Episode: 807- TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000

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Mike: Hey, those brain guys are calling...

(On the observers' planet)
Observer: Greetings, you whose bodies are the leaves of your lesser being.
(Pearl & Bobo are in the background, seated at a table.)
Pearl: Waiter? Waiter?
(Observers sigh)
2nd Observer: Where we we? Uh, yes, fleshy ones, it has come to our attention that you have reached the apex
(Pearl walks up to the observers, Bobo follows)
Pearl: Hi, are you my waiter? Good, because there's not enough Parmesan on my clams casino and my nutritionist specifically said that I should should have plenty.
(Observer puts his hand up to silence her)
Observer: That's it, we've had it. You are no longer needed in your coporeal form.
3rd Observer: You are to be dissected and displayed in our museum.
Pearl: The hell?!
2nd Observer: But first, you will obey our command.
(Observers send psychic messages to Pearl & Bobo)
Pearl (receiving mental message): What?...Me...fight Bobo to the...death?! I will do no such...
(Observers pour on the command harder)
2nd Observer: You shall use the traditional weapons of our land. You, (hands to Pearl) the deadly double bladed karanku. You, ape, the sea snail.
Bobo (taking it, baffled): Sea snail?!
2nd Observer: And now, losers in the sky, you too shall obey our psychic command! (They send messages to the SOL)

Mike:: Huh? I-I'm not getting anything...Are you getting..?
Crow: No, not a thing.

2nd Observer: Oh, well, er...
3rd Observer: Let me help you, Observer. (they both send the message)
Observer: Tell you what, why don't I... (he blinks and vanishes)

(Observer appears on the satellite)
Observer: ...just come up here?
M&TB (startled): DAAAH!!
Observer: There, that'll do the trick, I think.
(Observer tries to send Mike & the bots the psychic command)
Mike:, I can't...I'm not getting it.
Tom: Wait, wait. I'm getting something. Eye...eye...sounds like "ight." Write him?
Crow: Ignite him?
Tom: Knight him?
Crow: Delight him? Glite him?
Tom: Trite...?
Mike: Sight? Sight him?
Tom: Vegamite! Is it Vegamite?
Observer: Oh, for the love of...(picks up Crow's hand and begins to tap Mike lightly with it.)
Crow: Whattya doin'? Touch him? Touch him very wimpy like...?
Tom: Fight?
(Observer nods)
Tom: Fight! It's fight!
Mike: Hey, good job! 'Cause normally we don't fight and we wouldn't know when...GET 'IM!!!!
(Mike and Crow pull the Observer down behind the desk)
Tom: Come here, you!
Crow: Ya pasty face little...

(The two observers look on in horror. Meanwhile Pearl has beaten Bobo)
Pearl: Alright, who's next? Pearl Forrester has got it going on!
Alright, Nelseriffic, your movie today is "Terror from the Year 5000."
(Points to Observer's shirt) Uh oh, you got a little something. Boop! HA HA!! For fun. (Bobo starts to get up and the Observers give Pearl the command to fight)

(M&TB continue to beat Observer)
Crow: Hold still, you little...
(Movie sign lights and klaxons go off. Mike looks up)
Mike: Ohhhh, we got MOVIE SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cut)