Episode: 304- GAMERA VS. BARUGON

Tom (Typing on an IBM Clone, reading aloud as he types): CD, slash, W-P-5-1, return--Ahh criminies! Stupid clones! I really miss my Mac. Hey Crow! What's this mean? (reading off screen) 'Too many parameters, hyphen, W-P-5-1'??

Crow (Looks up from an issue of BYTE MAGAZINE): What? Oh, okay. You used a forward slash instead of a backslash.

Tom: What? Oh, okay. (Typing) 'CD, BACKslash, W-P-5-1, return.

Magic Voice: Thirty seconds to commercial sign.

Joel (Pops up in front of counter where Tom and Crow are): Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Satellite Of Love. Tom Servo and Crow are in the middle of another 'user interface war.' Let's watch. (Crouches back down, out of sight)

Tom: This is rich! (reading off screen) 'Bad command or file name.' They expect you to be a MACHINE to operate this machine!

Crow (sighs. annoyed and condescending): I suppose you'd prefer a little animated clown who would juggle over to the little file cabinet, wink at you and point to the right drawer?

Tom: Yeah, sure! At least I don't have to have a photographic memory to get my Mac to work!

Joel (pops up again): Both user interfaces work perfectly well, it's really just a matter of the individual's personal preferences. We think the joke will be on Tom Servo and Crow. (crouches down)

Tom: Now the problem with the IBM and compatibles is that they lack the elegance and intuitive nature of the Mac. Mac products are reliable, proven and they ALWAYS work!

Crow: Oh yeah? What about System Seven?

Tom (furious): It's coming! It's COMING, OKAY!?! There were a few bugs in it, okay?! Boy!

Joel (pops up again): You can have a LOT of fun with people hopelessly mired in computer nuances. Watch this. (Turns to Crow and Tom Servo) Hey! Has anyone seen the mouse to my Amiga??

Tom: Oh! Hahaha! Amiga!! Ha hah!

Crow: Amiga? Oh come on!

Both (hails of derisive laughter): Hahahaha!!

Tom: Now THERE'S a machine for you...Hahah!

Crow: Hey! Has anyone seen my FAT ANGUS drive?? Hahah!

Joel: We'll be back.

Magic Voice: Commercial sign in five...four...three...two...commercial sign now!

Tom (reading off screen): 'Unrecoverable appilication error'?! This is really cute, Crow! I suppose we'll have to re-enter the entire spreadsheet now, huh?!

Crow: Noooo, no, no, no. Just rewrite the 'autoexec.bat' file and stick in a memory manager, that's all. Just take a minute. Don't worry!

(Tom continues to mumble and curse under his breath, as scene cuts.)