Bit: Mike The Bot

Episode: 816- Prince Of Space

Transcribed by Martin Billany.


(An eerie green light is flickering around the room)
Tom: Yeah, seems like it, doesn't it?
Crow: So, you think we're back in sync on this time thing?...(Realises)...D'oh!
Tom (Giggling): I'm sorry, sorry- (Mike comes on, or rather Mike in the form of a small robot with an antenna protuding out of it's head)
Mike-bot: Okay, hey, guys! Listen up! I think I have some answers, apparently the seperate universe layers are co-mingling. (Tom and Crow appear dumb-founded by Mike's new look.) If we don't isolate our position in space and time, limitless potentiality will--(Tom and Crow begin laughing). Wh-wh-what?
Tom: Uh, Mike....You're a small robot!
Crow (laughing): Yeah!
Mike-bot (laughing): Well, of course I am! What did you expect?
Crow: Well, normally, when we're not in a worm-hole and stuff, you're a big, chunky, human thing!
Tom: Yeah, I don;t mean to offend you or anything, but as you are, I have the urge to put you back in your case! (Tom and Crow laugh.)
Mike-bot (offended): Now, c'mon, cut it out now! I can't speak for your reality, but in mine we're all robots serving on this vessel and I'm in command! You have tremendous respect for me, you do! Now, now, my orders are as follows: Now, I want you to--
Crow: Ah, sorry Mike, but I only take orders from Willie Tyler and Lester! (Tom and Crow laugh hysterically.)
Mike-bot (Annoyed): Oh......that's.....that's.....oh, now, stop it! C'mon, stop it! (Crow and Tom both apologise.) Now, we all wanna get back, right? Okay, listen up! If we wanna put things right, you'll do exactly as I say! If we over-drive the plasma thrusters to create a gravity well, isolating us from the other universe layers, we untangle our co-mingling reali--(Crow and Tom can't contain themselves and begin laughing hysterically.)
Crow: He's just, he's just so cute!
Mike-bot: HEY!!! C'mon, cut it out! You guys are gonna be annihilated, an' stuff!
Crow: Ah, Mike, I don't care, man, it's worth it to see you like this! (Movie sign)
Mike-bot (Throwing a tantrum): Stop it! Don't you make fun-...ah we got movie sign! (Tom and Crow push Mike toward the theater.) Don't-push-don't-push-don't-push!