Song: PANTS!

Episode: 410- Hercules Vs. The Moon Men

Crow: Joel, I hate movies where the men wear shorter skirts than the women.
Tom: Yeah, I can just imagine a scene from Ancient Greece: "Oh, hi, Hercules, have a seat!! Noooo!!!"
Joel: You are so right my little itty buddies. That's why we've put together a presentation. It's a little thing we like to call: PANTS!
Tom (singing): Pants!
Crow: Pants!
Bots: Sing the praises of pants!
Joel: Nothing better shows my taste, than what I wear below my waist!
Tom: Say! Pants! Hoo hoo!
Crow: Pants!
Bots: Sing the praises of pants!
Tom: They help me suck in my gut They always cover up my butt! Huh? Pants!
Crow: Pants!
All: Sing the praises of pants!
Crow: Wear them and you're a cool guy, as long as you zip up your fly!
Tom: Zip! Pants!
Crow: Pants!
Bots: Sing the praises of pants!
Joel (spoken): That's right ladies and gentlemen! Consider the PANT! You know, the Pants Association urges you to wear your pants at least three times a day!
Crow: The great men of our time have all worn pants! Roosevelt! Churchill! DeGualle! Ghandi!--Well, almost all of them!
Tom: Dolphins! One of the smartest mammals on earth. Do they wear pants? NO! But they wish they did! That's how smart they are!
Joel: What keeps our legs all warm and hot?
All: Pants!
Crow: What prevents a buffalo shot?
All: Pants!
Tom: What do they got that I ain't got?
All: Pants!
Tom: Well, you can say that again Huh?

[Deep 13]
Frank (singing and marching): Pants! Pants! Yang dang dang dang da Pants! Dang'a dang dang uh ha..ha ? (Dr. F. walks up behind him. He quickly picks up his microphone) DEEP HURTING! DEEP HURTING!
Dr. F (to Joel): Go ahead and sing, Panty Waste! In a moment, you're going to be knee-deep in sand! And then itíll be Joel Robinson, R.I.P.! (raising a cloud of sand as he sifts it before Frankís face)
Frank: Rest In Pants? (Cut to bumper, as Frank sneezes).

(Thanks to El Mystico and Andrew Mutchler for the corrections!)