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Episode: 814- Riding With Death

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Tom: Cambot, pop in that 8-track. (Music starts playing) There ya go.

(Mike starts to walk by and is startled by Servo's truckdriver body)
Mike: Agh!

Tom: Wuhl hey Mike, heh, I'm a trucker.

Mike: Huh-huh. Uh-huh. What happened to your body?

Tom: Well, I got me a trucker body. Found a foam-latex truckdriver body maker in the elevator.

(Mike continues to inspect Servo)
Mike: Hmm. You smell like coffee and cigarettes, and diesel fuel.

Tom: Well thank you Mike. I'm a lone eagle of the interstate system.

Mike: As symbolized by your paunch.

Tom: Yessir! I'm a cowboy of the highway Mike.

Mike: Uh-huh. Well I think you're hideous, cuz your legs are like pipe cleaners.

Tom: Well not everybody understands the lure of the road, the open arms of the trunk highway, the gentle embrace of County Road D, the sweet moan of the turnpike, the urgent bidding of the freeway.

Mike: You have no butt!

Tom: Well, hold on there Mike, that's no way to talk to my new butt! (Turns around and reveals his rather deflated butt)

Mike: No, no, I think you're hideous. You're buttless and skinny, no, I, I'd send it back. (Walks away)

Tom (Yelling): Ah, you're just jealous Nelson! I have a fine butt! You wish you had my butt! I like my butt! Heh, I like you butt, we'll be just fine. [Movie Sign] Whoop. Movie sign. Better mosey along. Heh, heh ,heh.