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Episode: 815- Agent For H.A.R.M.

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(Crow has a goatee, Tom has a cap on backwards, both are screaming insanely)
Crow and Tom: Haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ha ha ha.
Mike: Hi, welcome to the Satellite of Love. Hey guys.
Crow: Hey Mike!
Tom: Hi Mike!
Mike: What's going on?
Tom: EXTREME! That's what's going on Mike!
Crow: Yeah, Mike! You should try it!
Mike: Extreme what exactly?
Crow: Well, take me for example. I'm into extreme Yoga... SURRRRRRGE!!!!
Tom: And I'm into philatily. I own you Venezulea 1947! Extreeeme postage! Woo!
Crow: Now have you thought about what you'd like to be extreme about, Mike?
Tom: No fear, Miguel.
Mike: I'm not really extre...oh, you know what? I really like rice.
Crow: Ahh, well, EXTREME... RICE!!
Tom: Rice! Thermo nuclear protection! Wooo!
Crow: Yeah! See, Mike. Isn't rice better when it's extreme?
Mike: Sure is, uh, we'll be right back.
Tom: Haaaaaa!!

(commercial sign)

(After the break, Mike eating rice)
Mike: Mmm, this is delicious rice.
Crow: Huh.
Mike (attempting the be extreme): I mean, um, AH! Rice! Bozmotti!! Haaahh!
Tom: Oh, forget it, Mike. You're never gonna be extreme.
Crow: Yeah, you're never gonna have been there or have done that. You're never...
Mike: (disappears)
Crow: Woah, woah...
Tom: What the... Mike just disappeared!
Crow: Hey, hey, hey, you know, that's, that's pretty, you know? You know?
Tom: That's pretty extreme!
Crow: Yeah.
Tom: All right Mike! Woo!
Crow: Completely dissipating all matter! Cool! Yeah! Yeah! Mike! Yeah!