Bit: Punished with "Hobgoblins"

Episode: 907- Hobgoblins

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[Castle Forester, The Great Hall]

Pearl (Remarking on M&TB's accidentaly turning each other on): You couldn't turn me on if you had a dozen Gerardos and Fabio in tight leather pants. (Pauses, almost faints as she imagines what she's just described, gets control of herself.) Where, where was I? Oh right. I'm remodeling the great hall. I'm putting in a conversation and the couch I picked out for it came in early so I need you guys (Observer and Bobo bring in the couch and set it down) to store it for me. Brain Guy?
Observer: Madam... (Sends the couch to the SOL)
Pearl: And no jumping on the...

[Cut to the SOL, where M&TB, in pajamas are happily jumping on the couch and laughing and shouting "Whee!"]

Pearl: ...Couch.
Crow: Jumping!
Tom: Thanks, Grandma Pearl!
Crow: Watch, you guys, I'm gonna do something cool. (Ducks down and sticks his legs up) You can see my legs!

[Cut to Castle Forester. Pearl, Bobo, and Observer are watching, horrified)

Pearl: Grandma Pearl does not want you jumping on that couch! Get off right now! Don't! Don't squeze those juice boxes on that couch!

[Cut to SOL, where Mike is squeezing a juice box, squirting its contents on the bots and the couch.]

Tom: Juice!
Crow: Whee!
Tom: Thank you!
Crow: He's squirting it everywhere! (Mike squezes juice at Cambot. Everybody continues laughing. Tom falls off the couch.)

[Castle Forester]

Pearl: Oh, we can't have nice things! That's it, that is it! I am going to send you such a movie!


Mike & the Bots: We don't care!

[Castle Forester]

Pearl: Bobo. Brain Guy. Get...the movie!
Observer (gasps): No! (Bobo screams in terror.)


(M&TB continue laughing and jumping. They slowly stop, realizing they're in trouble.)

Crow: Huh?
Tom: Hoh.

[Castle Forester]

(Observer and Bobo bring in a chest)

Pearl: Weeee have ways of dealing with n'er-do-wells who insist on jumping on our rent-to-own couches. (Diabolically) runs up and screams into the camera) called...(Observer opens the chest. It glows green inside, and smoke drifts out of it. Pearl reaches in and pulls out a movie with biohazard labels, hand of death labels, and a warning that says "May cause blindness and death") Hobgoblins! (Bobo screams into the camera again.)


(M&TB are becoming increasingly worried.)

Mike: Pearl...whatever you're thinking...please don't. (The bots begin to cry)

Tom: Please don't (Everyone begins talking all at once) It was Mike's fault! I'm sorry! We're Sorry! We didn't mean it!

(Movie sign)