List: The Many Names of Touch Conners

Episode: 503- Swamp Diamonds

(Editors note: this list was edited together from several discussions on the issue, and duplicate suggestions have been removed.)

Tom: I wonder what other names Touch Conners considered before he hit on 'Touch'?

Crow: 'Thrust'

Joel: 'Jab'

Tom: 'Fudge'

Joel: 'Crunch'

Crow: 'Blast'

Tom: 'Smidge'

Joel: 'Shout'

Crow: 'Batch'

Tom: 'Scrod'

Joel: 'Flake'

Crow: 'Wink'

Tom: 'Sploot'

Tom: 'Pinch' Conners?

Crow: 'Probe' Conners!

Joel: 'Wing' Conners.

Tom: 'Snake'

Tom: 'Grunt' Conners?

Crow: 'Flink'

Tom: 'Pat'?

Joel: What about 'Hal'?

Tom: 'Hal'?!

Joel (Considers name): No...

Tom: Snack? Slap?