Episode: 303- Pod People

(editors note: This transcription appears to be a best-effort. What you heard--and let's face it, most of it was doggerel--may vary.)

Joel: Alright, alright, let's do it again. You come in late, girls, again, and you're out! Alright. From the top. (Music starts, singing):

With a pickle mine
We kicked the nipple beer
Steady as we go
We're flying over trout
Gatto down the highway
At the speed of light
All I wanna feel now
Is the wind in my eyes
Sack of monkeys in my pocket
My sister's ready to go!

All: (Gypsy repeatredly comes in late)

Hear the engines roll now.
Idiot control now.
Hideous control now.
Needy on the road now.
Needy in control,
Wheels on fire,
Burning rubber tires!

[Deep 13]
Dr. F (at recording console): He's pretty good!
Frank: Good? He's the best!

Near each other rolls now.
He really likes to go now.
Needy inches bow down.
Pity and a po boys!
Here the engine roar
Bees on pie
Burning rubber tires!

[Deep 13]
Dr. F (to Joel): Great! Pretty good! What do you think?

Joel (giving 'OK' sign): It STINKS!