Satellite News -- Ward E -- Song406


Episode: 207- WILD REBELS

Transcribed by "chris, waffle king of milwaukee"

Joel: We'll be right back after this important message.

Tom (whispered): Let's go. Okay. Got the box. Ready? Cue.

Joel: Hey kids! (Bassline from movie begins)

All (singing):
They're Wild Rebels,
crunchy, fruity rebels.
Pouring milk on them
is like shooting off a gun.

Joel (spoken): Wild Rebels cereal, the nutritous cereal that's like getting hit on the back of the head with a surfboard of flavor!

Tom: Look, marshmallow Fatties!

Crow: Sugary Lindas!

Joel: I got tangy, twangy Banjos!

Tom: Crrrunchy Oat-Rods!

Crow: And Jeeters, too! Die Jeeter, die! (bassline stops)

Magic Voice: Kids? What are you doing in there?

All (innocently): Having a good breakfast, Mom! (bassline begins again)

Crow: Pour on the milk!

Tom: One, two, one two three four.

All (singing):
Wild Rebels,
punchy, crunchy rebels,
don't bust your teeth on
something sweet and hard!

Joel (spoken): Wild Rebels cereal, part of a complete breakfast.

Crow: Hey! There's a cheap surprise inside!

Joel: I got a gun!

Tom: I got a sawed off pool cue with a leather strap!

Crow: I got a chunk of hose filled with lead shot!

Tom: All right, let's take it home!

All (singing):
They won't get soft or squishy,
better eat 'em or your a sissy,
just pound 'em down, you stupid clown,
they're Wiiiiild!

Joel: Wild Rebels cereal, just eat 'em. (Movie sign lights and sirens go off) Whoa! We've got movie sign!