Episode: 302- Gamera

(As performed by Tom Servo with very little help from Crow T. Robot)

Tom: More fish flakes, sweet friend? (Singing):

Oh Tibby, my Tibby, my heart is a mess
I don't have a protective shell over my chest
So people can hurt me with the cruel things they do
Yet somehow, sweet Tibby, I know you hurt too
Oh Tibby, my Tibby, reality is hard
So Tibby, let's play in the yard
Oh Tibby, oh Tibby, he runs like the wind
A couple of inches (uh-huh!) and then back again
La dah dah...doo doo...

Crow: Uh, may I take a verse?
Tom: Well, if you feel it Crow...
Crow: Ohh, I do...
Tom: Well, Crow, Then by all means, join me won't you?
Crow: Five...Six...Seven...Eight...(Singing) TIPPY!!
Tom: It's TIBBY! TIBBY!!
Crow: Oh, sorry...sorry... (Singing):

Tibby, I love you my fine little fella
Even though you gave the whole family Salmonella!

Tom: (angrily) NO! NO! It's not their fault!! It ISN'T their fault!!!
Crow: (Laughing) Hee hee hee hee!
Tom: (About to cry) Crow! You take everything good...(Crying) ...You ripped my heart out!!!
Crow: Jeez, I'm...I'm sorry...
Joel: C'mon Crow, let him finish his song...
Crow: Oh...Okay...It's just a stupid old turtle!
Joel: Go ahead, Tom...
Tom: (as lights go down) Thank you, Cambot. (Singing):

Tibby, my Tibby, your blood may be cold
But I know your heart burns hot as a coal
It burns with the love only turtles can feel
Tibby...(Spoken) Is our love real???

(Spoken interlude)
My Tibby, I'll never let the dog nose around your bowl, but you know that don't you? I can see it in your beady little eyes! If you high-center on your rock, Tibby, I'll be there to help you down. (Singing):

The toilet's not your fate, friend
You'll always run free
Tibby, long as you have me!

Crow: Do you realize a robot just sang a love song to a turtle?!?
Joel: (rolling eyes) That was really good, Tom!
Tom: (Crying) Ohhh, thank you...