Episode: 610- The Violent Years

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(As the last door from the theater closes...)

Tom (to Mike, who apparently is trying to learn the song): Hum-didda hee-hee--
Crow: Hey, Mike!
Mike: Yeah...
Crow: I figured out, it would be a lot more convenient for all of us if you moved the Mads' light over to the left a little.
Mike: OK. (He starts moving the signal lights to the left a little) All right...
Crow: Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Back... back...just a little.
Mike (slowly moves the lights back): Back? Just a little bit this way?
Crow: Back back... Nudge! Oh... just a nudge... little more...
Mike: There... there? (as he moves the lights)
Crow: Inch more... inch more... teensy... teensy... baby steps... baby... oh there whoa... whoa... Stop! (Crow stares at the lights, now back in their original position. The red one begins to blink) Whooo. Huh. Weird...)

[ Deep 13]

(Close up of Dr. Forester and Frank)

Dr. F: Bad news, Mike. Our theme song tested rather poorly and, well, I'm a big time executive and I made a snap decision. We're going to start our own radio station and we're going to name it FRANK!
Frank (his face showing excitement): A radio station... called FRANK?!
Dr. F: That's right. So come on! Turn your crank to FRANK!
Frank: Less talk...
Dr. F: And more new country...
Frank: Wynonna...
Dr. F: Billy Ray Cyrus...
Frank: Love that FRANK!


Tom: Hookay (rather nervously) ha ha.
Mike: Yeah. You know I can't promise that I personally will be turning my crank to FRANK but I--

[Deep 13]

Frank: But it's a radio station... called FRANK!
Dr. F: More Garth! More Reba!
Frank: Wynonna


(Mike and the bots are simultaneously debating the concept of FRANK when the Hexfield Viewscreen opens revealing Dr.F. Mike and the bots stop talking and look at the screen.)

Dr. F (sternly): Brooks and Dunn. (The view screen closes)
Crow: I don't even know about... (The view screen opens again)
Dr. F (more sternly): Brooks and Dunn!
Frank (poking his head on to the screen): Wynonna. (The view screen closes)
Tom (confused): Tsk... What is Wynonna?
Mike (perplexed): I don't know...

[Deep 13]

Frank: Don't you see how great it is?! My name is Frank, the radio station's name is FRANK! It's totally uncharacteristic to name a radio station FRANK.
Dr. F: More Garth. Moooore Reba!
Frank (softly): Wynonna.


Tom: Am I out of Reba? Do I need more Reba?
Crow: Or *any* Wynonna?

(Commercial Sign lights start flashing.)

Mike: I don't know. Sorry, guys, gotta think about this one. Turning my crank to FRANK... I'm not... I don't think that...

(M&TB quietly discuss the merits of crank turning as we go to commercial.)