Bit: The Holy Blob

Episode: 906- The Space Children

Transcription by Mark Worhatch


Mike: Well, that Saint Matthew is a cracking good screenwriter, don't you think?
Crow: Oh yeah!
Tom: Sure is. (Cambot pans back, and we can see a blob like in the movie)
Crow: Say, what do you know? It's that blob from the movie, the blob sent from heaven.
Mike: Well, he must want us to get rid of our nuclear bombs. (Blob shakes)
Crow: He says yes.
Mike: I don't think we have any bombs Mr. Holy Blob, uh, Crow, any nuclear bombs? (Servo whistles nervously.)
Crow: Oh, nary a one, Mike.
Mike: Servo, you got any?
Tom (hurriedly): Uh, no no no, not at all, nope, no nuclear bombs here, sorry, no siree, heh heh! (blob advances towards Servo) Well, maybe one.
Crow & Mike: Servo!
Tom: Look. I wouldn't call it a nuclear bomb, per se, it's really more of like a neutron device, you know? (gets nervous) Look, uh, what's the big deal, you guys? I mean, look: I like to cruise estate sales. I bought it at one of those. Thought it might be a good deterrent against, uh, you guys some day.
Crow: Wow!
Tom: All right, geez, I'll go to my room and get it, it's under the bed. Why a stupid, peace-loving blob from heaven anyway, I don't know. It's. . . (Servo exits)

(red light)

Mike: Oh, oops! Pearl's calling. So. . .
Crow: So, get you a beer, Holy Blob? (Blob shakes.) Coming right up!