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Dolores Fuller, RIP

LAS VEGAS–Dolores Fuller, the onetime actress-girlfriend of cross-dressing schlock movie director Ed Wood, who co-starred with Wood in his low-budget 1950s cult classic “Glen or Glenda,” died at her home here Monday, May 9, after a long illness. She was 88.

MSTies will remember her as Margie in the movie in episode 423- BRIDE OF THE MONSTER. She later was songwriter, writing the lyrics to songs sung by Elvis Presley and others.

Read the L.A. Times story here.

21 Replies to “Dolores Fuller, RIP”

  1. Jack Perkins says:

    RIP Dolores.


  2. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Good night, Dolores. I’ll wear my cashmere pullover at half mast.


  3. For some reason I thoght she was already dead (no disrespect intended.)


  4. Aw.


  5. Kathy says:

    Always seemed like a nice lady.

    Was candid but kind when she spoke about Ed. Even when she wasn’t happy that Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t bother to talk to her before “Ed Wood” and she clearly didn’t like how Parker played her…she was still nice about it.

    Read something about she would bring the angora sweater she hands to Ed in “Glen or Glenda” to convention appearances and let people be photographed with it.

    RIP :weep:


  6. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Good God, what a dolt I am. I knew cashmere didn’t seem right when I typed it.


  7. Gary Bowden says:

    Sorry to hear this.Didn’t like the way Sarah Jessica Parker described her in an interview years ago.She was more than that.Seemed like a classy lady.


  8. Sharktopus says:

    Cashmere?! PAH! Mere goat’s hair is far too rough for Ed’s delicate skin. Only the softest bunny rabbit fur will do.

    As Kathy noted above, Ms Fuller always treated the subject of Eddie with honesty and aplomb. :-(


  9. Jennifer Marley says:

    Time to watch Ed Wood. Great movie.


  10. Fart Bargo says:

    I have read about how she and Ed would spend holidays with Bela just before he passed on. Very classy and will be missed.


  11. Laura says:


    Don’t feel bad. I didn’t even know she existed. I think I’ll watch “The Sinister Urge” tonight before Mythbusters.


  12. big61al says:

    Another twinkling star in the MST3K constellation dims for the final time. Goodbye Dolores, you live on in our hearts.


  13. Tom Carberry says:

    There is a fairly long obit in the Los Angeles Times this morning on Ms. Fuller (1923-2011).

    RIP Dolores.


  14. monoceros4 says:

    “Even when she wasn’t happy that Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t bother to talk to her before “Ed Wood” and she clearly didn’t like how Parker played her…she was still nice about it.”

    And my respect for Tim Burton’s Ed Wood takes another hit. The more I learn about the film, the less I like it.


  15. Gummo says:

    Aw geez.

    I will watch Jailbait (her meatiest lead role in an Ed Wood movie) in her honor.


  16. radioman970 says:

    I wonder who else will have to die to get Burton’s Ed Wood on Blu Ray? Burton himself?!

    RIP. I always liked the original “handing over the sweater” scene since first seeing it in IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD. Now there’s another I”d like to see again.


  17. Critter says:

    R.I.P. Deloris,
    They don’t make ’em like Glen or Glenda anymore.


  18. Critter says:

    Sorry, should spell her name right.
    R.I.P. Delores.


  19. KJB says:

    She may have taken some odd detours, but I’d be happy if I had a rap sheet as long as hers at the end of my life. She used her time on Earth well, and that’s one of the highest compliments you can pay anybody.



  20. Dropo221 says:

    I understand she was a double for Dinah Shore on the Chevy Show. What exactly does a stand-in do on a variety show? I guess fills in during the lighting set up? Anyway, apparently they found out about her second career with Ed Wood and she got fired!


  21. aprilmay says:

    Well, I gave in and bought Ed Wood on DVD online. After seeing most of his movies, and loving them I figure its time to see it.

    When the movie originally came out my best friend saw it and told me not to waste my time, she hated it. And I never got around to watching it later.

    Of course one of my friend’s favorite movies was Howard The Duck. Seriously. She loved it.


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