The Unofficial Mystery Science Theater 3000 Nickname List

by Mike Zavisca (


(Note--This file stops at Episode 624. We're seeking a completionist to update this list with Season 7, 8 and 9 nicknames!)

This list contains an index of certain categories of nicknames (forms of address or references to others which are strange/unusual/humorous) observed on MST3k (including the 16 KTMA shows known to be circulating). I decided (somewhat arbitrarily) not to include instances of the following:

  • Mundane variations on a person's actual name or other ordinary forms of address. Examples: Calling anyone "Sir" or "Mr. (whoever)", Tom Servo "Tommy", Dr. Forrester "Clay", etc. In some cases, such as Joel and the 'bots calling each other "Honey", I included them anyway because they are funny.
  • Derogatory "names" without particular creativity (e.g. You Idiot). I decided to exclude instances of "Dickweed" because they are very numerous (although funny).
  • Names which are clearly being used within a "role playing" sort of context rather than referring to the actual person. This happens a lot with Joel and the 'bots in particular, and it's not always very clear whether they are actually casting themselves in the role of a different person or are merely giving themselves inventive nicknames for the purposes of a sketch. A rule I applied is that if the nickname used is a variation of their real name, e.g. "The Great Crowdini", then it would be counted as the latter type of situation.
  • Nicknames addressed at movie characters on-screen are not included, but those used at/by characters visiting the SOL in the skits are included.

Note: If a nickname is used twice in the same host segment it is only counted once in this list.

List Contents:

a) Nicknames which Joel/Mike/'bots have used to address the mad scientist(s).
b) Nicknames which the mad(s) have used to address Joel/Mike/'bots.
c) Nicknames which TV's Frank has used to address Dr. Forrester.
d) Nicknames which Dr. Forrester has used to address TV's Frank.
e) Nicknames used by Joel/Mike/'bots/others to address one another, where not included in a-d.

Not yet included (maybe someday): Nicknames which Joel/Mike/'bots have used to address each other in various combinations.

Each entry includes the episode name(s) and number(s) in which it has appeared, along with what specific segment of the show:

      0 = pre-show host segment (before commercial)
      1 = pre-show host segment (after commercial)
      2 = skit #1
      3 = skit #2
      4 = skit #3
      5 = post-show host segment
      I = during the movie

a) Nicknames which Joel/Mike/'bots have used to address the mad scientist(s).

         Ace and No-Face.                                  (619-Red Zone Cuba)(1)
Agents of Hell.                    (213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Ample Ones.                             (422-The Day the Earth Froze)(1)
Aunt Dan and Lemon.                              (503-Swamp Diamonds)(1)
Bacarach and David.                           (514-Teenage Strangler)(1)
Bad Boys in the Basement.                       (324-Master Ninja II)(1)
Bausch and Lomb.                               (413-Manhunt in Space)(1)
Benny and Joon.                        (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Big Cheeses.                                      (112-Untamed Youth)(1)
Bobsey Twins.                                   (602-Invasion U.S.A.)(1)
me Bonnie Overlords.                                (314-Mighty Jack)(5)
Buffy and Hildegard.                        (507-I Accuse My Parents)(1)
the Buttafuoccos.                     (501-Warrior of the Lost World)(1)
Captain and Tennille.               (406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)(1)
Cheaters.                                       (202-The Sidehackers)(I)
Crate and Barrel.                       (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
Crook and Chase.                                      (414-Tormented)(1)
Dark Overlords.                                  (201-Rocket Ship XM)(1)
Difford and Tillbrook.              (416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(1)
Dirty Boy and Service Master.           (608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(1)
Dr. Florentine.                                      (607-Bloodlust!)(5)
Dr. Fossbender and TV's Fred.       (515-Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(1)
Dual Airbags.                                            (519-Outlaw)(1)
Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox.            (420-The Human Duplicators)(1)
Dum-dum and Stinky Pants.                       (411-The Magic Sword)(1)
Einstein.                                         (320-The Unearthly)(5)
Eisner Twins.                            (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Elusive Uberlords.                     (211-First Spaceship on Venus)(1)
Evil Hellspawn.                                  (322-Master Ninja I)(1)
Evil Impressarios.                          (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(1)
Evil Nincompoops.                                (524-12 to the Moon)(1)
Evil Ober-Under-Overlords.                    (305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Evil Overlords.                               (106-The Crawling Hand)(1),       
                          (107-Robot Monster)(0), (107-Robot Monster)(1),
                                              (312-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Evil Underpants.                                       (512-Mitchell)(2)
Feckless Ubermensches.                           (203-Jungle Goddess)(1)
Fester Bestertester.                   (509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(1)
Freebie and the Bean.                              (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Geeks.                                            (112-Untamed Youth)(I)
the Glimmer Twins.               (412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(1)
Governor and J.J.                            (417-Crash of the Moons)(1)
Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday.              (401-Space Travelers)(1)
your Grouchinesses.                             (324-Master Ninja II)(1)
the Guys.                              (617-The Sword and the Dragon)(5)
Hairdressin' Little Cowpokes.                  (612-The Starfighters)(1)
Hardhat and Legs.                     (405-Being from Another Planet)(1)
your Hinderness.                           (508-Operation Double 007)(1)
Ignatz and Krazy Kat.                        (603-The Dead Talk Back)(1)
Il Duce.                                        (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
the Kids in the Hole.                           (421-Monster A-Go Go)(1)
Knuckleheads.                           (611-Last of the Wild Horses)(4)
ya Little Prissant.                            (612-The Starfighters)(1)
Mad Fools.                                          (520-Santa Claus)(1)
Mad Guys.                                      (518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
Mad Mads.                                     (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1)
Madmen.                                       (610-The Violent Years)(5)
Mad Poopies.                                         (601-Girls Town)(1)
Mad Steinbrenners.                             (306-Time of the Apes)(1)
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.         (508-Operation Double 007)(1)
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.          (402-The Giant Gila Monster)(1)
Merchant and Ivory.                              (524-12 to the Moon)(1)
Mike Johnson and Todd Langis.      (624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(1)
Millovitz and Associates.                              (512-Mitchell)(1)
mm mm-mmm mmMMmmmm.                       (523-Village of the Giants)(1)
Mr. Sensitive.                      (614-San Francisco International)(5)
Nancy and Sluggo.                     (504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(1)
the Nasties.                                      (111-Moon Zero Two)(0)
his Nibs.                                         (320-The Unearthly)(5)
O.C. and Stiggs.                     (505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(1)
Old Mossbacks.                                    (320-The Unearthly)(5)
Overlords.                                      (110-Robot Holocaust)(1),
                                                 (204-Catalina Caper)(4),
                              (321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(1)
Pants.                                     (520-Radar Secret Service)(5)
Pard'ners.                                     (612-The Starfighters)(1)
Peter Lynn Hayes and Mary Healy.                 (511-The Gunslinger)(1)
Ponch and John.                             (606-The Creeping Terror)(1)
Professors.                                 (105-The Corpse Vanishes)(1)
Quasi-Evil Overlords.                              (108-Slime People)(0)
Quisp and Quake.                       (509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(1)
Rivendell and Mordor.                  (617-The Sword and the Dragon)(1)
Rob and Laura.                      (418-Attack of the Eye Creatures)(1)
Ruth Gordon and Garson Kane.                   (518-The Atomic Brain)(1)
Senator.                                     (417-Crash of the Moons)(1)
Shari Lewis and Lambchop.         (410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(1)
Short-Breathed Idiots.                       (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(2)
Soft-Boiled Eggheads.                        (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(2)
Speed and Chim-chim.                    (422-The Day the Earth Froze)(1)
Sturm and Drang.                           (423-Bride of the Monster)(1)
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.                     (403-City Limits)(1)
Subterranean Doughy Guys.                     (522-Teenage Crimewave)(5)
your Surliness.                       (504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(5)
Tappy and Sloppy.                                        (506-Eegah!)(1)
the... Things.                                (610-The Violent Years)(1)
Thompson Twins.                                        (502-Hercules)(1)
Uberlords.                                       (208-Lost Continent)(0)
Unholy Oppressors.                              (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Wilbur Mills and Fannie Fox.                  (510-The Painted Hills)(1)
Willie Nelson and Redd Foxx.       (605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(1)
W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings.              (409-Indestructible Man)(1)
Yukon Cornelius and Herbie.                         (521-Santa Claus)(1)
Yum-yum and Peep-bo.                              (419-The Rebel Set)(1)

b) Nicknames which the mad(s) have used to address Joel/Mike/'bots.

"Geez, Joel, why do they always have to end the experiment with some alliterative or internally rhymed diminution?" -Tom Servo.
"Look, we've just done it that way, all right ?!" -Dr. Forrester. (213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)

Amarillus.                                    (305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Anti-Gravitational Sewage Leak.                   (107-Robot Monster)(1)
Astro-Boy-Toy.                                    (301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Atamata.                               (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Aunt Jemima.                   (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(1),
                               (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(1)
Barnacle-Built-for-Two.                           (210-King Dinosaur)(1)
Bearwiches.                                            (502-Hercules)(1)
Beezore.                                        (421-Monster A-Go Go)(1)
Bejumpsuited Fool.                                     (512-Mitchell)(2)
Big Diaper-Heads.                            (603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Blinking Pinky Ring.                                (314-Mighty Jack)(1)
Bombastic Biscuit-Boy.                            (320-The Unearthly)(5)
Boobie.                                       (KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2),
                     (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1), (206-Ring of Terror(1),
                          (301-Cave Dwellers)(1), (301-Cave Dwellers)(5),
                  (304-Gamera vs. Barugon)(5), (306-Time of the Apes)(1),
                     (310-Fugitive Alien)(1), (312-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1),
                      (315-Teenage Caveman)(3), (315-Teenage Caveman)(5),
               (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(4), (409-Indestructible Man)(1),
                                    (416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(5),
                (417-Crash of the Moons)(1), (417-Crash of the Moons)(1),
                            (503-Swamp Diamonds)(1), (511-Gunslinger)(1)
Boobiekins.                                        (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Booblie-Ooblie.                            (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(1)
Botsie-Poos.                                   (604-Zombie Nightmare)(1)
Boy Wonder.                                     (KTMA-Humanoid Woman)(1)
Brian.                                       (603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Buddy.                                         (109-Project Moonbase)(1)
Bumpus.                                          (208-Lost Continent)(1),
                              (321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(5)
Button.                           (318-Star Force: Fugitive Alien II)(1)
Clambake.                                        (203-Jungle Goddess)(5)
Clamdog.                                   (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(5)
Clowns.                                                (512-Mitchell)(4)
Collective Doofuses.                            (602-Invasion U.S.A.)(5)
Counterculture.                        (621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)(1)
Cowsills.                                   (606-The Creeping Terror)(1)
Crazy Gugenheim.                            (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(5)
Crocodile Kangaroo.                                 (403-City Limits)(1)
Cyberpunks.                                 (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(5)
Desilu.                                         (324-Master Ninja II)(1)
Dimples.                                          (301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Dingleberry.                                (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(1)
Doobie Brothers.                                (516-Alien From L.A.)(5)
Double Stuff.                                     (112-Untamed Youth)(5)
Droids.                            (KTMA-The Million Eyes of Su-Muru)(1)
Dumb Dummies.                                   (602-Invasion U.S.A.)(1)
Existential Pals.                                   (103-Mad Monster)(5)
Fancy-Pansy-Nancy Boy.                              (103-Mad Monster)(1)
Farm Boy.                                        (310-Fugitive Alien)(1)
Ferlengetti.                                       (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Flabby-Cakes.                                     (111-Moon Zero Two)(5)
Free-Floating Clambake.                          (113-Black Scorpion)(1)
Free-Floating Space Ferret.       (102-The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy)(1)
Free-Floating Vaccuum Monkey.                     (111-Moon Zero Two)(1)
Free-Rotating Skanky-Boy.                   (105-The Corpse Vanishes)(1)
Frogbait.                                    (304-Gamera vs. Barugon)(1)
Frog-Blossom.                                    (201-Rocket Ship XM)(5)
Gang of Four.                       (416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(1)
Garrick Utley.                 (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(1)
Gentlemen.                                   (620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Godankin.                                    (408-Hercules Unchained)(5)
Gooper.                                (309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(1)
Greenhorn.                          (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)(1)
Hockey-Puck-to-the-Face.                   (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(1)
Holly Hobby.                             (402-The Giant Gila Monster)(1)
Homonculous.                                       (415-The Beatniks)(1)
H.R. Finklehoffer.                       (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Human-Hated Ringball.                          (KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(1)
Impertinent Little Titmouse.                    (622-Angels' Revenge)(1)
Inchworm.                                     (312-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Jeff Smith.                                    (316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1)
Jim.                                       (508-Operation Double 007)(1)
Jimmy Smits.                                    (411-The Magic Sword)(1)
Joe.                                              (320-The Unearthly)(1)
Joe, Crowl, Tim Servo, and "The Big One".             (414-Tormented)(1)
Joel and Robot Superpals.             (501-Warrior of the Lost World)(1)
Joel Hackerson.                                 (202-The Sidehackers)(5)
Joel the Mole.                                  (KTMA-Humanoid Woman)(1),
                                                  (112-Untamed Youth)(1)
Joelera.                                        (308-Gamera vs. Gaos)(5)
Joelerini.                                         (108-Slime People)(1),
                          (111-Moon Zero Two)(1), (111-Moon Zero Two)(1),
                                                 (203-Jungle Goddess)(5)
Joelerini-Weenie.                                   (207-Wild Rebels)(1)
Joelette.                                   (105-The Corpse Vanishes)(1)
Joelie.                                         (KTMA-Humanoid Woman)(1),
                     (KTMA-Time of the Apes)(1), (206-Ring of Terror)(5),
                   (210-King Dinosaur)(5), (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(1),
              (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3), (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(5),
                                                (324-Master Ninja II)(1)
Joelie-Ace.                                     (110-Robot Holocaust)(1)
Joelie-Boy.                                  (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Joelie-Cakes.                                     (111-Moon Zero Two)(1)
Joeline.                                       (KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(1),
                                    (KTMA-The Million Eyes of Sumuru)(1),
                                  (102-The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy)(1),
                    (105-The Corpse Vanishes)(1), (107-Robot Monster)(1),
                                                (110-Robot Holocaust)(1)
Joelioli-infantry.                              (308-Gamera vs. Gaos)(1)
Joelita.                                          (107-Robot Monster)(1)
Joelmeister.                      (102-The Aztec vs. the Aztec Mummy)(1),
                                                    (103-Mad Monster)(1)
Joel-Mipe.                                    (106-The Crawling Hand)(1)
Joel-Prole-Mole.                                       (512-Mitchell)(1)
Joely-Boy-Toy.                                (KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2)
Joely-Poly.                                   (KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2)
Joely-Poly Guy.                              (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Joely-Poly-Pudding-and-Pie.                    (101-The Crawling Eye)(1),
                                               (101-The Crawling Eye)(5)
Joyless Prole.                                   (203-Jungle Goddess)(1)
Joelycakes.                                      (201-Rocket Ship XM)(1)
Julia Childish.                       (319-War of the Colossal Beast)(1)
Jumpsuit Joelie.                                  (107-Robot Monster)(5)
Katrina.                                   (212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(1)
Knuckleheads.                                        (607-Bloodlust!)(1)
Lab Rat.                            (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)(1)
Little Bagel with a Schmeer.    (104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(1)
Little Bran Muffins.                                 (601-Girls Town)(1)
Little Corn Muffin.                   (405-Being from Another Planet)(1)
Little Friends.                                          (519-Outlaw)(1)
Little Frosted Sponge Cake.                       (112-Untamed Youth)(1)
Little Minions.                                 (622-Angels' Revenge)(1)
Little Orbiting Dove Bar.           (KTMA-The Million Eyes of Sumuru)(1)
Little Proles.                                (312-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Little Robot Pals.                           (615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Little Scamps.                                  (411-The Magic Sword)(1)
Little Space Biscuit.                       (105-The Corpse Vanishes)(5)
my little space guy, my little, uh, man who's trapped up there, my little... 
person...who we control in a funny kind of way... 
                                                 (322-Master Ninja I)(1) 
Little Space Herpes.                (KTMA-The Million Eyes of Sumuru)(1)
Little Space Tutu.                             (KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(1)
Little Spud-Bunny.                             (109-Project Moonbase)(5)
Little Spunk Dumpling.                         (109-Project Moonbase)(1)
Little Square Pudding.            (102-The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy)(5)
Little $3.98-All-You-Can-Eat Space Buffet.         (108-Slime People)(1)
Losers in the Sky.                        (523-Village of the Giants)(1)
Lumpy-Boy.                                        (111-Moon Zero Two)(1)
Mac.                                (515-Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(1)
Macaulay Culkin.                            (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(4)
Major Nelson.                                 (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1)
Marcelle.                                 (523-Village of the Giants)(1)
Margo.                                 (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Mariette Hartley.                               (401-Space Travelers)(1)
Martin Boober.                    (318-Star Force: Fugitive Alien II)(5)
Mark.                                               (521-Santa Claus)(1),
                  (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1), (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1)
Marv.                               (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)(1)
Mayor Dinkins.                                   (524-12 to the Moon)(1)
Meryl Streep.                      (213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Merv.                                         (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1),
                                                 (524-12 to the Moon)(1)
Mes Amis.                               (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
Mickey.                                       (613-The Sinister Urge)(1)
Mike, Tim Salvo, and the rest.                       (601-Girls Town)(1)
Mikey.                                         (604-Zombie Nightmare)(1)
Milli Vanilli.                                 (316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(5)
Mitch.                              (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)(1)
Mitchell.                                       (602-Invasion U.S.A.)(1)
Momma-Jomma.                                     (511-The Gunslinger)(1)
Mr. El Relaxo.                      (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)(1)
Mr. $4.25-An-Hour.                                     (512-Mitchell)(1)
Mr. "Joel Average".                     (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
Mr. Memory.                                     (110-Robot Holocaust)(5)
Mr. "R".                                          (419-The Rebel Set)(1)
Mr. Roper.                          (416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(1)
Mr. Skin-On Wiener.                              (113-Black Scorpion)(5)
Muddy Waters Wannabe.                           (110-Robot Holocaust)(1)
Murray.                                (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Murray the Cop.                                 (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Muskie-Breath.                  (104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(1)
Natural Born Squirters.                     (618-High School Bigshot)(5)
Nelstone.                                        (609-The Sky Divers)(1)
Nelstony.                              (617-The Sword and the Dragon)(5)
Nia Peeples.                                   (316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1)
Orbiting Wilford Brimley Wannabe.               (KTMA-Humanoid Woman)(1)
Overinflated Skinbag of Chemicals-and-Mostly-Water.
                                             (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Pants Weasel.                                           (307-Daddy-O)(2)
Pantywaist.                       (410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(4)
Panzer.                                    (212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(1)
Pasty-Boy.                      (104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(5),
                          (108-Slime People)(1), (203-Jungle Goddess)(2)
Peachy-Keen Teen Dream.            (213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(5)
Pink-Boy.                                         (107-Robot Monster)(1),
                      (110-Robot Holocaust)(1), (202-The Sidehackers)(5)
Pirate Dog.                                         (314-Mighty Jack)(5)
Plebe.                                            (112-Untamed Youth)(1)
Pollyana Prod.                                (305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Poopsies.                               (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
Princess Leia.                      (KTMA-The Million Eyes of Sumuru)(1)
Pumpkin-Pants.                          (422-The Day the Earth Froze)(1)
Pusillanimous Poltroon.                           (107-Robot Monster)(1)
Red Adair.                                   (603-The Dead Talk Back)(1)
Robot Critters.                                 (308-Gamera vs. Gaos)(1)
Robotwits.                                    (KTMA-Time of the Apes)(1)
Saucy Ones.                                    (612-The Starfighters)(1)
Scarecrow.                     (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(1)
Scaredy-Bots.                               (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Schmoel.                                        (421-Monster A-Go Go)(1)
Sigfried and Roy.                                   (403-City Limits)(5)
Sir Goofus von Drakesnot.                         (210-King Dinosaur)(1)
Skanky-Boy.                                   (106-The Crawling Hand)(1)
Skin-Puppy.                              (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Skippy Drawers.                                 (110-Robot Holocaust)(5)
Smart-Boy.                                      (110-Robot Holocaust)(1)
Smoky.                                        (522-Teenage Crimewave)(1)
Snot-Locker.                                    (308-Gamera vs. Gaos)(1)
Space Guy.                                            (209-Hell Cats)(1)
Space Monkies.                                   (201-Rocket Ship XM)(1)
Sparky.                                        (109-Project Moonbase)(1)
Spunky Little Space Sock.                     (106-The Crawling Hand)(1)
Squinty-Eyed Space Chimp.                      (101-The Crawling Eye)(1)
Sticky-Fingers.                (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(5)
Stinkbombs.                                   (613-The Sinister Urge)(1)
Stupid Fatheads.                              (610-The Violent Years)(5)
Sugar-Britches.                               (312-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Sy Sperling.                                        (314-Mighty Jack)(1)
Taco Beelzebub.                       (319-War of the Colossal Beast)(1)
Taco-Head.                                        (210-King Dinosaur)(1)
Take-Out Troglodytes.                            (201-Rocket Ship XM)(1)
Tan-Suited Space Weenie.                     (KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(1)
Teen Dream.                                        (108-Slime People)(5)
Temp-Boy.                                              (512-Mitchell)(1)
T.J. Cinnamon.                           (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Tom Thumb.                            (319-War of the Colossal Beast)(5)
Underoo-Wearing Horshack-Imitating Young Friends.
                                           (520-Radar Secret Service)(1)
Vacuum Flower.                                    (107-Robot Monster)(1)
Van Lingo Mungo.                               (306-Time of the Apes)(1)
Warthog.                                        (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Weasely.                               (KTMA-Legend of the Dinosaurs)(1)
Weenie.                                        (KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(1)
Weenie-Buns.                                (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(1)
White Piece of Trash Floating in Space.       (KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2)
Wild Boy.                                        (113-Black Scorpion)(1)
William Gold-Joel.                               (310-Fugitive Alien)(4)
Willy Musconi.                                     (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Wishnik.                                           (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Young Turks.                                      (419-The Rebel Set)(1)

"'spearhead the committee'..."

c) Nicknames which TV's Frank has used to address Dr. Forrester.

"What is with the names, Frank ?! It's 'Dr. Forrester', just 'Dr. Forrester'." -Dr. Forrester.
"Well, just trying to spice up our sagging relationship..." -Frank. (311-It Conquered the World)

Big Galoot.                                           (209-Hell Cats)(5)
Blind Jim.                                          (314-Mighty Jack)(5)
Chief.                                    (420-The Human Duplicators)(5)
Chieferino.                                       (419-The Rebel Set)(1)
Dad.                                             (322-Master Ninja I)(1)
Daddy.                                            (301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Daddy-O.                                        (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Dudley.                                         (324-Master Ninja II)(1)
Freaked-Out Maniac.                                  (522-Gunslinger)(1)
your Ginchiness.                       (309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(1)
Jackson.                                    (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Lawrence.                                    (409-Indestructible Man)(1)
my Liege.                               (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
ya Lousy Woman.                                 (622-Angels' Revenge)(5)
Mammer-Jammer.                                        (209-Hell Cats)(1)
Milord.                                                  (302-Gamera)(5)
Moe.                                           (316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1)
your Naughtiness.                                 (210-King Dinosaur)(1)
Pete.                         (321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(5)
your Plumpiness.                                   (415-The Beatniks)(5)
your Putridness.                         (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Sarge.                                           (310-Fugitive Alien)(1)
Self-Pitying Sissy-Pants.                         (619-Red Zone Cuba)(2)
my Sentimental Friend.             (624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(5)
you Son-of-a-                           (422-The Day the Earth Froze)(1)
Soul Brother.                                         (209-Hell Cats)(1)
Steve.                                          (315-Teenage Caveman)(1),
                                      (319-War of the Colossal Beast)(1),
               (402-The Giant Gila Monster)(1), (421-Monster A-Go Go)(1),
Steve-a-rino.                              (520-Radar Secret Service)(5)
your Stinkiness.                         (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
your Super-Duper-Evilness.                 (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(1)
your Trump-ness.                           (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(1)
Vile One.                                (311-It Conquered the World)(1)
your Wretchedness.                       (311-It Conquered the World)(1)

d) Nicknames which Dr. Forrester has used to address TV's Frank.

Auntie McFrank.                     (623-The Amazing Transparent Man)(1)
Baldy.                                              (521-Santa Claus)(1)
Beefaroni.                                    (305-Stranded in Space)(1)
you Big Dumb Kid.                                (208-Lost Continent)(1)
Boobie.                                          (201-Rocket Ship XM)(1)
Control Group.                                  (602-Invasion U.S.A.)(1)
Crazy Fool.                                      (208-Lost Continent)(1)
Derwood.                               (509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(1)
Doctor Frank.                                  (518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
Duncan Hinder.                              (507-I Accuse My Parents)(1)
Ernst.                                     (508-Operation Double 007)(5)
Executioner.                            (424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(1)
Fellow Fighter.                        (517-The Beginning of the End)(5)
Frank Baby.                                        (415-The Beatniks)(1)
Frankie.                                    (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3),
                                    (407-Attack of the Killer Shrews)(5),
               (508-Operation Double 007)(1), (514-Teenage Strangler)(1)
Frankie-Poo.                        (416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(1)
Frankie-Wanky-Google-Batter.       (605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(4)
Franklin.                              (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Freaked-Out Maniac.                         (507-I Accuse My Parents)(5)
Fred.                                            (204-Catalina Caper)(4)
Hockey Puck.                                     (203-Jungle Goddess)(5)
Itchy Mango.                                 (304-Gamera vs. Barugon)(1)
Jackson.                                        (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Joe.                                  (319-War of the Colossal Beast)(1)
Judy Garland.                                    (206-Ring of Terror)(5)
King Clammy.                            (608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(1)
Kunta Kinte.                               (212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(1)
Larry.                                      (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(1)
Little Barfly.                                        (414-Tormented)(1)
Little Crust.                                        (601-Girls Town)(5)
ya Load.                               (517-The Beginning of the End)(1)
Louis.                               (404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(5)
Long-Nosed Companion.             (318-Star Force: Fugitive Alien II)(1)
Martha Stewart.                                  (204-Catalina Caper)(5)
Momma-Jomma.                                        (207-Wild Rebels)(1)
Monkey.                                         (421-Monster A-Go Go)(1)
Nut-Nut.                                     (603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Pauline Kale.                              (205-Rocket Attack U.S.A.)(1)
ya Puss.                                         (609-The Sky Divers)(5)
Roy.                                            (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Scamp.                                       (603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Smart Boy.                                      (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Spinach-Chin.                                  (316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1)
Sweet-Cakes.                                    (315-Teenage Caveman)(1)
Wishbone Ash.                     (410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(1)
Yard Ape.                                             (209-Hell Cats)(1)

e) Nicknames used by Joel/Mike/'bots/others to address one another, where not included in a-d.

(Abbreviations: J=Joel, M=Mike, Cr=Crow, TS=Tom Servo, Gy=Gypsy, DrF=Dr. Forester, Fr=Frank)

Adam Plexiglass.        (Cr to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Airheaded White Guy.                        (TS to J)(KTMA-Superdome)(1)
Alan Parsons Project.                   (Cr to Cr)(301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Aqualung.                                   (TS to Cr)(209-Hell Cats)(0)
Arnie.                     (Woman to M)(517-The Beginning of the End)(0)
Arsenio.                          (TS to J)(212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(5)
Art.                      (Shannon to Cr)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(5)
Art Crow.                               (J to Cr)(203-Jungle Goddess)(5)
Automaton Sidekick.         (TS to Cr)(501-Warrior of the Lost World)(0)
Babe.                                    (TS to J)(KTMA-City on Fire)(3),
                                     (TS to J)(305-Stranded in Space)(5)
Baby Teddy Ruxpins.          (J to Cr,TS)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(2)
Backstabbing Little Busybodies.
                (Hugh Beaumont to J,Cr,TS)(416-The Human Duplicators)(4)
Barrel-Bodied Bubblehead.                  (Cr to TS)(KTMA-Superdome)(5)
Bartender.                 (Cr to M)(515-Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(0)
Beet-Nose.          (TS to Cr)(321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(0)
Beefy Bots.           (J to Cr,TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Big Blond Human.                     (Cr to M)(514-Teenage Strangler)(4)
Big Boy.                           (Cr to J)(105-The Corpse Vanishes)(4),
                        (J to TS)(412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(2),
                                 (TS to Cr)(423-Bride of the Monster)(0)
Big Dumb Dolt.          (Cr to Gorilla)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
Big Femme.                                  (TS to Gy)(209-Hell Cats)(5)
Big Guy.                  (TS to Glen)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(3)
Big Lug.                           (Cr to TS)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Big Mush-Wad.                                (TS to J)(209-Hell Cats)(5)
Big Turtle-Guy.                            (Cr to Gamera)(302-Gamera)(4)
Big Ugly Yak.              (TS to M)(515-Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(1)
Birdbrain.      (Cr(right half) to Cr(left half))(609-The Sky Divers)(2)
Bird-Dog Thing.             (Joey the Lemur to Cr)(210-King Dinosaur)(3)
you Bitch.              (J to Timmy)(416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(4)
Black Shriner Leader.             (TS to TS)(323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Bloods.                             (J to Cr,TS)(202-The Sidehackers)(2),
                          (J to Cr,TS)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(0)
Bond...Frank Bond.                        (Fr to Fr)(314-Mighty Jack)(1)
Boner.                                    (TS to M)(616-Racket Girls)(2)
Boris.                                (TS to Cr)(324-Master Ninja II)(4)
Boss.                             (Cr,TS to J)(305-Stranded in Space)(4)
Botty.                                   (J to Cr)(301-Cave Dwellers)(4)
Breakfast Lovers.                      (Cr to J,TS)(108-Slime People)(0)
Bro's.                     (J to Cr,TS)(509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(3)
Brother.                   (J to TS)(318-Star Force:Fugitive Alien 2)(2),
                                   (TS to J)(507-I Accuse My Parents)(0)
Brute.               (Fr to Wierd-Ass Family's Mom)(616-Racket Girls)(4)
Bubblehead.                          (Cr to TS)(KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(I),
                                     (Cr to TS)(109-Project Moonbase)(2)
Buddy-Boy.                       (TS to Cambot)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Gaos)(5)
ya Bunch of Water Buffaloes.
                   (TS to the Partiers)(621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)(2)
Buster.                          (J to TS)(420-The Human Duplicators)(3)
Butthead.                           (TS to Cr)(KTMA-SST Death Flight)(2),
                                     (TS to Cr)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(3),
                            (Back-Talk to DrF)(510-The Painted Hills)(1)
Buttinskys.                      (J to Cr,TS)(409-Indestructible Man)(4)
Cambot Brown.          (J to Cambot)(318-Star Force:Fugitive Alien 2)(4)
Cambot, Incorporated.          (Kevin Mullins to SOL)(607-Bloodlust!)(5)
Captain.                                   (TS to J)(207-Wild Rebels)(1)
Captain Mike.        (Evil Cr to Evil M)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(1)
Captain Servo.      (Evil Gy to Evil TS)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(3)
Captain Trips.                      (M to Cr)(603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Cat.                              (TS to CR)(618-High School Bigshot)(4)
you Cats.                      (J.C. to J,Cr,TS)(202-The Sidehackers)(4)
Chair Leg.                           (TS to J)(KTMA-SST Death Flight)(3)
Chaps.                                (Cr to M,TS)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(2)
Cheap Demagogue.           (Cr to TS)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(3)
Cheap Japanese...                      (TS to Cr)(322-Master Ninja I)(3)
Cheeky.                               (J to TS)(109-Project Moonbase)(3)
my Child.             (Torgo to Fr)(624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(3)
Children of the Universe.
                 (Cr,TS to Viewers)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(4)
Chop.                      (Woman to M)(517-The Beginning of the End)(0)
Chopper.                   (Woman to M)(517-The Beginning of the End)(0)
Chuckie.                   (TS to J)(416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(3)
Chuck Woolery.                            (J to J)(301-Cave Dwellers)(0)
Chump.                              (Cr to TS)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Chums.                                (TS to M,Cr)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(1)
Chunky.                             (Cr to TS)(613-The Sinister Urge)(3)
Civilian.                                   (Cr to J)(511-Gunslinger)(3)
Claude and Vivian.              (TS to M and Cr)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(5)
Clinkering Clankering Mishmash of Discarded Harley Davidson Remnants.
                                        (Cr to TS)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Clyde.                                   (J to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Colonel Robinson.                         (TS to J)(415-The Beatniks)(4)
Coach.                                  (TS to J)(208-Lost Continent)(0),
                                        (TS to J)(208-Lost Continent)(1)
Commando Crow.                                (J to Cr)(512-Mitchell)(2)
Commissioner.                (Cr to J)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(2)
Compadre.                 (Cr to TS)(418-Attack of the Eye Creatures)(0),
                                     (M to Cr)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Comrade.                          (Cr to J)(205-Rocket Attack U.S.A.)(4)
Concorde.                                  (Cr to Gy)(511-Gunslinger)(3)
Copper.                                     (TS to J)(KTMA-Superdome)(3),
                                  (Cr to TS)(618-High School Bigshot)(5)
Cordite Crow.                      (TS to Crow)(612-The Starfighters)(2)
Cornjob.                           (Helen to J)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(4)
Corporal.                             (Cr to TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Count Deal-o'-Pain.                  (M,TS,Cr to M)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Cowboy Mike.                          (Cr to M)(612-The Starfighters)(1)
Crabby.                          (TS to Cr)(212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(5)
Crackle.                             (J to Cr)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1)
ya Crazy Nut.                       (TS to M)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(I)
Crow.                                      (J to TS)(103-Mad Monster)(I),
                                          (J to TS)(108-Slime People)(0),
                                (J to TS)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(3)
Crowboy.                          (DrF to Cr)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(2)
Crow-Daddy.                 (TS to Cr)(504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(2)
Crowl.                               (M to Cr)(522-Teenage Crimewave)(I)
Crow-Magnon Waterboy.               (TS to Cr)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Crowster.                                      (J to Cr)(307-Daddy-O)(0)
Crow T.-Baby.                      (Fr to Cr)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Crow T. Guthrie.              (J to Cr)(509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(2)
Crow T. Sir Giggles von Laughs-a-robot Whatever.
                                      (Cr to Cr)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(5)
Crow T. Travis.                          (Cr to Cr)(415-The Beatniks)(3)
Crowtus Robotus Horriblis.
                          (TS to Cr)(623-The Amazing Transparent Man)(0)
ya Crumb-Bums.
           (Frank Sinatra to J,Cr,TS)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(1)
Crummy Monkey with Matted Awful...
                        (TS to Gorilla)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
Crusty Little Rodent.       (TS to Joey the Lemur)(210-King Dinosaur)(3)
Dad.                         (J to Hugh Beaumont)(208-Lost Continent)(2)
Daddy.                                      (Cr to J)(KTMA-Hangar 18)(2),
                                    (DrF to DrF)(KTMA-The Last Chase)(1),
                                   (TS to J)(105-The Corpse Vanishes)(I),
                               (TS to Cr)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(2),
                                (Cr to J)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(2),
                               (TS to J)(424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(2),
                            (TS to Cr)(504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(2),
                                             (DrF to DrF)(506-Eegah!)(5)
Daddy-O.                           (TS to M)(618-High School Bigshot)(3)
Daffy Danes.                 (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Dame Tom Servo.                       (J to TS)(401-Space Travellers)(1)
Dangerous Danes.             (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Danny No-Arms.          (Cr to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Davey.                                          (Cr to J)(302-Gamera)(3),
                                               (Cr to TS)(506-Eegah!)(2)
Della.                         (TS to J)(422-The Day the Earth Froze)(2)
Dickeroo.                  (Cr to TS)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(0)
Dink.                                           (TS to M)(519-Outlaw)(0)
Dirty Fuzz.                       (Gy to TS)(618-High School Bigshot)(5)
Disraeli.                 (Cr to TS)(515-Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(3)
Dollface.                           (Cr to Gy)(613-The Sinister Urge)(4)
Don Ameche.                     (J to J)(422-The Day the Earth Froze)(4)
the Don Cornelius of the Nineties.     (Cr to M)(622-Angels' Revenge)(2)
Don Knots.                           (J to Cr)(305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Doofus.                                      (TS to Cr)(512-Mitchell)(5)
Dorbus.                              (TS to Cr)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(3)
Doughy Man.                         (Fr to Fr)(522-Teenage Crimewave)(5)
Drake Tungsten.       (J,Cr to Cr)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Dr. Clayton "Firebrand" Forrester.
                             (DrF to DrF)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(1)
Dream Warrior.                        (TS to TS)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(5)
Dr. Joel F. Frankenstein.                  (TS to J)(103-Mad Monster)(4)
Dr. Hook.                           (J to TS)(408-Hercules Unchained)(I)
Dr. Skinner.                (TS to J)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(0)
Dude.                                 (Cr to J)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(1),
                                    (Cr to M)(603-The Dead Talk Back)(3)
Dweeb.                                    (TS to J)(KTMA-Mighty Jack)(4)
Eagle.                             (Cr to Cr)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Earthman.                                (Cr to J)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Ed.                                        (TS to J)(103-Mad Monster)(I)
Eddy.                                     (Cr to J)(415-The Beatniks)(5)
your Excellency.                        (TS to Cr)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Fair Maiden.                           (J to Gy)(411-The Magic Sword)(3),
                                       (TS to Gy)(503-Swamp Diamonds)(4)
Faithful Servant.                        (J to TS)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Farouk el-Crow Robotis.    (M to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(5)
Fascist.                           (TS to M)(606-The Creeping Terror)(1)
Father Time.                       (TS to M)(618-High School Bigshot)(3)
Femme.                                    (J to TS)(KTMA-Mighty Jack)(I)
Femme-Bot.                                   (J to Cr)(209-Hell Cats)(I),
                            (TS to Cr)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(2),
                              (Cr to TS)(422-The Day the Earth Froze)(0)
Fine Little Fella.                          (Cr to Tibby)(302-Gamera)(2)
Fireplug.                               (Cr to TS)(111-Moon Zero Two)(4),
                            (Joey the Lemur to TS)(210-King Dinosaur)(3)
F. Lee Bailey.                         (J to J)(306-Time of the Apes)(3)
Fool.                         (TS to M)(617-The Sword and the Dragon)(0)
Freak.                        (TS to J)(309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(3)
Freddy Fireplug.        (Cr to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(I)
the Fridge.                          (Gy to Gy)(KTMA-Cosmic Princess)(5)
Frisky Finns.                (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Fritz.                                  (M to Cr)(524-12 to the Moon)(2)
Front-End Loader-Heads.               (J to Cr,TS)(KTMA-City on Fire)(3)
ya Fruit.                               (M to Cr)(609-The Sky Divers)(1)
ya old Fruit Bat.              (TS to M)(608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(4)
Fruit Stripes Gum.                    (TS to J)(401-Space Travellers)(5)
Gecko.                       (J,TS to TS)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(5)
Geeks.                 (TS to J,Cr)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Gents.                 (TS to M,Cr)(624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(1)
Gigi.                                  (Gy to Gy)(322-Master Ninja I)(3)
Girlfriend.                              (Cr to TS)(415-The Beatniks)(3)
Girls.                         (Gy to M,Cr,TS)(613-The Sinister Urge)(1)
the Goddess of Dance.                 (TS to Gy)(KTMA-Fugitive Alien)(4)
Golden Bird.                       (Cr to Cr)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Goliath.                                        (J to Cr)(302-Gamera)(3)
Good Buddy.                        (Cr to Fr)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Goonheads.          (J to Cr,TS)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(3)
Goons.                            (J to Cr,TS,Gy)(201-Rocketship X-M)(1),
                                (Gy to Cr,TS)(417-Crash of the Moons)(2)
the Great Crowdini.                  (TS to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(0)
Gregarious Galvanized Garbage-Can.
                             (Cr to TS)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
my Gumball-Headed Young Friend.
                      (Gy to TS)(515-The Wild Wild World of Batwoman)(2)
Gumps.                                (J to Cr,TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Gumpy.                                   (J to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Gunther.                                (M to TS)(524-12 to the Moon)(2)
Harelip.                           (TS to J)(105-The Corpse Vanishes)(I)
Harlot.                           (Fr to Lisa Loeb)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Helena Bonham Carter.                  (TS to Gy)(524-12 to the Moon)(1)
Hermes.                            (Cr to Cr)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
High-Speed Bit-Blitters.       (J to Cr,TS)(212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(2)
Hodgey.                               (TS to J)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Gaos)(2)
                                       (TS to J)(KTMA-Fugitive Alien)(5)
Holy Fool.                               (TS to J)(210-King Dinosaur)(0)
Homemade Buddies.                     (J to Cr,TS)(112-Untamed Youth)(0)
Honey.                                         (J to Gy)(KTMA-Gamera)(3),
                                             (J to Gy)(209-Hell Cats)(5),
                           (TS to Magic Voice)(305-Stranded in Space)(5),
                                  (J to Gy)(313-Earth vs. the Spider)(3),
                            (J to Cr)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(5),
                                    (TS to J)(409-Indestructible Man)(I),
                                             (J to TS)(414-Tormented)(I),
                        (J to Timmy)(416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(3),
                                       (J to Gy)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(1),
                           (TS to Cr)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(I),
                                  (TS to Cr)(507-I Accuse My Parents)(5),
                              (J to Cr)(509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(3),
              (J to Cr)(511-Gunslinger)(2), (J to TS)(511-Gunslinger)(4),
                                         (J to Cr,TS)(511-Gunslinger)(5),
                              (M to Cr)(517-The Beginning of the End)(I),
                 (M to Cr)(519-Outlaw)(2), (TS to M)(521-Santa Claus)(5),
                                (TS to Fr)(523-Village of the Giants)(1),
                                (M to Fr)(523-Viillage of the Giants)(2),
                                       (TS to M)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(5),
                         (TS to Gy)(605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(3),
            (TS to Gy)(607-Bloodlust!)(1), (TS to Cr)(607-Bloodlust!)(I),
                    (Evil TS to Evil Gy)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(3),
                                     (TS to Cr)(612-The Starfighters)(0),
                                     (TS to Gy)(604-Zombie Nightmare)(5),
                                         (TS to M)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(I),
                                         (TS to M)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(4),
                                         (TS to M)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(I),
                                (M to Cambot)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(5)
Hoosiers.                    (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Hooya Whats-His-Face.       (M to Ilya)(617-The Sword and the Dragon)(4)
Hug.                         (Cr to Huggybear)(613-The Sinister Urge)(3)
Human.                                   (Cr to J)(107-Robot Monster)(2),
                              (TS to J)(309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(0)
Imperfect One.                 (J to TS)(424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(4)
Incorrigible Little Robot. (M to Cr)(623-The Amazing Transparent Man)(5)
Insignificant Lifeforms.   (Explorers to J,Cr,TS)(203-Jungle Goddess)(4)
Iris.                      (TS to M)(614-San Francisco International)(0),
                           (M to TS)(614-San Francisco International)(I)
Jasper.                        (Cr to TS)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(2)
Jezebel.                          (Fr to Lisa Loeb)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Jimmy Jumpsuit.               (Cr to M,TS,Gy)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Joe.                               (Viewer to J)(202-The Sidehackers)(5),
                  (The Ahmadi's to J)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(5)
Joel-Bob.                               (TS to J)(310-Fugitive Alien)(1)
                                      (TS to J)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Gaos)(2)
Joelie.                 (J to J)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(2)
Joeline.                                 (Cr to J)(KTMA-City on Fire)(3)
Joel Robinstone.                            (Cr to J)(511-Gunslinger)(3)
Joelster.                           (Gy to J)(408-Hercules Unchained)(5)
Johnny Human Torch.              (Cr to TS)(212-Godzilla vs. Megalon)(5)
Jose Jimenez.                           (Cr to Cr)(301-Cave Dwellers)(0)
J.R.                                           (TS to J)(307-Daddy-O)(1)
Kiddo.                              (J to TS)(408-Hercules Unchained)(0)
Kindergarten Baby.        (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
King Joel.                           (J,Cr to J)(411-The Magic Sword)(3)
King Tom.                              (J to TS)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(5)
Kimosabe.                  (Cr to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(5)
Kiss-up.                     (TS to Cr)(309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(5)
Kitty.                  (Cr to Gorilla)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
Knuckleknobs.                        (J to Cr,TS)(206-Ring of Terror)(1),
                                          (J to Cr,TS)(209-Hell Cats)(4)
Koko.                   (Cr to Gorilla)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
the Labor MP from Brixton.  (J to Cr)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(3)
my Lady.                                   (J to Gy)(207-Wild Rebels)(4)
Lady-Britches.                         (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Lars.                          (TS to Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Le Petomaine.                         (TS to J)(401-Space Travellers)(5)
my Less-than-Erudite Conferee.
                            (TS to Cr)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(2)
my Liege.                                  (Gy to J)(207-Wild Rebels)(4)
Limp-Wristed Occidental Loser.         (Cr to TS)(322-Master Ninja I)(3)
Lisa.                                 (J to Cr)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2)
Litterbug.                         (Cr to J)(105-The Corpse Vanishes)(I)
Little Amigo.              (J to TS)(406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)(3)
Little Botsies.        (J to Cr, TS)(416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space)(5)
Little Boy.                   (Cr to TS)(608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(2)
Little Brother.                      (M to Cr)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Little Bucket of Diodes.                 (Dr.F to TS)(KTMA-Superdome)(1)
Little Charmkins.                   (J,Gy to Cr,TS)(415-The Beatniks)(1)
Little Cider Press.               (J to TS)(313-Earth vs. the Spider)(2)
Little Cinematic Sidekicks.      (J to Cr,TS)(304-Gamera vs. Barugon)(4)
Little Circuit Guy.                              (322-Master Ninja I)(2)
Little Corn Fritter.              (TS to J)(313-Earth vs. the Spider)(2)
Little Dickens.               (J to Cr)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(5)
Little Devils.                   (J to Cr,TS)(417-Crash of the Moons)(3)
Little Fireplug.           (J to TS)(406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)(2)
Little Fishbowl-with-Feet.       (Larry to TS)(KTMA-Time of the Apes)(1)
Little Itty-Bitty-Buddy.              (J to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(5),
                         (J to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(4)
Little Klackety-Klack Pals.    (J to Cr,TS)(313-Earth vs. the Spider)(5)
the Little Lady.                   (Cr to TS)(417-Crash of the Moons)(0)
Little Man.                            (M to TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(I)
Little Metal Monsters.            (J to Cr,TS)(305-Stranded in Space)(2)
Little Monkeys.                     (M to Cr,TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(4)
Little Rascals.                          (M to Cr,TS)(607-Bloodlust!)(5)
Little Red Pal.                     (J to TS)(304-Gamera vs. Barugon)(4)
Little Robot Friends.  (J to Cr,TS)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Little Robot Pal.         (J to Cr)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Little Scientific Calculator.        (TS to Blender)(103-Mad Monster)(2)
Little Snack-Headed Piece of Tin Foil.
                           (Dr. Erhardt to TS)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Zigra)(2)
Little Sock Puppet.               (TS to J)(313-Earth vs. the Spider)(2)
Little Whisper-Thin Robot Friend.
                          (J to Cr)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(5)
Lloydzilla.              (TS to Cr)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(I)
Lord of Unseen Forces.               (TS to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(0)
Lords of Lunar Laughter.
                    (Eric Hansen to M,Cr,TS,Gy)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
Lowell George.                 (TS to TS)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Lucas Tanner.             (TS to J)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(4)
you Lug.                            (Gy to Cr)(613-The Sinister Urge)(4)
Mad Ludwig.                            (TS to J)(411-The Magic Sword)(3)
Maggot.                           (TS to Cr)(507-I Accuse My Parents)(5),
                                 (Cr to Viewers)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
you Magnificent Bastard.           (TS to J)(507-I Accuse My Parents)(5)
my Main Man.                 (Cr to Huggybear)(613-The Sinister Urge)(3),
                               (Cr to Rooster)(613-The Sinister Urge)(3)
Major Nelson.                         (Cr to M)(612-The Starfighters)(3)
Mark.                      (Cr to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(1)
a Maroon.                               (Cr to J)(206-Ring of Terror)(0),
                                   (Cr to J)(507-I Accuse My Parents)(5)
Marshall Brodein.                     (J to J)(305-Stranded in Space)(2)
Mary Poppins.                            (TS to J)(301-Cave Dwellers)(3)
Master-Figurehead-and-Center-of-my-Life.       (TS to J)(KTMA-Gamera)(2)
Master of Escape.                    (Cr to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(0)
Mayonnaise.                            (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
McCloud.                              (M to Cr)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
McEncrow.                             (Cr to Cr)(516-Alien from L.A.)(I)
McGee.                                (Cr to J)(101-The Crawling Eye)(2)
Meatball.                  (TS to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(0)
Metal-Mouth.                        (TS to Cr)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Mewling Kewpie.                        (M to Cr)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(1)
Mi Amigas.                  (M to Cr,TS)(608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(4)
Mom.                        (J,Cr,TS to Magic Voice)(207-Wild Rebels)(3)
Momma Jomma.                                   (Cr to TS)(506-Eegah!)(0)
Mommy.                                      (TS to J)(KTMA-Hangar 18)(I),
                             (TS to Cr)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(3)
Mon Amis.                              (TS to J)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(0)
Monsieur.                  (Cr to TS)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(5)
Morons.                         (M to Cr,TS)(618-High School Bigshot)(3)
Mort Cambot.               (sign to Cambot)(423-Bride of the Monster)(2)
Mr. A-1 Armageddon Duck-and-Cover End-of-the-World Flesh-Meltin'
Atom Bomb.                        (Bomb to Bomb)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(4)
Mr. Black Bart.                      (TS to J)(305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Mr. Bond.                                (TS to J)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Mr. Donut-Joke.                     (TS to J)(409-Indestructible Man)(I)
Mr. Dough (?).      (TS to Cr)(321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(4)
Mr. Fireplug.               (Cr to TS)(102-Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy)(4)
Mr. Jenga.                              (M to M)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(4)
Mr. Katzenberg.               (Cr to M)(621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)(4)
Mr. Miller.                    (Cr to J)(424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(0)
Mr. Narcissist.                        (J to TS)(110-Robot Holocaust)(3)
Mr. Nel-stupid.                    (TS to M)(618-High School Bigshot)(3)
Mr. Nielson.               (Gy to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(0)
Mr. Patronize.                     (TS to J)(105-The Corpse Vanishes)(5)
Mr. Pike.                 (TS to M)(605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(3)
Mr. President.              (TS to J)(505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)(3)
Mr. Salty.                           (TS to J)(KTMA-SST Death Flight)(2),
                                            (TS to J)(KTMA-Superdome)(2)
Mr. Show Business.         (TS to J)(318-Star Force:Fugitive Alien 2)(I)
Mr. Smart-Aleck-Guy.   (J to Cr)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(4)
Mrs. Crow Robot-Travis.                  (Cr to Cr)(415-The Beatniks)(3)
Mrs. Nelson.                           (TS to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(I)
Mrs. Richard Basehart.                  (Gy to Gy)(301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Mr. Tech Support.                 (Cr to Brian)(612-The Starfighters)(2)
Mr. Tibbs.                              (TS to TS)(301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Mrs. Tony T. Travis.                     (Cr to Cr)(415-The Beatniks)(3)
Mr. T. Borot.                (J to Cr)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(2)
Mr. Utley.                   (TS to J)(319-War on the Colossal Beast)(2)
Mr. West.                            (TS to J)(510-The Painted Hills)(4)
Muchachos.                           (J to Cr,TS)(113-Black Scorpion)(2)
this Mug.                               (Cr to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Mugwump.                  (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
Mutt and Jeff.           (J to Cr,TS)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(1)
Muttonheads.                          (J to Cr,TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5),
                          (TS to J,Cr)(504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(5)
Nattering Nay-Bob.        (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
Nay-Sayer.                (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
Nelstone.                            (TS to M)(522-Teenage Crimewave)(5),
                          (TS to M)(605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(3)
Neon Peon.                      (J,Cr to Cr)(323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3),
                                       (TS to J)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(4)
New Boy.                   (Cr to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(0)
New Meat.                  (Cr to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(0)
New Santa.        (DrF to DrF)(321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(1)
Newt.                     (J,Cr,TS to Cr)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(5)
Nick Pig-Iron.          (Cr to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Number 13.                      (TS to J)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Nummy Muffin Cookie Batter.  (Cr,Gy to Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter) 
                                   (605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(3)
Nurse Tom Servo.                  (J to TS)(423-Bride of the Monster)(0)
Nut-Cup.                                   (TS to Cr)(607-Bloodlust!)(1)
Old Chum.                             (TS to M)(604-Zombie Nightmare)(5)
Old Faithful.              (TS to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(4)
my Old Lady.                               (J to Gy)(207-Wild Rebels)(2)
Old Laughing Boy.                        (J to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Old Man.                             (TS to J)(510-The Painted Hills)(4)
Old Man Nelson.                    (TS to M)(618-High School Bigshot)(3)
Old Railsplitter.         (Cr to Abe Lincoln)(603-The Dead Talk Back)(2)
Orbiting Compatriots.                 (TS to J,Cr,Gy)(KTMA-Superdome)(4)
Pally.                    (J to TS)(KTMA-The Million Eyes of Su-Muru)(2),
                                        (Cr to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Pal o' Mine.                            (Cr to TS)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Pansy.                                    (TS to J)(KTMA-Mighty Jack)(I),
                                     (TS to Cr)(109-Project Moonbase)(I)
Pantywaist.                       (J to Cr,TS,Gy)(208-Lost Continent)(1),
                                      (J to TS)(306-Time of the Apes)(0)
Pard'ner.                   (Magic Voice to J)(305-Stranded in Space)(0),
             (Magic Voice to J)(317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)(0)
Paul.                (J to Cr)(321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)(2)
Peanut.                      (J,TS to Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(0)
Peanut Gallery.     (J to Cr,TS)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(4)
Peggy.                         (TS to J)(422-The Day the Earth Froze)(2)
Persis Khambatta-Breath.     (J to TS)(501-Warrior of the Lost World)(5)
Philistine.                        (Cr to TS)(408-Hercules Unchained)(5),
                     (Cr to J,TS)(412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(3)
Piece of Filth.                       (Cr to TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Pig.                     (Cr to Fr)(624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(5)
Pinbeak.                             (TS to Cr)(316-Gamera vs. Zigra)(3),
                               (TS to Cr)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(0),
                                   (TS to Cr)(417-Crash of the Moons)(2),
                             (TS to Cr)(517-The Beginning of the End)(3)
Pixies.                           (TS to J,Cr)(305-Stranded in Space)(5),
                     (TS to J,Cr)(412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(2)
Plankton.                (Cr to Evil TS)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(2)
Poor Big Dumb Galoot.           (Cr to Fr)(523-Village of the Giants)(I)
Poor Dope.                    (Cr to J)(509-The Girl in Lover's Lane)(3),
                                     (Cr to TS)(518-The Atomic Brain)(2)
Poor Kid.                       (M to Cambot)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(5)
Poor Sap.                                (Cr to M)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(3)
Pops.                  (Cr to Custodian of the Seventh Galaxy)
                                           (313-Earth vs. the Spider)(3),
                                (Cr to J)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(2)
Porcupine.                             (TS to M)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(2)
Professor Cambot.     (J to Cambot)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(1)
Professor Hurts.                    (M,TS,Cr to Cr)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Pumpkin.                                     (J to Gy)(209-Hell Cats)(5)
Puny Earthling.                    (Valeria to J)(201-Rocketship X-M)(4)
Pyle.                                  (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0),
                                       (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(1)
Rake.                     (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
Ratchet-Jaw.                          (J to TS)(401-Space Travellers)(I)
Red-Boy.                          (Winky to TS)(413-Manhunt in Space)(4)
Red Cupcake.                          (Cr to TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Red Friend.                              (J to TS)(301-Cave Dwellers)(3)
Red Shriner.                        (J to J)(323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Red Shriner Sargeant-at-Arms.      (TS to J)(323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Ric Drywall.            (TS to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Robert Goulet.                      (TS to M)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Robot Monsters.        (J to Cr,TS)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(0)
Robotic Ruler of the Misty Underworld.
                                     (TS to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(0)
Roger.                         (TS to Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Rommel.                              (J.C. to J)(202-The Sidehackers)(4)
Rotten Bastard.             (Leo Buscaglia to DrF)(619-Red Zone Cuba)(3)
Rummies.                                   (J to Cr,TS)(502-Hercules)(5)
Run-of-the-Mill Palooka.              (TS to Cr)(622-Angels' Revenge)(5)
Russ "Tile" Floor.      (TS to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Rusty-Zipper.              (Cr to M)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(4)
Sailor.                     (TS to J)(404-Teenagers from Outer Space)(5)
Saps.                                 (TS to J,Cr)(320-The Unearthly)(5)
Sargeant.                  (Glen to TS)(309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(4)
Scalawag.                 (TS to Cr)(614-San Francisco International)(0)
Screwheads.         (J to Cr,TS)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(4)
Scrooge.                       (M to TS)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(4)
Senorito.                            (TS to J)(407-The Killer Shrews)(3)
Servo Marsalis.                     (Cr to TS)(510-The Painted Hills)(0)
Servotron, Destroyer of Worlds.
                         (TS to TS)(213-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)(3)
Sheila McGypsy.                         (J to Gy)(203-Jungle Goddess)(5)
Shrew Tom Servo.                     (J to TS)(407-The Killer Shrews)(5)
Shriner Leader.                 (J,Cr to TS)(323-Castle of Fu Manchu)(3)
Silly Willy.                  (Cr to J)(211-First Spaceship on Venus)(2)
Simon, Theodore, ALVIN!!!     (M to Cr,TS,Gy)(603-The Dead Talk Back)(5)
Sir Cheddar Clowns-a-lot.             (TS to Cr)(411-The Magic Sword)(3)
Sir Crow of Robot.                  (J,Cr to Cr)(411-The Magic Sword)(3)
Sir Crow T. Robot.                    (J to Cr)(401-Space Travellers)(1)
Sir Giggles von Laughs-a-lot.          (J to Cr)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(5)
Sir Mix-a-lot.                         (J to Cr)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(5)
Sir Slams-a-lot.                    (M,TS,Cr to TS)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Skipper.                              (TS to J)(401-Space Travellers)(4)
Skippy.                             (TS to J)(409-Indestructible Man)(5)
Skipsters.                            (J to Cr,TS)(301-Cave Dwellers)(4)
Skitter.                               (TS to Cr)(322-Master Ninja I)(2)
Slappy.                               (TS to J)(109-Project Moonbase)(5)
Sly Boots.                                  (TS to M)(601-Girls Town)(4)
Smart-Boy.                             (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(I)
Smart-Buckets.                      (Cr to TS)(KTMA-Time of the Apes)(4)
Snowy Prairie Dogs.          (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Soft-Boiled Egghead.              (Cr to DrF)(KTMA-Gamera vs. Guiron)(2)
Soldiers.                             (J to Cr,TS)(KTMA-City on Fire)(4)
Sophist.                                     (TS to Cr)(502-Hercules)(2)
Space-Joel.                           (Cr to J)(413-Manhunt in Space)(3)
Space-Swish.                                 (Cr to J)(209-Hell Cats)(I)
Space-Tom.                            (J to TS)(413-Manhunt in Space)(3)
Space Traveler.                        (TS to Cr)(609-The Sky Divers)(0)
Space-Vixen.                       (J to Valeria)(201-Rocketship X-M)(4)
Spacey.                               (J to Cr)(413-Manhunt in Space)(3)
Spanky.                                    (TS to Cr)(KTMA-Hangar 18)(I)
Sparky.                  (Cr(as J) to Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Spasmodic Croppisator.              (Cr to TS)(KTMA-Time of the Apes)(2)
Spawn of the Devil.        (Ilya to Cr)(617-The Sword and the Dragon)(4)
Spinach-Chin.       (J to Cr,TS)(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)(3),
                                    (J to Cr,TS)(202-The Sidehackers)(1),
                                     (J to Cr,TS)(204-Catalina Caper)(5),
                              (Cr to TS)(424-Manos:The Hands of Fate)(5)
Sporto.                                 (M to TS)(609-The Sky Divers)(2)
Spuds.                           (J to Cr,TS,Gy)(308-Gamera vs. Gaos)(3)
Squab.                             (Cr to Cr)(615-Kitten with a Whip)(1)
Squareheads.                 (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
Stinky.                         (Cr to J)(311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Stockard Channing.                      (Gy to Gy)(301-Cave Dwellers)(0)
Stud.                                      (Cr to J)(207-Wild Rebels)(0),
                                           (Cr to J)(207-Wild Rebels)(1),
                     (Cr to J,TS)(412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(3)
Stupid Squarehead.         (Cr to Ilya)(617-The Sword and the Dragon)(4)
Suede-Head.                         (Fr to Morrisey)(403-City Limits)(5)
Sugar Magnolia.                         (TS to TS)(301-Cave Dwellers)(0)
Superdestroyer.                         (J to TS)(208-Lost Continent)(0)
Supreme Being of the Universe.          (TS to Cr)(107-Robot Monster)(2)
Sweat-Beetle Dickweed.                      (Cr to TS)(209-Hell Cats)(2)
Sweet Friend.                               (TS to Tibby)(302-Gamera)(2)
Sweetheart.                          (M to Gy)(613-The Sinister Urge)(4)
Sweet Vision.                          (TS to Gy)(503-Swamp Diamonds)(4)
the Talent.                          (Cr to M)(610-The Violent Years)(4)
o Tannenbot.                                (J,TS to Cr)(KTMA-Gamera)(5)
o Tannencrow.                       (TS to Cr)(KTMA-Time of the Apes)(I)
Tart.                     (TS to Ann Feldstein)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
the Tax Man.             (TS to TS)(605-Colossus and the Headhunters)(0)
Teaser of Bots.           (TS to Ann Feldstein)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
Televisio Frankus.                             (Fr to Fr)(519-Outlaw)(1)
T. Hewitt Edward Crow.         (Cr,TS to Cr)(618-High School Bigshot)(4)
Thomas.                                 (J to TS)(206-Ring of Terror)(2),
                            (Cr to TS)(504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(3)
Tim.                                   (Gy to TS)(503-Swamp Diamonds)(5)
Tim Conway.                          (J to TS)(305-Stranded in Space)(1)
Tiny.                                   (J to Cr)(208-Lost Continent)(0)
Tippy.                                      (Cr to Tibby)(302-Gamera)(2)
T.J. Stinky-Muffin.             (Cr to J)(311-It Conquered the World)(1)
Toilet-Water-Guzzling Little Mama's-Boys.
                                    (Cr to M,TS)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Tom.                       (M to Cr)(513-The Brain that Wouldn't Die)(0)
Tom "Happy King" Servo.               (TS to TS)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(5)
Tom "I've-got-to-take-an-Indestructible-Whiz" Servo.
                                    (J to TS)(409-Indestructible Man)(I)
Tommer.                     (Cr to TS)(504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)(0)
Tommy-Boy.                                   (Cr to TS)(502-Hercules)(5)
Tommy-Gun Servo.                       (Cr to TS)(503-Swamp Diamonds)(2),
                          (Ann Feldstein to TS)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5),
                                                (M to TS)(519-Outlaw)(1)
Tommy Torso.            (Cr to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(I)
Tom Serbo.                         (Viewer to TS)(201-Rocketship X-M)(5),
                                  (Viewer to TS)(202-The Sidehackers)(5)
Tom Servo.                      (J to Cr)(402-The Giant Gila Monster)(3)
Tor.                        (DrF to Torgo)(523-Village of the Giants)(5)
Torgie-Baby.                    (Fr to Torgo)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Torgo the White.   (Torgo to Torgo)(624-Samson vs. the Vampire Women)(3)
Tough Guy.                          (TS to Cr)(514-Teenage Strangler)(3)
Tow-Headed Contact-Lens-Wearing Piece of Toast.
                                       (Cr to M)(516-Alien from L.A.)(0)
Traitorous Pigs. (Evil TS to M,Cr)      (611-Last of the Wild Horses)(2)
Tramp.                            (Fr to Lisa Loeb)(616-Racket Girls)(5)
Traveler.                             (TS to M)(604-Zombie Nightmare)(0)
Trollop.                  (TS to Ann Feldstein)(518-The Atomic Brain)(5)
Turd.                         (TS to Cr)(608-Code Name: Diamond Head)(2)
uddiesBay.                     (M to Cr,TS,Gy)(522-Teenage Crimewave)(1)
Ursula Andress.                         (DrF to DrF)(314-Mighty Jack)(1)
Vic Kevlar.              (J to TS)(410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)(3)
Vice Brigadier Sir Thomas "Bullhead" Servo.
                                      (M to TS)(612-The Starfighters)(4)
Vinnie.                                 (TS to Cr)(KTMA-City on Fire)(3)
Vivian Vance.         (Magic Voice to Magic Voice)(301-Cave Dwellers)(1)
Wacky Mixed-Up 'Bots.   (M to Cr,TS)(623-The Amazing Transparent Man)(5)
Weather Servo Nine.               (Cr,TS to TS)(518-The Atomic Brain)(2)
Weenie.                                (Cr to TS)(322-Master Ninja I)(3)
Whiney Baby.                    (DrF to Larry)(106-The Crawling Hand)(1)
White Boy.                (TS to J)(KTMA-The Million Eyes of Su-Muru)(4)
Wiener.                       (TS to J)(309-The Amazing Colossal Man)(0),
                                           (Cr to J)(403-City Limits)(I),
                       (TS to Destructive Robot)(602-Invasion U.S.A.)(0)
Wild Man.                    (TS to Cr)(621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)(I)
Wily Speedsters.             (TS to J,Cr)(311-It Conquered the World)(2)
W.J. Wienelhoffer.              (TS to J)(311-It Conquered the World)(0)
Womany Ladies.               (Cr to M,Cambot)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(5)
Wonderful Friend of Mine.          (Cr to Fr)(620-Danger!! Death Ray)(1)
Wuss.                                     (TS to J)(KTMA-Mighty Jack)(I)
Yard Monkeys.                        (J to Cr,TS)(310-Fugitive Alien)(2)
Yeoman Crow.         (Evil M to Evil Cr)(611-Last of the Wild Horses)(1)
Young Fresh Fellows.                (J to Cr,TS)(421-Monster A-Go-Go)(4)
Young One.                             (TS to J)(315-Teenage Caveman)(5)
ypsyGay.                              (TS to Gy)(KTMA-Fugitive Alien)(2),
                       (Cr to Gy)(412-Hercules and the Captive Women)(0)


Fun Nickname Facts:

  • Total Number of (Unique) Nicknames: 873
  • Average Number per Episode (with repeats): 7.5652174
  • Most Frequently Used Nickname: Honey (31)
  • Runner-up: Boobie (19)
  • Episode with Most Nicknames: 24 (311-It Conquered the World)
  • Runner-up: 18 (323-Castle of Fu Manchu)
  • Episode with Least Nicknames: 0 (303-Pod People)

Compiled by: Michael J. Zavisca

Addition/Correction by: Laura B. Cohen, Geoff Falen, Matt Garretson, Michael McAfee, Charles Christopher McCullough, M. Mitchell Marmel, W. Kurt vonRoeschlaub

"'Mike' is a very nice name..." -Gypsy (513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die)