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CT’s “The Wasp Woman” Available Now

Cinematic Titanic’s latest, “The Wasp Woman” is available for download or on DVD now.

Wasp Woman

41 Replies to “CT’s “The Wasp Woman” Available Now”

  1. Oh! Well, I kinda figured…


  2. I hope that clip doesn’t have the *highlights* in it. Seems kinda middling.


  3. Bob says:

    I’m looking forward to the DVD release in a few days and will order it then. It looks good from the trailer and I liked the first two episodes quite a bit.


  4. Zombie says:

    Yep, I can wait a few days for the hard copy. I guess I’m getting old fashioned, but I like having a disc. I was just reminded how great a time it is to still be a MST3K fan. Two groups of performers putting out a wide range of amazing content, and the classic DVD’s are still coming slowly but surely.

    Been a fan since I was 13 with season 2, and been watching ever since.


  5. Hersh says:

    I like having a disk too, but I don’t mind it being labeled with a sharpie. The trailer for this one looks like a winner, so I’m downloading now.

    Zombie, I couldn’t have said it better… These are good days.


  6. Steve K says:

    I was already downloading it from EZTakes at 5:40. Now I’ve got it on DVD — with case artwork and DVD all printed! :grin:


  7. fishbulb says:

    I paid for the movie, and EZTakes’ download manager appeared to download the entire movie, but at the end, it said “Download failed” and it left the movie in a bunch of pieces on my hard drive. Extremely disappointing. I called their customer service and got a recorded message. Caveat emptor.


  8. MikeK says:

    I’ll wait for the real DVD. Even if I could download it I would not do so. I don’t like encourage such things.


  9. Garth Arizona says:

    I’ve downloaded all three CT movies so far. I had problems with DOOMSDAY MACHINE the first day, but got it quick the day after. I had similar problems to Fishbulb #7 today with THE WASP WOMAN, but I got it eventually. The DVD case artwork I printed off ain’t bad either.

    Downloading it cost me $9.99. I saved $5.00 off ordering a “real” disk. With that $5.00 I can buy ONE extra gallon of gas. :smile:


  10. losingmydignity says:

    Download it? You guys who can are lucky…

    My computer’s so old it makes the old guy in “Doomsday Machine” look young.

    “Where’s my 0xygen mask?”


  11. magicvoice says:

    For those who download and burn to DVD, can you tell me how the quality is? Does it look good or is it pixely when there’s fast movement on the screen? I’m skeptical about downloading because I wonder if it’s compressed more than the “purchased” DVD that costs more.


  12. radioman970 says:


    The file is about 3.5 gigs. That’s a good size for a 80 minute segment.


  13. Zombie says:

    3.5 gigs is not compressed. It should be exact bit-for-bit copy of the pressed DVD that will be sold Monday(right?). With no extras, that’s easily at 90 minute movie in standard DVD format.

    My only concern is that you’ll want to make a new copy of your burned DVD every 5 years or so. All arguments about burned DVD longevity aside, better safe than sorry.


  14. Kirk says:

    I’ve downloaded the first two and the quality looks great to me. I save the files on my hardrive so when (if?) the burned DVDs fail I can just re-burn them. Provided I back up my HD occasionally… Fishbulb and Garth Arizona, sounds like you may need to defrag your hard drive?


  15. fishbulb says:

    I have a Mac – there isn’t a separate defragging program. The problem is definitely in the EZTakes software, or their server.
    I still haven’t gotten any response from them.


  16. los partes des elefantes says:

    Watched it last night, and I thought it was good. I especially liked the short scene where the “Jim Croce” guy delivers a bed to the boss-lady’s office. And I still cannot get over the ridiculous idea of having the professor recuperate in the office building. It’s like Roger Corman was saying, “We can’t afford any more location shots. Just move a brain-damaged comatose patient to an office building.” Sure, makes sense.

    On one level, it was more fun to watch than “Doomsday Machine”. The not-Bobby Van footage & the underwhelming riffing at the conclusion left me bummed out.

    As for EZ-Takes’ mac client: I downloaded “Doomsday Machine” from home over someone’s open wifi connection, and that took 8 hours, plus extra to “assemble” the disk. This time, I took my laptop to a college’s open network, downloaded it, and it was done in under 90 minutes.


  17. magicvoice says:

    Thanks for all the advice, guys! I’m a Mac user so the tips helped.
    Also, the comment about re-burning every 5 years made me realize all the MST episodes are due for a new burn! I noticed on a few that I’ve watched recently that there are more glitches than when I burned them around 2002.


  18. I downloaded and am in the process of converting to iPod/iPhone/AppleTV video (all my MST3K is in this format, so I have everyone all on one hard drive that I can send to TiVo, my iPhone, or AppleTV anytime I want. Since it’s a real-time transfer process, it effectively means I can watch on any TV in the house any episode of MST3K without doing anything more than flipping the remote on the TV set).

    I do agree about burned DVDs — while they aren’t particularly fragile just sitting around, the wear and tear as they play makes them more vulnerable than DVDs (which in turn are more vulnerable than blu-ray discs). Because I don’t play my MST3K DVDs anymore (using the iPod files, which are also backed up) I don’t worry a lot, but I do back up the episodes I don’t have pristine on videotape (so I have backups of backups of backups…)


  19. Booje K says:

    Saw this one live when the CT crew came to Dallas. It was hay-lear-e-us…

    I would say this is my favorite of the three they got out now.

    Can’t wait til Monday!


  20. Krasner says:

    This one felt like an old MST3k episode to me. Like most Roger Coreman films, this movie was not completely inept. So I was slightly interested in the film as I enjoyed their riffs.

    My favorite riff was the montage scene.

    CT has a good thing going. They have good chemistry and good writing.


  21. fishbulb says:

    Just so that no one thinks my problem went unresolved, I eventually got the download going again by restarting the EZTakes client.
    Katy Beaulieu at CT helped in getting a resolution from EZTakes, and couldn’t have been nicer.

    Watching the movie now.


  22. Ralph C. says:

    I’ve downloaded all three movies and the two that I’ve played have been fine (I haven’t watched “The Wasp Woman” yet). I like being able to download them myself so I don’t have to wait that long to enjoy it.

    It’s all groovy, man– I can dig it!


  23. Cornjob says:

    @ Garth Arizona post #9

    Have you really saved $5? The only way that is true is if you just burned a DVD-R and let it lay loose somewhere, and even then you are still paying the $.25 to $.50 for the DVD. Otherwise you have to provide your own case, print the cover using your own paper and ink (I don’t know about you, but that damn ink for my printer is SPENSIVVVVV!) and either print your own label to put on the disc, or use one of those more expensive inkjet printable DVD-R’s if you have a printer that can handle one. Depending on what quality of paper, and the type of DVD-R you use, and how much of a criminal rip off the ink in your printer is, and given the pure time it takes to do everything you have to in order to have something more presentable than a blank DVD-R with a sharpie marker label, are you really saving all that much money? And after it all you just wind up with something that is basically an officially sanctioned homemade knockoff. After all the hassle and expense of using your own time, equipment, and materials to create the DVD I would be surprised if you were actually saving more than a buck or two. I am going to have to wait a few more days to see the new episode, but I’m getting a finished product, and to me that’s worth the extra wait and a few dollars more.


  24. fishbulb says:

    That’s fine if you’re into packaging, Cornjob, but I’m not going to do any of those things.

    It’s great that the physical product is worth that much to you, but downloading really is cheaper if you’re not going to use a DVD and a case. If I did get the finished DVD, all I’d end up doing is ripping it to my hard drive. (I’d save the backup space, but that costs much less than $5, and I get to watch the movie tonight.)

    I think we’re talking about the difference between seeing a value in the pressed disc and package, and not seeing that value. Neither is more correct, but both attitudes do exist.


  25. robwillsey says:

    got it with no problems, looks and sounds A+ and funny as hell taboot!


  26. MidwestBohemian says:

    I ordered the Oozing Skull DVD by snail mail because the download was delayed by several months.

    All I got was the DVD itself in a paper envelope. I still had to provide the case and print the sleeve myself.

    Has this changed with the two newer releases?


  27. jere7my says:


    Yes, it has changed. They now send the DVD in a standard case, with a cover insert. This is true for all three releases, including Oozing Skull. (You can download the official Oozing Skull cover as a PDF if you want to print it out.)


  28. Garth Arizona says:

    @CORNJOB #23.

    Long post in reply to something that was meant as a stoopid joke.

    I just like getting it quick and not waiting a few extra days.

    I don’t have much patience, you see.


  29. Garth Arizona says:

    But you’re right Cornjob, I do spend money on the DVD, Ink, and the case.

    I use slim cases though, so I do save a little shelf space compared to a standard case.


  30. Evan K. says:

    jere7my #27 — do you have a link? I was on their site, but couldn’t seem to find the PDF you mention.


  31. Evan K. says:

    Jere7my, thanks much!


  32. Scooter says:

    If you order the dvd, you can get a signed silhouette of Trace. I got one when I ordered Doomsday Machine, and another when I ordered the shirt. Now I’m looking forward to my third


  33. Scooter says:

    oh, and fourth, when I re-order Oozing Skull (I have no printer capabilities, it won’t even print color anymore)


  34. jere7my says:

    Scooter, that autograph was a special bonus for early buyers. I think it was only included with the first day’s orders (or until supplies ran out), and regardless there’s no way to know if they’re going to do it again.


  35. Matty-O says:

    Like many here, I much prefer to just pay a little bit extra and wait a wee bit longer to get the professionally burned copy through the mail. Since I much prefer to watch movies while sitting on the couch or bed, and not on my computer, it’s just the better way to go. Plus that way I don’t have to worry about any glitches in the download, or losing it if, God forbid, my computer crashes. Also, since I do like to add the disk to the others on my MST3K DVD collection on the shelf, their jacket looks nicer than what my printer can produce. There’s just something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way.


  36. Miqel says:

    Downloaded this one last night form EZTakes and had no problems (although there still is no Paypal option(!!), which i prefer to using a credit-card online)

    Movie – Classic Roger Corman flick … awful. Perfect for riffing.

    Riffing – Funny stuff from all the crew but not ‘rolling-on-the-floor-laughing’. Solid riffing, but somehow not as funny to me as “Doomsday Machine” was.

    Movie-break Segments – STILL NOT FUNNY! I LOVE CT, but I’m starting to dread it when one of the cast says “Hey, stop the film for a minute” because i know it’s gonna be another lame skit … the most annoying yet in my opinion was the Joel & Trace ‘countdown’ skit in Doomsday machine.
    In the Wasp Woman there is a “Buddy Rich the pissed off drummer” skit and Josh even references the unpopularity of the breaks as Frank plays out the sketch. Still not funny.

    Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars


  37. steve vil says:

    You know what? I think I’d like the movie breaks a whole lot more if they broke away from the silhouettes and let us see the actors. The only time you ever got to see everyone in color was on the back cover of the first dvd. I guess they figure they don’t want to do “host segments” like MST had but really, I think the sketches would work WAY better if they just went out of the theater (or “brought the lights up”) and let us see them talking.


  38. Scooter says:

    my DVD came today. No signed Trace silhouette, this time it was Mary Jo
    I wish I had time to watch it, but I have to work, then go to a friends apartment warming party, and she isn’t a fan of MST/CT/RT.


  39. Bob says:

    My DVD also arrived today with a signed slip from Mary Jo. Already watched the show once; hilarious! Excellent product, I hope they keep them coming!


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