List: The Fantastic 185 (more or less)

Episode: 403-CITY LIMITS

Manman "Bestowed with all the powers of a man, but he's" (Maybe Manman draws his strength from Robert Blye?)

Lumberman "He controls the forces of lumber! He routes lumber supplies to different parts of the country with his side-kick Woody!" (He defends rain forests, yet even HE finds Sting annoying!)


Mr. Papercut--47 different angles of paper juts from his body!

The Punisher "Wait! Isn't there a punisher already?" "Well, he's a different kind of punisher. He just sends people to their rooms."

Lint Attachment Man

Jazz Trio Man "Able to trade fours with himself!"

The Human Dog

Professor Hitler and his Invisible Knee Machine

Really Deep Man "He's really deep, man..."

The Pheasant-Plucker and the Pheasant-Plucker's Son

The Black Nun "All black, none of the white bits."

Always Smells Like Maple Man

The awesome power of Absorbeen Sr.

Serbo-Croatian Boy

Moon Man

Calamari Man

The Buttercats

Foam Face

Mrs. Martian

Media Man

Super Scarecrow

Johnny Kingsford - edges light evenly!

Super Bonaparte

Bay City Roller Man

Dead Boy

Super Rae Dawn Chong

Ultra Geek

Super Mannequin

Sergeant Spike and Leather Woman

Super Harry Connick's Girlfriend

Super Dana Andrews and Velvet Woman

Super Kim Cattral Woman

Easy does it with Twelve Step Man

Middle-aged Boy

The Incredible Adventures of Bobby van Luke and his Radioactive Sweater Vest!

Madame Bovary Man

Perfect Paul and his Magnetic Spleen "He has only one flaw!"

The Girl Who Smells Like Soda Crackers

Uncle Roger the Airline Stewardman

Porter Wagoner "Don't you mean *Super* Porter Wagoner?" "Noooooo!"

Super Fanny Bryce

The Clam

Steakface and Weasel Woman

Dr. Doorknob and his Incredible Electro Magnetic Thing

Skinny Arbuckle

Burger Chef "He's Incredi-burg-able!"

Larry King "Just Larry King?" "He'd need a really good guest!"

Johnny Action Finger

Bullet Proof Vest Boy