Episode: 401- Space Travellers

(Thanks to Jeremy Blomstedt for a small correction.

Joel: Y'know the American space race had contributed a whole lot more than just a lot of grainy black and white photos to the great American way.

Crow: Yes. Science, technology and processed foods were advanced beyond the reckoning of our puny little minds.

Tom: It has been said that one cannot swing one's dead cat without hitting an item that has been advanced by the space program.

Joel: We begin. The vitamin pill: a space race advancement!

Crow: Frozen dough! Thank you, NASA.

Tom: The tie clip! Keep it going, now.

Joel: The coffee table.

Crow: Spats.

Tom: Chia technology.

Joel: Tin whistles.

Crow: The nylon windbreaker.

Tom: Naugahyde.

Joel: Swirled yogurt, essential for spaceflight.

Crow: Battered fishsticks.

Tom: The collapsible top hat.

Joel: The Thing Maker.

Crow: Helicopters, planes and ordinary table salt.

Tom: Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo.

Joel: Branford, Wynton, and Chicken Marsalis.

Crow: The meatball! One hundred percent space technology!

Tom: The styrofoam peanut, the circus peanut, and the Woozle whose NAME was Peanut.

Joel: The bendy straw.

Crow: Jim Mitchum.

Tom: The basset hound.

Joel: Scattergories.

Crow: Police Woman, the TV show.

Tom: Margarine!

Joel: You see, the space race has contributed so much to our lives that we really couldn't even understand it all. All we know is that it's friendly and it's good for us and we need it really, really a lot. So open your hearts and open your wallets and give. Think about it, won't you? Thank you.

(As Joel talks, Crow and Tom continue naming things)

Tom: Crack!

Crow: Jim Belushi.

Tom: The cocktail wiener

Crow: Fireworks.

Tom: John Connolly.

Crow: Corn dogs.

Tom: The infield fly rule.

Crow: The V-shaped leg.

Tom: The Oedipal complex.

Crow: Artificial nails.

Tom: Mah Jong, the ancient game of tiles.

Crow: The Shakespeare plays.

Tom: Doorbells, spring rolls, and whiskers on kittens.

Crow: Ennui.


Crow: Bikini wax

Tom: White corpuscles.

Crow: The Swedish steam-cooker (cut)