    Jimmy says:

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but could we please someday get a Fugitive Alien I and II, Time of the Apes, and Mighty Jack DVD set as well?


  • 28
    OnenuttyTanuki says:

    Ok so Sandy Frank is really Mr. Sardonicus?

    That’s great, I was wondering if Shout factory was going to so something like this since they have been releasing the original Gamera movies on dvds for the last year or so.


  • 29
    Brandon says:

    *gives Shout Factory a million and one kisses*

    You are all GODS!

    Hey Sandy Frank! Hey owners of Gamera, whatcha gonna do now?! Hmmmmmm?!!!!

    Awesome that 517 is being re-released. I don’t have that episode.


  • 30
    Brandon says:

    Oh, incidentally, I wonder if they’ll have the KTMA versions of said episode. Most likely not, but…. you never know…


  • 31
    cityofvoltz says:

    WOAH! double woah! now i can finally get a copy of beginning of the end! and all the Gamera movies in one set! 3 cheers for themed sets!

    hip hip horray!


  • 32
    zap_rowsdower says:

    what no gamera figure


  • 33
    MSTie says:

    I love you, Shout! Factory. Marry me, you mad fool.


  • 34
    AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    Beginning of the End? All 5 Gameras?



  • 35
    arch hall 3 says:



  • 36
    Really old Teenager from Outer Space says:

    Wow, just, wow !!!!!!


  • 37
    Zbu says:


    And BEGINNING OF THE END and INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES as a re-release?? Shout Factory, you ROCK!! OH MY GOD!!


  • 38
    Cherokee Jack says:

    Shout! Factory has released excellent versions of the Gamera films. Now the rights owners have softened their stance on MST3K. Could Roger Corman be next?


  • 39
    Droppo says:

    Upon further reflection, I’ve decided that Shout Factory is better and more important than the collective works of The Beatles, Martin Scorsese and “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

    The 1-2 punch of Master Ninja I and II being followed by the Gamera announcement….it’s too good to be true!

    Not to mention that SF has also released some of my all-time favorites:

    The Lost Continent
    Warrior of the Lost World
    Santa Claus
    Zombie Nightmare
    The Final Sacrifice

    It really has been so much more than we had any reason to expect.

    Let me try to reasonably put this in perspective…

    Shout Factory = better than anything in the history of recorded time!


  • 40
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Excellent news, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Gamera set. And though I own the other two episodes being re-released, if the extras are good enough I’ll grab those too. I just put the turkey in the oven, now it’s time to make my annual Turkey Day Marathon from my MST3K DVD collection. First up, Monster A-Go Go!


  • 41
    Zbu says:

    That’s a good question: what about MIGHTY JACK, the FUGITIVE ALIEN films, and TIME OF THE APES? I hope those are on the radar sooner or later. But I’m being a wishpig. The GAMERA films being released in remastered versions and MSTed is just friggin awesome. And getting BEGINNING OF THE END on top of it is just the cherry on an awesome cake.

    I think we should give Shout Factory a present. Or buy something from ShoutSelect. Come on, they did this. We could give them something. Smile


  • 42
    Faruk Alatan says:


    I love Joel episodes, especially ones I haven’t seen before. I’ve only seen Gamera vs. Guiron, which was one weird mamajama.

    The re-release of the other two episodes is surprising, I thought Shout! Factory said they were going to wait to reissue Rhino episodes. I was in Minneapolis in 2006 and found The Beginning of the End on DVD in a closing Sam Goody store, after it had been announced production on the episode would cease. I’ll be curious to see what kind of extras they’re going to throw in…


  • 43
    Rex Dart says:

    *deep inhale*




  • 44
    mechagamera says:

    Holy flurking shnit! What a coup! Shout Factory has made it clear with this announcement that they’re more than just dedicated to MST, but they’re diehard fans who want to please other fans of the series. This is the best Christmas present, EVER!


  • 45
    Alex says:

    Before the re-release of Beginning of the End comes out, I may as well get the original Rhino release just for the uncut version of the film.

    Shout Factory has been doing much better with these releases. I imagine if Rhino was still around, Gamera and Master Ninja would NEVER make it on here.


  • 46
    John Ellis says:

    *experiences an overload of pure joy*

    You have my eternal gratitude, Shout Factory. Bless you.


  • 47
    Th1rt3eN says:

    The Gamera Box set should come with a tibby figure, it would go great with the bots,

    and even though I all ready own half of the Gamera films, TISCWSLABMUZ, The beginning of the end, and both Master ninja films (thank you YouTube 2 DVD project) I will still buy both box sets and stand alone dvds because Shout Factory is kicking ass and proving once again that they care about getting these hard to find episodes out to us, the people.

    “oh Tibby, I wont let the dog nose around your bowel”


  • 48
    EricJ says:

    @ 39 – Upon further reflection, I’ve decided that Shout Factory is better and more important than the collective works of The Beatles, Martin Scorsese and “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

    Well, they ARE the “real” Rhino, you know, from back before Warner invaded and thought the series started with Sci-Fi Channel:
    (strikes pose) An Ode to Rhi…er, Shout Factory…

    And not that that many of the Gameras were really that good, as S3 episodes go, but if it means “Vs. Guiron” on disk (Feinstein song included), that’s a wrap for today. Ca-TAS-trophe averted. Smile

    (And on the Shout front, maybe we’ll finally see that clip-compilation “Super Monster Gamera” movie that never quite came over here.)


  • 49
    tinaw says:

    Wow – The Beginning of the End??? That is the best news EVAH! Wai-wait . . . with extras????



  • 50
    Jake Ignatowicz says:

    In case anyone at Shout is reading these posts, may I humbly bow down on my knees and thank them. They have been so insanely good to us MSTies. It’s awesome to know our favorite Cowtown Puppet Show is being handled with love and respect. I NEVER hesitate for a second on how much their sets go for (and believe me, I’m stingy with my money.) This latest announcement only further proves Shout cares about their customers and dammit, we care about them! Smile


  • 51
    losingmydignity says:

    Yeah, but let’s see them get out the Godzillas. huh, shoutie, let’s see you do that!


    Much reason to rejoice.


  • 52
    dsmany71 says:

    This is AMAZING !! Im speechless
    Im never ordering from Skyroniter again Smile theres too much chance Shout will get what we want – holy cow
    I will pick up Beginning of the End as long as its an upgrade..
    Im totally shocked – I think sales for the non mst versions that shout did earlier didnt so well so enter the mst3k versions…
    OMG never thought this would happen..


  • 53
    Iced Chicken says:

    OMG!!! Thank you Shout Factory!! Holy crap….this is awesome…


  • 54
    MikeK says:

    Thank you Shout! Factory and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • 55
    Creepygirl says:

    This is truly happy Thanksgiving news. With the GAMERA release news it seems like the sky’s the limit. Maybe, just maybe thanks to our friends at Shout! Factory we may see all the episodes one day.

    I know. Wishful thinking. If you asked me yesterday if GAMERA would be released on disc I would never of said sometime in 2011.


  • 56
    dsmany71 says:

    I also will say Happy Thanksgiving Shout Factory and hope this set comes in a Clamshell case shaped like Gamera’s back
    Make it special guys !
    Throw in a Gamera toy too
    I swear to God I thought this would never happen but part of me suspected when they tapped into the Gamera series last year there was some hope & I guess they tried harder and pushed..
    If they do re-release more I nominate Atomic Brain with the stinger included


  • 57
    Zim says:

    I nominate the Amazing Colossal Man for rerelease, it only got a VHS release years ago


  • 58
    Brandon says:

    Oh, and let me just say that Shout Factory is OFFICIALLY more dedicated to pleasing fans, than WARNER HOME VIDEO!!!!


  • 59
    darthservo says:

    Guess I better ask for money this Christmas!

    Oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!


  • 60
    Larry P. says:

    My jaw just dropped! ALL of the Gameras?! Never thought I’d see it.

    Shout = AWESOME


  • 61
    Iced Chicken says:

    I just can’t ger over this… announcements for the Master Ninjas, then ALL the Gameras!!! Shout Factory is awesome and I have to agree with Creepygirl…it definitley seems like the sky is the limit. Shout is treating us fans very, very well. Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  • 62
    Cubby says:

    Beautiful news, Sampo.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.


  • 63

    Someone has heard my prayers! I knew if I asked enough deities for intervention one would answer.
    This gives me hope that they can get other, hard to get titles. Maybe more Godzilla movies and Universal films.


  • 64
    Genericboardname says:

    As my fellow wrestling fans would say:

    THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clap clap clap* THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clap clap clap*

    While I’ve never seen the Gamera’s, it gives me hope that almost anything is possible.


  • 65
    Captain Cab says:

    Wow, getting the rights to all the Gamera episodes is mind blowingly amazing news for MST3K fans, talk about something we never, ever, ever thought would happen. As a kaiju fan with a sense of humor who knows how incredibly stubborn companies like Daiei and Toho can be, this is an accomplishment of epic proportions. Huge thanks to Shout for their incredible negotiation skills and to Daiei for allowing them to do this. Bring on Time of the Apes and Fugitive Alien! Oh and yes, new stand alone releases for Beginning of the End and TISCWBMUZ is exciting too of course. But nowhere near as epic as Gamera.


  • 66
    Lucy's Bane says:

    So happy, head go ‘splodey! Thank you, Shout! May your smart decision(s) be repaid many times over. Grin


  • 67
    Luke Forrester says:

    Sandy Frank Is Really Neat
    Sandy Frank Is Filled With Meat
    We’ve Been Eating Sandy Frank!


  • 68
    Brian Ward says:

    Hey, gang– Happy Turkey Day! It was brought to my attention that I should come by to answer a couple questions and was absolutely thrilled to see the overwhelmingly positive responses to the announcements.

    First off… The license owners didn’t soften up, per se. They actually handed over the rights to a company in the U.S. That company happened to be the same company that brokered the deal for us to license the original GAMERA titles. So, yeah… We didn’t win over the Japanese. We didn’t win over Mr. Frank. We simply saw an opportunity where we didn’t have to deal with either. And we took it.

    Second… This set, tentatively titled “GAMERA VS. MST3K”, will be XXI. After all, the numbers really correspond to the sets, not to the themes. After all, wasn’t the 20th Anniversary set officially XIII? Or was it XII? Can’t remember…

    No figurines. That would still require the permission of the Japanese owners. Don’t wanna go there. We can’t make “GAMERA toys.”

    That’s about as far as we’ve gotten thus far. Still working on bonus material, etc.

    Thanks again, guys and gals!

    Brian Ward


  • 69
    BathTub says:

    Wow, that’s a fantastic Announcement, great work Shout!Factory.


  • 70
    Justin T says:

    Very cool, thanks for clarification Brian!

    Keep up the great work!


  • 71
    dsmany71 says:

    Incredible, just incredible 100% love…I dont need the toy that bad, just so happy that all 5 are getting released at last


  • 72

    *falls over dead, revives as a zombie and then falls over dead again*


  • 73
    Edge says:

    This is officially the best Turkey Day ever!!! Gamera vs. Guiron is my favorite episode.

    We’re gonna ride our bicycles. We’re going to go and have some fun…


  • 74
    Edwin B says:

    I love the title, Gamera vs MST3K! Can’t wait for this set.


  • 75
    Gorn Captain says:

    We all owe Shout Factory our undying gratitude. I was beginning to think someone would have to dress up as a Geisha girl to appease the Kadokawa executives. Or give Sandy Frank a lap dance!

    Hopefully this bodes well for Fugitive Alien I & II, Time of The Apes, and Mighty Jack!


  • 76
    fantagor says:

    Never seen a one of these episodes. It’ll be a neat meat-filled treat.



  • 77

    I hope they’ll release The Dead Talk Back single, too.


  • 78
    Gary Bowden says:

    @68 Hey Brian..Here’s a few suggestions for bonus material for XXI: Since all 5 eps have Joel in them,why not include-if you can-THE TV WHEEL and STATICAL PLANETS? Also,if you can,how about some of Joel’s stand-up act from the 80’s? But I doubt that could happen because wouldn’t you have to get the rights from HBO,right? Just thought I’d ask anyway.Thanks!


  • 79
    me says:

    Love the tentative title “Gamera vs. MST3K”. Hope they keep it.
    Thanks Brian for all you and the folks @ Shout are doing.
    And these announcements on holidays like today-Thanksgiving-really
    make it extra-special.

    #45…there is a non-Rhino dvd of Beginning of the End if you want that


  • 80
    slowermo says:

    I believe I will be purchasing these.


  • 81
    Ethan Van Sciver says:

    Brian Ward and Shout Factory do it AGAIN. Astonishing! These are the episodes we were promised we would NEVER get, and here they are, FIVE IN ALL, in an upcoming set. (Can we switch to 5 eps per set as the new standard? No? Well, okay.)

    This really is amazing. I’m starting to believe in PUMA MAN again. If anyone can figure out who and how to deal with that problem it’s SHOUT FACTORY! A million hoorays!


  • 82
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    To Brian Ward:

    Thanks for the additional info you posted here. I’ve already posted the news on a couple of the game forums I frequent in the off-topic areas and let all my MSTie friends know about this. Now I can maybe have some hope that Fugitive Alien I & II and Time Of The Apes and maybe even Mighty Jack might be available one day. Then there are the rest of the Lippert movies from Season Two…

    Shout! Factory is really treating MST3K and its fans with respect and for that we thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.


  • 83
    MiqelDotCom says:

    Thanks Brian & SHOUT Factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best Thanksgiving news EVER!


  • 84
    PondosCP says:

    Wow, Gamera, didn’t see that coming. Awesome news! And ISCWSLABMUZ, well, Steckler is dead. He hated the MST version, but just like Gamera, when it’s out of your hands, the MSTies get it. Corman, look out! But seriously, I don’t understand why some of these film owners hate MST so much. We wouldn’t even be watching your movies otherwise, most likely! Good job Shout Factory!


  • 85
    PondosCP says:

    And this is a little off topic, but I hope Vol. 20 includes the Jack Perkins MST Hour wraparounds for Magic Voyage Of Sinbad, as those haven’t surfaced yet.


  • 86
    Alex says:


    Well, people have their own opinions, and there are SOME film owners/rights holders who think these movies are pure gold, despite recieving low ratings.

    I don’t consider these movies pure gold, but some I can definetly watch on its own, too. Like: Bloodlust!, Bride of the Monster, The Amazing Colossal Man/War of the Colossal Beast, Earth Vs the Spider, all the Gamera movies, the two Godzilla films, and so fourth.

    Movies used that I CANNOT watch on its own are: Eegah! (obviously), Manos: The Hands of Fate (again, obviously), The Robot Vs the Aztec Mummy (I’ve never seen it on its own, but it looks pretty dull and boring. Maybe I’ll give it a shot), Time of the Apes, and a couple others.

    Oh, and I’m sure they’ll include the MST Hour wraparounds. Shout has been doing that for each episode containing them, so most likely that will definetly be included. Wink


  • 87
    TarlCabot says:

    Three-fisted, hot-buttered Bob! Wow!


  • 88

    Five episodes? That’s like epic. GAMERA VS ZIGRA wasn’t too bad a movie either. Had some good looking women, too.


  • 89
    ck says:

    Speaking of good looking women…
    The Horrors of Spider Island is right up there
    (although there weren’t very many horrors or spiders).


  • 90
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:


    Wow, great news. Incredibly Strange Creatures, etc, etc, is gonna be a must own. I’m crossing my fingers for an Atlas King interview.

    I need to re-watch the Gamera season 3 eps. The first time around they really didn’t do it for me, and recently after watching the KTMA eps, I found the movies themselves to be rather dull.

    Still, every new DVD release for MST gets me excited. I own Vol. 1-4, plus the Essentials Collection, but I stopped buying the sets after that, I was broke, busy going to college, etc, etc… Now I’m 16 Volumes behind and I’ve got some serious catching up to do. It’s good to have goals. . . . . . .

    As for Gamera bonus features, I would love a feature on Mr. Sandy Frank himself, information on his life and the films he was involved in, plus I’d like to know how he became a walking skeleton with skin casually draped over it.

    MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER, the show that keeps giving and giving, even after the plug has been pulled.

    Happy Turkey Day, indeed.



  • 91
    wilddinosaurrebel says:

    This is fantastic news, a dream come true. I’ve always felt that you don’t really “know” MST3K until you’ve enjoyed (or endured, depending on your point of view) the weird and wacky Gamera films. I watched Devil Fish today, and Brian Ward, I give a Euro-girl-unintelligible-mumbling of warmth in your direction.


  • 92
    Ralph C. says:

    I’m not surprised Shout Factory was able to release the Gamera episodes. Shout Factory is a great company. In the past they have collected all the “Freaks & Geeks” episodes, as well as SCTV. I expected nothing less from them.


  • 93
    mst3ktemple says:

    Just got back from a long day of Turkey festivities at my Mom’s house with the whole family only to find this announcement. Wow…just wow! Thanks so much Shout! Factory. This made a great day even better.


  • 94
    Righty says:

    This is FRICKIN AMAZING!!!!

    Cantt wait for the Gameras. It would take some hefty extras for shout to convince me to buy beginning of the end and Incredibly strange creatures all over.


  • 95
    Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I always hoped one of the Gamera or any of the Gamera movies would come out. But all of the movies in one set is a dream come true. Now if SHOUT would put it in a Gamera shaped box set I would die a happy man. This box set is really neat, jam-packed with Gamera meat. All us kids love SHOUT FACTORY.


  • 96
    CaveDweller says:

    That’s some mind-blowing news, that’s for sure! I’d say that with them getting the rights to the Gamera movies, the sky’s the limit for what other episodes we may see in the future. I’m sure hoping this leads to “Time of the Apes” at some point because that was one of the very first MST3K episodes I ever saw back in ’91 or ’92 and was one of the episodes that got me hooked on the show to begin with. I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Fugitive Alien” movies on DVD either….”Mighty Jack”…um, well, I would buy it but I can’t say that was ever one of my favorites.


  • 97
    H says:

    Is it April 1 already? I guess not, in which case, I’m very happy to hear this. Does this mean an official KTMA release as well? How did they manage this? I thought this when I saw Shout! releasing unriffed Gameras but I never thought I’d see the day. So, name your price Shout!; I’ll probably pay it.


  • 98
    Dark Grandma of Death says:

    Very nice news to conclude my Thanksgiving. I’m in agreement with other posters about Gamera vs Guiron – it is absolutely one of my favorite episodes!

    Thanks, Shout!


  • 99
    BIG61AL says:

    Stunningly great news. SHOUT! really gets us fans. Keep releasing more episodes cuz I’ll be buying em!


  • 100
    dsman71 says:

    I want to be the 100th comment Smile
    Fugitive Alien 1,2, Mighty Jack & Time of the Apes – it all depends on who owns them…It certainly is possible at this point, hell almost anything is possible save for
    Godzilla vs the Sea Monster, Diabolik, Season 3 AIP titles, Season 8 Universal titles , Squirm , It Lives By Night
    This is all subject to change and I think and expect Shout to really get out as much as they can, if not every single episode all in time…


  • 101
    The Toblerone Effect says:

    After the roller-coaster week I’ve had, ranging from the good (received my title to officially own my car), to the bad (found out Wednesday night my debit card number was hacked, causing a check to bounce), this is news that has made me believe that some good still happens in the world! In a way, this makes sense, since SF had the rights to distribute the Gamera movies in America anyway. But I wonder if the sales of previous MST releases has far exceeded their expectations, and allowed Shout! to make a higher offer. The still-fledgling economy may have also had a hand at causing the powers-that-be in Japan to have a change of heart.


  • 102
    The Toblerone Effect says:

    Ignore part of my last post….I just read Brian Ward’s explanation.

    But it’s still kick-ass news!

    As for the next “hard-to-get” movie, how about “Attack of the the Eye Creatures”?!


  • 103
    JLH says:

    Gamera is dancing go-go!


  • 104
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Wow, that’s almost too much to handle at once.
    I’m glad they arent playing games by releasing one per boxed set for the next couple years or so, which a more money-hungry company could easily get away with doing.
    To put them all out in one set is a highly commendable act of true class.
    I salute you, Shout Factory.

    Now, let’s get going on releasing the legendary ‘Riding with Death’…and if you can, pay Mike, Bill & Kevin to reprise their roles of ‘The Film Crew’, bring back Bob Honcho, and get cracking on some more old Peter Graves movies and the like.

    I mean, if Shout Factory is capable of putting out all five Gamera’s, I believe that they are capable of anything.


  • 105
    liggytheauthoress says:

    YESSSS GAMERA!!!! *goes into MST3K-love-induced coma*
    Shout Factory is a friend to all MSTies >.>


  • 106
    Jose Chung says:

    Woo Hoo, We gots some Gamera. I’m glad I decided not to watch the Gamera Eps. Now when they’re released they’ll all be new to me.


  • 107

    Wow. Didn’t see this one coming. Would never have seen this one coming, actually. Kudos to Shout for kicking all sorts of ass.

    Also colossally happy that some stuff will be getting rereleases. Having gotten back into the show just about 3 years ago put me all kinds of behind and I missed out on all the individual episodes Rhino released, plus a number of their “became really hard to get REALLY fast” volumes. If this can allow me to catch up without having to drop $200+ on vol. 9, I will no longer be a sad panda.


  • 108
    MightyJack says:

    Awesome news! It’s been a great couple of months for this MSTie. The last set looked sharp and had wonderful extras. Then there was the surprising announcement of the Master Ninja’s — and now the Gamera’s! Have I died and gone to Heaven?

    Thank you SHOUT (and Brian for popping on here to answer to questions)


  • 109
    fireballil says:

    Ya know, I usually check the site every day to check out the This Day in MSTory and any other news bits that happen to come out. I had to work today and didn’t get to do it. WHAT A DAY TO FORGET TO! All five Gamera movies and two former Rhino releases out? Huzzah! Hi-Keeba! Rowsdower! (to steal from Cheepnis) Wow!


  • 110
    Brandon says:

    I just noticed the “Nooooooooo!” at the bottom of the Sandy Frank photo.

    I’m assuming that’s what Frank’s reaction would be upon hearing the episodes that mercilessly made fun of him, are getting an official release.


  • 111
    Cronkite Moonshot says:

    Brilliant news! This eliminates a huge chunk of my “wishful thinking” episodes, and right after the amazing Master Ninja news for volume 20. The only thing that could be better would be an announcement that Volume 22 would feature Daddy-o, Time of the Apes, Mighty Jack, and Moon Zero Two…


  • 112
    Danny D. says:

    OH WOW! Fantastic news! I’m also happy to see that Shout is starting to re-release some of the older OOP episodes, especially The Beginning of the End.


  • 113
    Sean says:

    Am I the only one hoping that one of the Gamera DVDs will include a lengthy documentary about how they got the rights to the movies? I want to know how they did it.

    I’m looking forward to some single rereleases as well. It’s something I’ve always thought they should do. I can’t wait for them to get around to the rest of Volume 9, seeing as how I can’t afford it as it is.


  • 114
    Zeroninety says:

    Daddy, I want a Coke!!


  • 115
    darthservo says:

    So the next two volumes will consist of all Joel episodes. Can we hope for an all Mike volume by the end of 2011?


  • 116
    Mela says:

    Sandy Frank, or Lon Chaney Sr. as the Phantom of the Opera? You decide.

    Insults aside, I am so thrilled with this announcement it’s ridiculous.


  • 117
    HeatUpTheDeathRay says:

    *head explodes from the sheer, improbable delight of it all* WOO HOO!! This year, *I’m* thankful for Shout! Factory! Grin


  • 118
    Sandwich Spread The Barbarian says:

    Merry Freakin’ Christmas!


  • 119
    Rachel says:

    BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR!! Seriously. My ‘Candid Gamera’ tape is not only incomplete, but it’s getting worn out.
    To quote my sister, did Mr Frank make this decision while gadding about the house all day?


  • 120
    Andrew says:

    WOOHOO!!! This is awesome!!!
    Gamera is really neat,
    Gamera is filled with meat!


  • 121
    Steve Horton says:

    Is that Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver? Didn’t know you were an MST3K fan — cool!


  • 122
    losingmydignity says:

    So since this is a all Joel set (the Gameras) and we’re getting an all Joel set coming up…an all Mike set coming up next?
    Horror of Party Beach at last?


  • 123
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Hey, I got no where to post this though it’s off topic, although it does deal with Shout Factory.

    Just made a positive identification of COLEMAN FRANCIS in KILLERS FROM SPACE.

    I had noticed earlier at the Coleman Francis page on wikipedia that he was an uncredited castmember, and so I looked for him today in about my 9000th viewing of this excellently riffed ‘Film Crew’ offering.

    He is the guy at the power station that the anal security guard runs to, to tell him that somebody jut parked illegally outside. He is a lot skinnier, but you can clearly see his face as he hangs up a phone on the wall, and it’s unmistakably Coleman Francis. He appears for another couple minutes, and he runs around in a real weird way, even prompting Mike to riff “Oh, My Truss is too tight”.

    Eventually Peter Graves knocks him out by practically blowing on him and nothing else. That’s about the last he appears.

    So once again the riffers fail to notice Coleman Francis and the chance to throw some good riffs out there. (They missed him in THIS ISLAND EARTH, too – he was the mailman delivering the “is this metal or paper?” instructions to build the interociter).

    Since this was a Shout Factory release, at least it isnt totally off topic. I needed to get this information passed on before I forget about it.


  • 124
    dsman71 says:

    I think its about time we had a couple of all Joel sets. He created the show, he deserves all the accolades he gets..Nothing at all against Mike but hes had a couple of *All Mike* sets & the 20th anniversary set was 3 Mike…
    It is really nice to see some of the Iconic Joel episodes come out such as the Gamera ones ..these helped get the show to new heights..
    And Mike was Gamera & a few other characters in the hexfield viewscreen in these get Mike when he wasnt Mike…God that sounds funny Smile


  • 125
    ck says:


    An all-Mike set would be great. If (a big if) they could get the rights the
    beginning of the excellent scifi years would be an interesting theme.
    (For example)
    801-Revenge of the Creature
    802-The Leech Woman
    803-The Mole People (going down, down, down)
    804-The Deadly Mantis
    805-The Thing That Couldn’t Die


  • 126
    dsman71 says:

    I think all the fans who havent seen any Gamera movie are in for a big treat Smile
    As far as all the Universals from Mike – anything is possible but these might be tough…Id like to see them too..
    801-809 are all under licenses from studios who arent about to give up the rights for MST, yet Smile


  • 127

    Well, it’s *way* after T-Day (Black Friday) but I just have to say “Thanks, Shout!” and thanks specifically to Brian for enlightening us as to the how and whys of this great news.

    Obviously *any* MST3K episode releases are good news, but it’s particularly good to get shows we thought there was never a chance to get. What it demonstrates above all else is that Shout! really gets it — they understand the right moves to make to acquire things and seem very dedicated to doing this right.

    I only hope they make enough money to keep going — I’ll do my (tiny) part by buying everything they release despite having broadcast quality DVDs of all of this stuff.


  • 128
    majorjoe23 says:

    “Is that Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver? Didn’t know you were an MST3K fan — cool!”

    It is him, and he’s a big fan. He drew Tom Servo as a Green Lantern for me and someone on this site colored it and is using it as an avatar. I’m forgetting their name, but they did a good job.


  • 129
    Alex says:


    I know Susan Hart isn’t, but I still think Universal, Lionsgate and Arkoff are more capable of licensing. Arkoff licensed some of their movies to Lionsgate, so why not Shout! Factory?

    And wow, Horror of Party Beach sure is a popular episode. I haven’t seen much of it, but if it comes out I’ll definetly try it out. Grin


  • 130
    Earl B says:

    I’m guessing/hoping BEGINNING OF THE END will have remixed audio – the Rhino disc was really bad. I had to adjust the levels constantly just to hear everything.

    As for the GAMERA set, Shout! has earned its place among the gods.


  • 131
    Dean says:

    Now this is awesome news. Shout, you rock! As for the single releases, I will order Begining of the End, to replace the one I have.


  • 132
    Zee says:

    HOLY ****!!! Hope we’ll eventually get Fugitive Alien 1 & 2 as well!!!


  • 133
    crowschmo says:

    Happy belated Turkey Day, everyone. I didn’t hop on the site yesterday – and look what I missed!!

    This is good news. A Gamera episode (forget which one as I hadn’t had the foresight to tape it) was the first MST3K ep I’d ever seen and I fell instantly in love with the show. I haven’t seen any Gamera eps since the time when they were just starting to stop rerunning them on Comedy Central, so I’ll definitely be buying this!

    Thanks, Shout! Factory !!


  • 134
    dsman71 says:

    Alex – Arkoff licensed his titles to Lionsgate in NON MST3K versions..
    Susan Hart has the Nicholson estate which is the ‘other half’ of the AIP titles
    I honestly dont know how the Arkoff estate feels about MST3K titles but Susan Hart wont even license non MST versions to anyone let alone a MST cut of the film..I wont say never say never but these titles are probably going to take a lot of ingenuity to acquire them & when Shout runs out of PD titles and things that they can acquire then we’ll see
    As for the Universals…well Universal did release MST3K the movie, but who can say how they feel about their catalog titles like Mole People, Kitten With a Whip, Revenge of the Creature..It certainly is possible..
    The hardest to get titles I would venture are It Lives By Night, Squirm, Diabolik and Godzilla vs the Sea Monster – from there its the AIP stuff and Universals..
    Can they be had ? Time will tell..
    Im still in amazement over the Gamera titles – big time Season 3 titles finally on the way
    I look forward to the Beginning of the End too as a possible upgrade to the Rhino disc…Im still undecided on the Incredible Strange Creatures..


  • 135
    casterberus says:

    Shout! Factory, you guys are AWESOME!!!!!

    I bow down before your timing and/or mad negotiating skillz!!!


  • 136
    Chicagoshirl says:

    Holy crap in hell, all the Gameras in a boxed set. Life is sweet!!


  • 137
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Agreed on Beginning of the end audio.

    It’s the worst sound engineering job I’ve ever heard on any MST3K episode. I think it was poorly done by MST3K even before Rhino got ahold of it.

    Either way, it really detracts from the enjoyment of a well-riffed Peter Graves / Bert I Gordon piece of schlock.
    I sure hope they remix this before releasing again.

    The only episode I can think of that had as poor of job on the sound mix was ‘The Deadly Bees’, and that still wasn’t nearly as bad as The Beginning of the End.


  • 138
    Alex says:

    Dsman – Well, Arkoff is dead now, so some other guys at the estate licensed the films (I don’t know who the members are in there). And yeah, I guess we can’t say if the estate DOES hate Mst3k or not, but I imagine that if they were licesning the un-mistied films to Lionsgate, obviously they couldn’t do the Mst3k versions since Lionsgate doesn’t own the home video rights to the show.

    And to be perfectly honest, I really wish the Arkoff estate could purchase the home video rights from the Nicholson estate and put Susan Hart’s stupid estate out of buissness.

    Oh, and as for Universal….. well, it seems like Mr. Ward DID explain that Universal doesn’t have any grudges with Best Brains. They apparently just want too much money.


  • 139
    Barth Gimble says:

    SF = SF…. (S)andy (F)rank = (S)hout (F)actory…. ? Is there a UFO connection? Has Von Danniken been consulted? Coinky-dink? You decide!


  • 140
    twitterhitter says:

    Its great to see all the MSTies “Being Frank about Frank”! Sandy that is. I hear he has woman troubles, could this be the reason?


  • 141
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    On the plus side, this is really exciting news.
    On the minus side, Sandy Frank is giving me nightmares.


  • 142
    ck says:

    “It’s the worst sound engineering job I’ve ever heard on any MST3K episode. I think it was poorly done by MST3K even before Rhino got ahold of it.”

    And you can almost hear Mike and the bots replying
    “I can’t help but feel partially responsible.” Smile


  • 143
    BIG G BURGER says:

    maybe this could lead to a fugitive alien double feature
    keeping fingers crossed.but make it had 2 typ.


  • 144
    dsman71 says:

    Alex if the Arkoff estate titles were easily available, dont you think we would have gotten at least one by now ?
    Its not a question of hate..its a money factor & / or the riffling of their films factor…


  • 145
    Zee says:

    BTW: Two ALL-JOEL sets in a row! I wonder if they’ll do an all-Mike set for vol.22.


  • 146
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Concerning what I said about ‘Beginning of the End’ earlier,
    I say the sound job may have been poorly done by mst3k (their sound engineer) before rhino got ahold of it because I have a pre-Rhino vhs copy from trading that was taped off of TV, and it is not much different sound-wise.

    This was from before Rhino released it on vhs. Newcomers to the show may not be aware that before Rhino and shout Factory began releasing the episodes to the public, we used to have to get our tapes from fellow viewers and we traded our episodes around.

    The copy I have that was taped off of TV is as bad as the rhino release, although it’s hard to really gauge if it was this bad on the first generation cable broadcast, and whether the traders recording job may have been done on inferior equipment or not, or originally recorded in the EP mode, (which causes sound quality loss).

    Myself not having been witness to it ever having been shown on tv by Comedy Central, I can’t make a definitive statement on how good a job the mst3k sound engineer did on the episode. I didn’t really get heavy into watching the show until about 1997 when it was on Sci-Fi.


  • 147
    Alex says:

    So basicly…… the Arkoff guys are just too keen with money? Damn.

    Well, maybe Shout! can make a good deal with them. They seem to do better with money than Rhino, that’s for sure.

    Then again…. did I hear those guys are pretty hard to find?


  • 148
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Well, it’s been nice knowing you all. The world is obviously coming to an end and once Satan gets tired of the unseasonably cool weather, he’ll be looking to set up residence on the surface.


  • 149
    Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Wait, did I miss something? Did Sandy Frank die? He must be on his deathbed or something. Yeah, that’s it.


  • 150
    Ben says:

    Sadly when I first saw this news I wondered two things: why the picture of John Waters and why does he look in such rough shape? Then after not seeing the moustache, I went, “Ohhhh, right. Sandy Frank. Got it.”

    I’m all in favor of new unreleased episodes and updated with special features re-releases. The un-MSTed DVD of TISCWSLABMUZ is features laden to the extreme, so I don’t know what else could possibly be said about that movie, but I can’t wait to see. I know that I’ll have to space out my watching of the Gamera movies because if I go back-to-back, time will actually stop and start going backwards for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love any new episodes on DVD and keep ’em coming, but I think I’m a bigger fan of the episodes in-between the Japanese movies that were shown en masse in Season 3.


  • 151
    Ben says:

    I would like to amend the previous statement I made and insert “Prince Phillip” in the place of “John Waters”. Thank you.


  • 152
    Ray The Whimsical Lampshade says:

    Shout Factory is awesome, I loved the Gamera movies on MST, and now I love that they are getting released. I love you Shout Factory!


  • 153
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Is that Sandy Frank or one of the TIME OF THE APES characters?


  • 154
    dsman71 says:

    I have that Image DVD of Beginning of the End which is uncut widescreen and received the royal treatment – and Im sure the SF version of BOTE will be an upgrade over the Rhino version & didnt need the uncut version on the MST disc so Im getting that one for sure
    Im wondering if SF will also re-release titles on Volumes that are OOP – or do some upgrades if possible to titles such as the Dead Talk Back,Atomic Brain, lord knows what else..


  • 155
    CMS says:

    Kenny lives! I hope we get a Gamera action figure to go along with Crow, Tom and Gypsy.


  • 156
    demoncat says:

    Yay never thought of all the Sandy frank films denied Mst300 that shout factory would some how pull off a miracle and get on dvd Gamera would happen at all. talk about christmas miracle. hope it leads to the rest of the films sandy frank has long denied or maybe melts sue hart estate evil hart for their stuff. Gamera comes . christmas magic has been unleashed.


  • 157
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Viva Shout Factory !!

    They are the right people and they are getting it.


  • 158
    Chris says:

    Where exactly did people get the idea that Sandy Frank despises MST? I swear I read an interview with him a few years ago where he said he had nothing against MST, but he also had absolutely no say in allowing the rights for the movies to be released on DVD. Kind of disappointing at how many people continue to bash him or at the very least, think he had anything to do with not allowing those episodes to be released, when in reality the rights to those movies all reverted back to its Japanese creators years ago.


  • 159
    Chris says:

    Aha, I just went to Sandy Frank’s wikipedia page, and it does indeed note that SF had nothing against MST (although it was Kevin Murphy who said this, not Frank). With that in mind, it’d be pretty awesome if he was interviewed for the upcoming box set… well, except this was the last line of his wikipedia entry:

    “On August 24, 2010, Frank was involved in an altercation with his wife, Brenda Frank. Both were arraigned separately and obtained orders of protection against the other.”



  • 160
    Jose Chung says:

    Not a single shred of evidence suggests he hated MST3K. Its all just hear say. No one on the planet seems to have Qoute stating that he hates MST. This is just like the Peter Graves thing. Which is why I don’t believe MST hearsay.


  • 161
    Alex says:

    I still heard Kevin Murphy said Sandy just wanted too much money to re-licnese the films.


  • 162
    Sal Paradise says:

    Wow. Was offline for the holiday and saw the best news ever when I got home. Amazing. I have all of Gamera anyways but it will be awesome to have cleaned up, official versions.

    Gamera is really neat, from what I hear.


  • 163

    Shout! Factory can have my firstborn child!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll never have one.)

    As for the few people whining that the Gamera eps all happen to be with Joel:
    Shout! folks, please ignore them and listen to the pleas from actual fans of the entire series – we want all of the MST3K eps released commercially, whenever you can get them, regardless of who the host is.


  • 164
    Luke says:

    Gee, this would be huge news but for the fact that those Gamera episodes are five of the worst in the entire run of MST3K. Give me Fugitive Alien II, at least. That’s one of the best- indeed, probably top three.

    The Gamera, though…. puh-leaze…


  • 165
    Kali says:

    How in the world did Shout! manage to get this past Sandy Frank? They really must be miracle workers. Hail to Shout! And take that, Rhino!

    Now if we can get a then-and-now version of “Time of the Apes.” We all know we’ll never get a real release of the KTMAs, but this would make an interesting collection.


  • 166
    MSTJon says:

    I’d forgotten all about that. What are the odds of Shout! convincing Jim to release the KTMA versions as well? Would that be a separate rights issue?


  • 167
    Dan says:

    Huzzah!! Wonderful news. Here’s hoping the other Sandy Frank episodes find their way to DVD. I’m continually impressed at how well Shout! Factory has handled this license.


  • 168
    VeryDisturbing says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    But what if you already have vols. 8 -and/or- 9? Or are saving like crazy to get them from, like, Amazon? I wonder if Shout! is gonna rerelease all of them eventually (preferably SOON). To try to have a complete set and have no doubles (from the Rhino to Shout! switchover) is a problem.


  • 169
    ptomreeves says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I DIDN’T EXPECT IT! I love you Shout Factory!


  • 170
    shonuff1701 says:

    Huzzah!!! Now for Fugitive Alien flicks and Time of the Apes!! Season three is back in full effect!! I love you Shout Factory….If I wasn’t engaged I would take you behind the bleachers and get you pregnant!!


  • 171
    Torgo's Mom says:

    Woah. The hell??





  • 172
    swh1939 says:

    On the topic of previously-released-to-DVD episodes that I’d like to see get a re-release:

    Pod People.

    The reasons:

    1) MST3K Hour Host Segments.
    2) The MST3K Hour version of the film has about 30 seconds more footage of the movie (and riffs) than the standard version.


  • 173
    schippers says:

    Hello! Thank you! Hello? Thank you. Thank you! Hello? Thank you! Hello.


  • 174
    magicvoice says:

    Just got back from Japan to read this awesome news! Guess my prayer at the temple of Gamera paid off!


  • 175
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Poor Sandy Frank. First he loses all the flesh off his skull, now this. Smile

    Seriously, the Shout! guy explained they didn’t so much convince the Japanese rights-holders as figure out a way to get around them, so I wouldn’t get my hopes too far up for FUGITIVE ALIEN, TIME OF THE APES, etc. (Anything’s possible, though.) I’d also make a point to grab that Gamera set as soon as you possibly can manage it.

    Also, they probably will end up having to do some ‘All-Mike’ collections sooner or later, simply because there are, by my count, forty-seven unreleased ‘Mike’ episodes to thirty-four ‘Joel’ episodes. (Exact numbers may be off.) There are, of course, some ‘Mike’ episodes where the rights problems are equally tricky and I’d imagine if they manage to find a way to get those solved, they wouldn’t hesitate to bump any ‘Joel’ episodes with less copyright problems.


  • 176
    Ben says:

    As this is great news when any new episodes are released, how about getting greedy and going for more themed boxes? The 2 Bride, 2 Devil thing on set XIX was cute and the Gamera set is obviously themed, but what about a Robert Lippert set with Rocketship X-M, Jungle Goddess, King Dinosaur, and Radar Secret Service? Or a TV movie set with Stranded In Space, Code Name Diamond Head, San Francisco International, and Riding With Death?

    Shout has been getting cozy with Universal by SF releasing later seasons of Univeral shows such as Dragnet, Adam-12, and Simon and Simon so I should think that doors are somewhat open a crack on some of those. Which of course opens up to the early Season 8 shows, Universal again. Wouldn’t you want to get some coin for a turkey TV pilot or show that you have rotting away in the vault?


  • 177
    Pulatso says:

    Question: If the rights for these were acquired from a company that is handling the US right for the Japanese owners, does that mean Shout Factory can use the Sandy Frank dub? I always thought that was the main hold up, that without Frank’s consent, the dub the Brains used couldn’t be distributed. I’m picturing a nightmare scenario where a new overdub of the soundtrack is needed. Am I just confused? (I hope!)


  • 178
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    If I understand correctly, it will be the ‘Sandy Frank dubs.’ Mister Frank no longer owns the rights to them.


  • 179
    magicvoice says:

    I wonder if Frank’s divorce settlement has anything to do with his no longer holding the rights.


  • 180
    radioman970 says:

    Nearly the greatest news in MST3K history. The Movie was #1.

    I dearly hope they get my favorite episode cleared… Time of the Apes. I’d love a set with the unmystied film included!! Pelase please pelase pelase please please please…

    I typed all those “pleases” so I should get this…


  • 181
    Speedy says:



  • 182
    RaptorX8 says:

    *pass out*
    *wake up*


  • 183
    Speedy says:

    Stinger: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”


  • 184
    AgentMom says:

    The gameras are my favorites! I can’t believe they are finally releasing them!