Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit803

Bit: Crow T. Robot--Space Child

Episode: 803- The Mole People

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Mike: Hi, everyone! Mike Nelson here and this is Tom Servo and we were just talking about--(Crow enters. In place of his normal eyes, he now has a pair of glowing, pulsating, eyes. They are also making an annoying whirring sound.)
Crow: Hi, everyone. That's Mike Nelson, that's Servo and I'm Crow T. Robot...SPACE CHILD!
Mike (unimpressed, continuing): Uh, sure. Anyway...
Crow: Heed me, Mike Nelson, for I am SPACE CHILD, as you can clearly see by my eyes. I have been sent here by the Supreme Leader to enslave one and all.
Tom (patronizing): Of course, you have.
Crow: I am all powerful, Servo. Those who defy me...uh...hang on...(Crow looks up and starts talking to empty air). Yes, commander! Uh, what? (Annoyed) Oh, *I* don't know! Did you ask Debbie? Huh. Oh no, no, that's Mike. (Mike waves up. Crow looks at Mike and Servo) They want me to kill ya.
Mike: Hey, Crow, can we get going...?
Crow (irritated): Just a minute, Mike. (To the "supreme commander") What? Oh, all right! I'll just come up there. (To Mike and Servo) Sorry. I'll be back to enslave you all. Could you let Gypsy know? (He exits)
Mike (to Cambot): Well, we'll be right back.
Crow (off screen): I'm coming, Commander, you big stupid---

(Commercials. When we come back Crow is explaining where he's been to Servo. Behind him, Mike sneaks quietly up on him, clearly intent on jumping Crow.)

Crow: ...So, I checked with the great powers of the universe and they said since you are such dim flickers across the greater void of conciousness, then you will--(Mike leaps on Crow and they begin to struggle.)
Tom: Go for the eyes, Mike! He's nothing without his all-seeing eyes.
Mike (yanking out Crow's eyes): Out, vile jelly!
Crow (now eyeless and a bit peeved about it): That wasn't real friendly, Mike.
Tom: Well your really annoying when your omniscient.
Mike (looking at the eyes, reading): Hey, it says "J&B Novelty Company...a $1.98 a piece."
Crow: So? Does all-powerful have to mean overbudget? (Panel lights up)
Mike: Oh, the primate cage is calling.